NATO Summit Protests Photos and Videos

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Scott Olsen was there and he threw back 4 of his medals including his “Global War on Terror” medal. You will remember he was the man who stood while others ran as shots rang out in another Occupy protest. He was shot in the head for his bravery by a yet unnamed officer. after all he has been through, over there and over here, he returns to the front lines to stand up for what he believes in. Kudos to Scott Olsen who proves once again the kind of bravery some of our soldiers and vets possess.


Yesterday’s kickoff to the NATO Summit saw violence in the streets and US war veterans tossing their medals onto the street declaring they won them in support of criminal wars of aggression. Below is a compilation of various photos and videos from Sunday’s action. American Everyman supports the protesters and their right to publicly display their frustration with our continued support and partnership with the imperialist institution NATO. Watch Press TV’s video showing the beginning of the NATO Summit inside and how they paid homage to the militarism that the Western NATO countries worship.

This summit is nothing more than propaganda designed to give the American people the false impression that the efforts of these “pirates and thieves” is supported by a near universal global consensus. It is not. NATO is the instrument by which the mergers and acquisitions plunderers gain entrance into nations which are not available to them and have not been made available to them by the manufactured global economic meltdown in the way Greece and Italy were. NATO is playing the role of the “jackal” after the failure of the “economic hit-men”

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Terrorists as Person of the Year: The TIMES they are A-CHANGIN’

by Scott Creighton

I am going to propose a scenario for you. You ready? Here we go…

A video surfaces of an Occupy Wall Street protester sneaking up on a NYPD police armored personnel carrier on a calm winter morning, there is no combat, there is no action taking place at all…  and then he whips out a RPG and fires, point blank, taking out the cops in the carrier and putting at risk any civilians in the area with the threat of flying shrapnel and debris.

Let me ask you: do you think our MSM would show that video and then try to make those Occupy Wall Street protesters out to be heroes? Or, do you think that the MSM outlet, let’s say NBC, would consider that video is proof that Occupy Wall Street and the associated groups who support them are actually domestic terrorists?

Is there any real question as to how the story would be handled?  Of course not.

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Keith Olbermann Takes a Page from American Everyman – Calls on Mayor Quan to Resign

by Scott Creighton

Scott Olsen is doing better. His condition has been upgraded to fair and he has been moved to the intensive care unit at the hospital. Apparently he is still unable to speak, but according to reports he is doing some math problems and so they are optimistic about his higher level functioning.

Mayor Quan stopped by and paid Scott a visit in his hospital room. The photo-op was necessary after she and her police chief held a joint press conference in which she stated that the police had handled the demonstration well.

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