The Clinton Shoe Caper and the Aurora Massacre Truthers

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see update at end of article


First we had “Thomas Brinkley” going nuts and stabbing some random guy and now Alison Michelle Ernst magically gets past Killary’s secret service to toss a shoe. Seems like suddenly the “conspiracy theorists” pose one heck of a threat, huh?

And what was the name of that recent book by Cass Sunstein? Oh yeah…

Conspiracy Theories & Other Dangerous Ideas  Publish Date: 3/18/2014

When I first saw the video of someone throwing a shoe at Hillary Clinton as she gave one of her many paid speeches, the first thought I had was “that wasn’t even close”

It’s true, the shoe thrown at Hillary, which she “ducked” about half a second AFTER it whizzed by, wasn’t anywhere close to hitting her. If you look at all the videos from the incident, they all use the one video from her left which is obviously an attempt to make it seem the shoe was closer than it actually was.

You can go to TMZ and they have a close-up video taken from a slightly better angle which shows the shoe missed Hillary by about 5 feet or so to her right.

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Report Shows Miriam Carey Shot 5 Times in the Back – Her Death Ruled “Homicide”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Miriam Carey’s autopsy report - shot 5 times. Suffered multiple abrasions and contusions.

UPDATE: See detailed information at the end of this article that explains why Al Sharpton has remained deathly silent on this particular civil rights case.


One of the most shocking and depressing stories that I have covered since I started this website has gotten worse. Much worse.

Miriam Carey’s autopsy report is out and it would appear that our initial reports (conspiracy theorist leaning as they were) were completely correct.

Miriam Carey was murdered in cold blood.

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Sarah Bajc “Flight 370 tailed by fighter jets… believe this was a Malaysian military operation”

by Scott Creighton

The other night CNN had Sarah Bajc on as a guest to talk about what she thinks ultimately happened to Flight MH 370. Her partner Philip Wood was a passenger on the flight. It should be noted that directly after speaking with Sarah, CNN had on the leading opposition candidate, a pure neoliberal, to blame the current government for everything that has happened.

Sarah’s confusion and anger is completely understandable. She and the other family members have come to understand that there is currently a massive cover-up regarding this false investigation.

After TWA Flight 800, who wouldn’t expect it?

However, what Sarah doesn’t understand, what she doesn’t wish to understand, is that in all likelihood, Flight 370 was downed in the South China Sea where it went off transponder contact and where a witness saw what he thought was an airliner on fire crashing into the sea.

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“Crisis” in Context: Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the TPP and the “Pivot to Asia”. A Geopolitical Thesis

by Scott Creighton

As the so-called “investigation” into the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 drags endlessly on, comically crawling to that all important 30-day mark when the beacon in the black-box can be readily reported as non-functioning and the search in the wrong places can be called off, one thing that no one seems to wish to mention in the corporate media is the political and economic context in which all of this happened.

A couple things are important to keep in mind as this thesis of mine is laid out.

  • First of all, the location where Flight 370 went off transponder contact has never been fully searched. That’s because the day after it was reported missing, the Malaysian defense minister came out with an unidentified radar contact which traveled from the area that Flight 370 went off transponder contact and made a bee-line for Butterworth Air Force Base on the west coast of Malaysia. The Malaysian military did not scramble jets. They did not issue an alert, which is highly unusual for an unidentified radar contact heading straight for a country’s military installation. It’s almost as if someone knew the unidentified blip screaming toward Butterworth did not pose a threat.
  • That same unidentified radar blip is now being consistently reported definitively as Flight 370 when in fact there is no additional information to prove that it was.  There is even talk about the “left turn” being criminal in nature, obviously meant to point the finger of blame at the pilots of that flight. Remember, they had tried to make the “left turn” into the smoking gun before when they said it had been plotted into the on-board flight computer but that story fell apart and then down the memory hole once the Malaysian authorities proved it had not been programed into the ACARS system prior to it being silenced.
  • Also keep in mind that there were two U.S. destroyers in the international waters of the South China Sea when Flight 370 went off transponder contact.
  • The witness who reported that he saw what he believed to be Flight 370, burning in the sky late that evening, was immediately discredited by our complicit corporate media as “a hoax” and his statement,  complete with his name, contact information and coordinates of the flight that he saw, was subsequently dumped down the memory hole in lieu of faulty reports of “Mr. Ali” and Iranian passports and video game files being deleted.
  • Immediately after the flight was reported down, U.S. officials (unnamed of course) reported that their observation satellite data showed no explosion in the air over the South China Sea that evening and thus that particular theory was erased from the lexicon of debate. That data has never been released however.
  • Also don’t forget the all important Inmarsat data which sent the search all the way to the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch where they found one picture after another of garbage in the water, was provided by a globalist corporate entity which has yet to release their raw data of all those “handshakes” so other professionals can evaluate it’s authenticity.
  • There is a great deal of pressure being applied to the Malaysian government to allow the FBI to take over the criminal investigation of the disappearance of this flight. You might recall the bang-up job the FBI did on the cover-up of the downing of TWA Flight 800.

This is what I mean when I write that the investigation has reached a comical state.

Now, all that said, it is practically impossible to conclude the investigation into the fate of those missing souls on Flight 370 has been anything but a series of distractions from the start. We don’t even have to go into the “shadowing of another plane” theory or the new one out, that the pilots decided to commit suicide by flying as far as they could and setting the plane down gently on the water so it would sink intact and never be found. You don’t really need distraction stories like these when the official ones are just as ridiculous.

It should be clear to most that the search for Flight 370 should never have strayed from the South China Sea and that it was deliberately diverted for reasons as yet unknown. The assumption you have to make when a suspect continues to change his alibi story is that he is hiding something. Potentially guilt. Yet in this case, not one single MSM outlet has dared to make that point.

As I have written before, the search needs to be rebooted back to the last known vector of the investigation we know it had yet to be corrupted by the virus of deceit. Back into the South China Sea where it went off the transponder and where the witness saw it burn. That’s my statement to that aspect of all of this.

However, there is always the question of “why?”

Any investigation, this one not excluded, needs a measure of attention to be focused on motive.

In this case, we have two lines of investigation that need to be addressed: motive for the possible deliberate downing of Flight 370 and the motive for the cover-up and diversion that we clearly see taking place.

I submit to you that the two may be more closely linked than you think.

I present for your consideration … the Pivot to Asia and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

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The Very Odd Story of “Thomas Brinkley” and How He Met His End, Gets Worse

by Scott Creighton

A reader, TyrannyNews, left a comment this morning reminding us of the developing case of the very odd story of the end of Thomas Brinkley which prompted me to take another look at the story and where it has gone since I covered it here not all that long ago.


There have been considerable developments including the release of the University of Florida’s police report, the naming of the stabbing victim, a video of first responders attending to that victim where no blood can be seen, statements from Michael’s mother which put him leaving her home half-an-hour before the attack an hour away from the scene of the crime… and a video of one of the most polite car chases I have ever seen especially considering the fact that the perp was supposed to have been laughing and stabbing people in the neck… on  a college campus… just a little while before the chase.

Let’s take another look at this, shall we? This story stinks to high heaven. It has from the start. And today, it’s going to get a bit more odd.

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Piers Morgan Lays Out the Point of the American Gladio Campaign in his Last Show

by Scott Creighton

“Why didn’t you guys give up your rights after that autistic kid with no motive killed all those other kids? It worked in Britain” pout pout pout

Piers Morgan is gone from CNN. They dumped him due to bad ratings and his own embarrassing behavior as if his leaving will actually buy that ridiculous network any boost in their own lagging credibility.

On the way out the door during his final show, Piers decided to give one parting shout-out to the gun-grabbing agenda favored by America’s masters of universe like billionaire Bloomberg. In so doing, Mr. Morgan made the agenda of the failed American Gladio campaign crystal clear.

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New Location of Search Area Contradicts “Ping Data”… “Ping Data” Dropped Down Memory Hole

by Scott Creighton

It’s time to reboot the investigation into Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Well, this is nice. The latest search distraction location for Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 has sifted about 700 miles northeast of the previous area. It’s still in the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch and CNNMSNBCNBCABCFOX still refuses to mention the words “Garbage Patch” in relation to this part of the Indian Ocean. But I did hear someone on CNN just say every piece of junk seen floating in the water isn’t necessarily part of Flight 370, so that’s a step in the right direction I guess.

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Flight 370 – Next False Flag May Still be on the Radar

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Malaysia says there’s sealed evidence on MH370 that cannot be made public


The other day I had the opportunity to sit down and do a couple interviews with Monica Perez for her radio show and podcast. During the second interview we talked almost exclusively about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 (Flight 370), the latter part of which we focused on what I believe is the reason the U.S. and other globalist entities are doing their level best to ensure the wreckage of that plane is never found: they’re setting up a narrative for the next 9/11 or 7/7 type event.

I had been hopeful that the most recent track of the obfuscation from authorities and the media regarding the assumed path of Flight 370 meant that they were going to simply redirect the search so the wreckage is never found in the South China Sea where it probably resides solely for the purpose of covering-up what really took it out. That they had pulled the plug on the second life of the airplane.

But honestly, recent developments in the narrative are troubling indeed. And as Chomsky might add were he a tad bit more honest these days, it takes a pretty good education to miss where this ghost flight is headed.

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Bilderberg Group Linked U.S. Defense Contractor Finds 120 “Potential Objects” in Indian Ocean Garbage Patch

by Scott Creighton

Malaysia Airlines, the government of Malaysia… and the military forces of Malaysia have concealed, delayed and hid the truth from the relatives and the peoples of the world. This despicable act aimed to fool the relatives of the 154 Chinese passengers have devastated us physically and mentally, while misleading and delaying the rescue operation, wasting a lot of manpower, material resources and leading to the loss of precious rescue time.” Malaysian Flight 370 family members

Family members of passengers onboard Malaysia Airlines MH370 cry as they shout slogans during a protest in front of the Malaysian embassy.

There has been another reported satellite sighting of various “potential objects” floating around in the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch. Notice, no MSM source ever mentions the nick-name of this particular area of the Indian Ocean and why it’s called that. But I do. “As with the other patches, the field constitutes an elevated level of pelagic plastics, chemical sludge, and other debris;”

New satellite images have revealed more than 100 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be debris from a Malaysian jetliner missing for 18 days with 239 people on board, Malaysia’s acting transport minister said on Wednesday. Reuters

The new distraction revelation about the latest find comes to us from a French satellite company, Airbus Defence & Space. Airbus Defence & Space is a part of the Airbus Group who’s CEO is on the Bilderberg Group’s steering committee.

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Scott Creighton on the Monica Perez Show (links to interviews)

by Scott Creighton

Hi folks. I had the opportunity to do a couple interviews on the Monica Perez show yesterday and it was very enjoyable. We covered a lot of ground during the two interviews; Malaysian Airline Flight 370, Sandy Hook, Aurora, the Boston Bombing, American Gladio and a whole slew of other things. Monica posts comments here as austogirl. She always leaves interesting links which certainly add to the conversations.

Monica reminds me of Naomi Wolf for some reason. She’s very good at interviewing guests, making them feel right at home and at ease while still getting to the tough questions at the heart of the matter. So go check out the interviews. Have a listen while you surf the “interwebs”. Here are the links to the audio tracks.

Willy Loman Says the Saga of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Isn’t Over

Austrogirl Meets Willy Loman! 

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Monica Perez

Monica Perez

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“Groundbreaking maths” of “inexact science” Prove Flight 370 Crashed in Indian Ocean? China Demands Raw Inmarsat Data

by Scott Creighton


Relatives of Chinese passengers on the Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 march towards the Malaysian embassy in Beijing, China, on Tuesday. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Shades of Hillary Clinton’s international Cheonan investigation. Shades of “crush down crush up“. Shades of TWA Flight 800′s “spark” in the center fuel tank. Shades of Benghazi’s “Innocence of the Muslims” video. Shades of bin Laden going out in “a fierce firefight” and the dumping of his body in the drink.

A day after Malaysian authorities shot down the “ACARS showed Flight 370 turning left” disinformation, the undisclosed Inmarsat satellite data has reemerged as the main focus in the search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

“Remember, they haven’t released the ping data to us, but we’re pretty close here” CNN last night

Malaysia has called off the search for Flight MH370 in the area near the jet’s last confirmed position and is concentrating solely around where possible debris was spotted in the southern Indian Ocean, an official said Tuesday. NBC March 25

The search has been pushed deeper into the Indian Ocean, in the middle of what is called the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch, far away from the last transponder location, far away from where it fell off Flight Radar 24′s tracking and far away from where a witness, Michael Jerome McCay, saw what he believed to be Flight 370 burning in the sky.

However, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf took a step back from the conclusiveness of the interpretation of this data saying I don’t have any independent corroboration of that,”

This development is based on what they call “groundbreaking maths” in which they use the Doppler Effect to determine if that .1 millisecond signal is moving toward the satellite or away from it.

Let’s take a close look at it, shall we?

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Another Lie from “unnamed sources” Exposed: No Left Turn Plotted in ACARS Data Transmission – “This was not true”

by Scott Creighton

A few days ago (on the 17th of this month) it was being widely reported that authorities had proof that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370′s course had been changed via the on-board computer system after it had taken off. The claim, made by the New York Times citing “unnamed sources”, was that the last ACARS communication at 1:07am showed the westward route change, a hard left turn if you will, programed into the system just before the last communication. The story was that after plotting in the new course heading, the perpetrator disabled the ACARS system.

Turns out, as I reported, the ACARS system cannot be disabled while in flight.

On the 18th, the day after that disinformation came out, I wrote an article titled The NYT’s Report that 370′s Flight Path “Altered Via Computer” is Based on Absolutely Nothing

Not only is the disinformation published by the Times and scribbled by Wald and Schmidt based on nothing, it’s actually a lie. There is no turn westward plotted into the on-board computer recorded by the ACARS system 1:07am report.

On Sunday, the Malaysian government denied recent U.S. media reports that the passenger jet had been pre-programmed to turn sharpy westward before it vanished from radar. Those reports, citing unidentified U.S. officials, said the plane’s last transmission through the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System, or ACARS, at 1:07 a.m. on March 8, indicated the shift in route, casting suspicion on the two pilots.

This was not true, Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport said in a statement. “The last ACARS transmission, sent at 1:07 a.m., showed nothing unusual,” it said. Washington Post

Of course, this begs the questions, “who supplied Mr. Wald and Mr. Schmidt with this deliberately misleading information and why?” Who from U.S. intelligence and administration authorities has found a reason to lie about the whereabouts of Flight MH370?

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New Images of Wreckage of Flight 370 Found in Water! THIS IS NOT A POTENTIAL DISTRACTION!! (images)

by Scott Creighton, from the Creighton “News” Network (a.k.a. C”N”N)

{Please consider the following as my application for employment at CNN}

Stunning new reports are in of various items found in the ocean in various locations that could be from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370!

When asked about these new developments, an unnamed dude with special insight into the investigation said “yeah… they could be from anything… really… kinda”

Our crack team of Flight 370 investigators concluded with absolute certainty that meant they couuuuuld be from Flight 370!

French authorities have released a statement saying they have an image of some stuff in the water in the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch. What are the odds of that?

“A statement from Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport said Malaysia received the images from “French authorities showing potential objects in the vicinity of the southern corridor.”… The statement said the images had been sent to Australia, which is coordinating the search about 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles) southwest of Perth, but officials there could not immediately confirm they had received them…The pallet was spotted by a search plane Saturday, but has not been closely examined. Wooden pallets are commonly used in shipping, but can also be used in cargo containers carried on planes.” AP

CNN is on top of this latest distraction… uh, I mean evidence. “Malaysian authorities have been given photographs that couuuuld show potential objects in the southern corridor of that search area”

Not only that, but the intrepid journalists at CNN went so far as to show an image of a random pallet which they claim couuuuld be used in the aviation industry.


Look at that! Fascinating stuff. Brings you right in there into the story doesn’t it? You can practically smell the rotting fish they couuuuuld have loaded onto that Boeing 777-200 on that cartoonish wooden pallet.

Not to be outdone by CNN (who stole my trademark and slightly altered it from C”N”N) we here have found reliable unnamed super-secret sources who have confirmed the validity more or less of a series of images of other possible random stuff that could be from a plane and therefore proves it’s actually from Flight 370. The sources requested to remain anonymous considering the fact that they are imaginary and thus don’t actually have any authority to supply anyone with any information regarding Flight 370, the search or anything else for that matter.

Below are images, ground-breaking images, of potential stuff found floating in something that couuuuld be from Flight 370.

Remember, you saw this first right here on C”N”N!!!

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Scott Henderson’s “Assumed” Inmarsat Data Graphic Made an Ass Out of Him

by Scott Creighton

Thanks to the good work of some readers here, it seems that graphic that purports to show the missing Inmarsat ping data is baseless… completely devoid of factual references.

It was put together by a guy named Scott Henderson who apparently works for a global design firm, Woods Bagot, which has an aviation department. I wonder if they’ll be in line for a contract if Malaysian Airlines is privatized.

The graphic purports to show Flight MH370′s path plotted via the missing pings from that Inmarsat satellite data which we’ve all been wondering about. As it just so happens, that info was supposedly released to the NTSB who came out with a partial plotting of the last three hours of flight time which by coincidence, took the plane on it’s southern track possibility, right to where the Aussies found a “possible object” floating around in the waters of the Garbage Patch in the Indian ocean.

People had been wondering about the missing ping data from the news reports. That last ping just happened to coincide with an area that would be right about where the plane went off the transponder tracking, which logically would imply that it was sitting there in the South China Sea underwater and had been there since it disappeared off the radar. Coincidentally, it’s also the approximate location of that first oil slick the Vietnamese found and we were told to stop looking at by the Malaysian defense minister when he disclosed that ghost blip on their radar which headed right back to an area near Butterworth Air Force base on the west coast of Malaysia.

oil slick loc

Then, along comes Mr. Henderson, a self proclaimed “information architect and knowledge curator”, with a graph of the plotting of those missing pings. Problem is, he made the whole thing up.

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Could vital info be Down Under?

from New Strait Times

CRUCIAL piece of the puzzle in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 mystery could lie somewhere in the barren Australian heartland.

As recovery efforts for MH370 continue into the 12th day, the one element that could swing the odds in favour of search-and-rescue (SAR) teams — a super-secret installation just outside Alice Springs — remains cloaked in secrecy.

Aviation Week news portal has accused Canberra of being unwilling to disclose whe-ther its Jindalee Over-The-Horizon Radar (OTHR) system had tracked the flight.

While it said the super radar had an official range of 3,000km, the Royal Australian Air Force system is reportedly able to reach further into the South China Sea.

It claimed that the facility could even pick out the type of aircraft taking off from Changi International Airport in Singapore.

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