Officer Wilson’s Story is Bullshit: Obvious Bullshit

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Still more writers find Officer Wilson’s story completely unbelievable and in no small part, racist at it’s core.

Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony purports to be an accurate description of his encounter with Michael Brown. In reality, it is closer to an amateurish summer stock theater production of the movie Birth of the Nation as performed by the KKK and/or Neo-Nazis. AlterNet

UPDATE: Turns out, Mr. “I was scared of the big black man” is actually 6′-4″ tall, taller than Mike Brown.


So the question is “how did the prosecutor and Grand Jury fall for it?”

So far in my coverage of the Grand Jury’s refusal to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of unarmed Mike Brown on Aug 9th of this year, I have focused mainly on the witness statements and the autopsy report to show how the narrative we are being fed about that process is horribly skewed in order to justify this travesty of justice.

I did that first because the basis for the Grand Jury’s decision hinges on Wilson having established a “reasonable fear” for his life when he opened fire on the unarmed 18-year-old Brown.

The Reasonable Fear Narrative

Now, some will and have said that “reasonable fear” is a difficult thing to prove or, in this case, disprove. I disagree. And here is why.

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Looting is Out of Control in Ferguson

 Suspect heard saying “no Cheetos, no Peace!”

Just wait til CNN gets a hold of this footage!

UPDATE: No worries. Officer Wilson caught up with him later…


The Grand Jury says it was a clean shoot. The bird apparently pooped Cheeto colored dung on Wilson’s cruiser and when Wilson looked out his window up at the bird, more orange poop hit him in the face therefore he had a reasonable fear for his life, so he shot him… 50 times… then ran him over… and shot him again.

It was like I was a five year old kid and Hulk Hogan ate a bunch of Cheetos and pooped on my face just like my sneaky uncle used to do when he got drunk. I was afeared! I was. Really. I mean it.” Officer Mad Dog Wilson

The prosecutor, when he announced Wilson will not be indicted, released this concrete evidence.

You see it first here on my website! I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS!


George Stephanopoulos Interview of Darren Wilson Set to Air Tonight

by Scott Creighton


George Stephanopoulos of ABC News seems to have won the Wilson sweepstakes. His recorded interview with Officer Wilson will be airing tonight. Other competitors in the “Let’s Honor the Coward” sweepstakes included NBC’s Matt Lauer, CBS’ Scott Pelley and CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.

It is unclear how much money ABC News paid Officer Wilson for this event but they sure are marketing it.

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Yes, Witnesses Did Report that Mike Brown Was Shot While Running Away

by Scott Creighton

From the full set of Grand Jury documents available online – after the break, witness reports from police records show several reported that day, independent of each other, that Mike Brown was shot while fleeing.

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Autopsy Report is NOT Inconsistent With Mike Brown Being Shot From Behind While Running Away

by Scott Creighton

“Before the results of the private autopsy were released, witnesses on social media… and even during questioning by law enforcement… others claim Officer Wilson shot Mr. Brown in the back as he was running away. However, once the autopsy findings were released showing Michael Brown had not sustained any wounds to the back of his body, no additional witnesses made such a claim and several witnesses (not all of them) adjusted their story” St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch

I covered this when it first came out but seeing as how the prosecutor  Robert McCulloch (who I just caught LYING in his statement about the witnesses who support Wilson’s version of events being all African Americans) last night claimed, falsely, that the autopsy report proved Mike Brown couldn’t have been shot from behind, I thought I would put it out there again as a reminder.

As you can see from this image, it very possible due to the location of the wounds on Mike Brown’s right arm, that he could easily have been shot from behind as he was fleeing the scene.

I put this image together myself and stand by it. Click on image for larger view.

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Witness for Wilson is Admitted Racist – Prosecutor Lied About His/Her Race

by Scott Creighton

Witness 40 of the Grand Jury hearing on the Mike Brown shooting claims that Brown took off after scared little Darren Wilson “like a football player” with his head down and his arms out “with attitude”

I guess the whole “arm out with attitude” is somehow supposed to counter the other witness reports as well as the autopsy report that seems to show his hands were up when he was shot.

Interestingly, the prosecutor claimed that all the witnesses who gave supporting evidence of Officer Wilson’s innocence were black. He even specifically mentioned the “arms out with attitude” line in his announcement last night. He claimed in public that all of these witnesses were African American:

All the ones that I mentioned specifically were all African-Americans, were the ones who came at him in a full charge,” he said in response to a question about the race of the witnesses saying that Brown had charged. “So the others who had very consistent stories — not just with each other, not just their stories or their testimony throughout — but they were consistent with the others, several others. They’re all African-American.” St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch

However, this is from witness 40’s very journal entry right before his one about Brown attacking the cop:

Aug 9th Sat. 8am

“Well I’m gonna take my random drive to Florissant. Need to understand the Black race better so I stop calling Blacks Niggers and Start calling them People. Like dad always said you can’t fear or hate an entire race cause of what one man did 40 years agoWitness 40

I don’t know about you, but that certainly wasn’t written by an African American and it seems like the person is an admitted racist… and by the way,  that makes Robert McCulloch a liar.

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Tamir Rice Shooting: Video Shown to Representatives of the Family

by Scott Creighton

There is apparently a surveillance video of an officer shooting Tamir Rice, the young 12-year-old boy who took an airsoft gun to show off to his friends at a rec center and removed it from his waistband when confronted by police. The video will be released to the public but has already been made available to Tamir’s family and representatives of the family for viewing.

Apparently what it shows is the officer about 10 feet from Tamir when the young kid pulls it out of his waistband. He had been ordered to keep his hands up and when he grabbed the gun, the officer shot him.

Clearly the kid did not point the gun at the officer and according to reports, made no verbal threat against him.

A surveillance video of a boy with a toy gun being shot by a police officer has been shown to representatives of the slain boy’s family, Cleveland police said today.

The family of Tamir Rice, 12, declined the police offer to watch the video themselves, police told a news conference today. ABC News

Authorities said the boy was told to raise his hands and was shot when he pulled the pellet gun from his waistband, though he hadn’t pointed it at police or made verbal threats. AP





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