Like a “Monkey in a Cage”, Witness 40 Exposed for Slinging Crap All Over the Place

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: See update at end of article


 An examination of (Witness 40) (Sandra) McElroy’s YouTube page, which she apparently shares with one of her daughters, reveals other evidence of racial animus. Next to a clip about the disappearance of a white woman who had a baby with a black man is the comment, “see what happens when you bed down with a monkey have ape babies and party with them.” A clip about the sentencing of two black women for murder is captioned, “put them monkeys in a cage.”  Smoking Gun

“Witness” 40 – a lying racist with a history of fabricating testimony in the past

One of the key “witnesses” in the grand jury procedure that investigated and subsequently failed to indict Darren Wilson for shooting Mike Brown as he fled, has turned out to be a lying piece of crap. And it just so happens the “witness” was the star “witness” who’s testimony in support of Officer Wilson’s fabricated story was the focal point in the reasoning the grand jury gave as to why they failed to indict.

And, as it turns out, I told you Witness 40’s story was bullshit back on Nov. 25th.

Apparently, when a “conspiracy theorist” writes about obviously bullshit “witness” testimony, no one pays attention. But then, praise be to all miracles, the Smoking Gun writes about it and suddenly the world goes ape-shit.

Keep in mind, this is the other Big Story on the Smoking Gun today;

Large-Breasted Suspect In Mug Shot Nip Slip

Be that as it may, over at the Huffington Controlled Opposition Post, they are all over the story about “witness” 40 being a racist and a liar… as is Raw Story, Daily News and even MSNBC… everyone is late to the party, but they eventually showed up.

While reading this, please keep in mind that 16 witnesses (actual witnesses) gave statements to law enforcement and testified before the grand jury that Officer Wilson fired at Mike Brown as he was fleeing and 16 witnesses also claimed Brown was hit while he was trying to surrender.

Also keep in mind the simple fact that Mike Brown’s injuries are not inconsistent with him being struck at least once in his right arm as he was fleeing, which caused him to turn and attempt to surrender.

Darren Wilson’s story is complete bullshit. It’s amateur hour at your local community theater. And guess what? His main support for his bullshit story, a “witness” who testified almost verbatim to what he said happened, turns out to be a liar and racist as well.

Now, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at the startling “new” revelation from The Smoking Gun:

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Man Haron Monis as Trevor Slattery Playing the Role of Australia’s Mandarin

by Scott Creighton

“Islam is the religion of peace, that’s why Muslims fight against the oppression and terrorism of USA and its allies including UK and Australia… When you speak out against crime you have taken one step toward peace” Man Haron Monis

question – Was Man Haron Monis this:

… or this?

answer – Both.

As you know by now, Australia’s Bush-league 9/11  the hostage standoff in the Lindt Cafe, is over. As expected, the suspect, Man Haron Monis died in the final confrontation which supposedly started in the 16th hour of the “crisis” when a sniper in a second floor window across the street barked out the words “hostage down”

Two hostages were killed in the assault on the cafe and another 2 were wounded. Circumstances surrounding how they were killed are still unclear but that doesn’t stop the propaganda mill from spreading stories about how they went out fighting as “heroes”. Yes, Flight 93 does come to mind, doesn’t it?

What is clear is the fact that Man Patsy (as I like to call him) had no known motive at this time just like all the other American Gladio suspects over the 2 year period we had to suffer through ops like this one. It’s just the “crazed lone gunman” theory and you are expected to believe it time and time again.

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The Lindt Cafe “ISIS™” Siege: Australia’s Bush-league 9/11

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Reddit says “these guys are heroes

You should copy this video: the guy is definitely not a Muslim looking type individual. He looks like ex-military and he’s apparently talking into a mic mounted on his lapel or shoulder (like the military and police use)

UPDATE: The name of the “mastermind” of this great chocolate revolt has been released and he is apparently a sleazeball who’s been helping Australia demonize Muslims for a while. There he is, Man Haron Monis.

Apparently Man Patsy has been in trouble with the law several times, the last episode being where he helped his current girlfriend murder and burn his ex-wife. Somehow, miraculously, he got out on bail for that one.

On 15 November 2013, Haron was charged by NSW Police with being an accessory before and after the fact to the murder of Noleen Hayson Pal, allegedly stabbed and set alight in a Werrington apartment stairwell on 21 April 2013. His partner Amirah Droudis, was formally charged with Pal’s murder.[12] Pal was Haron’s ex-wife.

On 12 December 2013, Haron and Amirah were given bail at Penrith Local Court. Magistrate Darryl Pearce said there wew significant flaws in the Crown’s case against the pair. “It is a weak case‘” he said.[13]

To make matters even more interesting, Man Patsy was charged just a few months ago for sexual assault and denied bail initially. Once again, somehow he’s roaming the streets. (or is he?)

UPDATE: Talk about scripted bullshit. Man Patsy is letting the hostages send out Facebook updates which Di$info Jone$ and Paul Joseph Watson publish unquestioningly as authentic:

Report: Sydney Terrorist Claims to be ISIS Member, Threatens to Kill Hostages 151214post

And there you have it! Australia is “under attack” from “ISIS”.

This guy is sleazeball who ran a spiritual healing scam in Sydney… and he’s “ISIS”? He’s an Iranian expat who ran from the country because the Shah lost control and he’s supposed to be “ISIS”?


You ever notice that everything is cross-marketing these days? I saw a Geico commercial the other day with a Helzberg Diamond ad stuck in it. You can’t watch an episode of South Park anymore without having to endure an onslaught of product placements from Rockstar energy drinks to whatever restaurant they cut a deal with.

And God knows you can’t watch an entire NFL game without being pilloried if you don’t “LOVE THE TROOPS!!!”. Yesterday’s absolutely disgusting staged reunion at the Colt’s Lucas Oil Field between a woman serving overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan and her children is a prime example.Watching that poor woman have to run across the field during a timeout to hold her daughters she hadn’t seen for 9 months made me sick to my stomach.

Last year the Colts gave the family of soldier a NEW CAR!!!! like Oprah gives ‘em away. A few in the crowd dutifully clapped. No one seemed offended that a soldier’s pay is so low his family has too ride a bus while a punter working for AN OIL COMPANY has so much money he can buy someone a new car like it was nothing.

You like the NFL? Well, you have to LOVE the WARS as well buddy! That’s cross marketing.

And with that in mind, I present to you the The Lindt Cafe “ISIS™” Siege.

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Mike Brown Shooting: More Revelations from the Latest Grand Jury Document Release

by Scott Creighton

I’m working my way through the recent release of new grand jury documents from the Darren Wilson case. As I find more info, I will post it here but so far I have found that Witness 11, previously not included in the first release, says Mike Brown was fleeing when Officer Wilson started shooting at him and that after he seemed to have been hit from behind, he turned and put his hands up and was shot dead by Wilson. It should be noted that in the first release of court documents, 15 witnesses stated Mike was fired upon while fleeing and 16 said his hands were up when shot. Witness 11, 40 and 47 appear to be new in that they aren’t included in this graphic so I will focus on their testimony first.

witness 11

witness 11


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Were Deandre Joshua and Shawn Grey Witnesses in the Darren Wilson Grand Jury Hearing?

by Scott Creighton

There is a great deal of speculation that someone, either the “evil black people” or the “evil white cops” are killing off witnesses who testified before the grand jury that heard the Darren Wilson case. For reference, you can check here, here, here and CIAnonymous got into the act yesterday:

In a particularly irresponsible post, Aletho News made this comment regarding the killings. It’s out of character for that news site as they usually back up what they write.

“Two witnesses of the Brown shooting have now been found dead under suspicious circumstances, while local authorities have not announced any leads in either case, and the press has provided minimal coverage.

The police murders of black young men in recent months has provided a stark reminder to the world of the harsh reality faced by many black communities in the United States. Their deaths exposed the continued persecution of black people.” Aletho News

Without having enough information to either confirm or deny these allegations, I, for one, am simply reporting what I can find on the subject at this point. It also seems that while all of this is going on, Dorian Johnson (friend with Mike Brown that morning) and Mike’s family have been brought into the fold so to speak with Dorian getting a job with the city of St. Louis (and not being prosecuted for the heist at the store) and the Mike Brown family shilling for Obama’s reactionary plan. The family now claims the only questions that remain about the shooting are what led up to it.

You can draw your own conclusions from that.

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Obama Picks Warmongering Chicken-hawk Ashton Carter to Replace Hagel

by Scott Creighton

“protecting America means protecting Israel, and that’s why we’re here in the first place.” Ashton Carter

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon meets with United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, at the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, July 21, 2013. (Photo credit: Ariel Hermoni/ Ministry of Defense/ FLASH90)

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon meets with United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, at the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, July 21, 2013


President Obama has nominated Aston Carter to replace Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. The choice of the “hawkish” Carter is being reported as a way to placate the far-right and silence their criticism of his “less than monstrous” foreign policy of the past. That’s a laughable evaluation of Mr. President’s history as the drone casualty numbers increase daily and the people of Libya pick through the garbage to find something to eat. We’ve re-surged in Iraq in order to crush the uprising against our puppet regime, doubled down again in Afghanistan, destabilized Ukraine on behalf of the EU and the IMF, begun the latest colonization of the whole of Africa  and of course, thanks to the NDAA 2012, President Peace Prize and all who follow him are now free to detain trouble-making reporters and bloggers indefinitely without trial right here in the HOMELAND.

That’s not hawkish enough for the chicken-hawk warmongers. They wanted to see Iran blown up by now and North Korea bombed back into the stone ages. And Obama, try as he and Killary might, weren’t able to pull off those feats.

So Chuck Hagel, a man who opposed the “surge” in Iraq and Afghanistan and who warned Obama back in 2009 about the insidious nature of the new world order, is kicked to the curb just as the new republicans march into DC with their scorched earth agenda front and center for everyone to see.

Who does President Peace Prize pick to take his place? A man who advocated the surge and personifies the worst aspects of any politician who serves that very same new world order Barack was warned about so many years ago. A man who wants to bomb Iran and North Korea on behalf of his Israeli friends. A man who never served a day in the military and yet is ready to put boots on the ground in more countries than even “W” dared to do. Boots filled with your kids, by the way, not his.

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Yemen: Hostage Luke Somers Killed During Rescue Attempt – Along With 8 Unarmed Civilians

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: According to the official story told by unnamed officials, those 8 civilians are now al Qaeda:

“At least nine al-Qaida militants were killed in an initial drone strike, another security official said. Both spoke on condition of anonymityHuffington Post

Also of note, the raid took place this morning, one day before the other hostage was reported to be released. That hostage died as well.

But an aid group helping negotiate Korkie’s release said he was to be freed Sunday and his wife was told that “the wait is almost over.” Huffington Post

The timing of the raid, just one day before that release, was spurred by a report from a Yemeni security official who claims he had word that Luke would be killed today.


It hardly seems like a story worth reporting on anymore. “At least” eight civilians killed during a U.S. commando raid in Yemen. The headline at the New York Times focuses exclusively on the American hostage, Luke Somers, who also died as a result.

The left is busy running around protesting the militarization of police departments and the deaths of a couple unarmed men here in the states and feeling very good about themselves while they do it… while in the meantime, the military continues to rain hell down on unarmed civilians across the world and there isn’t a peep out of the fake left anymore.

According to the story, Luke Somers was a freelance photojournalist working in Yemen when he was abducted late last year. The group that took him is supposedly part of a movement that wants our puppet dictatorship out of power in the country and an end to the brutal austerity of free-market neoliberalism. But, more accurately, Luke focused his work on putting a human face on the rising protest movement in the country and the group that took him, al CIAda, are just more puppets of ours.

And he was killed in the rescue attempt under questionable circumstances?


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