Peter Kassig Was Part of Gen. McChrystal’s “Killing Machine” in Iraq from 2006-2007

by Scott Creighton

Peter Kassig, whatever else he was, was no “humanitarian” and in all likelihood, he was operating a front NGO out of Turkey helping train and supply Barack Obama’s regime change destabilization campaign of death-squads in Syria from late 2012 to Oct. 2013. That conclusion is based on the fact that he was indeed a special forces Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Iraq from mid-2006 to 2007.

“(in 2006) Kassig then became a U.S. Army Ranger, with an army special operations unit, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. His service including training in Fort Benning, Georgia, and a fourteen-month deployment to Iraq, from June 2006 to September 2007, when he received a medical dischargeWiki bio

What were the 75th Ranger Regiment doing in Iraq during that time? It’s called the Salvador Option and it’s basically the same thing we are doing now: training and aiding pro-government death-squads in Iraq in order to quell an uprising against our puppet regime, to make them “obey and submit” to our occupation.

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Peter Kassig – The Hasty Distraction of the Latest “ISIS” Beheading Video

by Scott Creighton

Two days ago a major news story broke featuring what was claimed to be an image of one of our Ukrainian puppet regime’s fighter jets shooting down Flight MH17.

Today, the “interwebs” are ablaze with the story of yet another fake “ISIS” beheading video. They can add this one to the growing inglorious list:

This one doesn’t even bother with a recorded statement from the victim nor does it purport to show the “terrorist’ hacking away at his neck with no blood being produced. There is no fake body on the ground “money shot” either. Instead, there is simply the fake head prop lying at the feet of the MI6 agent pretending to be the “ISIS” terrorist.

As usual, the New York Times finds a way to lie even about this ridiculous hastily hammered together distraction video.

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The Reaction to the Flight MH17 Shoot Down Pic Tells Us a Lot About It’s Validity

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see update at end of article


As the story of the photo of the fighter shooting down what is supposedly Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 slips quietly down the memory hole, we can gain a little insight into it’s relative validity by taking a look at how it was covered or not covered, whatever the case may be.

Many assumed, because they were told to by hundreds of folks who trolled the alternative news community that actually took the time to cover this development, that this was simply a NWO created bit of disinformation designed to discredit Russia and make them look guilty by association of the downing of Flight MH17.

Though that may be true, I’ve noticed there seemed to be an awful lot of paid trolls running around doing whatever they could to disrupt any thread on the subject in every blog or news site that dared bring it up.

So what I have done here is taken a look at how this story has been handled since it came out and made a rather unpopular conclusion as to the validity of the image itself.

  1. Trolls and Regime Change Bloggers
  2. Media Coverage
  3. Always Consider the Source
  4. Another Set of Distractions for a Certain Sector of the Online Community
  5. Conclusion

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Let’s Debunk Some of the Debunking of the Flight MH17 Shoot Down Photo

by Scott Creighton

First, let me say this: as I have stated from the beginning, I am not sure about the relative validity one way or the other of the image that surfaced yesterday which purports to be of a Ukrainian fighter jet downing Flight MH17 with an air to air missile.

For the record, I still believe my original conclusions on the subject of the downing of the plane is correct: that the entire crash scene was staged with the assistance of crews from the coal mining billionaire’s miners who just happened to be the first on the scene and who just happen to work for a man who strongly supports the junta regime in Kiev.

One of the main reasons I came to that conclusion after looking at the obviously staged debris field, is that I knew then the last thing anyone would have wanted as they were planning this color revolution and anti-Russian campaign, is for an image like this one to surface. Had they actually shot down Flight MH17, it would be very easy for Russia to come along with satellite images and blow their new fascist regime clean out of office.

That was my initial conclusion and I have as of yet seen nothing to conclusively convince me otherwise.

However, one might think that I would therefore be compelled to jump all over the debunking trend which appears to be all the rage right now in the real alternative and the fake alternative news groups.

One would be wrong.

What I do here is report on the evidence at hand, no matter where it leads. That’s what I have always done, that’s what I will always do. So I will carefully look at the various streams of “proofs” being offered up out there one at a time.

  1. Wrong Fighter Plane
  2. 50km distance to target
  3. Google Mapping
  4. Not Flight MH17
  5. Image Taken from Too Low an Altitude to be from a Satellite
  6. And then there’s Bellingcat

There have been a lot of people all over Twitter and Facebook ready willing and able to jump on this image immediately declaring it to be a hoax. That may in fact be true. But I have noticed a great deal of those people are running with incomplete and shoddy reports and some are even downright deceitful in how they make their presentation.

If you have been at this as long as I have you come to understand when evidence like this appears (and it seems to have appeared first back in Oct of this year) and starts to gain traction, disinfo assets swarm on it with whatever line of discrediting BS they can come up with. There’s a lot to be gleaned from that when they do it.

Now again, I’m not saying this image is definitely real. But let’s take a look at some of the disinformation that is being spread around and see if we can’t at least separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Confirmed: Flight MH17 Shoot-down Image Posted on Oct 15, 2014

by Scott Creighton

Just a quick note: yes, it would seem a user posted the photo of what appears to be a Ukrainian fighter jet shooting down Flight MH17 way back on Oct. 15th of this year. Thanks to Brian and Jan10 who helped me find the info since my ISP wont let me go to that site for some strange reason.

Brian sent me this screenshot of the forum which clearly shows the image and the date.

Screen 4

caption reads: Picture obtained by mailing of enthusiasts ruska WikiLeaks, the source is not called. Time for a picture, Greenwich, corresponds to the time specified in the data objective control submitted RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY. Judging by the inscriptions -oboznacheniyam international time snapshot could be with American satellite or reconnaissance unit.

Hi-res Photo of Supposed Flight MH17 Shoot-down

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Along with the Daily Mail, Itar-TASS is covering this developing story as well.


A little more detail on the photo that surfaced today supposedly showing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 being shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet.

Here is the complete hi-res picture with time/date stamp. I found this over at NiqNaq who are also covering this story along with a statement from the First Vice President of the Russian Union of Engineers.

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Confirmed: Flight MH17 Shoot Down Image is Consistent with Flight Path

by Scott Creighton


Despite making many claims about the cause of the crash, the U.S. has refused to share the hardest evidence of all: the satellite imagery immediately prior, immediately after and, if available, at the moment of the attack and the downing of MH17.

Both Russian and American satellites have been surveilling the area of the fighting between the rebels and the Ukrainian military as well as the groups referred to by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko as “partisans.” With this deadly proxy war between Russia and the United States, it seems only logical that the U.S. intelligence community had its eyes on the area. If not, the CIA should go on record unequivocally stating that it has no satellite information of the area on the day in question…

Why has the United States not released its satellite images of the time of the MH17 crash and, more importantly, moments prior to it? TruthDig

UPDATE: Hi-res Photo of Supposed Flight MH17 Shoot-down

As a follow-up to my earlier article about the new satellite photo which supposedly shows the moment a Ukrainian fighter jet launching an air-to-air missile at Flight MH17, I decided to see if I could locate the area in the background of the photo in the Ukrainian countryside via Google Earth. I have done that and found the photo does indeed match-up with the flight path Flight MH17 was on as well as the debris field located just 25 miles from where it was in the photo.

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