Ron Paul to Cash in on Neoliberal School Privatization

by Scott Creighton

It’s so nice to see Ron Paul profiting off Bill Clinton’s neoliberal plan of action isn’t it? Nothing says “LIBERTY” like a Slick Willy endorsement. Am I right?

“That’s why I ask my colleagues to appreciate, as well as tolerate, my concern over a public tribute to former President Bill Clinton, who today received the first-ever lifetime achievement award from the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools.

To his credit, Clinton used his Bully Pulpit to tell the American people that charters are good for us. He said he wanted to see 2,000 charters by the end of his administration and indeed growth did occur. The effort he and Congress led to create and grow the public charter grant program helped spur the 2011

Our education system is broken by design. They deliberately underfund it and set ridiculous standards so they can undermine the country’s confidence in the public school system in order to push for the wholesale privatization of the entire system and thus set their eyes on the real prize… the billions of dollars annually spent on public education that await them like the fabled pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

And there is no subset of this for-profit education scam like the “online charter” programs for generating massive profits for very little cost. It’s the wave of the future for snake oil salesmen from Maui to Maine.

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Little Entitled Randie Goes Full NEOLibtard

by Scott Creighton

Little Entitled Randie, the guy who got into medical school at Duke without a bachelor’s degree because his daddy went there and then later got into the senate because his daddy was in congress, is complaining that someone actually suggested the federal government bailout Detroit before the banksters and technocrats can chop it up and hand it over to the oligarchs for fun and profit.

He screeched “over my dead body” in reference to the suggestion.

After all, the entire point of the demolition of our economy was too facilitate the fire-sale that is going on right now in Detroit and cities like it across the country, so how much sense does it make to bailout Detroit at this final stage of the counter-revolution, the re-feudalization of America?

When asked about all those people living on their pensions in Detroit and what is going to happen to them, Little Entitled Randie simply said “yeah, that’s a problem”

NEWSFLASH – Rand Paul is just another corporatist sycophant looking to feather his nest while suckling up to the country’s financial masters. His “libertarian” ideology is the EXACT SAME THING as the neo-liberal economic shock therapy model used by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds for decades in other countries across the globe. Only difference is, over there they resisted it, here, the Paulites call it “liberty” Scott Creighton

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Ron Paul on Benghazi – Almost Sorta Gets it Right… til he gets it wrong

by Scott Creighton

According to Ron Paul, it’s all about the “unintended consequences” of partnering with “Radical Islam”

Well, he was doing OK up until that…

“It appears that the Administration scrubbed initial intelligence reports of references to extremist Islamist involvement in the attacks, preferring to craft a lie that the demonstrations were a spontaneous response to an anti-Islamic video that developed into a full-out attack on the US outpost.” Ron Paul

Yes, they did craft a lie about the anti-Islamic video causing a spontaneous uprising in Benghazi. But Ron forgets to remind his audience that the video was crafted by the FBI and one of their informants who was on federal probation a year prior to the Benghazi attacks and somehow it was retooled in order to serve as the pretext for this new uprising. So they “crafted the lie” in advance. That will be an important point in a few minutes. Keep it in mind.

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Little Entitled Randie Shows his True Colors… again

by Scott Creighton

Truth finally comes out

No Joy in Paulville Today

This is a pretty worthless article so it will be short.

Surprise! Rand Paul is an establishment hack.(not much of a surprise is it?)

His “libertarian” leanings are nothing more than ideological WMDs designed to make the rebel love the fascist ideology of his oppressors.

For years I have also been pointing out the MANY various “little betrayals” that Rand and Ron have been doing.

FlashbackLittle Entitled Randie Wants YOU to Sacrifice While He Cashes Those Big Government Checks

NEWSFLASH – Rand Paul is just another corporatist sycophant looking to feather his nest while suckling up to the country’s financial masters. His “libertarian” ideology is the EXACT SAME THING as the neo-liberal economic shock therapy model used by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds for decades in other countries across the globe. Only difference is, over there they resisted it, here, the Paulites call it “liberty”

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Sources say Ron Paul signed off on racist newsletters

(I have been saying for a while that Lew Rockwell was the author of the racist articles in the Ron Paul newsletters and here is some confirmation (for what it is worth in an election year with RP still somewhat in the running). As I have also stated, it is even worse if Ron allowed these articles in his newsletter in some kind of attempt to garner political support as well as financial gain and as it turns out that is exactly what he was doing. ““It was playing on a growing racial tension, economic tension, fear of government,’’ the source stated “I’m not saying Ron believed this stuff. It was good copy. Ron Paul is a shrewd businessman.’’” Renae Hathway)

by Muriel Kane, Raw Story

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has consistently denied having written — or even read — the inflammatory racist and anti-gay remarks that went out under his name in newsletters he published in the early 1990s. Although numerous associates agree that Paul does not hold racist views, however, it appears that he may have known more about the racist articles than he has been willing to admit.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that three people with first-hand knowledge of Paul’s operations say “he was deeply involved in the company that produced the newsletters, Ron Paul & Associates, and closely monitored its operations, signing off on articles and speaking to staff members virtually every day.”

“It was his newsletter, and it was under his name, so he always got to see the final product. … He would proof it,’’ former company secretary Renae Hathway told the Post.

According to these sources, the main author of the racist passages was Lew Rockwell, who was then the vice president of Paul’s company.

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Corporatist Shills at Prison Planet Deride Keystone Pipeline Rejection in Support of Big Government Eminent Domain Seizures of Private Property

by Scott Creighton

The “libertarians” over at Prison Planet didn’t lift a finger to help kill off the “Big Guberment” SOPA Bill that seems to have been shelved at least for now no thanks to the “Info Warriors”.

In yet another pro-corporatist move it seems they are a bit peeved that Obama has decided to take another look at the Keystone Pipeline project which would have taken their blessed private property away from land owners via eminent domain and handed it over to a CANADIAN mega corporation so they could pump oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

So much for the respect of private property and limited government.

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Trailer for Ron Paul’s Favorite Movie

Atlas Shrugged Part 2 (believe it or not)

When the free markets shit all over a movie praising the free markets, all that’s left to do is cut costs … and make another movie praising the free markets.


Chomsky on Ron Paul’s Libertarian Policies: “This is Just Savagery”… “a Call for Corporate Tyranny”

This is what happens when a Paulbot runs over to a liberal event hoping to get some dissatisfied democrats on board the “Revolution” Express. He gets a dose of reality.

Ron Paul is anything but an anti-establishment candidate. If corporatism is the problem then Ron Paul and his neoliberal libertarian agenda is nothing more than a concerted effort to make young naive voters beggars to their own demise.


Ron Paul Would Privatize the Fire Department: That is Savage Capitalism Ben Franklin Style

by Scott Creighton

It used to be in this country that fire departments were nothing more than a cost control arm of the insurance companies. You paid into the highly profitable insurance/protection racket and the insurance company would send over a team to put out your home or business when it caught on fire. You would receive a “fire mark” to put on the front of your home and when the fire broke out, the team would come along, check for the fire mark, and then put out the fire. But only if you had the right fire mark. The practice in that form came from Britain, Ben Franklin brought it over seeing it as a nifty way to make a lot of money. And it did make a lot of money for people like Ben Franklin for instance.

Ron Paul wants to bring those glory days back.  All praise to the glorious hypno-market.

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Ron Paul Campaign Self Destructing – Key Ron Paul Supporter Says “Stone the Queers!”

by Scott Creighton

Maybe Ron Paul doesn’t really want to be president. Ever think of that? Maybe he knows that Mitt Romney has already been anointed like Barack Obama was 4 years ago by TPTB and he’s just playing out his hand for the sake of making a good show of it.

Whatever the case may be, posting a press release celebrating the endorsement from Rev. Phillip G. Kayser was a pretty stupid move. Then subsequently scrubbing that press release once it is discovered by TPM that the good reverend promotes the idea killing homosexuals for the biblical “crime’ of being homosexual, is, well, even dumber.

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American Everyman Imperialist War and Political Ticker

by Scott Creighton

Things are speeding up and we are rushing headlong into 2012, the year of real “CHANGE” in America. Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta are busy prodding Iran, Syria and Russia into all-out war while the presidential race is neatly boxed in with all neoliberal candidates arguing about who would privatize Social Security fastest leaving Granny to feast on Wal-mart brand deregulated cat food while their friends in Wall Street post still more record bonuses.

Let’s check out some of the latest news.

Destabilization Campaigns

After being demonized for months for not letting Arab League observers into Syria, the Assad government has allowed them to come see what’s really happening in their country. Terrorists attacked an area as the observers advance team showed up last Saturday. They were hoping to derail the process but the observers showed up anyway and now that they are there, their leader has made it clear that they saw “nothing frightening” in Homs, supposedly the epicenter of all that violence, at least that’s what “activists say” journalism has been reporting in the MSM. The MSM seem to side with the al Qaeda linked Syrian opposition when they claim it was an “inside job

Let’s take a quick look back at some of the failed fake news stories and propaganda campaigns focused on destabilizing Syria so that we can force regime change and our own special brand of neoliberalized Shock Therapy “democracy”

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Ron Paul Letter and More Racist Quotes from his Publications

by Scott Creighton

Yes… ಠ_ಠ … it’s another Ron Paul publication from the early mid-nineties and this one’s even better than the last newsletter scandal because it’s signed by “the Good Doctor” himself.

The new publication is a letter that Ron Paul signed and sent out unsolicited to potential markets for his monthly newsletters and a publication he wrote called “The New Money Survival Plan” or some shit like that. The letter is filled to the brim with fear-mongering panic inducing plays on every single fear white bible belt America held in the backs of their minds. Blacks rioting, “big sooocialist guberment” taking them away, the “nasty a statist” conspiracies to steal your “liberty” away, ect. ect. ect.

Now, all that said, the Ron Paul letter makes it clear that not only is he going to tell his readers how to stop all of this tyranny from advancing, but he is also going to tell his readers how to make money off of it as it advances. If that seems like a bit of a contradiction, you aren’t alone. “Let’s stop this tyranny… unless we can make a buck from the tyranny!!!”

So for the low low price of just 100 bucks a year, Ron Paul will share all his insight with you the reader and make you ready for the coming “welfare wars” and “big guberment’s” New Money conspiracy scheme. Plus you get the added bonus of learning the tricks to making money in the upcoming collapse, like running a bullshit newsletter and getting suckers to pay a 100 bucks a year to subscribe!

That’s right folks… it’s LIBERTY I tell ya! Snake oil salesmen just like the FOUNDING FATHERS would have done in between buying and selling their slaves…

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TYT: Is Ron Paul A Racist?

by Scott Creighton

Ron Paul – “Zionism is about independence and self-reliance” and Israel has a right to bomb Iran

After hijacking the Truth movement to rake in some “money bombs”, Ron Paul turns his back on 9/11 Truth

LIBERTY Needs a private plane, bitches!

Ron Paul calls himself a “strict constitutionalist” who wants to return the country to what he interprets as the “founding father’s” vision. Well, that included things like slavery and denying freed blacks as well as women and poor whites the opportunity to vote.

He’s taking a lot of flack for the racist writings that appeared under his name in his news letter some 15 years ago.Here is an example of one of those passages attributed to the Ron Paul Newsletter:

“even in my little town of Lake Jackson, Texas, I’ve urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self defense. For the animals are coming.” Ron Paul Newsletter

Ron claims it’s a conspiracy to keep him down. He’s mad because CNN and others keep bringing this issue up. What he doesn’t seem to understand is every time he runs for president (while getting paid to be a congressman from Texas) it’s going to come back up… because he’s running for president.

Here’s my recent question: considering the gaggle of presidents who have been in office in my lifetime (with the possible exception of Carter) hasn’t every one of them been racist to some degree (at least as much as Ron Paul) and shouldn’t that therefore be considered a requirement for the job? Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama? You can find racist statements and actions linked to each and every one of them. Hell, Washington and Jefferson owned slaves for God’s sake. Don’t you have to be a racist to lead a country who’s foreign and domestic policy is based on racism?

I’m thinking constitutional amendment, folks. I am.

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Ron Paul is a Sickening Neoliberal Ghoul

by Scott Creighton

Ron Paul has been dining on the public dime for most of his adult life. His career in politics started in 1976 and except of a 12 year stint, he has been collecting a government paycheck every year since. He even found time to find a seat in the senate for his undeserving son who had no public service experience at all and his only qualification for the job seems to be that he is the offspring of Ron Paul.

Freedom, for Ron, is the freedom of everyone else to do without assistance from the government when they need it most. It’s the freedom to let the uninsured die unattended, the freedom to force everyone to purchase useless health insurance policies when they can’t afford food for their children.

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Ron Paul Claims Libertarians Would Repeal Civil Rights Act of 1964

by Scott Creighton


In an interview with status quo apologist Chris Mathews, libertarian Ron Paul made it clear that he is a lot more like his business firster son Rand than his own apologists like to admit.

About a year ago while Rand was running for his entitled position in the senate (“entitled” because his DADDY spent his entire career on the government dime, so of course Rand gets his seat as well) he went on the Rachel Maddow Show (another status quo apologist) and refused to say he would have voted for the civil rights act back in ’64.

Daddy did that one better.

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