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Kevin Zeese: Turn the Occupy Movement into Obama’s Serve America Act – Yeah, that’ll show the fat cats

by Scott Creighton

Kevin Zeese’s “Ode to Giving Up” is the blueprint for turning the Occupy Movement into a useless, spineless political mechanism like MoveOn dot org or the toothless and hijacked Tea Party. It is an effort by current self-proclaimed leaders of the movement to display their value to the elites by steering the angry and dispossessed back into the fold so to speak, back into the pen with the rest of the flock of sheep.

Occupy DC is dead. For all the boasting and promises by the gaggle of professional dissidents like Kevin Zeese and David “buy my books” Swanson, Occupy DC did not in fact remain in their little free speech zone until they forced “CHANGE” on the corrupt policy makers in Washington. But not too worry, in true spin doctor fashion, Zeese says that it’s still a major victory that they won but that after about two weeks the Occupy Movement (and thus the occupiers themselves) becomes a “diversion from the political objectives” that they sought in the first place. What is the nature of that diversion according to Zeese? “poverty, homelessness, inadequately treated mental illness and addiction

Junkies, loonies, and those pesky poor people, that’s the “diversion” that got in our hero’s way.

Bill O’Reilly couldn’t have said it better himself.

Kevin went on to remind people that movements take years and even decades to affect change and he did suggest a new tactic though: lawn care.

Go talk to your neighbors and rake their yard for them or shovel their sidewalks. Whatever they need. According to Zeese, doing menial manual labor for free will show those fat cats in the dusty halls of the financial industry that “WE CAN” stick it to the man.

Here’s a hint for the Occupy Movement: yes you need come up with a Plan B now that the Department of Homeland Security got together with the mayors and police chiefs to coordinate your expedited removal from their fine cities but I would seriously think twice before letting Kevin come up with it.

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Acts of Resistance: What Are You Going To Do On June 14th to Rebel Against Economic Tyranny?

from Amped Status

The big banks have sold us out.
Democrats and Republicans have sold us out.

No one is defending our interests.
Our future is going up in flames.

It’s time for us to stand up and defend ourselves.

Trillions of dollars in fraudulent activity by the big banks on Wall Street caused our current economic crisis. Paid off politicians from both parties, along with secret deals made by the Federal Reserve, gave trillions of taxpayer dollars and subsidies to the very people who caused our crisis. After taking our tax dollars, they had the audacity to give themselves all-time recording-breaking bonuses and consolidate wealth in unprecedented fashion within the economic top 0.01% of the population.

While a record number of Americans are currently living in poverty and on food stamps; while millions of American families have been foreclosed upon; while health care, food and gas costs are skyrocketing; while over 200 million Americans are living paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet, the super-wealthy have never had it better. We now have the most severe inequality of wealth in American history. The depravity of the Robber Barons has been outdone.

As their current policies prove, economic central planners have become so arrogant and tyrannical in their shortsighted greed. They think we are an ignorant and apathetic population that they can continue to exploit without fear of rebellion.

We are finally declaring that we have had enough. We will not remain passive while global banking interests destroy our future. We know the systemic causes of our current crisis and we are going to strike at the root.

On this Flag Day, June 14th, Operation Empire State Rebellion (#OpESR) will launch. #OpESR is a decentralized non-violent resistance movement to end the system of political bribery (campaign finance and lobbying) and break up the big banks centered at the Federal Reserve.

To coincide with the launch of this movement, people have begun organizing acts of resistance throughout the US. We are calling upon you to take an action of your own. Whether it’s taking part in a local public protest, withdrawing your money from one of the big six banks, starting a community group or passing out fliers. Anything you can do to rebel against the system of economic tyranny in a non-violent manner is welcome.

As a first step, please join the actions against the banks in one of the cities shown here, or use the ‘schedule an action’ tool to create your own.


Action Planning Site:

Social Network Group:

For further information read: Prepare For Revolution: The Empire State Rebellion Begins on June 14th

Send questions or comments to: AmpedStatus[@]

Photos of Greek Protests May 25th 2011


Photos from recent anti-austerity measures protests in Greece.

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With Love, From the Retarded Left – “Revolution” John Butler Trio

(reposted from 2011)

lyrics after break

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Middle East & Africa News and Disinfo

(If there are professional photographers set up to take pictures of crashing “rebel” planes, why are there no photos of Gadhafi troops advancing on rebel positions? Good question, huh?)

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Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand

by Chris Hedges, Truthdig

The liberal class is discovering what happens when you tolerate the intolerant. Let hate speech pollute the airways. Let corporations buy up your courts and state and federal legislative bodies. Let the Christian religion be manipulated by charlatans to demonize Muslims, gays and intellectuals, discredit science and become a source of personal enrichment. Let unions wither under corporate assault. Let social services and public education be stripped of funding. Let Wall Street loot the national treasury with impunity. Let sleazy con artists use lies and deception to carry out unethical sting operations on tottering liberal institutions, and you roll out the welcome mat for fascism.

The liberal class has busied itself with the toothless pursuits of inclusiveness, multiculturalism, identity politics and tolerance—a word Martin Luther King never used—and forgotten about justice. It naively sought to placate ideological and corporate forces bent on the destruction of the democratic state. The liberal class, like the misguided democrats in the former Yugoslavia or the hapless aristocrats in the Weimar Republic, invited the wolf into the henhouse. The liberal class forgot that, as Karl Popper wrote in “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” “If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”

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Tearing Down the Walls in Baghdad While BiBi Gets Bitch-slapped

by Scott Creighton

You gotta love it

All across the world people are saying no more. In Baghdad, they are tearing down those concrete walls that you and I paid to have installed to keep the people of Iraq from the neoliberal “Green Zone” which OCCUPIES their capital. McDonald’s and Burger King thrive in the relative calm of the free-market Green Zone they call Baghdad these days, but now, the people of Iraq have said they have had enough. They are tearing down the walls that separate them from their future, tearing down the walls that keep them from the oligarchs who have been chopping up Iraq and selling it off at wholesale prices.  This is beautiful.

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Obama Dances While Rome Burns

by Scott Creighton

The Wisconsin assembly passed Gov. Walker’s draconian union-busting bill so now it’s on to the Wisconsin senate where the missing 14 Democratic senators factor heavily into the equation. Meanwhile, President Obama apparently found that pair of comfortable shoes and slipped them on so that he and his family could dance the night away in the royal court as the jesters entertained the royal family to the best of their limited abilities.  While Gov. Walker and his billionaire sugar daddy worked out ways to overcome their latest little PR setback, it’s good to know that our “progressive” president was hard at work looking out for the worker’s right to collective bargaining, like he promised back in 2007.  I guess Walker and Koch would certainly consider Obama one of their own.

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by Scott Creighton

All across the world the same fire is burning.

The banking and political elites from our country and across the pond, set this in motion over a decade ago. It was a three-part plan to create a deficit bubble of a size and scale never before seen in the history of mankind and then to fabricate the Global War on Terror to create the pretext they needed to invade any nation who dared resist their IMF style occupation and proxy rule. Finally, the speculators did their work by needlessly but deliberately driving up the price of wheat and corn causing massive famine and increased rates of poverty and starvation at a time when most of the world was already desperate for work.

From Iceland to Greece to Spain to Ireland. From Tunisia and Egypt to Bahrain and Libya and the thousand points of light in between,  the people have stood and said they will not pay the price for the greed and manipulation of the elites of the world. We stand in Madison with the people of Cairo as we stand with the people of Reykjavik.

We will not remain slaves for long.

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“The Whole World is Watching, and We’re Winning”

Hundreds rally at Iowa Capitol over labor laws

Montanans Protest Republican Assault On Workers, Environment

Thousands protest Ohio bill to change collective bargaining

In Wisconsin, Protests Get Louder

and just for the fun of it…

Wall Street versus the Poor and the Middle Class: Obama’s FY 2012 Budget Is A Tool Of Class War


by Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research

Obama’s new budget is a continuation of Wall Street’s class war against the poor and middle class. 

Wall Street wasn’t through with us when the banksters sold their fraudulent derivatives into our pension funds, wrecked Americans’ job prospects and retirement plans, secured a $700 billion bailout at taxpayers’ expense while foreclosing on the homes of millions of Americans, and loaded up the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet with several trillion dollars of junk financial paper in exchange for newly created money to shore up the banks’ balance sheets. 

The effect of the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” on inflation, interest rates, and the dollar’s foreign exchange value are yet to hit.  When they do, Americans will get a lesson in poverty.

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Time to Topple Corporate Dictators


by Ralph Nader, Global Research

The 18 day non-violent Egyptian protests for freedom raise the question: is America next? Were Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine around, they would likely say “what are we waiting for?” They would be appalled by the concentration of economic and political power in such a few hands. Remember how often these two men warned about concentrated power.

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Fresh protests hit Iraqi cities

Reports of deaths as thousands turn out to demand better service delivery and jobs from government.

from Al Jazeera English

Violent protests have taken place at various locations in Iraq, with anti-government protesters rallying against corruption, poor basic services and high unemployment.

In Basra, the country’s second largest city, about 1,000 people rallied on Friday, demanding better service delivery from the government, jobs and improved pensions.

They called for the provincial governor to resign, and blocked a bridge for an hour. Protesters shouted slogans saying that while Friday’s protests would be peaceful, ones held in the future may not be.

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