Hagel Demands Fake Elections in Thailand NOW! (not return of elected government)

by Scott Creighton

The fascist neoliberal state of the “Shining City on the Hill” loves fake elections. Loves ‘em. Real elections suck. They learned that lesson in Chile and Palestine… and Egypt and Thailand and Russia…

Fake elections provide the outward appearance of “democracy” if you don’t look too close, while simultaneously providing that all too important “stability” our “national interests” demand.

Take for example the recent ‘election” in the Ukraine which was brought about after a violent coup of U.S. state department backed neo-Nazis.

Take for example the recent “election” in Egypt, brought about by an even more brutal and violent military junta, backed by the state departments as well.

Does anyone here remember the one candidate “election” held in Yemen after popular uprising force our puppet dictator out of office? U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton congratulated the people of Yemen “on today’s successful presidential election

Heck, we threw a couple fake elections over on this side of the pond, right here in our own “homeland” not that long ago. 2000? 2004? Help America Vote Act? Diebold? Supreme Court? Fake protesters in Florida? Ring any bells?

And just look at all that “freedom” those fake elections brought us.

Well today, our glorious leaders are calling for snap “elections” in Thailand in order to bring about a “return to democracy”

Now, notice, they aren’t telling the illegal junta to step down and return the country to the hands of the previous ELECTED government. Oh no. That won’t do.

What kind of ass-backwards regime change would that be?

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As Expected, Democracy Hating Color Revolution in Thailand Takes Violent Turn – Syria Redux?

by Scott Creighton

The color revolution in Thailand is hitting a critical stage. Public support for the regime changers is dwindling fast as Thais come to understand the nature and ambitions of the oligarch serving “opposition”

In spite of evaporating public support, hired influence peddlers like “Tony Cartalucci” working diligently for the country’s elite business class, are still doing their level best to mislead the alternative news community in Thailand and elsewhere in hopes that they can gin-up international support for things like sanctions or even “humanitarian” bombing campaigns from NATO. These disingenuous actors will say and do just about anything to bring about undemocratic regime change on behalf of the billionaire oligarchs of Thailand.

As is usually the case, once bloom is gone from the phony color revolution, the regime change operation always takes a more desperate, violent turn where the oligarch’s thugs create violent events so influence peddlers like Mr. Cartalucci can systematically blame those acts on the current government in Thailand. A prime example is Syria but unfortunately, there are many others to make comparisons to. True to form, Mr. Cartalucci is now ranting about the “regime thugs” attacking various high profile business class oligarchs.

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A Little History Regarding Thailand: Who is Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Man Behind the Color Revolution?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A reader, amorfati , left us a link to an article written back in 2010 right after the slaughter carried out by the Abhisit regime. It’s an outstanding contribution to this discussion. You can read it, here.


Upon his appointment as Prime Minister in 2008, Abhisit’s officially declared personal assets worth 51.8 million baht (nearly $2 million). This increased to 54.4 million upon leaving office. Given that Abhisit has never worked in the private sector, the vast majority of his wealth was either inherited or given to him.[76]

Since today is “judgement day” according to the minority protesters in Thailand who refuse to work with the current elected government and who also refuse to participate in the upcoming emergency elections being held because they took their balls and went home (quit the House seats they occupied (150 out of 500)) because they couldn’t get their way, I thought I would provide some history to the conflict in order to give readers here a little perspective.

The two main opposition leaders of this color revolution are former appointed Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and Suthep Thaugsuban. Abhisit is ready and waiting for the unpopular Democratic Party to take control after the coup while it seems Suthep’s job is rallying the NED “protesters” and trying to provoke violence from the police. But, according to them, they serve the same interests in this effort.

Since Mr. Abhisit seems poised and ready to jump into power once again, let’s take a little look at his background and how he came to be the next installed by illegal junta Prime Minster of Thailand. (pay attention Mr. Cartalucci. You asked for this)

Mr. Abhisit did his Oxford thesis on IMF structural reform plans and after Thaksin was able to payoff the IMF loan 4 years early, getting their greedy hands out of his country, Abhisit welcomed the the IMF back with open arms.

Abhisit, who had done his Oxford thesis on IMF rescue programmes, now had to witness the IMF being called in to save the Thai economy.” Financial Times 2009 interview at Davos

In 2010, Abhisit went to the Council on Foreign relations to give a talk after his government forces brutally murdered 90 protesters in Thailand’s version of the Occupy Movement. This is what he had to say to the CFR about that little regrettable mishap:

“The events in April and May will have given you very disturbing images, leading, of course, to very regrettable losses of lives, but they also serve as a very powerful lesson that when you’re trying to develop a democracy, there will be clashes of values, clashes of opinions, but the key thing, of course, is we have to find a way in which we can avoid violence and illegal means by which people want to attain their political ends or objectives.

… we continue to attract investment, encourage the private sector, through further deregulation and liberalization, as well as increased facilitation for investors and the business community..” CFR page from 2010

hmmm… deregulation, financial liberalization, opening up the country to outside investors and the hot money speculators and basically handing over the nation to the investors and business community… that’s Abhisit’s pledge at the Council on Foreign Relations back in 2010 after slaughtering Occupy style protesters in the streets.

Need a little more history?

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With Lie After Lie, Cartalucci Openly Calls for Military Coup in Thailand (and anywhere else democracy gets in the way)

by Scott Creighton

On the eve of their big protest march, Tony Cartalucci and his fellow Yellow-shirts in Thailand seem to be calling for military intervention to solve the countries troubles.

It’s kind of funny because the crisis they are calling on the military to solve for them, was actually caused by them since the opposition refuses to handle their differences either by holding a new election for the House which the elected government has offered, and they have also refused to put the matter to the people for a referendum. Nothing but regime change and an “unelected council of the people” will do for the middle class Yellow-shirts and their out of power Democratic Party.

I’ve been going back and forth with Tony today over his support of the color revolution taking place in Thailand right now and while I was doing a little research I ran across this article, from Tony, posted on Global Research of all places. The article is one flat-out lie after another. It’s remarkable in that respect.

He rants like Glen Beck accusing Thaksin and his sister of everything but the JFK assassination. It is QUITE THE THING TO READ. My God, he sounds like Tom Friedman from the New York Times begging for war in Iraq.

But what Tony Cartalucci is begging for is another Egyptian style military coup, this one in Thailand.

The things he says in this article are unbelievable:

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The Color Revolution in Thailand: Taking Apart Cartalucci’s Pro-Regime Change Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Thailand’s political conflict broadly pits a Bangkok-based middle class and royalist elite backed by the military against rural and working-class voters loyal to Thaksin.’ South China Morning Post

Judgement Day” approaches as tomorrow’s last ditch regime change effort, a march to the government headquarters, promises to be a desperate repeat of that now famous march in Venezuela, with former truth-teller Tony Cartalucci leading the charge.

What is really happening in Thailand? Is it a grass roots up-swell of democracy as people like Tony Cartalucci would have you believe; “the people” fighting against a corrupt government “backed by outside forces”.  Or is it nothing more than yet another color revolution sponsored by the international financial class supported within Thailand by greedy oligarchs, the power hungry military monarchists and the petty bourgeoisie Business Class of the civilian population who want to exploit an opportunity to do away with the popular elected government so they can make more profits off the backs of their workers?

Color revolutions only work if they are able to generate a sense of legitimacy in the international community in general. And key to doing that is keeping the alternative journalists from doing too much damage to your efforts.

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Massacre in Thailand and Obama’s Foreign Policy Stance

by Shamus Cooke, Global Research

When the White House is quiet as protestors are butchered in the streets of Bangkok Thailand, suspicions are raised.  Silence often equals complicity.  One can only imagine what the U.S.’ response would be to a Venezuelan government slaughter: the U.S. media and Obama would loudly condemn such an act, in contrast to the muted response to Thailand’s blood bath. 

The history of U.S.-Thailand relations explains why.  During the Vietnam War, the U.S. used Thailand as one of the main “anti-communist” bulwarks in an area that included China, Vietnam, Burma, and other countries that were challenging capitalism. 

Thailand was thus transformed into a U.S. client state and given money, guns, and U.S. government intelligence to battle Thailand’s “communists.”  This relationship has equaled numerous Thai dictatorships that have a very bloody history, including the shooting of untold numbers of protestors that the Thai government named “communists,” or their modern equivalent, “terrorists.”  

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VDO clip sniper kill Thai Red Shirt

You won’t see this video on Andrew Sullivan’s Breathless Blog. He spends too much time ranting about how we need to go to war with Iran because of some obviously staged Nada death scene.

But here is a real protester who was really killed, but this time, rather than it being by a democratically elected regime that the U.S. business interests want to overthrow… this time, this real death scene, was caused by a corrupt government with ties to U.S and British big business…

The protesters, mostly poor farmers or workers who have adopted the color red as a virtual uniform, are demanding that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva resign immediately, dissolve parliament and call new elections. They say the government is illegitimate, that it came to power by manipulating the courts and cozying up to the military, and that it embodies an elite indifferent to the plight of the poor. LA Times

That’s why you won’t see this video on Andrew Sullivan’s Breathless Blog… oh wait, strike that… he did put one picture up, with no Breathless comment of his own, of another protester who was shot in the head today. Under that article he has one that supports the deficit hawks of the Obama administration as they attempt to justify handing over your social security money, and on top of that article, he has one about some pageant winner dancing on some stripper pole someplace…. I guess the SEVERAL THAI PROTESTERS who were actually killed by their government, doesn’t rate the same NON-STOP BREATHLESS coverage he gave Nada in Iran.

Well, no one has accused me yet this week of being a shill for the neoliberal thugs that run this country, so I am going to post this video from April the 10th of this year… I think that is what it says…. It is extremely disturbing.

I’m going to say that again… this is a real death, not the “made for TV type” that Andrew Sullivan seems to like…. THIS IS VERY DISTURBING VIDEO… your kids should not be in the room while you watch it.


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