Ron Paul to Cash in on Neoliberal School Privatization

by Scott Creighton

It’s so nice to see Ron Paul profiting off Bill Clinton’s neoliberal plan of action isn’t it? Nothing says “LIBERTY” like a Slick Willy endorsement. Am I right?

“That’s why I ask my colleagues to appreciate, as well as tolerate, my concern over a public tribute to former President Bill Clinton, who today received the first-ever lifetime achievement award from the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools.

To his credit, Clinton used his Bully Pulpit to tell the American people that charters are good for us. He said he wanted to see 2,000 charters by the end of his administration and indeed growth did occur. The effort he and Congress led to create and grow the public charter grant program helped spur the 2011

Our education system is broken by design. They deliberately underfund it and set ridiculous standards so they can undermine the country’s confidence in the public school system in order to push for the wholesale privatization of the entire system and thus set their eyes on the real prize… the billions of dollars annually spent on public education that await them like the fabled pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

And there is no subset of this for-profit education scam like the “online charter” programs for generating massive profits for very little cost. It’s the wave of the future for snake oil salesmen from Maui to Maine.

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Little Entitled Randie Goes Full NEOLibtard

by Scott Creighton

Little Entitled Randie, the guy who got into medical school at Duke without a bachelor’s degree because his daddy went there and then later got into the senate because his daddy was in congress, is complaining that someone actually suggested the federal government bailout Detroit before the banksters and technocrats can chop it up and hand it over to the oligarchs for fun and profit.

He screeched “over my dead body” in reference to the suggestion.

After all, the entire point of the demolition of our economy was too facilitate the fire-sale that is going on right now in Detroit and cities like it across the country, so how much sense does it make to bailout Detroit at this final stage of the counter-revolution, the re-feudalization of America?

When asked about all those people living on their pensions in Detroit and what is going to happen to them, Little Entitled Randie simply said “yeah, that’s a problem”

NEWSFLASH – Rand Paul is just another corporatist sycophant looking to feather his nest while suckling up to the country’s financial masters. His “libertarian” ideology is the EXACT SAME THING as the neo-liberal economic shock therapy model used by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds for decades in other countries across the globe. Only difference is, over there they resisted it, here, the Paulites call it “liberty” Scott Creighton

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Obama Administration Backtracks on Drone Policy – Claims They Can’t Kill Citizens on U.S. Soil

by Scott Creighton

It seems Rand Paul’s little filibuster may have had some effect after all. After a day of serious abuse being leveled  at the Obama administration and other dems for failing to support the Paul filibuster, today U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sent Rand Paul a short letter which stated:

“It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question: ‘Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil? The answer to that question is no.” Eric Holder

Today was filled with all kinds of questions coming out about Rand Paul’s filibuster and the Eric Holder letter which started it all in which he said he thought the president could “under certain circumstances” like another 9/11, use the military drones to take out a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil without any due process of law. Today’s letter is a bit of a turnaround for Mr. Holder. Not much, but a bit.

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Eric Holder: Obama Can Kill Citizens in the U.S. with Military Drones

by Scott Creighton

Indefinite detention via the military, endless drone strikes across the world, the economic “Brick” being dropped on the people of the U.S. while Wall Street and corporate profits soar…  and now Eric Holder claims he thinks President Peace Prize can order a MILITARY drone strike against any U.S. citizen here in the continental United States.

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Little Entitled Randie Shows his True Colors… again

by Scott Creighton

Truth finally comes out

No Joy in Paulville Today

This is a pretty worthless article so it will be short.

Surprise! Rand Paul is an establishment hack.(not much of a surprise is it?)

His “libertarian” leanings are nothing more than ideological WMDs designed to make the rebel love the fascist ideology of his oppressors.

For years I have also been pointing out the MANY various “little betrayals” that Rand and Ron have been doing.

FlashbackLittle Entitled Randie Wants YOU to Sacrifice While He Cashes Those Big Government Checks

NEWSFLASH – Rand Paul is just another corporatist sycophant looking to feather his nest while suckling up to the country’s financial masters. His “libertarian” ideology is the EXACT SAME THING as the neo-liberal economic shock therapy model used by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds for decades in other countries across the globe. Only difference is, over there they resisted it, here, the Paulites call it “liberty”

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Ron Paul is a Sickening Neoliberal Ghoul

by Scott Creighton

Ron Paul has been dining on the public dime for most of his adult life. His career in politics started in 1976 and except of a 12 year stint, he has been collecting a government paycheck every year since. He even found time to find a seat in the senate for his undeserving son who had no public service experience at all and his only qualification for the job seems to be that he is the offspring of Ron Paul.

Freedom, for Ron, is the freedom of everyone else to do without assistance from the government when they need it most. It’s the freedom to let the uninsured die unattended, the freedom to force everyone to purchase useless health insurance policies when they can’t afford food for their children.

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Ron Paul Claims Libertarians Would Repeal Civil Rights Act of 1964

by Scott Creighton


In an interview with status quo apologist Chris Mathews, libertarian Ron Paul made it clear that he is a lot more like his business firster son Rand than his own apologists like to admit.

About a year ago while Rand was running for his entitled position in the senate (“entitled” because his DADDY spent his entire career on the government dime, so of course Rand gets his seat as well) he went on the Rachel Maddow Show (another status quo apologist) and refused to say he would have voted for the civil rights act back in ’64.

Daddy did that one better.

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Ron Paul: LIBERTY Needs a Private Plane, Bitches!

by Scott Creighton


Look at how anti-establishment we are!

Ron Paul just won his re-election to the House of Representatives and started up the new session of congress while one of the most contentious economic crisis is facing our nation and so what’s the Ron Paul Revolution hero doing? He’s asking his Paulites to dig a little deeper and help set him up with his own chartered plane so he can jet-set around the country campaigning, yet again, for yet another goberment  job; President of the United States.  Just hired him to do one job and he’s asking for more money from his followers so that he can spend all his time applying for another job. Nice.

But he’s doing it… for you, you know. He’s doing it… for LIBERTY!  So if you want LIBERTY, make sure Ron can travel in style just like those establishment fat-cats, cus god knows we don’t want Ron embarrassed on the runway while the crooked politicians breeze through the airport and hop in their luxury planes and poor old honest Ron has to cruise through the security screeners untouched on route to his Business Class seat pre-board.

Your LIBERTY depends on it!

Just imagine it; all that time Ron can save sitting back in a plane like this one thinking only about how he and his son can protect your LIBERTY while jetting over to the next Tea Party meeting to discuss how they can help Gov. Walker kill those pesky collective bargaining rights that are threatening the LIBERTY of all those business owners.

Cus GOD KNOWS it’s all about property rights, and what the hell is a little peon worker if he ain’t the property of some decent hard-working billionaire who inherited daddy’s money? That business owner has the RIGHT to treat his property any damn way he chooses. That’s LIBERTY!

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Ron Paul Says Your Kids Have No “Right” to an Education or Equal Opportunities… But His “Fortunate Son” Certainly Did

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Go here to see Rand Paul address the senate in favor of killing the EPA so that it won’t harm business… specifically, the coal business who is currently destroying the Kentucky landscape with their mountain-top removal mining process. He is advocating the passage of over 200 more permits for this kind of “mining” which literally destroys the mountains and pollutes the areas around them just so a company, owned by a relatively few wealthy individuals, can exploit the natural resources of his home state and decimate it in the process.


Ron Paul’s neoliberal Libertarian roots are showing through again. Kinda explains why is son is the poster-child for the new Neoliberal Revolution in the American Tea Party these days.

In an interview with Cenk Uygur, Ron expressed his feelings that if a young kid born of poor parents does well in school and strives to better himself with a higher education, he’s just shit out of luck. He also claims in the same interview that no one has a “right” to medical care… he claims you have to “earn” all of these things.

Ron Paul says you have a right to your life and a right to your property, but apparently he thinks no one has a “right” to equal opportunities here in the good old U.S. of A. I can certainly understand that because if slots in leading universities were handed out on merit alone, Ron Paul’s kid Rand would never have gotten into Duke University.

This is certainly an odd position for a man to take who seemed to think his own son had a “right” to a senate seat (and all the tax-payer supplied perks that come with that job) simply because his daddy was Ron Paul.

But that isn’t the first time Rand benefited from his “rights” as the fortunate son of Ron Paul.

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Ron Paul Advocates Demolition of Social Security

by Scott Creighton

G*ddamn, I hate Ron Paul.

Let’s get this straight; Ron Paul is nothing more than a kinder/gentler face for the Chicago School neoliberalization program supported by the neocons on one side and the Clitonista/Obama New Dems on the other.

He is yet another flavor of  the oligarchical corporatist tools, who fully expected his son to be handed a seat in the senate, by birthright, and therefore a government paycheck for the rest of his life.

Now Ron is helping to bolster the neoliberal calls for the pending doom of Social Security while he himself knows full well just how nice his government pension entitlement check is going to be for him and his corporatist kid.

Ron Paul is a pathetic fraud. Let’s hope this opens the eyes of some of his sleep-walking supporters.

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“There Are No Poor” in America – Rand Paul

by Scott Creighton

Rand Paul is just a plain, vile, neoliberal Libertarian servant of the super wealthy class of America. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he is the epitome of what we need to get rid of in DC. This is way beyond simply being indifferent to the suffering of millions upon millions of American…

Well, the thing is, we’re all interconnected. There are no rich. There are no middle class. There are no poor,” Paul explained. “You remember a few years ago, when they tried to tax the yachts, that didn’t work.”  Raw Story

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THREE Neoliberal Party Candidates Take Their Seats in the Senate

by Scott Creighton

Rand Paul , Jim DeMint , and Rob Portman have “won” their respective races and will be joining each other in the US Senate in a couple of months. Rand got there by legacy (his daddy earned him the seat) and Jim by election fraud in the Democratic primary (proven by Vic Rawls in the SC Democratic Party hearing, while Alvin Greene didn’t even bother showing up) and DLC complicity.  But no matter how they each got there, these neoliberal business class servants will be pushing the corporate agenda in DC come January.

Rand Paul raised tons of money back in the day when Alex Jones kept hawking him as some kind of dedicated “outsider”. Fact was, the man is a die-hard neoliberal/Libertarian; business first, free-markets, privatize everything, destroy the department of education (so they can hand that chunk of money over to BIG BUSINESS as well), open borders, deregulation of all business… ect. ect. ect.

That’s the Washington consensus folks… it’s Hillary Clinton’s agenda just as much as it is George W. Bush’s.  You can’t get more “status quo” in DC than that. I guess that’s why Rand met with the neocons and AIPAC in the same week just before the election to assure them he was nothing like the character he played when talking to AJ.

Alvin Greene raised less than $5,000 for his senate “campaign” so he didn’t even have to disclose where the money came from.

There was no campaign from Alvin Greene, none… all he did was use someone else’s money to sign up for the primary then he sat back and let the electronic voting machines cheat Vic Rawls out of the senate .  In the end,  Greene didn’t even put up a fight against Jim DeMint and just let him keep his seat in the Senate.  Because that was the plan all along.

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Deficit-Hawk and Libertarian Servant to the Business Class, Rand Paul, Wants you to Say Only Nice Things About BP

Libertarians are the official political party of the neoliberal IMF “Business First” wing of government. You think Rand is a political outsider? You think they are going to rig the elections to keep him OUT? Guess again. Rand is a servant to big business and a deficit-hawk oligarch who damn-well expects to get his seat in the senate that was promised to him as his birthright. He claims to have changed his position a little on open borders in order to get more inline with the mainstream of the working people in the Tea Party, but he really hasn’t. He wants those borders wide open in order to favor big business profit margins. He is no more of an “outsider” than Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck.

Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul said Thursday that harsh criticism of BP by President Barack Obama’s administration could contribute to the oil giant’s demise and harm its ability to pay for cleanup of the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The comments came in response to blistering criticism by Democratic opponent Jack Conway at their first appearance together. Conway blasted Paul for saying in late May that Obama’s stance toward BP was un-American and anti-business. Those and other comments by Paul led to a backlash at the time that caused the Republican to retreat from the national scene for a couple of weeks.

Paul said Thursday that BP should pay for the Gulf cleanup, but that Obama administration’s sharp rhetoric could help imperil the company.

…””I think the deficit … is such an enormous problem that it might warrant bringing things to a halt and having a discussion about it for a few days,” he said.

Paul didn’t offer any specifics about how to erase the nation’s mushrooming deficit. He said each federal program should be reviewed to determine if it can be cut, eliminated or privatizedAP

So Rand doesn’t want anyone talking bad about BP… he thinks condemning foreign companies who have screwed up the entire Gulf coast is “unAmerican”… and his big concern is the deficit which he says we have to cut and privatize programs to fix… Still think Rand Paul is anti-establishment? He’s about as anti-establishment as Hilary Clinton.

Little Entitled Randie Wants YOU to Sacrifice While He Cashes Those Big Government Checks

by Scott Creighton 

If you think Rand Paul is somehow “anti-establishment”, you’re wrong.  

Neoliberalism is what got us here in the first place and neoliberalism is the basis of the Libertarian Party. While all the other neoliberals hide in other political parties and sneak out a little at a time to serve their true masters, business, the Libertarians have been out of the closet since day one. They hate the New Deal, wish to see the social safety net abolished in favor of big business, and they hate the idea that government serves the interests of the people rather than the business owners. 

Rand Paul recently got in trouble when he made two claims on the Rachel Maddow show (she’s a corporatist hack just the same). 1. We should leave big business alone and 2. big business should be allowed to discriminate anyway they so choose. 

The backlash was bad… it was almost bad enough to start sinking into his core Paulistas that he may not really be all that “anti-establishment” so they shut him up. They picked a few business friendly gigs for him to appear in front of and they took him out for a couple of days and “schooled” him on how to “spin” answers to questions he doesn’t like. But above all else they told him to keep his mouth shut when it comes to the real service the politicians do these days; promote a new feudal system reminiscent of the glory days gilded age. 

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Rand Runs Away from Meet the Press? “Meet the Press”? Really?

by Scott Creighton  

[UPDATES at the end of the article involve RAnd Paul's stated support of the Global War on Terror, keeping Gitmo open, sanctions for Iran, declaring war on Afghanistan, and his unlimited support of Israel.] 

You know, I could understand kinda if Meet the Press was still run by Tim Russert. Russert at least had a reputation for actually doing a little journalism occasionally. Of course after he died we found out he had been feeding info to the neocon Robert Novack for several years (like 30?). But at least Russert still had the appearance of being a legitimate journalist.  

The State of "Journalism"

But these days Meet the Press is an unapologetic cheerleader for the Obama brandof corporatism, the neoliberal empire, and it’s Global Free Market Wars (aka – Overseas Contingency Operations).  

In July 2009 Meet the Press did an entire hour-long show with globalist Hilary Clinton that seemed more like a PR stunt that an insightful probing interview with a new secretary of state. That’s because it was.  In March of 2009 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.) and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg had the whole show to talk about how they were going to neoliberalize the economies of their respective states after chatting it up with the globalists in the White House.  

In short, David Gregory doesn’t strike fear in the hearts of any of the “business first” globalists because he is nothing more than an overpaid pitchman.  He’s a dancing monkey for an off-stage organ grinder. 

So why did Rand Paul join a very select group of political figures when he pulled out of his scheduled Sunday appointment on Meet the Press today? Rand is a surgeon and was raised by a career politician, Ron Paul, so it isn’t like he isn’t smart enough or doesn’t know what to expect in a political campaign.  

Fischer said Paul is only the third major guest in 62 years to have canceled on the show. The other two were Louis Farrakhan (1996) and Saudi Prince Bandar (2003). MSNBC  

So why did Rand run away?  Is it because he is just so darn anti-establishment?  Or is it because the more he opens his mouth the more he risks giving the whole charade away… and his establishment friends don’t want Rand to fuck this up?  I’ll put the facts out there… you be the judge. 

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