Strategy of Tension: CNN (and the rest of the complicit media) Goes Full Retard in Ferguson

by Scott Creighton

You might think after a week of deliberate incitement in Ferguson with the mass media playing the role of special operations megaphone assets, the streets would be packed with angry protesters and the gutters would be running with blood.

However, like all those Muslims the FBI tries to entrap across the country, it would appear the average young black man isn’t as stupid or naive as the narrative crafters believe.

Try as they might to gin-up social and racial unrest, if turn-out is any indication, the latest strategy of tension op in the U.S. is starting to look like Waterworld’s box office receipts. That’s what you get when you underestimate the intelligence of your target audience.

But that didn’t stop CNN’s Don Lemon and Jake Tapper as they take the melodrama to the next, pathetic level in this ridiculously sophomoric segment from last night’s “Crisis in Ferguson” street theater production.

You gotta see this.

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Is the U.S. Becoming a Police State Info-Graphic

by Scott Creighton

A reader, Jasmine, sent me a link to an info-graphic she helped put together which explores the question “are we becoming a police state”

It’s easy to understand and quite an eye-catching display. It’s very well made and professional looking and they want people to post it up on their sites so it gets a lot of attention. It’s full of hard to deny statistics which when put together in this fashion, makes it very clear what this nation is quickly becoming. Tweet it, Facebook it, do whatever you do to spread it around.

Good work Jasmine.

image after fold.

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Why Cops Fear – It’s only their turf if you let them have it

Jose Pimentel: The Best Terrorist Plot Bloomberg Could Buy

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: read Jose Pimentel Story Unraveling Already: CI Arranged for Everything and the Feds Refused to Investigate

Man, those “terrorists” sure have the worst timing, don’t they? On the other hand, they seem to always plot to blow shit up when it is the most opportune time for whatever regime happens to catch them at the time.  Here’s and example: 9/11 happened just one day after the plans to attack Afghanistan and the Taliban landed on George Bush’s desk and just a week or so after they worked out the kinks in the Patriot Act. Here’s another example: Umar Fizzlepants ignited his diaper of doom just a week after Barack Obama gave the order to hit targets in Yemen and accidentally killed 23 children in the process (We had no reason to be attacking targets in Yemen, that is, not until Umar Fizzlepants)

Today, the much beleaguered billionaire mayor of New York and his thuggish police commissioner announced (surprise surprise) they thwarted a “terrrorist plot” involving some “lone wolf” who was just “an hour” away from completing his bombs (just for the record, if you have 20 bucks, a bus pass, and a kitchen table, you are “an hour” away from creating a bomb as well)

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Miami Cops Detain Bystanders and Smash Their Cell Phones to Cover Up Bad Shooting

by Scott Creighton

The police state is expanding at a frightening pace.

In DC Adam Kokesh and several others were recently arrested violently for simply dancing at the Jefferson Monument. The video of the cop slamming Adam to the marble floor is quite disturbing.

There is a story breaking out of Miami Florida involving a bad shooting with the Miami police and their apparent effort to cover their tracks by detaining various bystanders and smashing their cell phones just in case they video taped the shooting.

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Horrific Video of Cop Brutality in Houston Beating of 15-Year Old Released

The main officers in this case were indicted on charges of misdemeanor oppression and not assault. The official position coming out of the Houston mayor’s office is that they “tried” to get the officers fired but were unsuccessful and they seek to indict the individual who leaked the video because obviously, he is the real criminal here.

If you think this country isn’t already turning into what Egypt was like under Mubarak, think again. These thugs in uniform are selected and cultivated for this purpose only. They are no better than what we saw running over civilians in Cairo and it appears the mayor Houston is one of them.

Shooting Todd Blair: GWOT Coming Home to America Anyway

by Scott Creighton

I just thought about not getting hit” – Cop’s justification for killing a 45-year-old drug addict in his own home.

Cops equipped like they are still on the streets of Fallujah busted into a drug addict’s house and shot him dead. The video shows Todd Blair had only a golf club in his hand and the cop who shot him clearly had enough time to determine the nature and level of the threat presented, but he shot first and asked questions later.

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