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Seven Short Years

by Scott Creighton

Seven years ago on June 24th, 2007, I sat down and tried my best to figure out how a WordPress website worked.

Seven years later, I still haven’t figured it out.

Oh I can post videos and photos and links. I can even create polls for those of you who enjoy such things. But that’s about all I can do. Basic stuff. No “pressing” no “tags” to speak of. No advertising. No networking or RSSing whatever that is. In retrospect, I guess I haven’t learned that much about the system that occupies so much of my time these days and I guess that is kind of a waste. Ambition was never my thing.

However, I have learned a great deal more about other things. Perhaps my ambitions lie elsewhere.

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If You’re Gonna be Poor, You Better be Tough – or – Eclipseus Bound Part 2 1/2

by Scott Creighton

8:00pm Thursday and the epic saga of the Timing Belt Fiasco 2014 has concluded for yet another day.

This is an update. No pics this time. I’m bushed. Will do final (?) installment tomorrow.

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If You’re Gonna be Poor, You Better be Tough – or – Eclipseus Bound Part 2

by Scott Creighton

It’s slightly less of a Greek tragedy at this point.

The car Gods, oh wise and wonderful as they are, smiled down upon your humble servant today.

My vanity, born of poverty, “conspiracy theory” and the necessity of a broken timing belt, has been swept away in a tearful fit of pathetic middle-aged passionless rage/pathos. In it’s place, a resolute determination to finally finish stage one of the Great Timing Belt Fiasco of 2014 – the timing belt. (see part 1 here)

Pic 1 – Neglected and alone, Eclipseus resolves to finish the job sans skilled hands and experienced mentors. His hobbled steed still lies crippled in the grass, a sad testimonial to a life once filled with all the thrilling promise 98 horse-power brings to man.


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AE will be a little slow today… soooo here’s a cute picture

by Scott Creighton

Hello folks. Today I will be away from the old tubes and interwebs for a while. I’m finishing up that horror show of a timing belt/distributor torture session of mine.  I spent all day yesterday prepping for my disability review hearing so I put that particular disappointment on hold for a day.

Since I will be gone for most of the day working on the car (and by “working” I mean beating on it and cursing a lot), I decided to post a cute picture of my dog (Church) and one of my cats (Cricket).

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If You’re Gonna be Poor, You Better be Tough – or – Eclipseus Bound Part 1

by Scott Creighton

It’s a goddamned Greek tragedy I tell ya!

The other day I was happily driving along on route to pick up some brake pads for my mother’s “vintage” (if you like) Ford Festiva when suddenly, without warning, my own “vintage” vehicle cut off mid-cruise.

Never had a car do that before. Quite exciting actually.

Turns out Mr. ’91 Eclipse decided to kill himself by breaking his own timing belt. I didn’t even know he was depressed. See how insensitive I am?

In the Western classical tradition, Prometheus became a figure who represented human striving, particularly the quest for scientific knowledge, and the risk of overreaching or unintended consequences. In particular, he was regarded in the Romantic era as embodying the lone genius whose efforts to improve human existence could also result in tragedy.

Prometheus was bound to a rock, where each day an eagle, the emblem of Zeus, was sent to feed on his liver, which would then grow back to be eaten again the next day.

As a result of my tragic flaw (poverty and being a ‘conspiracy theorist’), like the trickster Prometheus,  I have since been chained to this rock parked atop my little driveway only to have an eagle (the Mitsubishi Eclipse is actually the same car as the Plymouth Laser and… wait for it.. Waaaait for it…. the Eagle Talon) peck out my liver (once thought of as the seat of human emotions by those clever Greeks) as I plug away at the timing belt repair job and pull out what little hair remains atop my pointy little tin-foil hat wearing head.

Below is a series of images chronicling the tragic story of someone we shall call an American Eclipseus as he struggles valiantly to redeem all mankind and get his stupid little POS vehicle back on the road.

Is this a case of “if you’re gonna be poor, you better be tough” or a Greek tragedy of an everyman struggling against the odds, brought low by his own tragic flaw but in the end coming to a greater understanding of the world he lives in, condemned to a shameful future of public transportation?

You be the judge. I don’t make the news here, I just report it.


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