“We can’t refer to the past” – Israel refuses to take responsibility for creating the Palestinian refugee crisis.

Tzipi Livni then-Israeli foreign minister – “I feel like we can’t refer to the past“.

by Laila Al-Arian, al Jazeera

It’s a core issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that dates back to Israel’s creation: the forced expulsion in 1948 of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes by Israeli soldiers and Jewish paramilitary groups. But The Palestine Papers show that far from resolving this thorny problem, Israeli negotiators refused to even acknowledge their responsibility in creating the world’s largest refugee population.

Some of the most contentious meetings between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators involved the “refugee file”. On several occasions, Israeli officials insisted that negotiators should move forward and forget “the past”, even as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians continue to languish in refugee camps under abysmal conditions. As talks on refugees progressed during the Annapolis process, Israeli negotiators were aided by the US and French officials, who took their side on the issue of responsibility.

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