Chris Hedges on Civil Liberties, Obama’s Empire, and Serious Revolt (Until in comes to the 2nd amendment and then he says we are all racists)

by Scott Creighton

Chris Hedges is all about defending our civil liberties… until someone brings up the 2nd amendment, at which time he claims we want to preserve the right to own firearms because we are scared of black and brown people.

According to Hedges, we aren’t concerned about a totalitarian out of control government which he just said is going to start locking people up due to the NDAA 2012… oh no… that isn’t why people are fighting for the preservation of the 2nd amendment in that long list called the Bill of Rights, the right and the duty to defend against a corrupt government… oh no… it’s because we are afraid of black and brown people.

Hedges’ hypocrisy on this matter is stunning to say the least and assuming it’s “hypocrisy” is being generous on my part.

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Obama Executive Order Declares Peacetime War Powers for “Preparedness”: Sets Up Absolute Neoliberal Handover to the MIC

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Yes, there were previous executive orders but the only one which goes as far as Obama’s just HAPPENS to have been signed by Bill Clinton in 1994. Please read National Defense Resources Preparedness: Comparing Previous Executive Orders

UPDATE 2: Has anyone else noticed that there is not an executive order number assigned to this by the White House?

——– original ———

Link to White House official site.

The implications of this are simply stunning. It is a declaration of absolute war-powers for the president during peacetime whether there is a state of emergency or not. Where do I start with this?

  • It delegates absolute control over resources, energy, materials, agriculture, water, and even… labor… to the various Secretaries of the departments.
  • It states that the determination of “national defense” takes precedence over any existing ownership rights or contracts.
  • It says the head of each agency can make direct loans from the Federal Reserve Bank, without approval of congress, to any private business in order to acquire what it needs.
  • It also says the heads of each of the agencies can sell off whatever publicly owned asset it chooses, again without congressional approval.
  • It even talks about a “Director of Selective Services” “upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services”… that means a draft folks.
  • It puts Leon Panetta, the CIA fascist, in charge of the entire country’s water supply and if you remember, it also states that Panetta can sell that water supply to anyone, foreign or domestic, that he wants.

And that is just the beginning.

I have to read this. Go over to Before It’s News and read Chris’ write-up on it. From the looks of this, everything is up for grabs. Everything you own, everything you depend on. Resources, food, money, even your labor. Police stations, public buildings, firetrucks, water treatment facilities. Everything.  All to make the corporations stronger in the name of “national defense”.

If this is enacted, they could literally hand over the entire country in a matter of days after some trumped up false flag event.

I’m speechless. This has to be a joke. Even I didn’t think he would go this far. Is this in preparation of another economic collapse larger than the last one? Or is this the precursor to an Israeli attack and WWIII?

I have to read this but I wanted you to see it. View entire executive order after the break.

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Home Sweet Wall Street

by Robert Sheer, Truthdig

A most dastardly deed occurred last Friday when the Obama administration issued a 29-page policy statement totally abandoning the federal government’s time-honored role in helping Americans achieve the goal of homeownership. Instead of punishing the banks that sabotaged the American ideal of a nation of stakeholders by “securitizing” our homesteads into poker chips to be gambled away in the Wall Street casino, Barack Obama now proposes to turn over the entire mortgage industry to those same banks.

The proposal, originated by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, involves nothing less than a total “winding down” of the 80-year-old federal housing program, setting instead a new goal of a two-tiered America in which the masses are content to be mere renters of the American Dream. Such a deal for a country where, as the report concedes, “Half of all renters spend more than a third of their income on housing, and a quarter spend more than half.”

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Obama Pulls a Clinton

by Robert Sheer, Truthdig

Here we go again. When Bill Clinton suffered an electoral reversal after his first two years in office, he abruptly embraced the corporate money guys who had financed his congressional opposition in an effort to purchase a second term. On Tuesday in his Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece, Barack Obama veered sharply down that same course, trumpeting his executive order “ … to remove outdated regulations that stifle job creation and make our economy less competitive. …”

He employed the same “creating a 21st-century regulatory system” rationalization used by Clinton when he signed off on the sweeping deregulation legislation that unleashed the Wall Street greed that ended up being the biggest job-killer since the Great Depression. “Over the (past) seven years, we have tried to modernize the economy,” Clinton enthused as he signed the Financial Services Modernization Act that repealed key New Deal legislation, adding, “And today what we are doing is modernizing the financial services industry, tearing down those antiquated laws and granting banks significant new authority.” Modernizing was the propaganda constant, as in the Commodity Futures Modernization Act that Clinton signed, thus shielding financial derivatives from any government regulation.

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Hey Michelle, Read My Book

by Robert Sheer, Truthdig

On Tuesday, I received yet another deceptively personal e-mail addressed to “Robert” from Michelle Obama asking me once again to contribute to the “amazing journey” toward “progress” that her husband has led.

“Fool me once,” I muttered, regretful of my previous contribution and even embarrassed to wear the artist-designed Obama for President T-shirt that I got in return. I was particularly annoyed by the first lady’s assurance that “You’re the reason we reined in Wall Street banks that were out of control,” since I have written a book and numerous articles asserting just the opposite. 

I envy her blind spousal loyalty—my own mate is a bit less forgiving—but how in the world can she, or the hacks that ginned out this e-mail to millions on her behalf, make such an assertion without sensing the absurd? Surely she knows that this administration has thrown trillions at the banks in the wan hope that they would respond with increased liquidity and mortgage relief to improve the lot of struggling homeowners and the unemployed, who have received nothing in return…

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Obama Administration Declines to Declare Water as a Fundamental Human Right

by Scott Creighton

The U.N. General Assembly forced a vote on a Bolivian resolution declaring that access to clean water and sanitation is a fundamental human right. The count was 122 nations FOR the resolution, 0 AGAINST, with 41 ABSTAINING.  Guess which way the neoliberal Obama delegation went?

“It was the United States and Canada, the European—not the European Union—the United Kingdom—some of the European countries voted to abstain; some were wonderful—Australia, New Zealand. So it was all of the Anglophone, neoliberal, you know, bought into this whole agenda that everything is to be commodified…” MAUDE BARLOW, Democracy NOW!

Had that been George W. Bush siding with private businesses (who, like Bechtel (San Fransisco based and close to Nancy Pelosi), have already been pushing for the privatization of water supplies in other countries as well as here in the U.S.) over the human rights of literally billions of people across the globe, then you could damn sure expect the “Progressives” to be up in arms about this right now. As it stands with the Clinton/Obama regime in place, right before an election… not a peep, not a whimper from the fraudulent “liberal” left as their precious Peace Prize puppet denies water to the thirsty all across the globe so his friends in high places can make a buck.

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Neoliberal News of the Day: July 15th, 2010

Just a few little neoliberal updates today…

1. Obama’s OMB Pick Oversaw Citigroup Unit That Shorted Housing Market – “President Barack Obama’s choice to lead the White House budget office oversaw a Citigroup unit that profited off the housing collapse and financial crisis by investing in a hedge fund king who correctly “predicted” the eventual subprime meltdown and now finds himself involved in the center of the U.S. government’s fraud case against Goldman Sachs.”

2. Why We Can’t Rely on Foreign Consumers to Rescue American Jobs, and Why Today’s “Jobs for America Summit” Is a Bad Joke – “Today (Wednesday), leaders of big business are meeting with the President and Vice President (along with former President Bill Clinton) to urge that the White House push stalled trade-opening agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia… Jobs for America Summit? These executives don’t care about American jobs. They care about their own bottom lines. That’s what they’re paid to care about.”  Robert Reich

3. Chamber Of Commerce’s Jobs Suggestions: Cut Taxes And Social Security, Privatize Roads, Drill Offshore, Log National Forests – “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent the White House an “open letter” laying out a proposed roadmap to economic recovery… The Chamber’s four-page letter offers a variety of suggestions for job creation… ideas include deregulation of business, tax cuts for the wealthy, free trade agreements, a reduced corporate income tax, expanded offshore drilling and logging in national forests, the privatization of waterways and roads, extend Bush-era tax cuts in full and provide tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas” , the “modernization” of Social Security and Medicare (sell them off to Wall Street), and “Incentives and legal surety for investment in clean coal technologies, carbon capture systems, and massive expansion of nuclear power…” . “The political organization also wants control of public resources. “If America’s transportation and water infrastructure, for instance, was fully open to private investment, the $180 billion available today in private capital could generate more than 1.5 million jobs over 10 years”  Ryan Grim

4. Companies pile up cash but remain hesitant to add jobs – “Nonfinancial companies are sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash, roughly one-quarter more than at the beginning of the recession…. Yet all the good news from big business hasn’t translated into much promise for jobless Americans, leading many to wonder: If corporations are sitting on so much money, why aren’t they hiring more workers?” ” White House officials also choreographed a competing set of images for Obama on Wednesday, having him meet separately with famed investor Warren Buffett and, later, with Bill Clinton as well as the chief executives of Bank of America and Honeywell.” Jia Yang

5. Collapse in Living Standards in America: More Poverty By Any Measure – “More than 15 million Americans are unemployed, homelessness has increased by 50 percent in some cities, and 38 million people are receiving food stamps, more than at any time in the program’s almost 50-year history…

The definitive statement of the concrete policies advocated by neoliberalism is often taken to be John Williamson’s “Washington Consensus“, a list of policy proposals that appeared to have gained consensus approval among the Washington-based international economic organizations (like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank). Williamson’s list included ten points:

definitions:  NEOLIBERALISM  – Privatization of state enterprises, Deregulation – abolition of regulations that impede market entry or restrict competition, Tax reform– broadening the tax base (except for big business and the wealthy), Liberalization of the “capital account” of the balance of payments (selling off American assets to foreign investors), Fiscal policy Governments should not run large deficits (war on the deficits only with regard to the Social Safety Net… war funding and bailouts are fine), Redirection of public spending from subsidies (redirect public coffer spending to privately owned for-profit institutions which will operate public services without any oversight ie: education, police, prisons, fire departments, public works like water, parks services, even certain branches of government and in the end, even the courts.)

Clinton’s Frontman, Barack Obama, Appoints Another Clintonista/Bankster CFR Globalist to Manage the “CHANGE” to a Neofeudal State

by Scott Creighton

You thought you got “CHANGE”, you thought you wouldn’t elect a Clinton into the White House again… guess again.  The frontman for the Clinton dynasty just appointed yet another Clintonista to another KEY position in the White House.   These Clintonista neoliberal globalists are going to make you suffer….

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Holding the MSM Criminally Responsible for War-Monger Clinton’s New War of Agression

They are holding up an apple and telling you it’s a dog

by Scott Creighton

In other democratic nations the media is held accountable when they promote lies in order to help fabricate justifications for illegal acts committed by those in power. Its time we did the same.

Hilary Clinton is completely out of control and the only reason she thinks she can get away with it is because she expects the main stream media (MSM) to go along with the con… again.

I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be more of a lying, warmongering, thieving globalist whore than Dick Cheney but I may have been wrong; Hilary Clinton is giving Dick Cheney a run for his money. And Hilary hasn’t been in office a year and a half yet.

On the pure corruption charge alone, Clinton has Cheney beat. Yes, Dick had Halliburton and the no-bid contracts and his 30+ million dollar “bonus”.  But Hilary has put even that to shame when she appointed her husband to take charge of the billions of dollars of reconstruction money down in Haiti (a nation Bill wrecked with his globalist neoliberal policies in the first place).  Remember Hilary’s “blind trust”? She turned a $5 million investment in defense and big pharma stocks into $25 million while she was voting down drug importation laws and voting for the Iraq War in the Senate.  Well, now that her husband is the de-facto Emperor of Haiti (for that appointment alone Hilary Clinton should be impeached) he and Hilary will be living like gods down in their nation-state plantation as soon as Bill sets up more Wal-Mart and Disney sweat-shops and Monsanto GM cotton fields.

But as bad as that is, the secretary of state who would be Queen has been threatening one war after the other since she got into office; usually based on lies. I don’t think I have ever read about anyone who is more inclined to attack other nations than Hilary Clinton. She is certainly the most aggressive secretary of state I know of (even Kissinger and Albright had limits) and she is quite probably one of the most out of control world leaders we have ever known. The “surge” in Afghanistan, ground troops in Pakistan, attacking Yemen, attacking Somalia, bombing Iran, and now she wants an all out war with North Korea. She has been advocating all that conflict and she has been in office for less than 18 months.

I think at some point we need to start asking if she is mentally stable enough to handle the job because we know she isn’t morally stable enough.

Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton said Wednesday that the world has a duty to respond to the sinking of a South Korean warship, which has been blamed on North Korea… Clinton told reporters the attack that killed 46 sailors was an “unacceptable provocation” by the North and the “international community has a responsibility and a duty to respond.”

Clinton said the ship sinking “requires a strong but measured response,” but she did not elaborate.  MSNBC

What exactly does a “strong but measured response” mean when we are talking about a nuclear power with a standing army of 1.21 million and the “highest percentage of military personnel per capita of any nation in the world”?  Kim Jong-il won’t stand for drone attacks like our puppet regime in Pakistan does. If Hilary sends just one of our lounge chair commandos over the DMZ, she knows she will get what she wants; retaliation. And that North Korean counter-strike will ultimately provide her the justification for all-out war she desperately wants.

Like the neocon war-mongers before her, Hilary Clinton is basing her self-righteous chest-thumping on obvious lies.

But none of this would be possible if the MSM were doing their job.

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Neoliberal Dream Legislation Submitted by Obama Regime – The Privatization of All Public Housing in America

by Scott Creighton

A few months ago I cursed a hero of mine, Dennis Kucinich. He had shifted his position on the corrosive Obamacare bill and signed on to support it just at a time when it could have been defeated. In his pathetic excuse for and explanation he said he wanted to help support President Obama’s domestic agenda.  Well here it is, Mr. Kucinich.  Here is what you wanted to support.

The same week the Obama administration dropped its investigation into AIG, they submitted plans to privatize America’s entire public housing program which will enrich the banks and developers in ways we can’t even begin to measure while leaving the poor and the working poor at their mercy.

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All in the Family; The Globalist Kagans of Brooklyn

Elena Kagan must produce her entire family lineage prior to her confirmation hearings and this is why…

 by Scott Creighton  

Elena Kagan will be the next Supreme Court justice as she was just announced as President Obama’s choice to fill the seat of one of the last real liberals left on the Supreme Court, Justice John Paul Stevens.  The right won’t oppose her except in some sort of pretend way and the left is already doing strained back flips trying to make her into some kind of “pragmatic” liberal in disguise.  The only disguise she ever wore was the same one worn by Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama… i.e. the neoliberal Corporatist in Democrat Clothing disguise.  

Birds of a Feather?

It’s a shame because not only is Elena Kagan perhaps the most unqualified person to ever be nominated to the Supreme Court, but she is a neoliberal globalist hack who had the silver spoon of privilege surgically implanted in her Kagan rectum at birth. To say that the court may “move to the right” when she is confirmed is a bit like saying Cheney “stretched the truth a little” about Iraq. It’s a laughable and contemptuous understatement that exposes one’s cynical sycophantic approval of the systemic rot that infects our country.  

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Layoff notices sent to thousands of US teachers

by Andrea Peters, WSWS

Hundreds of thousands of public school teachers across the United States are facing possible layoffs this coming academic year.

Confronting massive budget deficits, school districts throughout the country have been sending out notices (“pink slips”) to employees this spring, warning them that they are unlikely to have a job in the fall. The bloodletting is worst in California, Illinois, New York, Michigan, and New Jersey, but nearly every region in the country is affected.

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Institutionalized Theft:A Clinton Family Tradition

by Scott Creighton 

A plague o’ both your houses” 

We all know the “New Dems” and the DLC are the real power behind this phony “healthcare reform” fraud (what some are calling “The Road to Neofeudalism” or “20% of your labor belongs to Aetna“). So let’s just take a look at them, shall we. And who better than the First Family of the New Neoliberal Globalist Dems, the Clintons. 

This is the face of the “New Dems”. “Business” focused neoliberal globalist “democrats” who sold us out from day ONE with NAFTA and GATT (while their WalMart stocks went through the roof), with the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the deregulation of Wall Street which helped lead to the neoliberal structural reforms that we are suffering under now. Hillary just signed a $5.3 million dollar deal to put crystal stemware (outsourced of course) in new State Department outposts all across the globe and she also worked out a deal where her husband will be one of two people in charge of major financial decisions in Haiti along with whatever puppet president we install there. 

I wonder if the new Clinton plantation in Haiti will have crystal stemware. 

Slimey Thieves

Hillary has always been a thief. Always been an opportunist. 

President of the Young Republicans at Wellesley College, Hillary hooked up with Slick  Willy in Yale. They got married, he got elected, and she accepted a newly formed seat on WalMart’s board of Directors while her husband was governor of their homestate. 

She’s been pretending to be a democrat ever since.

The Clintons passed NAFTA while they still owned WalMart stocks which made the Waltons billions and the Clintons millions.

She padded her excessive bank accounts for years with defense contractor stocks while standing on the floor of the Senate repeating Bush’s lies as justification to go to war with Iraq.  

She was the leading recipient of insurance industry money while in the Senate, god only knows what she is getting for this “New Deal” being shoveled our way now. 

And it runs in the family. 

Her daughter took a job working for a hedge-fund company that was a major Clinton donor. They work in collateralized debt obligations, you know, the kind that helped crush our economy? Chelsea got an even bigger payday when her investment banker boyfriend sealed the deal for yet another politico-class merger with a massive diamond engagement ring, probably paid for with our bailout money in one way or another. 

Chelsea’s soon to be husband is none other than Marc Mezvinsky, son of ex-politico class member Edward Mezvinsky: convicted felon for fraud, supposedly linked to those Nigerian Banker scams, pled quilty to 66 counts of FRAUD, including PONZI SCHEMES…. 

and where, you ask, does Hillary Clinton’s soon to be son-in-law work?  You really want to know? Really? 

All in the Family

Goldman Sachs was, without any doubt, the biggest single recipient of bailout cash, period. They got money on all sides and was even allowed to become a commercial bank so they could get discount window loans. The vast majority of the $180 billion to AIG was so they could pay Goldman Sachs debts at full face value (for garbage notes). 

So how much of OUR FUCKING MONEY is now sitting on Chelsea Clinton’s ring finger? Inquiring minds want to know

This is what is running the White House. This is what is running your country. Institutionally corrupted scum and their Clintonista retreads from their previous glory days in the White House. 

This is what created the “healthcare reform” bill. This is what MoveOn and DailyKos and ThinkProgress are actually working for. This is what made Dennis tuck his tail and run. 

You want “CHANGE”? You want to help Obama? Get this scum the fuck out of OUR White House and keep SlickWilly out of Haiti. That’s as good a place to start as any.

JibJab – Big Box Mart (and a Little History Lesson)

Hillary Clinton – ex board of directors of WalMart prior to NAFTA which her husband passed on behalf of WalMart…. thanks Shillary – I guess she is paying Slick Willy back now by making him the neoliberal “Emperor” of Haiti

And the board Hillary Clinton sat on was rabidly anti-union, was exploiting sweatshop labor around the world, discriminating against women workers, forcing workers to labor off the clock and destroying communities that did not want them.  Common Dreams

Hillary Clinton is literally standing on the corpses of the 200,000 dead Haitian people while attempting to stuff her pockets, by way of installing her husband in a lucrative position with the Haitian government.(Slick Willy) will be put in charge of all that aid money given by well meaning people all across the world, to do with as he sees fit. (I wonder how many interns he will be in charge of on his new Haitian plantation)  American Everyman

So you think to yourself, how corrupt could this government get? How low will they go? Well, how about drug dealing? How about a video of a seated president (slick willy) admiting the CIA under Bush 41 was flying in cocaine to Mena, Ak. by the planeload? He admited it in front of the entire White House press corp on TV.  Then he lied about holding an investigation into the matter when he was governor of the state. Not “conspiracy theory, but readily admitted to by President Clinton live on TV. Don’t believe me? Go watch

Just so happens it’s the same corrupt two families that have been fucking this country over since Reagan got shot. By the way, did you know that the assasign’s family were close personal friends of the Bush family? and that John Hinckley’s father wanted Bush 41 to be president? Did you guys know that?

John Hinckley Jr. is the son of John Hinckley Sr., chairman of the oil company Vanderbilt Energy Corp., one of Vice President George H.W. Bush’s larger political and financial supporters in his 1980 presidential primary campaign against Ronald Reagan. Also, John Hinckley Jr.’s older brother, Vanderbilt vice president Scott Hinckley, and the Vice President’s son Neil Bush, had a dinner appointment scheduled for the next day.  Wiki

HuffPo –  “In late August, Whirlpool Corporation announced that by June 2010 it would be closing the doors of its refrigerator plant in Evansville, Ind., and moving its operations to Mexico, citing poor sales due to a depressed housing market.”  “The labor community, naturally, was in an uproar, pointing to the $20 million that the Whirlpool Corporation received as part of the president’s economic stimulus package”  Whirlpool  takes the Stimulus Package Money and Goes to Mexico!

Washington Post – “The U.S. government is pouring billions into General Motors in hopes of reviving the domestic economy, but when the automaker completes its restructuring plan, many of the company’s new jobs will be filled by workers overseas.” Automakers in the Good Old U.S. of A. take billions in taxpayer bailout money and run to build plants… overseas!

ABC News – “At a meeting with President Obama Monday morning, Communist Party Secretary Yu Xheng Sheng told the U.S. president how well General Motors’ Chinese division was doing…. at a time when the nation’s unemployment rate has soared to levels not seen in decades and GM is cutting thousands of U.S. jobs, the company’s CEO is considering spending millions from its U.S. coffers — fattened by $50 billion in taxpayer aid — on its overseas operations…”

Impeach Hillary Clinton

by Scott Creighton

“The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

It is coming out, now that the major media corporate shills have left the people of Haiti to fend for themselves, that Secretary Clinton is setting her husband up as Emperor of Haiti. (“(from the Latinimperator“) is a (male) monarch, usually the sovereign ruler of an empire or another type of imperial realm.”)

There hasn’t been a more blatant conflict of interest story since Dick Cheney handed over billions in no-bid cost-plus contracts to Halliburton and it’s subsidiary, KBR. I called for his impeachment as well.

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