U.S. Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013

Commentary from Scott Creighton

Briefly: Below is the full transcript of the report promised us by the Obama administration outlining their “evidence” that Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the use of chemical weapons on his own population on Aug. 21 2013. Three things stood out to me when I read it:

  1. There is no solid evidence mentioned to substantiate any of the claims made in the report or by various administration officials. None at all. What they call “human intelligence” is simply “an activist said”. Anyone remember “Curveball’s” human intelligence prior to our illegal invasion of Iraq?
  2. The 100 or so videos we now understand to have been made by a single U.S. backed NGO make up the sum total of the Obama administration’s “evidence”. I wrote about that this morning before this report came out.
  3. At the heart of their conclusion rests the statement… “We assess the Syrian opposition does not have the capability to fabricate all of the videos”… ? Does that mean they “access” the regime change NGOs they are paying in Syria have the capability to “fabricate” some of them? How many? Which ones?

Another thing to notice is the fact that the Obama administration themselves admit the videos were all shot in the same 12 locations and they claim they were made “generally around the time and locations of the bombings”

“At least 12 locations are portrayed in the publicly available videos, and a sampling of those videos confirmed that some were shot at the general times and locations described in the footage.”

“Generally”? What exactly does that mean?

Is “the day before” and “around the block” considered “generally” in the same time frame and location of the chemical weapons attacks?

That’s pretty loose language for a legal document crafted to gin-up support for the use of weapons of mass destruction. You would think they might want to be a little more concrete than “generally”

The point is, a 12 location shoot is nothing to the average film crew.

Most modern commercials require more than that.

It’s quite ridiculous to suggest these videos couldn’t have been fabricated for that reason alone.

They would require no lighting, no stagecraft, no sets or fake blood. Costumes are whatever the “activists” chose to wear and the cameras are either consumer grade low-end off-the-shelf variety or cell phones.

And there is really no script either, just set the scene and improvise with a general idea of where the “money shot victim” is placed (little girl wearing a “hello Kitty” shirt to tug at the heart strings of Middle Class American moms) and a rough idea of how the “scene” is to play out. There’s really not that much too it.

In short, that argument makes no sense at all and when you consider the fact that there is no other “evidence”, a lot hinges on the administration’s interpretation of these videos. Which makes this argument the key pivotal point to all of this. And it’s wrong.

Even if you grant them all the rest without debate, obviously these videos could have been produced by the same group and according to the writer from Foreign Policy, they were.

Below is the Full report (pdf here): linked from Zero Hedge

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Walking Back the War-Mongering – UPDATES on Syrian Destabilization Campaign

by Scott Creighton

Just a quick note.

A few hours after Barack Obama went on national television saying the secret evidence he has from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel proves Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the alleged chemical weapons strike in Syria, “intelligence officials”  rushed to the press to say “hold everything! the evidence is bunk”

“So while Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that links between the attack and the Assad government are “undeniable,” U.S. intelligence officials are not so certain that the suspected chemical attack was carried out on Assad’s orders, or even completely sure it was carried out by government forces, the officials said.” AP

Uh oh. I guess the plan to frighten the U.N. investigation team out of the country failed miserably. Time to back out as gracefully as possible and clean up the smelly brown mess our leaders left on the carpet like a trail behind a slug.

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Child Killer Barack Obama Doubles Down on Baseless Accusations

by Scott Creighton

President Barack “Terror Tuesdays” Obama went before the nation and the world yesterday on PBS to proclaim unequivocally that Bashar al-Assad’s government was responsible for the alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians in East Ghouta on Aug. 21 of this year. He claimed there must be some kind of consequences meted out to the Assad regime for such a flagrant disregard for “international norms” like indiscriminately  killing children.

He refused to specify exactly what evidence has brought him to this conclusion.

We have concluded that the Syrian government in fact carried these out,” Obama said during an interview with “NewsHour” on PBS. “And if that’s so, then there need to be international consequences.”

Obama did not present any direct evidence to back up his assertion that the Syrian government bears responsibility for the attack” AP

When making his baseless accusations about Assad deliberately murdering children, our illustrious president, who has himself targeted children with Hellfire missiles fired from drones flying far overhead (16 year old American citizen on Oct. 14 2011) and killed dozens more as “collateral damage” resulting from other drone strikes (long list from B.I.J. of children murdered by Obama’s Terror Tuesdays drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen) and cruise missile attacks (Obama killed 21 children in Yemen in Dec. of 2009) using cluster bomb munitions (indiscriminate killers disavowed by most civilized countries but used regularly by the Obama administration),  sat in the plush confines of the White House for this “interview” with an American flag staged directly over his right shoulder and another one pinned to his left lapel like a Walmart employee’s name-tag.

The hypocrisy is beyond anything the most jaded and cynical writers of our time could possibly imagine. An admitted child murderer, whose fingerprints are all over murder weapons across the Middle East and Africa, tossing groundless accusations at the leader of another sovereign state… just so he can be justified in launching more cruise missiles attacks which will ultimately kill more children.

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Barack Obama is a treacherous, duplicitous, lying piece of shit

by Scott Creighton


“I know that some people in the world would like to say that this is some kind of conspiracy brought about by the opposition in Syria. I think the chances of that are vanishingly small and so we do believe that this is a chemical attack by the Assad regime.”  William Hague, British Foreign Secretary

UPDATE Russia slams ‘unacceptable’ calls to use force in Syria

Claims many of the videos put up by regime change groups purporting to show victims of the chemical weapons attacks were actually posted before the attacks.

UPDATE: Article talking about how the videos were actually posted before the attacks took place.

Another article reporting a massacre by the terrorist destabilization forces in Syria the day before the chemical weapons attack supposedly took place.

More reasons to believe the attack in Syria was either completely staged by the opposition because the UN team is there to investigate the previous use of chemical weapons by US terrorists or they committed the attack themselves.

UPDATE at end of article: Black Bush


On CNN, Obama pimps the staged chemical weapons attack in Syria as justification for regime change via “coalition”, while COMPLETELY IGNORING THE HORRIFICALLY REAL, ONGOING MASSACRES AND POLITICAL ARRESTS IN EGYPT.

He’s smoother than the last treacherous, duplicitous, lying piece of shit we had in office, but Barack Obama is certainly no less dangerous and no more honorable than his half-wit predecessor George W. Bush.

President Peace Prize went on CNN this morning to express his “grave concerns” about the alleged chemical weapons attack in a suburb of Damascus and to indicate the U.S. needs to build a “coalition” to intervene because of this latest attack.

You have got to be a special kind of stupid to believe that Assad or the Syrian government would launch a chemical weapons attack on their own people the moment a UN inspection team lands in their country giving the regime change crowd all the ammo they need to claim Assad crossed “the red line”

There aren’t words for that kind of stupid, but there are helmets you can buy.

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In Spite of Threats of Violence from the Junta, The Resistance in Egypt Grows

by Scott Creighton



“We reiterate our insistence on our demands, which is the return of full the legitimate president with his full powers, the constitution that the people approved, the Shura council; and an end to the coup d’etat,”

“We remind our sons and brothers from the great Egyptian army and the men of the ministry of interior not to attack their peaceful brothers or besiege them or shed their blood.”

National Alliance to Support Legitimacy

zSince yesterday, the press has been ominously warning about a pending military crackdown on protesters in Egypt who simply want their elected government and popularly approved constitution back. They want their country back in spite of all that’s happened since Western powers staged a military coup on behalf of multinational corporations and international banking i.e. the IMF.

The warnings went out yesterday and the people of Egypt started showing up by the thousands. Apparently killing protesters in Egypt isn’t such a good idea after all. You would have thought the neo-liberal forces would have figured that out two and a half years ago when they lost their last puppet dictator.

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President Peace Prize Murders 7 More in Pakistan With Unmanned Aerial Death Squad – Obamaites Yawn

by Scott Creighton

Sing along neocons neoprogressives, to the tune of the heartwarming Lee Greenwood classic:

I’m proud to be an Obamaite,

cus at least I know I’m not on fire like small children in Pakistan who couldn’t possibly be a “terrorist” in a country we have no business in…

Come on Obamaites! Hold hands with the Cheney Trolls of yesteryear and sing loud and proud. You EARNED it baby!

victimUsed to be that the bank’s official hitmen, the CIA, had to go into foreign countries and convince their leadership to put together death squads that we trained and equipped in order to make their little corner of the world safe for our “national interests” (United Fruit, Standard Oil, the Morgans the Rockefellers, etc. etc.)

But these days President Peace Prize simply kicks back with a cup-o-joe on Terror Tuesdays and picks which “evil leftists” they are going to smite in the coming week. And even though he gave a lovely little speech a week ago about winding down the Global War OF Terror we have been waging, the fact is, just today they launched yet another illegal Death Squad From Above operation in Pakistan, the first since they elected a president whom our banking bosses did not approve of.

So where are the “progressives” on this one? Zip. Nada. Out to lunch.

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Obama Administration Backtracks on Drone Policy – Claims They Can’t Kill Citizens on U.S. Soil

by Scott Creighton

It seems Rand Paul’s little filibuster may have had some effect after all. After a day of serious abuse being leveled  at the Obama administration and other dems for failing to support the Paul filibuster, today U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sent Rand Paul a short letter which stated:

“It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question: ‘Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil? The answer to that question is no.” Eric Holder

Today was filled with all kinds of questions coming out about Rand Paul’s filibuster and the Eric Holder letter which started it all in which he said he thought the president could “under certain circumstances” like another 9/11, use the military drones to take out a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil without any due process of law. Today’s letter is a bit of a turnaround for Mr. Holder. Not much, but a bit.

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Sequestration: The Obama Created Miracle of America Planned Genocidal Austerity Begins

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T Jan) Obama apparently has to officially enact the cuts by the end of the day meaning he has to literally sign the documentation to start the Miracle of America process.

“For one thing, Obama must sign an order formally starting the “sequester” or spending reductions, which according to a new estimate from the Congressional Budget Office, would amount to $42 billion in the current fiscal year.” NBC News

President Obama will officially enact the cuts by the end of the day Friday – but there will be cuts.” Fox “News”

It’s curious that people like Glenn Greenwald have already been making excuses for Obama by claiming he has “no choice” in enacting this process because “it’s the law”. In fact, as you will see below, it’s “the law” that Obama and his team created. But aside from that, it’s also “the law” that he doesn’t kill U.S. citizens without due process, but he does. It’s also “the law” that he doesn’t wage wars without congressional approval, but he does. It’s also “the law” that he doesn’t wage an all out campaign against whistle-blowers, but he does. And it’s the law that he provides congress with the documentation that he claims gives him authority to rain hell-fire missiles down on anyone anywhere in the world… but he doesn’t.

Fact is, President Obama, just like Bush before him, ignores “the law” when it suits him and people like Glenn Greenwald know that all too well. Don’t expect him to ignore it this time. He will sign it or his robo-signing machine will while he starts his three-day weekend on the links somewhere.

UPDATE: For more background on this process please read:

UPDATE: It is also important to note that aside from Obama’s culpability in the creation of the sequestration budget via the suggestion of his National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, it was his White House Budget Director Jack Lew (now Sec. of Treasury) and his White House Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors who met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in July of 2011 to push for the inclusion of the sequestration plan not as a budget tool, but rather a looming deadline to force a deal.


This is the Miracle of America as it was the Miracle of Chile and the Asian Miracle and the Russian Miracle before it. This is neoliberalism or the IMF structural adjustments program:

IMF structural adjustments (how many have we already seen set in motion in America?):

As the deadline hits and the poor and working classes are about to be slammed with the second round of the American Austerity Plan a.k.a.The Miracle of America (especially here in my home state of Florida), our Vichy politicians are busy pointing their fingers and pretending its somebody else’s fault while they sit in their mahogany lined studies in their overstuffed leather chairs sipping 16-year-old scotch and snickering back and forth to one another… far away from the peering eyes of any TV cameras.

The president is doing what he does best; going on a PR tour to sell the idea that he wanted a kinder/gentler austerity. He went to a shipyard yesterday, he was so concerned about the pending cuts that took effect today. The shipyard is in my former home state, Virginia. People are going to be out of some work because of this “sequester” plan. The fact that he COULD have stayed in DC during that time working on a deal is lost on the apologist dems but not the hypocritical conservatives. What they seem to forget is there was 2 years they had to cut a deal to avoid these brutal cuts to the poorest and weakest in our society, but they never did jack shit to work out an alternative plan. And there was good reason for that. There was never any intention to work out a plan.

In stark contrast to “mostly false” statements by Obama (“The sequester isn’t something I proposed, it’s something congress proposed“) the “sequestration order” comes from the Budget Control Act of 2011, specifically from a proposal put forth by Obama’s National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling and then forced on the senate leadership by White House Budget Director Jack Lew (now Sec. of Treasury) and White House Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors… but let’s not forget it is just one small part of an neoliberal genocidal austerity process that they have been pushing for years looking to get the United States on par with the other countries we wrecked in the crash of the derivatives markets that we created. This is economic and social reform not unlike the Miracle of Chile the Chicago Boys technocrats dumped on the people of that nation after staging a coup in ’73.

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The US Government Has Constructed a Ubiquitous Surveillance State

(In keeping with the article I just posted about how the Reagan White House helped the fascist state in Guatemala set up death squads and in understanding what the government did in conjunction with the brutally murderous state of Indonesia and so many others, here is a little current events note to make you think about the VERY NEAR future this country is racing to meet)

by Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian

The five right-wing justices hand Obama a victory by accepting his DOJ’s secrecy-based demand for dismissal…

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Sandy Hook Chorus to be Used for Propaganda During Super Bowl: or “Why I Won’t Watch the Super Bowl”

by Scott Creighton

Here’s another reason not too watch the Super Bowl this year: the Sandy Hook Chorus is going to sing America the Beautiful during the opening segment for CBS.

Don’t get me wrong, I like football and I like kids. So this would seem to be a good blend of ridiculous mindless commercialism distraction from the everyday grind of the shrinking neoliberalized economy and the new conquest of Africa campaign, right?

But nothing and I mean NOTHING on “AdV” with a better than crap rating can be free of propaganda these days. Anything you watch HAS to have some CIA spin-doctor’s seal of approval on it, or it just doesn’t get aired. Period.

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Cameron Promises to “close down the ungoverned spaces” in Endless War on Terror

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: AP Jan. 22 2013

“American planes transported French troops and equipment to Mali, a U.S. military spokesman said Tuesday, as Malian and French forces pushed into the Islamist-held north.”


Blonde haired, Blue eyed, English speaking “Islamists’ taking hostages in Algeria giving blonde haired, blue eyed, English speaking David Cameron the opportunity to invade and re-colonize the nation under the auspices of the mythical “endless war on terror” (Global Free Market Wars). It’s all about “closing down the ungoverned spaces” as Cameron honestly puts it. And as it just so happens, all the witnesses hostages are “accidentally” killed in the attack. What a coincidence, huh?

It takes a really good education to miss all of this” Chomsky

After KONY2012 failed due to their closeted pitchman being a meth addict and running naked in San Diego for all too see his little bits on the side of the road, the powers that be in the U.S. created the nearly as disastrous Innocence of the Muslims Psyop to serve the exact same ends: create a pretext for President Obama to put away his phony Peace Prize and launch a continent-wide aggressive, illegal, immoral military campaign on countless little countries (35 to be exact) in order to recolonize them and make them bend to the will of the IMF/World Bank and the various other masters of the universe.

What does “ungoverned spaces” mean? It means places that currently reside peacefully under governments that don’t serve the interests of the Bank for International Settlements cabal. It means places where they can’t pawn off credit default swaps to crash the economy. It means places where their technocrats don’t run the country yet. It means places that are still run by all those unstable democratic elections.

It’s not that they don’t have a government, they just don’t have a government that bows to our interests like we do. Therefore, they are ungoverned spaces. That’s what it means.

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Lupe Fiasco Kicked off Stage at Inauguration Party for Telling the Truth

by Scott Creighton

How ironic is it that while performing a song that is critical of Obamagod called Words I Never Said, the organizers basically gag Lupe Fiasco just like the brownshirts do in the video of the song?

Lupe Fiasco was tossed off a stage at an inauguration party last night because he refused to stop performing a song that was critical of Barack Obama. The video of his removal from the stage is all over the internet at this point. He dared to tell the truth about the glorious one and our fascist state was having none of it.

Videos of the event and his music video of the song are after the break.

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Globalist Jesus Worshiped at Golden Globes While the “Other’ CIA Film Received It’s Award

by Scott Creighton

Globalist Jesus slipped out on stage at the Golden Globes yesterday and the idol worship and false praise rang out loud and clear from all those Hollywood elites who were afraid to be seen not rejoicing in his splendor. His background didn’t matter, his brutal corporate history didn’t matter, his lies and betrayal of his wife and the honor of his office didn’t matter. All that matters is the fact that he is as rich as the ancient dictators of old and the fact that his fascist fingers grip power with the help of Hollywood’s new team of acclaimed writers: the Central Intelligence Agency.

It was a despicable display of Orwellian servitude by a group of soulless, talentless hacks risen to the ranks of what is laughably called “the A-List” simply because they will bow to their new morally bankrupt neo-liberal god-king.

globalist jesus

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Oscar Unchained: Dark Thirty Approaches

by Scott Creighton

All across the country the debate is raging: gun “nuts” verses the rational, reasonable pragmatics who wish to enact gun “control” on our society in response to all the senseless violence of the past 6 months. The “liberal” left and the “moderate” right are coming together as they have in the past on issues like extending the FISA warrentless wiretapping, the Global Free Market Wars, the TARP banker bailouts plan, NDAA 2012, constant warmongering sanctions on the people of Iran, keeping Gitmo open and torture. The pragmatic center which houses the likes of Brennan and Panetta and Clinton and the Bush clan are teaming up with the Hollywood elites to push for gun “control” in order to make us a safer society. Now is the time they say to take action to end this senseless violence in America.

But while they do that, and I mean right in the middle of this push, out comes today’s Oscar nominees and what films do you think lead the pack in the category of Best Film? “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Argo” and “Django Unchained”

Two films of admitted CIA propaganda justifying horrific violence and one of gratuitous desensitizing gun violence taken too an unprecedented and even comedic level.

This is the best of the year that Hollywood has to offer a country that is sick of undeclared wars, random drone strikes killing children and mass shootings in theaters, malls and elementary schools?

All this while an early Oscar favorite, a film that received a 10 minute standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival, garnered not one single Oscar nomination. Not one. It’s message, perhaps it’s warning, was simple and completely ignored:

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others past and present. And by each crime and every kindness we birth our future”

What are we becoming?

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Chris Hedges on Civil Liberties, Obama’s Empire, and Serious Revolt (Until in comes to the 2nd amendment and then he says we are all racists)

by Scott Creighton

Chris Hedges is all about defending our civil liberties… until someone brings up the 2nd amendment, at which time he claims we want to preserve the right to own firearms because we are scared of black and brown people.

According to Hedges, we aren’t concerned about a totalitarian out of control government which he just said is going to start locking people up due to the NDAA 2012… oh no… that isn’t why people are fighting for the preservation of the 2nd amendment in that long list called the Bill of Rights, the right and the duty to defend against a corrupt government… oh no… it’s because we are afraid of black and brown people.

Hedges’ hypocrisy on this matter is stunning to say the least and assuming it’s “hypocrisy” is being generous on my part.

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