Hillary Clinton Explains Motive for Flight MH17 False Flag (video)

by Scott Creighton

Shades of Cheonan?

Hillary Clinton went on the Charlie Rose show the other night and carefully explained the motivation behind the false flag operation known as Flight Mh17. She laid it out very clearly: European nations weren’t joining Obama’s sanctions against Russia so Russia decided to blow-up a plane flying over Europe.

Simple, right?

In the weeks prior to the supposed downing of Flight MH17 several European nations decided against joining Obama’s new sanctions against Russia for allegedly invading Crimea and destabilizing eastern Ukraine so Obama, President Peace Prize, was going it alone. The reason they gave, repeated by Killary herself: they didn’t buy it.

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Another Ridiculously Staged Pussy Riot™ Beating Video

by Scott Creighton

Pussy Riot™  mission statement: When the world is being neoliberalized as fast as possible and the masters of the universe demand tribute from those seeking a place at the table, no effort to assist in that endeavor , no matter how sophomoric or insipid, no matter how ridiculous, no matter how contrived, shall go unrewarded. And Pussy Riotwill be there to cash in

On February 20th, not even a month ago, I wrote about a poorly scripted and badly staged street-theater performance in Sochi performed by the Western backed agitation operation known as “Pussy Riot™ “

Their hasty little performance was designed to demonize Russia under Putin since we all know, Russia under the neoliberal drunkard puppet Yeltsin was such a better place for the oligarchs and the international bankers.

It involved members of the “band” (if you wish to call them that) setting up under a Sochi Olympics sign in a parking lot and immediately being attacked by actors wearing what is supposed to look like Russian military or police uniforms.

The video was such a joke, it reminded me of that “news story” CNN did during the Gulf War where two reporters in a studio pretended to be reporting live from a hotel as scud missiles rained down on their heads. The first Pussy Riot™  video is almost as bad.

The latest Pussy Riot™  beating video is actually worse.

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USA declares war on democracy

by Kevin Ryan, Press TV

Since the days of President Woodrow Wilson – that is, for roughly 100 years – the USA has been on a self-styled crusade to “make the world safe for democracy.”

Colossal wars, hot and cold, were fought against German kaisers and fuhrers, Russian communists, and Third World nationalists. The American people were told they were “defending democracy.”

Americans slaughtered 3.5 million Vietnamese, and nearly another million Cambodians, to “defend democracy” in Southeast Asia.

They murdered millions of Iraqis through wars and sanctions to “defend democracy” in the Middle East.

According to André Vltchek and Noam Chomsky’s book On Western Terrorism, the US government has murdered between 55 and 60 million people since World War II in wars and interventions all over the world. If we believe the imperial propagandists, this American Holocaust has been one big defense of democracy.

But now, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of World War I, the US has embarked on a new crusade – to make the world UNSAFE for democracy.

In Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand, the US is spending billions of dollars to unconstitutionally eject democratically-elected governments. In Palestine, the US has been trying to overthrow the democratically-elected Hamas government ever since it came to power. In Egypt, the US – under Zionist pressure – recently overthrew the only genuinely democratic government in 5,000 years of recorded history. In Syria, the US insists that the people must not be given the opportunity to re-elect Assad, no matter how many international observers and safeguards ensure honest elections. And in Turkey, the US is undermining the democratically-elected Prime Minister Erdogan in favor of CIA puppet Fethullah Gulen.

Taking the long view, the US is working patiently to destroy democracy in Iran, Russia, and Latin America.

Why does the US government hate democracy?

Because the international bankers who own the US government and run the US empire cannot always buy enough votes to impose their will on every country. So democracy is fine – as long as voters elect the New World Order candidate. But if they vote for a candidate who doesn’t suit the oligarchs, get ready for a coup!

The banksters will overthrow any government that stands up to them – even in the USA. The “termination with extreme prejudice” of the presidency of John F. Kennedy sent a message to all future US presidents.

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Today’s Ridiculous Pro-Regime Change Propaganda – What’s Old is New Again

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: See the slick “I am a Ukrainian” video at the end of this article. It’s slightly better propaganda but just another KONY 2012 campaign. Again, nothing new.


As the real economy continues to shrink with jobs becoming even more scarce, it would appear there is one sector of the economy that is literally “booming” and that would be the “Ridiculous Pro-Regime Change Propaganda” industry.

With varying degrees of intensity, the regime change machine is up and running in six “unfriendly” nations which are all targets of our “freedom and democracy” agenda: Russia, North Korea, Syria, Thailand, the Ukraine and Venezuela. In some cases it’s simply a matter of setting the ground work for future calls for another “humanitarian intervention”. In others, bombs are exploding and bullets are flying with the body-count climbing fast and furious.

When sycophants get wind of a sea change, of a shift in the global tide of economic opportunism, they are rarely talented enough to generate the kinds of fresh ideas needed to set them apart from the gaggle of preening wannabees who surround them.

Everyone at this point understands that they can get ahead by jumping on the globalization bandwagon with some eye-catching propaganda that might make headlines for a minute or two and help our Peace Prize “winning” president justify another humanitarian bombing. The trouble is, these C+ guys by their own nature, aren’t the best and the brightest. They succeeded (if you wish to call it that) by sucking up to whomever they could, positioning themselves as the perennial Yesmen to whatever power structure they encountered.

Today, the lack of real creativity in this overstuffed field is evidenced by some rather stupid propaganda and stunt retreads being peddled out there as attempts to force regime change on several nations with the audacity to refuse to take part in our neoliberal for-profit central banking pyramid scheme known as “globalization”

Here’s a brief rundown:

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“Pussy Riot” is re-Branding – Will Form “Human Rights” Group (a.k.a. “destabilization NGO”)

by Scott Creighton

The “Pussy Riot” psyop is officially over. They are now re-branding themselves (their words) into what appears to be yet another destabilization NGO backed by outside interests.

Looking very upper middle class in their press conference, the two women, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, said they were going to form a human rights group called “Rights Zone” and they would align themselves with the likes of Aleksey Navalny and former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The Pussy Riot divas are forming a human rights group “in close “ideological and conceptual” cooperation” with a globalist neoliberal oil tycoon/oligarch?

Now that’s funny.

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Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden Surrounded by Regime Change Figures in Moscow

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: There is a video of part of the Snowden regime change allies conference in which they play sound effects of a PA announcement clearly recorded in the airport in Moscow. Very convincing. ಠ_ಠ

The Huffington Post claims the video is from a “pro-Kremlin site” when in fact it is from a tabloid called Lifenews.ru .  What is the truth about them though?

Creator LifeNews Aram Gabrelyanov often called Russian Murdoch, but compared to our original Murdoch looks still very much in the Russian way.” source

It’s a two minute video, a small portion of the conference, but they make sure to show the part where the announcement is heard. That’s pretty much all they show of it.


A picture has been Tweeted of the Edward Snowden character behind a table and it’s being used by all the complicit unquestioning media outlets as “proof” that Edward Snowden in actually in that tiny little transit zone in Moscow.

Unfortunately for them, the pic was Tweeted by a woman who writes for the Council on Foreign Relations paper Foreign Police magazine and is actively supporting regime change in Russia, Tanya Lokshina.

The press was not allowed to see “Edward Snowden” in the transit zone, but along came a Russian lawyer to read them a statement from our invisible “hero”.

Unfortunately for them, the lawyer, Genri Reznik, is a long time defender of the old oligarchs of Russia who prospered under the neoliberalized Yeltsin free-for-all days… the same system many oligarchs in Russia wish to return to.

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“Russian Cluster Munitions Used by Syria” is Clearly a Distraction (or “Elvis is Shelling My Home, Report Claims”)

by Scott Creighton

Human Rights Watch has produced a study which purports to show that the Syrian government is using cluster munitions, a weapon of indiscriminate killing, against the FSA and other terrorists in cities inside Syria. It has also been claimed that the cluster bombs are being provided to the Syrian government by Russia. Clearly this is propaganda designed to offset the fact that the United States, Britain, France, and Saudi Arabia are arming the terrorists operating in Syria who are using those weapons and logistic intel to attack civilian as well as government and business targets with the overall goal of destabilizing Syria to the point of forcing regime change on a country whose population largely supports Assad.

The Human Rights Watch “study” is so obviously flawed and skewed to the pro-regime change agenda, one has to ask how it’s taken seriously by any reputable mainstream media outlet. But of course, the answer to that question is as obvious as the propaganda itself.

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Spanish Townsfolk, Our Monster: Now What Are We Going to Do About It?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE 3:The French, Spanish and Greek governments all announced multibillion-euro austerity plans yesterday in the face of massive popular opposition.”

UPDATE 2: Slavery in the UK. The unemployed are being forced to work for major British corporations, for free, just so they can continue to receive their unemployment benefits. This plan is the same as one attempted here in the states, one that still has a great deal of support in congress. Imagine the profits retailers could pocket if they got free seasonal workers during the holiday buying season.

UPDATE: In Dubai, one of our close economic allies, they call slave owners “sponsors” and fine their slaves if they attempt to take their own lives when the desperation of their true situation becomes too unbearable to live with.

I found myself thrown away and I thought of my poor family back home. I felt desperate and decided I should die,” she said. The National


While Americans cheer for the return of  zebra striped officials to the NFL games today, the Spanish, the Greeks and many others across Europe are fighting for their very lives and the freedom to determine the quality of them on their own. Our apparent lack of concern is understandable when you consider that what they are desperately struggling against is in a large part, our creation. Not only is Dr. Frankenstein disinterested in the harm his creation inflicts on the people around him by choice, but the townsfolk themselves willingly turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the cries of their neighbors in nearby villages just so long as the monster feeds elsewhere.

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Clinton Admits Putin Won the Russian Presidential Election Fair and Square

by Scott Creighton

“US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has acknowledged that Vladimir Putin is the “clear winner” of Russia’s presidential elections” but then she gave the world a bit of a glimpse into the rationale behind their efforts to destabilize his regime by falsely accusing him of rigging the election:

The election had a clear winner and we are ready to work with President-elect Putin as he is sworn in and assumes the responsibilities of the presidency,”… “We continue to believe that Russia should join the international community and play a positive role in trying to end the bloodshed and help create the conditions for a peaceful democratic transition [in Syria],”… “That is not only a US position, that is also through NATO that we have sought to discuss this at the NATO-Russia Council,” Russia Today

Russia and Syria both have been attempting to find a peaceful solution to the NATO made crisis in Syria. The United States, specifically Hillary Clinton, want nothing to do with their efforts. What they want is the United States and her NATO allies to force the Assad regime to fold and then they want to write Syria’s new constitution themselves so they can rebuild the nation in their neoliberal model.. just like they are doing in Libya.

It is nice to see Clinton having to admit, in public, that the Russia presidential election was not rigged and that Putin is the legitimate president of Russia after all the MSM (and even most dissident sites) ran with the bullshit story of Putin’s stolen election.

Of course, American Everyman didn’t go that direction. :)

“The propaganda mills are running at full speed to discredit this weekend’s Russian presidential election and by extension, Vladamir Putin, who is now set to serve an unprecedented third term as president of Russia. All the “news” agencies and even the leading left/right dissident sites are marching in lockstep to denounce the Russian elections despite it being hailed by international observers as the most transparent and “the best election monitoring system” the world has ever seen.” Scott Creighton

Russian Election Propaganda Covers Entire Spectrum of News Sources: Landmark Monitoring System Completely Ignored By Western Press

Russian Election Propaganda Covers Entire Spectrum of News Sources: Landmark Monitoring System Completely Ignored By Western Press

by Scott Creighton

“Everything was, well, transparent and open. Russia has opened a new page in history today.” Bulgarian monitor Milan Bozhevich

The propaganda mills are running at full speed to discredit this weekend’s Russian presidential election and by extension, Vladamir Putin, who is now set to serve an unprecedented third term as president of Russia. All the “news” agencies and even the leading left/right dissident sites are marching in lockstep to denounce the Russian elections despite it being hailed by international observers as the most transparent and “the best election monitoring system” the world has ever seen.

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Clinton Pushes For Regime Change Language in Resolution While Her Psyops Surge

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: In spite of all their efforts, the propagandists have failed “Russia and China vetoed the draft resolution endorsing an Arab League call for Bashar Assad to leave power.”


According to GE’s PR vehicle MSNBC, Hillary Clinton contacted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov ahead of today’s UN Security Council vote on Syria in order to try to persuade him to back off Russia’s refusal to support regime change in Syria. The Security Council resolution is watered down now that Russia and China have refused to support another Libyan type resolution dealing with the destabilization campaign being waged in Syria.

Not so coincidentally, two stories dominate MSNBC’s headlines. One story is based on a London NGO’s unsupported claims of Syrian atrocities and the other is about how Hillary Clinton’s destabilization campaign in Russia is staging a protest to pressure Putin. This is all just an effort to apply international pressure so NATO countries can pound Syrian civilian infrastructure like they did in Libya for a forced regime change and the neoliberalization of yet another of those “7 Countries in 5 Years” states. This propaganda is being spread all across the political spectrum of news sources using everything from babies to Guy Fawkes masks. It’s quite impressive how far they will go to use lies to promote war these days. CHANGE is right. Since Obama said “we are looking forward and not back” when he justified not investigating the criminal behavior in the run-up to the Iraq War, they barely even try to hide it anymore.

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U.S. Joint Operation with Israel Postponed: Did the Globalists Just Blink?

by Scott Creighton

It is being reported (here, herehere and here ) that the United States has announced that it is going to postpone “Austere Challenge 12”, the US-Israel joint-missile defense drill slated to start up in April. According to most reports the U.S. has backed off of the potentially inflammatory drills due to current instability of the region and the lack of evidence of Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon. But there may be more to it than meets the eye of the average MSM stenographer.

Was this run-up to WWIII simply a game of imperial brinksmanship? Were the NATO powers trying to force Russia and China to allow a Libyan type sanction against Syria by threatening all out world war starting in Iran? Did we blink first or did the major powers who have been defending Syria agree to some backroom deal trading their tacit support of a R2P bombing of Syria for an agreement to leave Iran alone for now?

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Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

Destabilizing Russia – FOX News Caught Using Fake Video Of Riots

also read… Destabilizing Russia – Clinton State Department Dusts off Color Revolution Model and Threatens Us All


Destabilizing Russia – Clinton State Department Dusts off Color Revolution Model and Threatens Us All

by Scott Creighton

The accusations of election fraud in Russia are simply a retaliatory destabilization campaign being waged by Hillary Clinton and her minions of pro-democracy NGOs against the ruling party of Vladamir Putin. The people of Russia don’t buy it, the NGO employees who are being forced to go out into the streets and “protest” are starting to refuse to show up (would you commit treason against a leader like Putin for a pathetic little paycheck?), Putin himself has exposed Hillary’s little pathetic game to the world, and the “pro-democracy” opposition players are ex-Yeltsin era globalist cronies who sold off the state assets of the people of Russia to multinational financial institutions in exchange for millions and millions of dollars.

In short, it’s not going to work but that won’t stop the globalist media PR networks from helping Hillary spread a little destabilization to one of the few remaining super-powers, a country that has enough nuclear firepower to wipe the U.S. off the map several times over and a conventional military that if teamed with Iran, Pakistan, and Syria, could crush our forces in the region in a matter of weeks. That’s to say nothing of throwing China into the mix.

But none of that will stop Hillary Clinton. She’s bound and determined to flex her NGO and psyop media muscle to show Russia she can do to them what she did to Libya. Remember her little giggly gloating interview she gave after her rebels tortured and murdered Moammar Gadhafi (“we came, we saw, he died“)? The question might need to be asked in light of her recent behavior, borderline psychotic behavior, is it time to force Washington to deClintonize itself before their Hitlereque behavior lights a fuse we can’t put out.

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