Spanish Townsfolk, Our Monster: Now What Are We Going to Do About It?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE 3:The French, Spanish and Greek governments all announced multibillion-euro austerity plans yesterday in the face of massive popular opposition.”

UPDATE 2: Slavery in the UK. The unemployed are being forced to work for major British corporations, for free, just so they can continue to receive their unemployment benefits. This plan is the same as one attempted here in the states, one that still has a great deal of support in congress. Imagine the profits retailers could pocket if they got free seasonal workers during the holiday buying season.

UPDATE: In Dubai, one of our close economic allies, they call slave owners “sponsors” and fine their slaves if they attempt to take their own lives when the desperation of their true situation becomes too unbearable to live with.

I found myself thrown away and I thought of my poor family back home. I felt desperate and decided I should die,” she said. The National


While Americans cheer for the return of  zebra striped officials to the NFL games today, the Spanish, the Greeks and many others across Europe are fighting for their very lives and the freedom to determine the quality of them on their own. Our apparent lack of concern is understandable when you consider that what they are desperately struggling against is in a large part, our creation. Not only is Dr. Frankenstein disinterested in the harm his creation inflicts on the people around him by choice, but the townsfolk themselves willingly turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the cries of their neighbors in nearby villages just so long as the monster feeds elsewhere.

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Protester Sets Himself on Fire in Tel Aviv

by Scott Creighton

The dreaded “International Leftists” (as as zionist PR agent David Horowitz described them on the Julian Assange propaganda show) are demonstrating in Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv. International leftists are the kind of people that demand crazy things like social justice, accountability from their governments, and their adherence to established civil and human rights.

The protesters oppose the austere conditions and the direction the Israeli government is moving in, taking from the poor and disadvantaged and giving to the rich.

A 52 year old man poured gasoline on himself and set himself on fire. Protesters were able to put him out before the ambulance got to him. He was taken to the hospital. He wrote a note:

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