Chris Hedges on Civil Liberties, Obama’s Empire, and Serious Revolt (Until in comes to the 2nd amendment and then he says we are all racists)

by Scott Creighton

Chris Hedges is all about defending our civil liberties… until someone brings up the 2nd amendment, at which time he claims we want to preserve the right to own firearms because we are scared of black and brown people.

According to Hedges, we aren’t concerned about a totalitarian out of control government which he just said is going to start locking people up due to the NDAA 2012… oh no… that isn’t why people are fighting for the preservation of the 2nd amendment in that long list called the Bill of Rights, the right and the duty to defend against a corrupt government… oh no… it’s because we are afraid of black and brown people.

Hedges’ hypocrisy on this matter is stunning to say the least and assuming it’s “hypocrisy” is being generous on my part.

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Obama Meets his Prestitute Megaphonies to Prep “Fiscal Cliff” Compromise Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Barack Obama has every intention of betraying his base… once again, this time on the subject of crippling “austerity” measures (read as “IMF structural reform package”) that will be “needed” to avoid the ever looming mythical fiscal cliff. So he called a special meeting with some of the left-wing propaganda peddlers to have a little off-the-record meeting at the White House. The idea is to get the talking points directly to the megaphonies so there’s no communication divide while at the same time expressing to them their personal importance to the administration, capitalizing on their feelings of entitlement in order to ensure they will strive their hardest to convince their audiences that something that is in their worst interest is actually in their best interests. To lie to their fans for the president and his neoliberal agenda in other words.

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Is NYT Anne Barnard a Sociopath? A “Collaborator”? Are all MSM Journalists? In a Word… yes

by Scott Creighton

The world is just so fucking stupid. How is it possible that someone gets a huge paycheck working for the New York Times writing mindless, idiotic drivel like this and I’m starving? God, it’s so funny. The wealthiest people in the West are clearly sociopaths with a network of other sociopaths pretending to represent the cowering and childlike public. Who else would the depraved indifferent nurture to do their bidding?

So this becomes the question: are the stenographer apologist propaganda scribblers who serve them also disconnected self-absorbed money worshiping sociopaths?

It’s like a world of Nazi sympathizers all clamoring to prove their worth to the Mammon icons who are destroying civil society as we know it. Is this the state of affairs that we can conclude after reading Anne Barnard’s mindless imperialism suckfest published on the front page of the New York Times? Inquiring minds want to know…

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Killary’s Syrian “rebels” car bomb Eid al-Adha truce – 5 People are Dead

by Scott Creighton

“No” Killary says, too many people want me to continue as Secretary of State, “so I’m stayin”! 5 dead 47 wounded when a car bomb goes off in Damascus near a playground. Several children included in those numbers. Those are Killary’s Companions lighting the fuses over there don’t ya know?

yes… a nude Killary painting by Sarah Ferguson in New York… it’s real

Killary is enjoying the positive press generated by her turning 65 today even though the father of one of the dead ex-Seals (why do they always have to bring up the fact that they used to be Seals? Would no one give a shit if they were just ex-soldiers or Americans or just people?) killed in Libya during the Benghazi psyop says whomever (wink wink Killary) rejected his son’s plea for assistance before the attack is guilty of murder.

But none of that matters. Killary is a Clinton and the Clinton’s ARE the left.

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Lyin Joe Lieberman: Praises “Brave Syrian Freedom Fighters” and Calls for a new “Coalition of the Willing”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: CNN promotes Lyin Joe Lieberman and a brand new “Gay Girl in Damascus” psyop!  Now they got “Syrian Danny” who is a British citizen pleading for a NATO bombing in Syria. This guy says the only thing that can save the country he does not live in is for the United States or Israel to bomb the shit out of them like we did in Libya. How brave of him sitting in London somewhere to ask NATO to blow up Syria.

Syrian Danny” – Syria

Gay Girl in Damascus” – Syria

Eman al-Obeidy” – Libya

“Neda” – Iran

“Nurse Nayirah” – Iraq

Jessica Lynch story – Iraq


The war-mongering Israel-firster and delusional liar Joe Lieberman is at it again. He’s spewing already debunked lies and even drudging up the old “freedom fighters” rhetoric from the Reagan days in support of arming the terrorists who are killing Syrian soldiers, police officers, government officials, and civilians in order to destabilize the country and hand it over to globalist technocrats so they can chop it up and hand it over to various multinational corporations. He even calls for another “coalition of the willing” to try to circumvent the Russian and “Iranian” vetoes of the UN resolution.

don’t let the delusional liar door hit you in the delusional liar butt on the way out.”  “goodbye, Joe Lieberman, and good riddance.” Keith Olbermann

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The Obama Justice Department vs Big Five Banks Settlement is Actually a Payoff for Services Rendered

by Scott Creighton

Keep this information in mind as you read the following article: The largest banks made a combined 13 billion dollars in profits from 7.77 trillion dollars of undisclosed emergency loans from the Federal Reserve bank over and above the 780 billion dollar banker bailouts. The loans and the bailouts were a direct reaction to the crisis caused by the criminal and fraudulent behavior of these same banks which the Obama administration now says will cost them roughly 1 billion a piece. 13 billion in profits for criminal activities (that we know of) and 5 billion in penalties (spread out over the course of a few years) while it is left to investors to foot the bill for the rest of the 26 billion dollar “settlement” deal. No further criminal prosecution, no further investigation required.

From Bloomberg News Nov. 2011 -

  • The six biggest U.S. banks, which received $160 billion of TARP funds, borrowed as much as $460 billion from the Fed… JPMorgan, Bank of America, Citigroup Inc. (C), Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) and Morgan Stanley
  • Bank of America and New York-based Citigroup each received $45 billion from TARP.
  • Total assets held by the six biggest U.S. banks increased 39 percent to $9.5 trillion on Sept. 30, 2011, from $6.8 trillion on the same day in 2006, according to Fed data.
  • Employees at the six biggest banks made twice the average for all U.S. workers in 2010, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics hourly compensation cost data.
  • Bank of America took over Merrill Lynch & Co. at the urging of then-Treasury Secretary Paulson after buying the biggest U.S. home lender, Countrywide Financial Corp.
  • Wells Fargo bought Wachovia Corp., the fourth-largest U.S. bank by deposits before the 2008 acquisition.
  • JPMorgan absorbed the country’s largest savings and loan, Seattle-based Washington Mutual Inc., and investment bank Bear Stearns Cos. The New York Fed, then headed by Timothy F. Geithner, who’s now Treasury secretary, helped JPMorgan complete the Bear Stearns deal by providing $29 billion of financing, which was disclosed at the time.

original article below


The Obama administration finalized their latest and most heinous betrayals of their 3 year history yesterday when they announced their settlement between the big five banks and state and federal governments on their “investigation” into the massive systemic mortgage fraud conspiracy. There will be no investigation. We will never know the full extent of the criminal conspiracy to decimate the economy of the United States of America because Barack Obama’s “Justice” Department has struck a deal. The economic hit-men who are running this country won out as Left Cover Obama sold us out. Again.

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S. 1867 the Department of Defense Authorization Act: It’s More Convoluted Than You Think

by Scott Creighton

Indefinitely detaining terror suspects in military facilities and prosecuting them via military tribunals: Let’s make one thing perfectly clear – according to the letter of the law and the language of S. 1867, this does not apply to US citizens

Understanding the Bill itself and the Debate that is taking shape -

Part A -  the bill

Right now there is a contentious debate quietly taking place in the halls of congress behind mahogany doors, armed guards, and the all too common concrete barricades erected after 9/11. The corporate media is doing their part by completely ignoring what is taking place regardless of the fact that the proposed legislation will have unprecedented constitutional implications no matter how it turns out.

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Libya and the War Powers Act

(According to the New York Times we would lose credibility if we pulled out of the illegal war of aggression in Libya. A funny kind of twisted logic for a “liberal” paper if you ask me. But notice the real issue is finding a way to justify our involvement. This is the point of the CNN onslaught of endless propaganda memes.)

New York Times editorial

It would be hugely costly — for this country’s credibility, for the future of NATO and for the people of Libya — if Congress were to force President Obama to abandon military operations over Libya. However, Mr. Obama cannot evade his responsibility, under the War Powers Act, to seek Congressional approval to continue the operation.

… Partisan brinkmanship or not, Mr. Obama doesn’t have a choice. He needs to go to Congress and make his case. Congress then needs to authorize continued American support for NATO’s air campaign over Libya.

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CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., Friday, May 20, 2011: Celebrate Illegal Murder of OBL

by Scott Creighton

In two previous postings I put up photos of thousands of people protesting the austerity measures being forced on them in Spain and Greece by their own corrupt politicians and their CIA linked financial “advisers”

So, as a bit of contrast, while the rest of the country here at home suffers the same fate as the Spaniards and the Greeks, the insulated D.C. “intelligence” crowd took a little time to celebrate their fictitious murder of Osama bin Laden. President Obama graced the CIA working stiffs with an audience as a “reward” for their years of hard work tracking down a man who has quite probably been dead for almost ten years now.

Without fawning sycophantic idiots like these, fascists like the Bushes and the Clintons would be powerless.

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Tricks, Compromises, and Betrayals; The Obama™ Campaign Begins

by Scott Creighton

The mechanics of the PR tricks used by the marketing agencies contracted to run this country are becoming even more sophomoric and painfully obvious. Pathetic really. Hard to imagine people get paid to write this shit.

A “news” story is all across the spectrum about a mic that was “left on” which recorded Obama, supposedly a candid Obama, at a fund-raiser… really “sticking it” to the republicans. This open mic story is based on something Obama said, at a fund-raiser, at the podium, while speaking to the crowd… with a microphone. This is what passes as an “open mic” story these days.

This is obviously a cheap ploy, written by some politico marketing flunky, in an effort to paint the president as some kind of “progressive” crusader getting ready to take the fight to the far right.

Apparently Obama, who has been the most obvious servant of big business we have seen in decades, has just been “tricking” everyone in order to lure the Chamber of Commerce and big business into a false sense of security.

Now he’s about to spring his trap. You see, Obama plays 40 dimension chess while we all play Chutes and Ladders with safety helmets on our heads. That’s how the cliché went while Obama was picking his neo-liberal corporatist cabinet, right? That’s how the story went while Obama was locking up whistle-blowers and extending our Global Free Market Wars into Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia right?

It’s just so stupid.  But you know what? Lots of people will fall for this… simply because they want to, just like they have fallen for the litany of other staged “compromises” over the past 2 years.

The reality is, the sickness bleeding into our society, now being openly attributed to ONLY the far right, the Ryan Right, has been polluting the bloodlines of the fake progressive left since the Clinton administration and it isn’t doing anything but getting progressively worse under Obama.

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Economic Hit-men and the Neoliberalization of America

by Scott Creighton

In a continuation of the interview which I posted late last night, Rachel Maddow has on Naomi Klein to talk about the process of disaster capitalism being implemented in Wisconsin and Michigan and all through-out the United States. This is primarily what this website has been about since it’s creation nearly 4 years ago.

The process is the exact same one that the World Bank and the IMF and their “economic hit-men” have been using on other nations all across the globe over the past 30-40 years now, starting really with Chile on Sept. 11th, 1973 when they overthrew the elected president in a bloody coup and installed the Milton Friedman economic model of Chicago School Economics… ie neoliberalism.

Naomi accurately explains that this is an ideology, and anti-democratic ideology where the people “elected” to positions in our government actually hate our system of government and are currently working their hardest to destroy it from within so that they can consolidate power and hand over public held assets to cronys and favored corporations. It’s called fascism folks, “neoliberalism’ is just a kinder/gentler word for its rebranding. These people, neocons, New Dems, Libertarians, they hate “big government”, look to privatize everything, they hate regulations, and the specifically hate public education so that they can keep the majority of the people ignorant and servile and generate immense profits from the privatization of what little education they intend to keep.

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Obama Dances While Rome Burns

by Scott Creighton

The Wisconsin assembly passed Gov. Walker’s draconian union-busting bill so now it’s on to the Wisconsin senate where the missing 14 Democratic senators factor heavily into the equation. Meanwhile, President Obama apparently found that pair of comfortable shoes and slipped them on so that he and his family could dance the night away in the royal court as the jesters entertained the royal family to the best of their limited abilities.  While Gov. Walker and his billionaire sugar daddy worked out ways to overcome their latest little PR setback, it’s good to know that our “progressive” president was hard at work looking out for the worker’s right to collective bargaining, like he promised back in 2007.  I guess Walker and Koch would certainly consider Obama one of their own.

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Home Sweet Wall Street

by Robert Sheer, Truthdig

A most dastardly deed occurred last Friday when the Obama administration issued a 29-page policy statement totally abandoning the federal government’s time-honored role in helping Americans achieve the goal of homeownership. Instead of punishing the banks that sabotaged the American ideal of a nation of stakeholders by “securitizing” our homesteads into poker chips to be gambled away in the Wall Street casino, Barack Obama now proposes to turn over the entire mortgage industry to those same banks.

The proposal, originated by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, involves nothing less than a total “winding down” of the 80-year-old federal housing program, setting instead a new goal of a two-tiered America in which the masses are content to be mere renters of the American Dream. Such a deal for a country where, as the report concedes, “Half of all renters spend more than a third of their income on housing, and a quarter spend more than half.”

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Obama Pulls a Clinton

by Robert Sheer, Truthdig

Here we go again. When Bill Clinton suffered an electoral reversal after his first two years in office, he abruptly embraced the corporate money guys who had financed his congressional opposition in an effort to purchase a second term. On Tuesday in his Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece, Barack Obama veered sharply down that same course, trumpeting his executive order “ … to remove outdated regulations that stifle job creation and make our economy less competitive. …”

He employed the same “creating a 21st-century regulatory system” rationalization used by Clinton when he signed off on the sweeping deregulation legislation that unleashed the Wall Street greed that ended up being the biggest job-killer since the Great Depression. “Over the (past) seven years, we have tried to modernize the economy,” Clinton enthused as he signed the Financial Services Modernization Act that repealed key New Deal legislation, adding, “And today what we are doing is modernizing the financial services industry, tearing down those antiquated laws and granting banks significant new authority.” Modernizing was the propaganda constant, as in the Commodity Futures Modernization Act that Clinton signed, thus shielding financial derivatives from any government regulation.

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Obama Uses Executive Order to Begin Neoliberal Assault on Regulation

by Scott Creighton

The following definition of deregulation comes from “John Williamson’s “Washington Consensus“, a list of policy proposals that appeared to have gained consensus approval among the Washington-based international economic organizations (like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank).”  The active definition of neoliberalism or “free trade” ideology.

  • Deregulation – abolition of regulations that impede market entry or restrict competition, except for those justified on safety, environmental and consumer protection grounds, and prudent oversight of financial institutions;
  • President Obama took time out of his busy schedule to write an op-ed published today in the Wall Street Journal. Obama used this op-ed to signify his devotion to the free-market ideology that is the basis for the neoliberalization of countless countries over the past 5 decades, all of which had disastrous effects on the vast majority of the population of those nations.

    Obama used the opportunity to announce that he was going to begin a process of even more deregulation here in the United States, in an effort to better serve the business interests of the country. All this he will do by decree of imperial executive order, no less.

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