Obama Defends Israel a Day After UN Report Details Israel’s Act of War Committed Against the U.S.

by Scott Creighton

What if I told you that Iran boarded a U.S. flagged vessel in international waters and executed a 19-year-old U.S. citizen on the Mavi Marmara because of his beliefs?  Would that be considered an act of war?  Would it still be an act of war if Israel did it?

In the wake of the newly released UN Human Rights Council’s report on the attack of the humanitarian aid flotilla which found “clear evidence to support prosecutions” against Israel for “willful killing“, President Barack Obama is addressing the UN today and reportedly is going to remind the world that “killing Israelis is not resistance, it’s injustice” (emphasis added)

It should be clear to all that efforts to chip away at Israel’s legitimacy will only be met by the unshakeable opposition of the United States,” he was expected to say, according to excerpts of the speech obtained by NBC News. “And efforts to threaten or kill Israelis will do nothing to help the Palestinian people — the slaughter of innocent Israelis is not resistance, it is injusticeMSNBC

Injustice wears but one face, for the proven two-faced president of the United States of America, and the injustice of the Middle East is apparently only measured in the suffering of the Israeli people, all others, who’s suffering comes by the cruel hand of ultra-right wing Zionist regime in Israel, simply does not matter. The suffering of the Palestinians and all who try to aid them does not even rate a mention by the Peace Prize winning president of CHANGE.

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“Sheer Criminal Aggression” Israel’s Attack on Gaza Flotilla Chomsky Says “No Credible Pretext”

New footage of flotilla attack contradicts Israeli account

Iara Lee’s complete unedited footage of what happened on the Miva Marmara May 31st, 2010

(H/T to Jlennon08!)

full one hour video

shorter 15 minute version after the break

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4 Militants Killed off the Coast of Gaza: Another STUPID Staged Distraction from Likud Israel and her U.S. Apologists

by Scott Creighton

Right on time along comes a “training exercise” off the coast of Gaza to give the Israeli military a perfect example of how the “Palestinian militants” have to be kept from their own territorial waters. (hmmm… why would Israel want to keep Palestinians from their own territorial waters? hmmmmm…..)

See?  Look. Terrorists planning to attack us.  Therefore we HAVE to maintain the blockade of Gaza waters.”

It’s so obviously contrived and devoid of any possible legitimacy, it would be laughable if 60% of the American population wasn’t so inexcusably ignorant of the rest of the world. In reality, it’s just sad that this kind of propaganda would actually be considered worthy of my time to write about.  But, this is the world we live in so here we go…

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Our Enemies, the Israelis

by Justin Raimondo, Anti-War

One of my readers, in the comments section below, wrote the following in response to my last column on Israel’s hijacking of the Gaza flotilla:

“Again I ask the question: What do the Israelis have on our politicians that makes them such whores? Dirty pictures? Threats of withholding campaign contributions? It’s really embarrassing as well as infuriating to see congress with its collective pants down around their legislative ankles just waiting for Israel to do it again.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

Well, actually, there is a lot wrong with that, but, in any case, what’s the answer to this question? Again and again Israel has outraged the world, and even many of its most dedicated supporters, by its actions: multiple invasions of Lebanon, “incursions” into Gaza and the West Bank, the ever-expanding settlements, the vicious racism and tribalism that characterizes the present ultra-rightist government of Benjamin Netanyahu, which includes the openly racist and fascist party of the thuggish Avigdor Lieberman – the list of Israel’s sins is a long one, and that’s going back but a few years.

Even when the Israelis blew up a US Navy ship, the USS Liberty, a military reconnaissance vessel that was monitoring Israeli troops movements prior to the Six Day War, Washington went along – in public – with Tel Aviv’s fairy tale claiming it was an “accident.” This disgrace is repeated, today, as the beaten and battered Americans who lived to tell the tale of what happened aboard the flotilla return to bear witness to Israeli brutality. An American citizen is killed, and Washington looks the other way. The ghost of Rachel Corrie is not surprised. Nor am I. Because the Israelis, after all, are our enemies.

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Kidnapped by Israel, forsaken by Britain

By Jamal Elshayyal , al Jazeera

Firstly I must apologise for taking so long to update my blog. The events of the past few days have been hectic to say the least, and I am still trying to come to grips with many of the things that have happened.

It was this time last week that I was on the top deck of the Mavi Marmara, and first spotted Israeli war ships in the distance, as they approached the humanitarian flotilla.  Little did I know how deadly and bloody were the events that soon began to unfold.

What I will write in this entry is fact, every letter of it, none of it is opinion, none of it is analysis, and I will leave that to you, the reader.

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Israel Navy reserves officers: Allow external Gaza flotilla probe


Officers denounce operation as ‘military and diplomatic failure’, slam government for placing blame on the activists.

by Anshel Pfeffer ,  Haaretz

A group of top Israel Navy reserves officers on Sunday publicly called on Israel to allow an external probe into its commando raid of a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid flotilla last week, which left nine people dead and several more wounded.

In a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, the Navy officers denounced the commando raid as having “ended in tragedy both at the military and diplomatic levels.”

“We disagree with the widespread claims that this was the result of an intelligence rift,” said the officers. “In addition, we do not accept claims that this was a ‘public relations failure’ and we think that the plan was doomed to failure from the beginning.”

First and foremost, we protest the fact that responsibility for the tragic results was immediately thrust onto the organizers of the flotilla,” wrote the officers. “This demonstrates contempt for the responsibility that belongs principally to the hierarchy of commanders and those who approved the mission. This shows contempt for the values of professionalism, the purity of weapons and for human lives.”

[read the rest, here]

(After the break, I have copied some of the comments on the article from the Haaretz site… they are inspiring to say the least…)

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IDF admits doctoring audio of raid on Gaza flotilla

by Daniel Tencer, Raw Story

The Israeli Defense Force has issued a “clarification” admitting it manipulated audio of its raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

On Friday, the IDF released audio of what it said was an exchange between Israel Navy officers and the crew of the Mavi Marmara, the main vessel in the flotilla. In it, voices could be heard telling the Israeli soldiers to “go back to Auschwitz” and “we’re helping Arabs go against the US — don’t forget 9/11, guys.”

But flotilla passengers quickly began disputing the veracity of the audio clip.

Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal reports that the head of the Free Gaza movement, Huwaida Arraf, could be heard on the videotape asserting the flotilla’s right to enter Gaza territory. But Arraf says she wasn’t on board the Mavi Marmara, and was actually on board another ship, the Challenger One. Another flotilla member whose voice can be heard on the audio, Ali Abunimah, also said he wasn’t aboard the Mavi Marmara.

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Roger Waters – “We Shall Overcome”

“Over the new year 2009-2010, an international group of 1500 men and women from 42 nations went to Egypt to join a Freedom March to Gaza. They did this to protest the current blockade of Gaza. To protest the fact that the people of Gaza live in a virtual prison. To protest the fact that a year after the terror attack by Israeli armed forces destroyed most of their homes, hospitals, schools, and other public buildings, they have no possibility to rebuild because their borders are closed. The would be Freedom Marchers wanted to peacefully draw attention to the predicament of the Palestinian population of Gaza. The Egyptian government, (funded to the tune of $2.1 billion a year, by us, the US tax payers), would not allow the marchers to approach Gaza. How lame is that? And how predictable! I live in the USA and during this time Dec 25th 2009-Jan3rd 2010 I saw no reference to Gaza or the Freedom March or the multi national protesters gathered there. Anyway I was moved, in the circumstances, to record a new version of ” We shall overcome”. It seems appropriate.

Roger Waters

 Kenneth Nichols O’Keefe Tells About What Israelis Did

Israel Rejects Joint Inquiry Into Aid Ship Attack

800,000 kids bearing brunt of Gaza blockade   

links from What Really Happened:


Thousands of anti-Israel protesters take to streets across Europe

Anti-US, Israel protests in New Zealand cities

Toronto protest against Israeli flotilla attack

Paris: Demonstrators tried to break into the Israeli embassy

U.S Congressman Calling for the Prosecution (and death penalty?) of U.S. Citizens Attacked by Israel

by Scott Creighton

You gotta be fucking kidding me..

Brad Sherman must resign right now.  Even writers from the American Conservative are finding this hard to believe.

In a conference call organized by The Israel Project, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) told reporters that activists participating in the flotilla were aiding Hamas and therefore breaking US law.

“The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 makes it absolutely illegal for any American to give food, money, school supplies, paper clips, concrete or weapons to Hamas or any of its officials,” Sherman said, as quoted at Jim Lobe’s foreign policy blog. “And so I will be asking the Attorney General to prosecute any American involved in what was clearly an effort to give items of value to a terrorist organization.”

TalkingPointsMemo’s M.J. Rosenberg, a frequent writer on Middle East issues, describes Sherman as “the most pro-Likud Democratic member of Congress,” referring to Israel’s most prominent conservative political party. “But this is crazy even for Sherman.”

Sherman’s declaration has taken heat from conservative commentators as well. Writing at The American Conservative, Kelley Vlahos declares that “the overall reaction to the abuse of our citizens has been strangely muted and flaccid — whether at the White House, Capitol Hill or in the corporate media.”

Writes Vlahos: “Instead of demanding an accounting — you know, like Turkey is doing for its own citizens — we have elected leaders trying to put Americans on that flotilla in jail.”  Raw Story

The Clintons and their corrupt DLC have sold this nation out to the globalists and leaders of foreign nations to the point where the Democratic Party is actually an instrument of another sovereign state.

They have no fear of reprisal in the voting booth from the American people because of the fraudulent electronic voting machines of Diebold and ES&S.

We have an out of control foreign nation exerting undue influence on our leaders in congress and the White House which can only end badly for all parties concerned if we do not take action to remedy the situation.

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War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields

(reposted from 2009)

“Because the blockade of Gaza itself violates international law, Israel committed an illegal act of war attacking the convoy, regardless of who attacked whom first.” Alternet

So why are Israel and her U.S. apologists so desperate to keep control of Gaza that they will lie, kill, and maul 21-year-old girls to do it?  One word… Mammon.

(It’s not about “security”… it’s not about “rockets”… it’s not about what “god” promised… it’s about money. Lots and lots of money. Natural Gas and oil reserves off the coast of Gaza, owned by Palestine, stolen by the Israelis… all in the name of “terrorism”. That’s why the Israelis drove the fishermen off the Gaza marine 1 and 2 locations a decade ago. That’s why they won’t allow a vessel to pass through Gaza’s waters… they might get a look at one of these…)

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Just Obeying Orders; The Two Confrontations at Sea Were Different Because of the Orders The IDF Received from Benjamin Netanyahu

by Scott Creighton

The Rachel Corrie was taken by Israeli defense forces with apparently no violence what-so-ever. Is that because the passengers were better behaved on the Rachel Corrie than those on the Mavi Marmara? Is it because there were less “terrorists” on last night’s attempt? In a word… no.

The two humanitarian aid fleet captures had vastly different outcomes because that is what the Israeli Prime Minister wanted.

Israeli forces have boarded a cargo ship carrying aid to the Gaza Strip after it ignored repeated warnings to divert its course…. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had instructed Israeli forces not to harm the activists. Voice of America June 5th 2010

Now compare that to this article from Max Blumenthal’s June 3rd 2010 write-up…

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Helen Thomas’ Comment – Contrived Timing For the Israeli Apologist Machine

by Scott Creighton

Helen Thomas has been an outspoken critic of Israeli policy for a long time now. During President Obama’s very first press conference, Thomas asked Obama if he knew whether or not any Middle Eastern nations had nuclear weapons (obviously an attempt to see if the new president would continue with the previous administration’s smoke screen when it comes to Israel and their nuclear weapons; the worst kept “secret” in the world). The president avoided the question which of course answered Helen’s.

Now there is a new video put out by RabbiLive of an interview with Helen Thomas where she claims that ISRAEL needs to get out of Palestine. Of course, all the media outlets equate that to saying “Jews” need to get out of Palestine… I suppose to them the Jews in Israel are the only ones that matter. Since Israel has laws on the books that grant Jews rights that others in Israel do not receive, I suppose that is an understandable position to take.  Ari Fleischer, never one to miss an opportunity to defend the nation of Israel no matter what they do, had this to say…

She should lose her job over this,” Fleischer said in an email. “As someone who is Jewish, and as someone who worked with her and used to like her, I find this appalling.”

She is advocating religious cleansing. How can Hearst stand by her? If a journalist, or a columnist, said the same thing about blacks or Hispanics, they would already have lost their jobs” Huffington Post

Fleischer’s suggestion that somehow blacks and Hispanics are treated with more reverence (and kid gloves) in this country than Jews is quite laughable under the circumstances. But the thrust of course is that Fleischer is making the false claim that her comment was that the “Jews” should leave Palestine where-as she actually said “Israel” should get out of Palestine because it belongs to the Palestinians.

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Gaza flotilla activists were shot in head at close range

Nine Turkish men on board Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times, autopsy results reveal

Robert Booth, the Guardian

Israel was tonight under pressure to allow an independent inquiry into its assault on the Gaza aid flotilla after autopsy results on the bodies of those killed, obtained by the Guardian, revealed they were peppered with 9mm bullets, many fired at close range.

Nine Turkish men on board the Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times and five were killed by gunshot wounds to the head, according to the vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine, which carried out the autopsies for the Turkish ministry of justice today.

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Rachel Corrie Update: Israel Captured Her – or… maybe not


The Rachel Corrie was taken by the Israeli military to the port of Ashdod.  There are no reports of violence at this time.

Witness Gaza keeps saying there was “no compliance” from the crew or activists…. hmmm….

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