American Gladio: No. It’s Not “Big Pharma” Folks

by Scott Creighton

Funny isn’t it how these alternative sites (Prison Planet, What Really Happened and Ryan Dawson’s site) are pushing the exact same misinformation started by a paper owned by Philip Anschutz in the wake of the Aurora Massacre.

Many of the so-called “alternative media” prophets are pushing the “big pharma is too blame” meme on the recent spate of mass casualty events taking place across the country. Though we are far too medicated as a society and we should not be prescribing most of the medications we are too our children, the fact is, this line of propaganda (and it is propaganda) is beyond counter productive to our efforts. By blaming medications and thus the medicated suspects (i.e. “patsies”) what these alternative news voices are saying is the official narrative is accurate. It’s the LIHOP explanation for the American Gladio project which is clearly underway at this point.

It is toothless, pointless and fails to take into account multiple bits of relevant information which are out there which I believe prove many of these patsies did not even take part in these shootings much less “go off” because of SSRIs.

This line of distraction is also not fully supported by the facts. In the case of Adam Lanza, the police specifically stated that they did not find evidence of any medications in the home. In the case of William Spengler, what they call “evidence” is shaky hearsay evidence at best. The reports that James Holmes took medications either comes from the “unconfirmed” report that he was hooked on Vicodin or the guilt by association conclusion that since he was seeing a councilor, he must therefore have been on medication. But I have yet to see concrete proof that Holmes was on anything.

There is no information that Wade Michael Page was on any kind of medications at all before he went off shooting up the joint at the Sikh Temple. All we know about him is the fact that he was a psychological operations specialist for the army before apparently infiltrating the Hammerskins for the FBI and that many witnesses reported more than one gunman.

But SSRIs? Nope. Not a one.

So where is this line of disinfo coming from and who does it serve?

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Kandahar Massacre: Let the Show Trial Begin!

by Scott Creighton

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is about to be railroaded for the mass casualty event otherwise known as the Kandahar Massacre. It is well known at this point, even pointed out by the likes of Gareth Porter and others, that Bales probably had nothing to do with the March 11 2012 murder of 16 innocent people, mainly women and children in 2 separate villages, and that in fact it was a Special Operations Force retaliation for the IED attack that took place a week or so earlier.

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Sryian Destabilization Campaign:”massacre-marketing strategy”

by Scott Creighton

The ongoing destabilization campaign against the government and the people of Syria is escalating. The US is stepping up support while Israel rattles their sabers and Leon Panetta flies over to pay them a visit.

When the international bankers and financial elites want their neoliberal blood sacrifice, the threat of starting WWIII is not an obstacle. After all, who do you think is going to loan out the money for it in the first place?

Jonathan Rosenthal of Asia times writes about a recent development in the German government where they readily admit that armed terrorist groups are aiding US efforts to destabilize Syria by conducting dozens and dozens of terrorists attacks. One longtime war correspondent from Germany described this “massacre-marketing strategy” as being “among the most disgusting things that I have ever experienced in an armed conflict

German intelligence estimates that “around 90″ terror attacks that “can be attributed to organizations that are close to al-Qaeda or jihadist groups” were carried out in Syria between the end of December and the beginning of July, as reported by the German daily Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). This was revealed by the German government in a response to a parliamentary question…

… Writing in Bild, longtime German war correspondent Jurgen Todenhofer accused the rebels of “deliberately killing civilians and then presenting them as victims of the government“. He described this “massacre-marketing strategy” as being “among the most disgusting things that I have ever experienced in an armed conflict“. Todenhofer had recently been to Damascus, where he interviewed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for Germany’s ARD public television.” Johnathan Rosenthal, Asia Times

The “massacre-marketing strategy”? Hmmm…. I wonder how that might equate to Kandahar… Houla… Mexico… or say.. oh, I don’t know… Aurora Colorado?

Is this the beginning of the American destabilization campaign?

Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are They Related?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE July 29: Aurora Massacre: What does the Spine Board Tell Us?

UPDATE: Aurora Massacre: Stick Figure Confession = FBI Drop Gun?

UPDATE 7: Aurora Massacre: James Holmes Mugshot Taken Same Day of his Court Appearance?

UPDATE 6: Holmes was not arrested coming out of the theater. He was found already in the car. Aurora Massacre: “Is that the dude in the white car nearby?


UPDATE: I just found out that the judge in this case has sealed the case because disclosure of the facts would be “contrary to public interests” and that the request to do that was made on Friday just hours after the event.

The motion, filed in Arapahoe County court, asks for the records in the case to be sealed, including search warrants, affidavits, orders and the “case file.”

The District Attorney’s affidavit says prosecutors are investigating first-degree murder charges against Holmes, but that disclosure of the court records would be “contrary to public interest” and “could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.” The Daily

UPDATE 2: The Washington Post has done a map of the scene and just like I pointed out, the gas mask is clearly past the corner as if the assailant was on his way to the road. See their photo mark-up at the end of the article.

UPDATE 3: Got a mention in a thread at Above Top Secret. I like that site. Read the comment at the end of the article.

UPDATE 4: Aurora Massacre: More Questions


As I was scanning through a number of heart breaking photos from the aftermath of the Dark Knight massacre in Aurora Co. this morning, I noticed something very interesting; actually a couple of interesting things stood out.Primarily I noticed that the gas mask was found a long way away from where James Holmes was arrested and the other equipment was found. I also think I found an image of a security camera mounted on the back of the theater pointing down toward where the car was parked and the theater exit was. And as luck would have it, that is the exact same location the gas mask was found as if the assailant traveled the length of the building and dropped the mask once he was out of the view of the camera.

I have done my best to compile photos and the layout of the scene at the back of the theater for your consideration.

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Aurora Massacre: Another in the Long Line of Pre-Legislative False Flag Events?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATED… see updates at the end of the article.

UPDATE 2: Over thirty “improvised grenades” and specialized chemicals designed to explode when mixed were allegedly found in Holmes’ apartment by authorities. The cops are now mad because, as they say, the traps looked to be designed to kill “first responders”. Of course, Holmes supposedly told them about the traps before anyone went to his apartment, but the cops are still “mad as hell” anyway.

“It was an extremely dangerous environment,” Oates said. “If a neighbor or an unassuming pedestrian would’ve walked in that door, or God forbid a first responder, they would’ve sustained significant injuries and/or lost their life.”

“It was going to be a police officer,” Oates continued. “We sure as hell are angry.” Huffington Post

God forbid a “first responder” gets hurt like those first responders who are hit by secondary hell-fire missiles whenever we call up a drone strike in Pakistan or Afghanistan or Yemen….

According to officials, it’s “going to take a while” to search his place for evidence.

Why would a guy set up all those traps just to tell the cops they are there and why would he make all those “improvised grenades” and not use any of them?


There are some rather strange aspects to the Dark Knight shooting incident being called the Aurora Massacre, which has claimed the lives of 12 people in Aurora Colorado. You have to be careful not to go out and immediately suspect that every incident like this one is a staged false flag event so I’ve been waiting to see how the story has been taking shape. I don’t know if this tragedy is simply an example of how someone just snapped or if it was staged for various reasons. But the truth is, there are some odd aspects to this story and some parts that have been misinterpreted by various investigative writers. This guy drops out of school and starts buying weapons and professional grade tactical gear and shoots up a theater all in one month’s time? His home is off-limits due to booby-traps that he warned the police of for some reason? His gear completely covered his head and face during the attack, then he strips them off in the parking lot before “meekly’ surrendering to the police? And of course all of this takes place just days before a controversial ratification vote in the senate.

Yeah, this harkens back to false flag events in our past which always seem to take place just before some kind of legislation like the Patriot Act. But is it?

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Kandahar Massacre: Told Ya So

by Scott Creighton

Gareth Porter and Shah Nouri have an article on Truth Out today in which they highlight new evidence that suggests that the Kandahar Massacre was not the work of the “crazed lone gunman” Robert Bales, but rather it was a deliberate SOF payback for an IED roadside bombing.

This is what I’ve been saying since day one. That Bales was innocent, probably drugged, and that the massacre itself served several purposes the main one being a deterrent to the indigenous population to keep them from supporting insurgent fighters.

Porter and Nouri have flushed out a great deal more evidence such as threats from the company commander toward the locals and their children as well as the fact that Afghan soldiers have now reported that a SOF unit deployed that night, left the base, before the massacre and that the commander of the base lied about it.

Combine all of this with the eyewitness reports and the shifting official story and you have what appears to be a retaliation leveled against the innocent people of two villages and the framing of Robert Bales.

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Kandahar Massacre: “One entered the room while the others were standing outside holding the lights.”

by Scott Creighton

They attacked during the night. They knocked on the door. My elderly mother came out she was shot in the door” man who lost 11 family members

A reporter, an extremely brave and dedicated one at that, traveled to Kandahar and then to the villages where the massacres took place. At first she was prevented from going to the villages by the Afghan military (in the pockets of Nato) due to Taliban attacks and all of these landmines which they claimed the Taliban set in the villages for some reason. The next day the same Afghan military police come to get her at her hotel in the city and they take her to the villages where the massacres took place. There was apparently no Taliban shooting at them and surprise surprise… no landmines as they walked through the villages. But also important to note, that day, the day after she was prevented from going to the villages, there were also no villagers there for her to interview. Seems like they may have trucked them out prior to the reporter arriving on the scene.

She was then prevented from speaking to several children who were witnesses and victims of the crimes. The U.S. military has them in custody the hospital, taking “care” of them. President Karsai apparently intervened and the reporter was allowed to talk to them.

One entered the room while the others were standing outside holding the lights.” wounded child from Kandahar

That child watched her parents die and was shot in the leg.

Kandahar Massacre: “This is not what it appears to be”

by Scott Creighton

Yes folks, the Trayvon Martin case is being used as a distraction. One of the news items (just one of several) that it is seemingly being used to distract us from is that of the Kandahar Massacre, which has been extensively covered here at American Everyman.

You can find the list of the first 16 victims of the Kandahar Massacre, here.

The corporatist MSM is now reluctantly reporting on the growing evidence that shows more than one soldier committed the murders in Afghanistan’s Panjwai District in Kandahar Province on March 11. But that is just the beginning of the latest developments since my hiatus from writing these past few days. Let’s get caught up, shall we?

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Kandahar Massacre: One Step In Three to Provoke Renewed Violence in Afhganistan

by Scott Creighton

There have been three recent events which seem to suggest someone out there doesn’t want the peace talks with the Taliban to succeed. The Taliban has now pulled out of those talks which have been going on for about a year. Are these events accidents? Are they part of a larger destabilization plan designed to keep our forces in Afghanistan as long as possible?

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Kandahar Massacre: The Truth is Leaking Out… a Little

by Scott Creighton

Jason Ditz notwithstanding, alternative media outlets are slowly starting to develop an alternative narrative to the Kandahar Massacre story. Sites like Common Dreams, Information Clearinghouse, and are exploring evidence not readily available through our lovely corporatist media outlets who, like Jason over at AntiWar, are still doing their level best to push the Pentagon’s “crazed lone gunman” theory.

Over at Salon Jefferson Morley asks, Did Sgt. Bales have help?

A group of Afghan parliamentary investigators has concluded that Bales was part of a group of 15-20 soldiers. As Outlook Afghanistan reported Monday, “The team spent two days in the province, interviewing the bereaved families, tribal elders, survivors and collecting evidences at the site in Panjwai district.” One of the parliamentarians told Pajhwok Afghan News that investigators believed 15 to 20 American soldiers carried out the killings.

I have encountered almost no Afghan who believes it could have been one person acting alone, whether they think it was a group or people back at the base somehow organizing or facilitating it,” Kate Clark of  the Afghanistan Analysts Network told the Guardian. (The AAN is funded by four Scandanavian governments, all of which have troops in Afghanistan).” Salon

Over at Common Dreams they are reporting that there is widespread belief in Afghanistan that the murders were in retaliation for the roadside bombing of March 8th that cost Robert Bales’ friend his leg. They report on what I reported on yesterday (yes, you saw it first here :) ), that several people from surrounding villages were lined up against a wall by U.S. servicemen from Bales’ camp and told they and their children would “pay” for the nearby IED attack.

Afghan villagers near the site where US Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is alleged to have murdered 16 civilians, including nine children, claim US troops — just days before the shooting — lined them up against a wall after a roadside bombing and told them that they, and even their children, would pay a price for the attack.

Although the villagers account could not be independently verified by the Associated Press, “their claim that the shootings by a US soldier may have been payback for a roadside bombing has gained wide currency in the area and has been repeated by politicians testifying about the incident to Afghan President Hamid Karzai.” Common Dreams

Thankfully, the truth is seeping out and the military is having a hard time controlling the narrative of this one. We still have a ways to go to get them to start wondering aloud about the changing official story and the missing forensic evidence that they apparently forgot to collect (or actually collected and destroyed), but still, it’s a far cry from Jason Ditz’ totally misleading  and “crazed lone gunman” supporting headline “Afghanistan Officials Flip-Flop: Massacre Had One Shooter

Justin might want to think about not renewing Jason’s contract or check to see if his star writer has a little extra cash coming in on the side from somewhere around the Northern Virginia area.

Kandahar Massacre: Bales Joined Army to Avoid 1.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit and AntiWar Publishes Misleading Headline

by Scott Creighton

There are allegations that Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians including 9 children during the Kandahar Massacre, joined the Army in an effort to avoid paying his part of a 1.5 million dollar judgement for securities fraud. Prior to signing up in 2001, Bales had spent five and a half years working for various discredited brokerage houses running various scams on his own clients. According to the law, Bales’ finances cannot be touched by the plaintiffs who sued him as long as he remains in the military and his income is less than it was before he signed up.

Jason Ditz over at AntiWar claims in his headline on the front page that the Afghan officials have changed their minds about how many shooters were involved in the Kandahar Massacre. That’s simply not the case. Shouldn’t expect much from AntiWar these days. They always seem to get it wrong just at the right time and for just long enough. Can you say “gate keepers”?

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Kandahar Massacre: Official Story Changes Dramatically

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: According to witnesses, villagers were told by U.S. soldiers prior to the massacre that there would be retaliation for a roadside bombing that took place on March 8th or 9th, that they would kill 20 or so civilians. Witnesses said they were told days before the massacre that their children would pay for the roadside attack. Remember, Bales was supposedly upset about his friend losing a leg in a roadside attack just days prior to the massacre. Read the quotes at the end of this article

—— original ———

When we weren’t looking the official “crazed lone gunman” story changed. Now he left the camp twice… and much earlier than previously reported and may or may not have taken a vehicle and he may or may not have confessed and he took a sip from someone else’s bottle and immediately blacked out. Oh wait. No. Forget that last part.

Yeah, that’s the new story… for now. It may change depending on whether or not the Afghan investigation turns up more evidence that contradicts our first and second versions of the “crazed lone gunman” story. Got it? Good. Your government is telling you the truth people. Have another beer and a Zoloft and go back to sleep on your couch watching “Hunger Games”

And please pay no attention to the fact that he “took a couple sips from someone else’s bottle” and apparently blacked out. That’s not important… not at all… just memorize the talking points of the new version of the official story and ridicule anyone who doesn’t regurgitate them right along with you. Remember: memorize, ridicule. Memorize, ridicule. Memorize, ridicule.

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Kandahar Massacre: Bales “Can’t Remember”

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday I wrote what I thought may have happened and today part of the theory, a key part, has been confirmed: Robert Bales remembers what happened earlier that evening and what happened later that evening, but can’t remember what happened during that key hour or so of the massacre. This may be an indication that he was dosed and then woken up after the fact and told he “confessed” just like I theorized yesterday.

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Kandahar Massacre: No Matter How Much the MSM Tries to Frame Him, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is Innocent

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Bales “Can’t Remember” what happened during that hour or so. Sounds like they might have dosed him like I thought.

UPDATE 2: (March 21) The official story has changed to fit the Afghan investigation. Bales’ lawyer claims Robert  “took a couple sips from someone else’s bottle” and apparently blacked out. My guess is that means he was drugged and they are shaping the story to fit the facts.

——– original ——-

The MSM Misrepresents Robert Bales’ Financial Situation – The Army Moves his Family on Military Base to Keep Mrs. Bales from Press – Investigation Shows Different Weapons Used in Attacks – U.S. Impedes Afghan Investigation – Bales Didn’t Do It

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales by all accounts was a good guy. He played high school football, was a business major in college, held pizza parties at his home and ran off the trouble makers in the neighborhood. Then, on his fourth tour of duty, he crept out of his barracks in the middle of the night, walked 1.5 clicks to a civilians home, and set to work waking up the inhabitants getting them out of bed putting them on their knees and shooting them in the forehead one after the other. When that was done, he dragged their bodies to a pile and lit them on fire to hide the evidence of his crime. He then walked another mile to another village and killed another 4 members of a household. He attempted to burn some of their bodies then he set to walk back to his base over a mile away. In all, after an hour had passed, 16 innocent people died and many others were wounded.

One of those 16 victims who died on March 11th 2012 was a two year-old little girl. She was shot in the forehead at point blank range at three o’clock in the morning in the safety of her little bedroom. Whatever monster did that deserves to die. He deserves to suffer for a prolonged period of time and then to die. Just take him out, no fan-fare, no press. No weeping, no protesters, just take him out back of the courthouse and put him down like the rabid dog he is. That’s justice and if justice in this country still means anything at all, anything, then whomever shot that child and the other 8 children and the 7 others that night, he/she deserves all the bitter consequences our tattered justice system can bring to bear.

Problem is, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales didn’t do it.

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Kandahar Massacre: Wife of Suspect Contacted Agent to Sell Both of their Properties 3 Days Prior to Attacks

by Scott Creighton

(Just a quick note) Adding more confusion to this official “crazed lone gunman” story (as if it wasn’t convoluted enough), the New York Times has buried a rather interesting fact in a new article this morning about the Kandahar Massacre suspect Staff Sgt Robert Bales.

Turns out his home is already empty and in fact, it’s been empty since right before the incident in Kandahar. Also turns out that his wife contacted a real estate agent and put their family home on the market just 3 days prior to the incident. She put that home up for sale and another home she had owned since before marrying Robert.

The Baleses’ house had a lock box on the front door on Friday. Phillip Rodocker, a real estate agent, said that he was contacted by Ms. Bales on March 8, three days before the shooting in Afghanistan, and that she told him she wanted to sell the house in Lake Tapps.

“She told me she was behind in our payments,” Mr. Rodocker said. “She said he was on his fourth tour and it was getting kind of old and they needed to stabilize their finances.”

… Zillow, the real estate Web site, shows the house listed for $229,000, about $50,000 less than the family paid for it in 2005. Mr. Rodocker said the house was going to be a short sale, meaning the Baleses owed more to the bank than what it would sell for.

Mr. Rodocker said Ms. Bales also asked his colleague to sell a second property, a house in Auburn, Wash., that he said she had bought before the Baleses were married.”  New York Times

Think about that for a second. They weren’t in foreclosure, they did not abandon the one house to move into the other.  They looked to sell both homes for less than they paid for them in a short sale, meaning they will be on the hook to the mortgage holder for the difference. That could easily eat up whatever equity they had in the house at the time of sale. So why do that? Why not just abandon the one and move into the other?

According to the New York Times article Mrs. Bales was still collecting boxes for the move. There were boxes and toys still on the front porch as if the decision to leave had been a rather sudden one.

True there is an argument to be made that one thing may have instigated the other. To play devil’s advocate, serious financial difficulty at home, the kind that would make such an odd financial decision seem like the only way out, may lead one to break from reality and go over the edge. Especially if he was tired of being redeployed to the country (his 4th) and he started to carry resentments toward the only truly defenseless targets available to him at the time… Afghan citizens. That’s possible but the other irregularities surrounding the official story don’t tend to back it up.

Another possibility is this operation was clearly planned in advance even down to getting the fall-guy to agree to taking the rap prior to the operation and then allowing him to get his family affairs in order just before the shit hit the proverbial fan.


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