JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them

The Patsies that Didn’t

by Prof. James Fetzer, Global Research


A persistent myth of American history is that lone assassins were responsible for the deaths of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Francis Kennedy. But four of the Lincoln conspirators were hanged from the same gallows at the same time [1]. On June 5, 1968, after RFK won the Democratic primary in California, he was shot down as he passed through the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel. The official account maintains that he was taken out by a lone, demented gunman, Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian who had written, “RFK must die!”, over and over in a notebook. Like the lone, demented gunman accused of assassinating his brother, John, both murders were products of conspiracies, where Sirhan Sirhan, like Lee Harvey Oswald, was designated as the patsy.

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“Oh, Jack, what have they done to you?” and what are they still doing?

by Scott Creighton

Still pissing on his grave. CNN plugs new propaganda book on the anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

As the president’s head lay in her lap… “Oh, Jack, what have they done to you?”

CNN “news” is plugging a new book out just in time to profit off the death of JFK and spin-up some more falsehoods in an effort to maintain the “Single Bullet Theory” cover-story that bought Arlen Specter a seat at the big table for the rest of his corrupt life.

The book is called “The Kennedy Detail” and it was hacked together by one of Kennedy’s Secret Service Agents Gerald S. Blaine and a media consultant to Saudi Royal Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki by the name of Lisa McGubbin.

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Obama Vs McKinney on Gaza

barack-o-aipac2Obama™ responded today to a question about his relative silence on the situation in Gaza right now…

“… we cannot have two administrations at the same time simultaneously sending signals in a volatile situation.”   Obama™

… and why would that be, Barack?  Why not?  If it moves people in House or the UN to take action to stop these horrible war crimes and the ethnic cleansing, why would that be a problem, Barack?

Would it make you uncomfortable? Would it make things harder for you to get what you want?

Would it make things this uncomfortable?


Had you spoken out at the onset of this and rallied the millions of your supporters to the call, where would this child be right now?  Where would his parents be?

However, Cynthia McKinney had a slightly different view of the situation in Gaza..

And sadly, they {rest of the world} see the U.S. President-elect, who roared onto the scene like a lion, remain as quiet as a lamb in the face of the utter inhumanity of Israel’s actions, and they wonder why.” Cynthia McKinney

And while you and your staff are busy plagiarizing JFK’s speech, don’t forget these lines.

(They might help your supporters bask in the illusion of your greatness just a little while longer, before they too know the hypocrisy of your empty rhetoric and sophomoric symbolism)

Let both sides unite to heed in all corners of the earth the command of Isaiah – to “undo the heavy burdens -. and to let the oppressed go free.”

“… let both sides join in creating a new endeavour, not a new balance of power, but a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved.” JFK

Before You Rant Over the Imitation, Here is the Original

Part 1  of President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address

…from the ABC “This Week” interview with Obama™

“Every time you read that second inaugural, you start getting intimidated, especially because it’s really short. You know, there’s a genius to Lincoln that is not going to be matched. People then point to Kennedy’s inauguration speech. Sorenson and Kennedy together did an extraordinary job. Some of the others are not as inspiring,” Obama™

[text and part 2 after the break]

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