Clackamas Shooting: An Obvious Destabilization Event

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Witnesses said they saw the gunman wearing a bullet proof vest but now the police chief says that is not true. Hmmm… did the shooter forget to put his vest on the patsy as he left?  As in the Aurora Massacre case, where are the security camera recordings of this event?


When I first heard of the Clackamas Town Center shooting, before the suspect’s name was released, before the details of his death were made public, I thought of the best way to stage a mass casualty event: have your asset attack a large group of people in a frightening way, move quickly to a unpopulated area where the patsy is already staged and put the gear on or around the incapacitated patsy then blend in with the crowd or exit stage left in a waiting vehicle.

Turns out, that is exactly what happened with both James Holmes and this new guy, Jacob Tyler Roberts. And it’s happened before in several other countries when certain elements wished to enact strict gun control legislation. How about that Illinois Circuit court ruling that came out just hours before this event which upheld the constitutional right of citizens to carry weapons outside their homes? Coincidence?

When you see a pattern developing, you have to pay attention to it folks.

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