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Playwright Wallace Shawn translates ADL ad justifying Israeli child murder into plain English

Submitted by Ali Abunimah from Electronic Intafada

ADL ad that appeared in The Hollywood Reporter.

Playwright and actor Wallace Shawn has responded to this Anti-Defamation League (ADL) ad blaming Palestinians for Israel’s mass slaughter of children in Gaza.

Shawn’s brilliant “translation” of the ad into plain English is below.

Five hundred and sixteen children are among the 2,142 Palestinians killed by Israel’s current bombardment of the Gaza Strip, according to the latest tally from Al Mezan Center for Human Rights.

The ad, which appeared in The Hollywood Reporter, was signed by a number of show business executives. It quotes an infamous statement by Golda Meir, the American colonial settler in Palestine who became Israel’s prime minister, justifying Israel’s slaughter of Arab children during her time.

Along with ADL National Director Abraham Foxman and National Chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher, The Hollywood Reporter identifies some of those who signed the ADL ad as MGM chairman Gary Barber, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh, Nu Image/Millennium Films co-chairman Avi Lerner, Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal and Saban Capital Group chairman and CEO Haim Saban.

Adults care for Palestinian children wounded in an Israeli air strike at a hospital in Gaza City, 23 August.

Shawn’s response, which also appears in The Hollywood Reporter, is masterful. Here is Shawn’s “translation” of Meir’s words, as they were used in the ADL ad (reproduced in full with permission):

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Gaza 3 – Israel 0


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by Scott Creighton

Richard Falk: Maintaining the Unlawful Siege of Gaza is a Crime against Humanity -  “Prof. Falk believes that “the maintenance of the unlawful blockade of goods to and from Gaza is well established as a form of collective punishment of the occupied civilian population of Gaza, and a flagrant violation of the most fundamental obligation of the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law.””

New 72-hour truce begins between Israel and Gaza

Fresh ceasefire agreement holds in Gaza

London’s Gaza Protest Attracts Tens Of Thousands (PICTURES)  –  Tens of thousands of people have turned out in central London to protest the bombing of Gaza which has so far killed close to 2,000 people.

Operation Protective Edge killed 1,916 Palestinians in the besieged strip since Israel began its relentless assault on July 8. Among those killed, at least 467 were aged 18 or younger.

Phony Devastation Photos Emerge from Gaza to Discredit Real Ones

by Scott Creighton

This is a disinformation alert. Be careful of the images you link to or share concerning Israel’s genocidal actions in Gaza.

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Obama is a ‘war criminal’ for supporting Israel’s treatment of Palestinians – Cornel West

from RINF

Professor and political activist Cornel West declared President Barack Obama a “war criminal,” arguing that his support of Israel and his drone policy make him complicit in the deaths of innocent people.

The controversial activist made the comments at a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington, DC on Saturday, according to Talking Points Memo. West began his speech by pointing to the deteriorating situation in Gaza, where more than 1,800 Palestinians and more than 60 Israelis have been killed, criticizing Israel’s offensive in the region in front of a “Free Palestine” banner…


Fox “News” Strippers Torment “Dyed in the Wool Zionist” Geraldo (video)

by Scott Creighton

“What are kids doing in schools in the first place.. in a war?”

“What are they doing putting children in schools with rockets?”

“You are an apologist for a terrorist organization (Hamas)!”

Over at What Really Happened I found an interesting and enlightening video of poor Geraldo Rivera trying to have a conversation concerning Gaza with a gaggle of insipid failed fashion model strippers who pretend to be journalists over at Fox News.

You almost feel sorry for Geraldo as he grimaces at the stupidity of the four Stepford wives. Almost that is until he tries to redeem himself by waving around his Star of David tattoo on his hand (he calls “a Jewish star”) claiming he’s a zionist ‘who would die for Israel’

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