Jason Ditz of AntiWar is at it Again – Supporting State Department Destabilization Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Egypt’s “new Pharaoh.” or Hillary’s Vengeful Scorn?

The MSM is reporting on the “massive uprising” taking place in Egypt in response to President Mohamed Morsi’s recent decrees. The problem is, the protests aren’t any more “massive” than the ones staged by the U.S. state department in Iran a few years ago or those in Russia last year. There’s a reason for that: the state department and Israel are angry at Morsi for mediating a quick ceasefire in Gaza and suddenly we have a handful of professional protesters in Tahrir pretending they are the same people who beat Mubarak.

In fact, elected President Morsi is moving to protect the remaining elected parliament that hasn’t been disbanded by the judiciary, attempting to protect the process of writing the new constitution which is being threatened by the judiciary, and planning to set up new trials for Mubarak and his high ranking aides. The judiciary is well understood to be packed with loyal Mubarak holdovers willing to do whatever they can to keep the status quo online in Egypt.

Jason Ditz is over at AntiWar doing his part to sell the state department sideshow to his readers calling it the start of the “next revolution”.

I’m sure Hillary and the IDF appreciate his efforts but you shouldn’t. Here’s what Hasbara Ditz get’s wrong or leaves out of the story entirely. It’s a substantial amount of information but rather hard to accidentally miss…

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Palestine: Oppression Will not Work

Christiane Amanpour is Just Pathetic

by Scott Creighton

When someone says it takes a lot of effort to spin Israel as the perpetual victim in whatever atrocity  they commit, they could easily be talking about this recent pathetic display by sycophantic CNN policy pitch-person Christiane Amanpour.

This over-paid hack hag starts the hit-piece interview with Khaled Mashal with a voice over claiming he represents a pariah (Hamas) “considered by Israel and the U.S. and much of the West to be a terrorist organization”

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Operation Pillar of Genocide: Egyptian-brokered Cease fire Delayed Till Hillary Can Take Credit for it

by RT

Hamas officials have announced that a ceasefire agreement has been held up because Israel has not yet responded to proposals for the Egyptian-brokered truce.

Israel’s negotiation team has reportedly rejected a draft ceasefire and delayed a press conference to announce the truce indefinitely, the Times of Israel reports, citing local media.

Earlier Arabic news sources cited Hamas official Ayman Taha as saying an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was set to be declared in Gaza at 19:00 GMT, and would go into effect at 22:00 GMT. Israel said that a ceasefire deal has yet to be finalized.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has landed in Tel Aviv and is expected to meet with Netanyahu shortly.

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Operation Pillar of Genocide: Sending in Killary is Like Sending Native Americans Some More Blankets

by Scott Creighton

So far Israel is responsible for 225 Malalas (only difference is, the Palestinian kids were actually wounded).

Chew on that Hasbara.

The situation in Gaza has gotten much worse over the last 24 hours. 100 more rockets from Israel have pounded into various targets in Gaza, mostly residential areas, because as the Israeli’s say, the “militants” are hiding there.

The “militants” are actually Palestinian police or Hamas employees and they “hide” in residential districts because that’s where the houses are and like most human beings, the houses are where one puts one’s family which are also being targeted by Israeli bombs when they go after the “militants”

“By Tuesday, civilians accounted for 54 of the 113 Palestinians killed since the operation began. Some 840 people have been wounded, including 225 children, Gaza health officials said.”

“”We want to tell the world which is supporting the state of Israel, what this state is doing,” said neighbor Rushdie Nasser. “They are supporting a state that kills children … We want to send a message to the U.N. and the West: Enough of supporting the Zionists, who are killing children.””  AP

Israel’s death toll remains at the same “3″ it started with and the politically correct spin on that discrepancy is their new Iron Dome system, which you paid for by the way, which is really good at going up in the air from time to time and exploding it’s own rockets to make it LOOK like it hit an incoming homemade Homas rocket. That’s the spin at least. The reality is that Hamas resides in the world’s largest open air prison and they don’t get a whole lot of U.S. made rockets delivered to them every week like Israel does. That’s the fact.

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Operation Pillar of Defense: “pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one”

by Scott Creighton

When trying to understand the motivations behind various geo-political events such as the illegal and immoral ongoing Israeli attack on the civilian population of Gaza, it helps to take a look back. It’s then you realize this particular script has been in play for a very long time with nothing more different than the actors playing the roles. Instead of Sharon and Lebanon, you have Bibi, Ehud Barak and Palestine. You can also include Syria as well since on the same kind of fabricated justification, ghost mortar rounds coming across the border, considering Israel recently shelled them. Then factor in the rockets found set up in Lebanon on timers pointing at Israel and what you have is a biblical convergence of Israel’s neighbors upon them, all fabricated attacks of course, but leading in one distinct direction: The New Middle East.

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Israel Targets International Journalists in Gaza While Obama Poops on Peace Prize

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Israeli officials Tweet picture of fake Gaza hospital sign to justify their bombing of hospitals.


Obama responds to Israeli aggression in Gaza while the rent-a-crowd in Thailand chants “Obama! Obama! Obama!”

Israel is stepping up their brutal and illegal attack on Gaza making ready for their ground assault. In order to do that, they decided to silence the would be witnesses of their criminal aggression by sending them a message. A clear and distinct message:

“Early this morning, just after dawn, the Israeli military targeted two media buildings in the Gaza Strip, injuring six journalists with one losing his leg in an amputation after the bombing. “We obviously know there are journalists in the building,” said IDF spokesperson Avital Leibovich hours later, confirming the Israeli military knowingly targeted news organizations in a military strike to destroy an antenna that was located on the roof of the building.  Leibovich continued, “so we did not attack any other floor in the building, but my advice to journalist visiting Gaza is to stay away from any Hamas positions, or Hamas sites, or Hamas posts for their own safety.” Mondoweiss

Israel agents phone Gaza media threatening to flatten their buildings to the ground unless they evacuate,” said Fear on Twitter.

Israel is removing the press so they can do what they are about to do in the dead silence, in the dark.

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Israeli: “cycles of bloodshed are not the solution. They are the problem”

by Scott Creighton

Israeli Jews to other Israeli Jews who oppose barbaric attacks on Gaza:

“The people demand the expulsion of the leftists!”

In blood and fire, we will expel the left!”

“A nation free of leftists you sons of bitches. May you die!

Sound familiar?

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Report: Israeli Warships Shelling Gaza Homes on Coast – Guess they want that natural gas field, huh?

Jamie Kilstein ‏@jamiekilstein

RT @RanaGaza: Israeli warships are firing live ammunition at residential buildings along the shore of #Gaza.

Israeli Warhead Strikes Residential Area in Gaza

I froze this video at the 2 second mark and it looks like a very large weapon, perhaps even a thousand pound missile.

Israeli Warmonger Claims they Didn’t Kill Enough Palestinians During Operation Cast Lead

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: This from a writer who was invited to stand with AIPAC and J Street (yes, J Street stands with Israel on the issue of bombing and murdering Palestinian children). The writer, MJ Rosenberg, had this too say about the offer:

“In God’s name, why would anyone join a rally to support such abominations?”

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Tears of Gaza

from Occupied Palestine

Syrian Destabilization Campaign: Another Massacre While Olympics Distract?

by Scott Creighton

SANA, the Syrian Arab News Agency (the most reliable source of information on the ongoing Syrian Destabilization Campaign) is apparently being blocked here in the United States. Either that or my ISP Verizon is blocking it themselves.

With SANA out of the picture, the propagandists are running amok with their disinfo on the US instigated Syrian coup. This is typical info wars type black ops; take out reliable sources of information and flood the press with erroneous reports. The idea is to demoralize Syrian supporters and the Syrian people while also beginning the narrative that the Syrian government is no longer in control of the country.

Banksy sees it

Even more concerning for the Syrian people is the fact that the Olympics just kicked off. God knows what Clinton and the “Friends of Syria” have in mind for Syria while the world is distracted by the glitz and glamor of the Olympic product marketing pageant. After all, that is the established M.O. for their massacre-marketing strategy.

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ICC is Puppet of the West: Shreds Remaining Credibility by Refusing to Investigate Operation Cast Lead

by Scott Creighton

There is even more evidence today that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is nothing more than a pro-Western front group doing the bidding of imperialist nations across the world.

“This dangerous decision opens the ICC to accusations of political bias and is inconsistent with the independence of the ICC.”

“It also breaches the Rome Statute, which clearly states that such matters should be considered by the institution’s judges.” head of Amnesty International’s International Justice campaign

The ICC has refused to investigate Israel for war-crimes committed during the 2008-2009 bombing of the civilian population in Gaza known by the operational name given it, Cast Lead. As many as 1,440 Palestinians were killed during the 20 days of the IDF’s attacks on the civilian population.

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Israel’s Iranian Solution: “Iran’s citizens should be starved” Israeli Officials Say

by Scott Creighton

Just ahead of the Parliamentary Elections in Iran, Israel is once again stepping up their terrorist rhetoric in order to send another frightening message to the people of that sovereign nation.

Israeli officials have openly called for a starvation campaign against the civilian population of Iran in order to stop them from building a nuclear weapon which they are not building. Muslims, Christians, Jews and everyone else should suffer and starve to death to protect Israel from non-existent WMDs.

Not only would the application of such a program be considered a terrorist act (and one which brings to mind a certain dark chapter in 20th century fascist horror) but the threat itself is itself an act of terrorism.

As expected, the corporatist media is silent on the obvious irony of such a horrific statement coming from the leaders of the self proclaimed “Jewish State”. This is Israel’s Iranian Solution.

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