Israel’s Iranian Solution: “Iran’s citizens should be starved” Israeli Officials Say

by Scott Creighton

Just ahead of the Parliamentary Elections in Iran, Israel is once again stepping up their terrorist rhetoric in order to send another frightening message to the people of that sovereign nation.

Israeli officials have openly called for a starvation campaign against the civilian population of Iran in order to stop them from building a nuclear weapon which they are not building. Muslims, Christians, Jews and everyone else should suffer and starve to death to protect Israel from non-existent WMDs.

Not only would the application of such a program be considered a terrorist act (and one which brings to mind a certain dark chapter in 20th century fascist horror) but the threat itself is itself an act of terrorism.

As expected, the corporatist media is silent on the obvious irony of such a horrific statement coming from the leaders of the self proclaimed “Jewish State”. This is Israel’s Iranian Solution.

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Tearing Down the Walls in Baghdad While BiBi Gets Bitch-slapped

by Scott Creighton

You gotta love it

All across the world people are saying no more. In Baghdad, they are tearing down those concrete walls that you and I paid to have installed to keep the people of Iraq from the neoliberal “Green Zone” which OCCUPIES their capital. McDonald’s and Burger King thrive in the relative calm of the free-market Green Zone they call Baghdad these days, but now, the people of Iraq have said they have had enough. They are tearing down the walls that separate them from their future, tearing down the walls that keep them from the oligarchs who have been chopping up Iraq and selling it off at wholesale prices.  This is beautiful.

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Fresh protests hit Iraqi cities

Reports of deaths as thousands turn out to demand better service delivery and jobs from government.

from Al Jazeera English

Violent protests have taken place at various locations in Iraq, with anti-government protesters rallying against corruption, poor basic services and high unemployment.

In Basra, the country’s second largest city, about 1,000 people rallied on Friday, demanding better service delivery from the government, jobs and improved pensions.

They called for the provincial governor to resign, and blocked a bridge for an hour. Protesters shouted slogans saying that while Friday’s protests would be peaceful, ones held in the future may not be.

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Iraqi defector ‘Curveball’ admits to WMD lies that led to war

(So everyone admits it was all a lie now. Rumsfeld admits it, curveball admits it… everyone but Fox News and 99% of it’s audience.)

from Raw Story

An Iraqi defector, codenamed Curveball, who allegedly helped convince the Bush administration that Saddam Hussein had a secret stash of biological and chemical weapons, has admitted for the first time that he made it all up.

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi told The Guardian that he invented the stories to help topple Saddam Hussein, but was shocked when the US used tales as an excuse to go to war.

“I did that for a number of reasons,” he said. “Firstly because of my people, the Iraqi people. The old regime was a dictatorship and that caused a lot of problems for our country.”

“I had to do something for my country. So I did this and I am satisfied, because there is no dictator in Iraq any more.”

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Even Lost Wars Make Corporations Rich

by Chris Hedges, Truthdig

… The moratorium on anti-war protests in 2004 was designed to help elect the Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry. It was a foolish and humiliating concession. Kerry snapped to salute like a windup doll when he was nominated. He talked endlessly about victory in Iraq. He assured the country that he would not have withdrawn from Fallujah. And by the time George W. Bush was elected for another term the anti-war movement had lost its momentum. The effort to return Congress to Democratic control in 2006 and end the war in Iraq became another sad lesson in incredulity. The Democratic Party, once in the majority, funded and expanded the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Barack Obama in 2008 proved to be yet another advertising gimmick for the corporate and military elite. All our efforts to work within the political process to stop these wars have been abject and miserable failures. And while we wasted our time, tens of thousands of Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani civilians, as well as U.S. soldiers and Marines, were traumatized, maimed and killed. 

Either you are against war or you are not. Either you use your bodies to defy the war makers and weapons manufacturers until the wars end or you do not. Either you have the dignity and strength of character to denounce those who ridicule or ignore your core moral beliefs—including Obama—or you do not. Either you stand for something or you do not. And because so many in the anti-war movement proved to be weak and naive in 2004, 2006 and 2008 we will have to start over. This time we must build an anti-war movement that will hold fast. We must defy the entire system. We must acknowledge that it is not our job to help Democrats win elections. The Democratic Party has amply proved, by its failure to stand up for working men and women, its slavishness to Wall Street and its refusal to end these wars, that it cannot be trusted. We must trust only ourselves. And we must disrupt the system. The next chance, in case you missed the last one, to protest these wars will come Saturday, March 19, the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Street demonstrations are scheduled in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. You can find details on

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Understanding the Global Free Market Wars: The IMF and Iraq

Next Stage Of US Occupation – Economic Colonization of Iraq Led By The IMF

Half a Million Displaced Iraqis Face Grim Future In Squalid Squatter Camps  and it will get worse.

The Picture

by David Glenn Cox, Open Salon

I want you to look very closely at this picture and try and keep it in your minds eye. This was a perfectly healthy twenty two-year-old young man who in the service of his country got half of his head blown off. I think that’s important, I think that’s newsworthy. Let me tell you how newsworthy I think it is. I think that it’s more important than chocolate cake recipes and far more important than comic book reviews. It is more important than who fell and whose swell at the winter Olympic games.

It is far more important than any self-serving load of crap banged out by Pseudo doctor Amy. It is more important than American Idol or Lost or any other mindless goat droppings the public chooses to chew on. This is some American mother’s son, her little boy, he may be gay or straight or transgender but his life is fucked forever.

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Our Special Brand of “Democracy” in Iraq

by Scott Creighton

499 potential candidates have been striken from the ballots for the upcoming March 7th “elections” in Iraq. Why? Because they were alledged to have ties to the now defunct and illegal Baath Party. You see, the Baath Party was primarily a socialist political organization and having them around in positions of power wouldn’t be helpful to those who intended to impose a vast neoliberal restructuring of the Iraqi economy in the wake of our illegal invasion and occupation. So basically, they made being a “socialist’ illegal in Iraq and they are removing certain candidates from the election rolls who’s fiscal ideology isn’t in line with that of the neoliberal globalists here in America.

Come March 7th, the people of Iraq will be allowed to chose between one corrupt neoliberal globalist politician or the other corrupt neoliberal globalist politician. Kinda like the choice given to the people of Honduras after the illegal coup got their populist president out of the way (supported by the Obama administration in at least 10 clear ways)and kinda like the choice we had here in America back in November of 2008.

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The Eight Year Plan: Part 1

by Scott Creighton( reposted from June 19th 2008)

I would like you to think about this objectively; not as an American or a Republican or a veteran. Just look at the sequence of events over the past 7 1/2 years, the full term of the Bush Administration, as one would review any long term business model performance report. I want you to look at it and I want you to think about the term “savage capitalism“.

Think in terms of criminal investigations; of motive and opportunity. Right now you see part of the picture but I want us to look at it all like you would a business plan; with an unflinching indifference to “party” or nation. Just to look at the evidence as if you were a reporter, unaffected by by who owns the paper.

If the media won’t tell us these things, we are forced to tell each other, before they are lost to the revisionists history.

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9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Iran, and Pakistan; The Vulcan’s Path to The Caspian Sea Basin

by Scott Creighton (reposted from Aug. 10th 2008)

One of the first things this administration did was meet with Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force in early 2001. Those meetings were kept secret and they have refused to disclose who was actually there, and what was discussed. We all know that.

The Washington Post reported on November 15, 2005 that it had obtained documents detailing how executives from major oil corporations, including Exxon-Mobil Corp., Conoco, Royal Dutch Shell Oil Corp., and the American subsidiary of British Petroleum met with Energy Task Force participants while they were developing national energy policy.Wiki

One thing MOST don’t know, is that Ted Olsen defended the Vice President’s office in keeping these meetings secret before the Supreme Court. Olsen ALSO represented this administration in their bid to stop the recount in Florida, thus putting this administration in the White House. AND, his wife was on one of the planes during 9/11, and is the only one on record (according to Ted Olsen, since it was really HIS testimony ABOUT the phone calls (that the FBI in the case against the “20th hijacker” said didn’t happen) from Barbara that established the whole “box-cutters” theme.

Curious isn’t it? How ONE man is so intertwined in the whole story line.

What don’t we know?

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Biden warns of ‘hard road ahead’ as he visits Iraq (… as Iraqi civilians burn U.S. Flags)

by A. MacMillan, Yahoo News

"Iraq's future belongs to those who are working to rebuild it (Halliburton & KBR?)" Joe Biden

"Iraq's future belongs to those who are working to rebuild it (Halliburton & KBR?)" Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden on Friday warned Iraqi officials that Washington would politically disengage if sectarian and ethnic strife resumed as he warned of a “hard road ahead”.

“The president (Barack Obama) and I appreciate that Iraq has traveled a great distance over the past year but there is a hard road ahead if Iraq is going to find lasting peace and stability. It’s not over yet,” he said after talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nur al-Maliki.

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Colbert’s Iraq War Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

It's a Wonderful Occupation!

It's a Wonderful Occupation!

It’s a “happy,happy, joy,joy” war for Stephen Colbert now that Obama’s in charge.

This week he is staging his show in Iraq; entertaining the troops and generally making them feel better about a bad situation. Gotta give him credit for that. But unfortunately, that isn’t why he’s doing it.

Team DLC Obama™ Brand has taken a lot of flak from the (“extremist”) left for his continuation of the illegal occupation of Iraq.

So in order to “normalize” the extended occupation in the minds of the “progressives”, off goes Stephen Colbert (one of their most respected critics of the previous administration and a current cheerleader for the new one) to “yuck it up” with the troops and various generals “in the field”. This way, they can promote the opinions of the “generals on the ground” the way that Bush used to do, directly to the staunchest critics of the war.

We’re not quite ready to declare victory,” he said. “Things are moving forward but again, it’s about bringing long-term stability.”  Gen. Ray Odierno

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Hold Your Applause

by Chris Hedges, Truthdig

FISHHeCares1000Did they play Barack Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in the prison corridors of Abu Ghraib, Bagram air base, Guantanamo or the dozens of secret sites where we hold thousands of Muslims around the world? Did it echo off the walls of the crowded morgues filled with the mutilated bodies of the Muslim dead in Baghdad or Kabul? Was it broadcast from the tops of minarets in the villages and towns decimated by U.S. iron fragmentation bombs? Was it heard in the squalid refugee camps of Gaza, where 1.5 million Palestinians live in the world’s largest ghetto?

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Jeremy Scahill: “Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama”

(Go watch the video of the Democracy Now interview, here. It’s very good stuff…)

“Jeremy Scahill reports the Obama administration is continuing to use a notorious military police unit at Guantanamo that regularly brutalizes unarmed prisoners, including gang-beating them, breaking their bones, gouging their eyes and dousing them with chemicals. This force, officially known as the Immediate Reaction Force, has been labeled the “Extreme Repression Force” by Guantanamo prisoners, and human rights lawyers call their actions illegal. [includes rush transcript]”  Democracy Now

“But what we see at every turn is the Obama administration, backed up by the Wall Street Journal editorial board, backed up by the neoconservatives, backed up by the hawkish Republicans, on one side, and then the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and social justice and antiwar activists and human rights advocates, on the other side. This is a sad reality in America today, where you have a president that campaigned on a change that we can believe in continuing the most repressive policies of the Bush administration.”  J. Scahill

Hillary Clinton Says that the Recent Bombings in Iraq, Killing of Hundreds of Civilians, Shows that Iraq is “going in the right direction…”

by Scott Creighton

Since the economic policy was extremely unpopular among the most numerous of the population, it had to be implemented by force.”  Archdiocese of San Paulo

There was a time when at least half of our government was sane. I can remember it. Kinda.

Shillin' for the Friedman FreeMarket Agenda

Shillin' for the Friedman FreeMarket Agenda

In the wake of a 148 dead Iraqi civilians from just two days and two bombings, in comes our new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to make the following statements that kinda reminds me of Charlton Heston’s little “cold, dead, hands” speech he gave after Columbine;

I think that these suicide bombings … are unfortunately, in a tragic way, a signal that the rejectionists fear that Iraq is going in the right direction,”

but I really believe Iraq as a whole is on the right track,” she said, citing “overwhelming evidence” of “really impressive” progress.”   MSNBC

The term “rejectionists” is a new one for me;  I haven’t heard that one used as of yet to describe the people of Iraq who suffered the “Shock and Awe” of Bush’s bombings or 50% unemployment ever since. Yes, what we once called “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan are now “rejectionists” in Iraq.

I suppose it all depends on which side of the globalist agenda you happen to be standing on. And we all know what side Hillary and her Walmart buddies take.

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