Millions Bid Farewell to Chavez in Venezuela (photos)

by Scott Creighton

While disinformation stooges like Alex Jones are out in numbers making ridiculously stupid claims like “Driving a Toyota is a death wish in Venezuela”, or babbling about how the people of Venezuela hated and feared the “dictator”,  the reality, as is often the case when it comes to the MSM and so-called “alternative” press in this country, is VASTLY different.

Venezuelans mourn. Chavismo lives! Bolivarianism is institutionalized. Venezuelans expect no less. They want no part of their ugly past. They’ll put their bodies on the line to prevent it. They did before. They’ll do it again. Bolivarianism is policy. It’s vital to preserve.

It’s the polar opposite of neoliberal harshness.” Stephen Lendman

Below are some photos of the funeral of Hugo Chavez. The last president who would get a turnout like this was JFK and they killed him because he was turning slightly socialist as well. Lotta love for that “billionaire” “dictator” huh? Funny thing is, they describe this guy like Ben Ali or Mubarak or Saleh of Yemen and last time I checked, the ONLY time I saw crowds like these for them, they were attacking their regimes in an effort to get them out or kill them. Those are real billionaire dictators. Can you tell the difference?

Funny how that works, ain’t it? Reality vs fictitious propaganda. Not so hard to tell the difference when you just open your eyes a bit.

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Israel Firster Ros-Lehtinen Parrots Libertarian/Neoliberal anti-Chavez Propaganda

Take a look at this crap from Israel Firster Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. It’s every fucking anti-Chavez anti-social democracy lie there is all rolled into one hate-filled warmongering screed. This is the state of American politics these days and the libertarian “alternative” folks are all saying pretty much the same thing. I put this up not to be mean, just to show our libertarian minded readers (what few are left) where their mindset comes from.

enjoy    ಠ_ಠ

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Greg Palast’s “The Assassination of Hugo Chavez”

by Scott Creighton

In 2002 after a CIA and Bush White House backed coup, they loaded the democratically elected Hugo Chavez on a helicopter and flew him out over the ocean while the head of the local Chamber of Commerce was sworn in as the new “president’ amid the polite but enthusiastic applause of many Venezuelan businessmen. It was all over an increase in the royalties the big oil companies were going to have to pay the people of Venezuela for taking the oil that belonged to them. Prior to the hydrocarbon law of 2001, they had only been paying back a mere 1%. That was increased to 16.5% cutting Big Oil’s share from 85% to 70. They planned to overthrow him and kill him for a mere 15%… that was the price of the demolition of democracy in 2002. The Big Oil linked “president” from the Chamber of Commerce lasted a day and during that time he disbanded the National Assembly and the Supreme Court (yes folks, there are such things in the “communist dictatorship” of Venezuela). Chavez had seen this coming though and while a march of a million Venezuelans approached and surrounded the presidential palace where the businessmen were plotting their Shah-like dictatorship (perhaps Pinochet is a better reference?), the people and a band of loyal commandos breached the security of the palace and basically told the future dictator and one-day “president” “Bring back Hugo or die. It’s that simple”. Without their buddies in the CIA or drones close at hand, the coup leaders agreed and put in a call to the helicopter with the legitimate president on it, and then they were arrested.

In 2005 Pat Robertson said the following regarding the events:

“Hugo Chavez thinks we’re trying to assassinate him. I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.” “This is a dangerous enemy to our South controlling a huge pool of oil.” “We don’t need another $200 billion war….It’s a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with.” Holy-man Pat Robertson

The following is a documentary made about that incident by Greg Palast some time ago. It is still relevant today. An interesting part of the history of the social revolution in Venezuela that you won’t see on the MSM or their fake “alternative” sites like Prison Planet.


Chavez ‘demonization will grow in US’ even after death

(like I do, Pepe fears a CIA / State Department backed coup in Venezuela after the monied interests in the United States fail to forge a rigged election in 30 days. He speaks of how the neoliberal press (which includes Natural News and Prison Planet) will continue to demonize Chevez and the idea of social democracies)

Interview with Pepe Escobar on Russia Today

American President Barak Obama says the death of Venezuela’s iconic leader Hugo Chavez opens ‘a new chapter in the country’s history’. This means Chavez will continue to be demonized in the US, believes investigative journalist Pepe Escobar.

The charismatic leader suffered a number of health complications after returning from his latest round of treatment in Cuba.

The real cause of his death is still to be discovered says Pepe Escobar, an investigative journalist and Asia Times Correspondent covering Latin America, who doesn’t exclude the possibility of an American hand.

He fears a coup after the presidential election next month.

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Venezuela’s Real Division Over Who Benefits from Oil Wealth

They talk about aspects of this that I have already written about, namely the MSM playing up the “bitterly divided” storyline following Chavez’ death. Unfortunately they fail to see it as building the pretext for the pending Syrian style “revolution” that they KNOW they will NEED in order to remake Venezuela in the neoliberal model they so desperately crave. It’s overall a good interview in spite of that minor miss.

One aspect they do bring up is the fact that Venezuela is a lynchpin in the Latin American revolution taking place and I am sure that the Milton Friedman/ Kennedy School globalists cannot allow this “opportunity” to slip by without making a play for the brass ring. With Columbia in their pockets right next door it seems perfectly set up for another Contras or Free Syrian Army exercise if it comes down to that. And once you consider the think tanks like AEI are already making waves about doing it, it may be a foregone conclusion that Venezuela will become the next Syria project.


In the Wake Chavez’ Death, the Oligarchs and Traitors of Venezuela Want to “Go Home’ To “Their County”

by Scott Creighton

The New York Times is doing what the New York Times does: catering to the fascist financial aristocracy of the U.S., Tel Aviv and London.

“A few miles away at Arepa 1, a similar group gathered outside and inside, cheering the news on television while chomping on arepas, Venezuela’s staple corn meal patties, and sipped Frescolita. They spoke of rebuilding Venezuela, maybe not now but soon.” New World Order Times

They are running with an “emotional story” about how the Venezuelan ex-pats living in Doral, Fl. are dancing around and celebrating the death of one of Venezuela’s most courageous and admired leaders, Hugo Chavez. These are the same kinds of people as the Cuban oligarchs who fled to Miami after they decided to run from a more economically just Cuba was being created. From their little seat of power in Miami, these Cuban fascists sat back and plotted and planned the destabilization of Castro’s Cuba at all costs. They ran teams of terrorists out of the college down there, targeting infrastructure and civilians alike. Anything they could do to upset the nation and keep it from thriving.

What they did was basically run away like Ayn Rand suggests in Atlas Shrugged. The problem was, the country didn’t fall apart without them. Instead, it thrived. Same thing happened in Venezuela when their entrenched oligarchs ran for Florida. Now they are dancing around hoping it will all return to the good old days when they can zip back over to a real dictatorship run by a U.S. business interest and their CIA trained deathsquads. Oh, the Good Old Days! Profits abound for the John Gaults of this world.

All it will take is a year or so of yet another Latin American destabilization campaign.

Someone call John Negroponte! You could probably find him in Doral Florida last night dancing in the streets.

Someone call Jon Stewart’s personal friend Maziar Bahari the agent provocateur of the color revolutions! He can run down there and start pretending like it’s a Raspberry Revolution or something!

Someone call the Nazi’s son… what was his name?… oh yeah… George H. W. Bush. He can float down there and set up another Zapata Oil rig and pump weapons and munitions to the New Contras!

And don’t forget to call those All American Heroes John Poindexter and Ollie North! They can set up another ARMS FOR HEROIN deal through Israel so all that DEMOCRACY can be brought to the people of Venezuela!

Come on New York Times! Get to work. Who the f*ck do you think  you work for anyway?! The oligarchs and traitors of Venezuela are ready to rush back into “their” country and loot and pillage the fruits of the labor of all those who stayed and made their country a better place. All it will take is a little bit of propaganda from you and some of the terrorists from Syria. Let’s get too it!

Latin America’sTop anti-Imperialist Leaders Fall Ill with Same Disease at Same Time?

“I don’t know but… it is very odd that we have seen Lugo affected by cancer, Dilma when she was a candidate, me, going into an election year, not long ago Lula and now Cristina… It is very hard to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some leaders in Latin America. It’s at the very least strange, very strange.” Hugo Chavez

How did it happen that six leaders of Latin American countries which had criticized US policies and tried to create an influential alliance in order to be independent and sovereign states, fell ill simultaneously with the same disease?” Russian Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov told Russian state television

“Strange indeed… so strange that if you think Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Paraguayan Fernando Lugo, and former Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – Latin America’s top anti-US empire leaders – all just happened to contract cancer around the same time by sheer chance, you must be some kind of crazy coincidence theorist.” Kevin Barrett


Putin Hails Chavez as ‘Strong’ Leader

from Ria Novosti

World leaders have been reacting to the death of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, the populist figurehead of Latin American socialism whose larger-than-life personality split both international and domestic opinion, with Russian President Vladimir Putin among those praising his legacy.

“He was an unorthodox and strong person, who looked to the future and always set himself the highest standards,” Putin said in a Kremlin message of condolence after Chavez’s death on Tuesday following a prolonged battle with cancer.

Putin added he was confident the Venezuelan people would be able to overcome what he called the “test” presented by Chavez’s death and continue to build a “strong, independent and prosperous” nation.

Ties between Russia and Venezuela flourished under Chavez, whose 14-year-rule brought Moscow a number of lucrative arms deals and a close ally in South America.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Chavez had devoted his life to the battle for “justice and equality.”

“We share the pain of your loss – we will always remember this wonderful person, patriot and citizen,” he said in a message of condolence to the Venezulean people.

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Hugo Chávez Kept His Promise to the People of Venezuela

by Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Common Dreams

He wrote, he read, and mostly he spoke. Hugo Chávez, whose death has been announced, was devoted to the word. He spoke publicly an average of 40 hours per week. As president, he didn’t hold regular cabinet meetings; he’d bring the many to a weekly meeting, broadcast live on radio and television. Aló, Presidente, the program in which policies were outlined and discussed, had no time limits, no script and no teleprompter. One session included an open discussion of healthcare in the slums of Caracas, rap, a self-critical examination of Venezuelans being accustomed to the politics of oil money and expecting the president to be a magician, a friendly exchange with a delegation from Nicaragua and a less friendly one with a foreign journalist.

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Fuck Alex Jones, the Fascist Fat Pig of a Hasbara Megaphony

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Fuck Mike Adams as well. They might as well be working for the neo-con American Enterprise Institute.. hell, since they hire Stratfor agents and promote all the same agendas as the globalists they pretend to hate, they probably are.

“Hugo Chavez is dead, leaving one less control freak tyrant desecrating our planet, but one more empty seat of corruption and power to be filled. Chavez died of cancer, we are told, but the cancer of his left-leaning philosophies continues to disease our world, even rearing its head in the United States of America where government policies increasingly mirror those of Chavez.” Mike the fascist shill Adams

People like Alex Jones and Mike Adams are far-right wing zealots just like their brothers the globalists. They are just a different brand of the same poison. Tarpley was right on that one.


Alex Jones’ fascist roots are showing.. again. Yes, libertarians, it’s really neoliberal fascism. Get used to it.

In the wake of the passing of Hugo Chavez, fascist Jones comes out with the statement, “It’s official…another Communist strongman is dead.” he goes on to quote a literal Nazi who according to Jones wasn’t convicted at Nuremberg, there’s a ringing testimony, claiming that it’s comforting “when the devil puts his arms around you”. Jones says “just because Chavez is nice to you, just because Fidel is nice to you…”

Chavez and Fidel Castro as “the devil”? Fuck Alex Jones and his Stratfor employees. Fuck him and his love for all things Israel. Fuck his fake “truther” message and his Cracked Out With Charlie Sheen segments. Fuck him and his phony rants on national television making real activist look crazy by association. Fuck him and his Walmart pyramid scheme Tangy Tangerine deals. Fuck him and his conniving deceitful ways. And fuck him for selling out the truth all this time.

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The Vile Vultures of the Washington Consensus Can’t Wait to Pick Hugo’s Bones Clean – President Chavez is Dead.

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The comments being left on some of the articles dealing with this are vile to say the least. See some I have copied at the end of the article.


As the civilized world grieves, the American Ghoul Class kicks into high gear frothing at the mouth and chomping at the bit to get into a thriving social democracy and  chop it up for the bankers, Bechtel and Walmart. An entire nation of potential new slaves just waiting for the harvest.

Hugo Chavez is dead.

Used to be when a beloved world leader died, regardless of whether or not we enjoyed civil relations with him or his country, the papers and the politicians in this country would at least act like they had some empathy for the grieving citizens of the racked nation.

They don’t even pretend anymore. Takes too much time, time that could be used flying to the nearest neoliberal country with your Milton Friedman “brick” of economic reforms that you hope to slam on the mourners before they know what hit them.

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Destabilization Campaign Underway in Venezuela? Air Force Attache David Delmonaco Expelled for Plotting Coup

by Scott Creighton

There is a breaking story out of Venezuela right now. Venezuela’s vice president, Nicolas Maduro, is reportedly expelling a U.S. Embassy official Air Force Attache David Delmonaco “for meeting with military officers and planning to destabilize the country”.

In spite of the fact that this kind of thing has happened COUNTLESS times in South and Central America, propaganda outlets like the Huffington Post are reporting it as “an absurd claim“. What else would you expect from the mainstream media?

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Why Regime Change in Libya?

by Ismael Hossein-zadeh, Global Research

… guardians ofthe worldwide market mechanism have always been intolerant of any “undue” government intervention in the economic affairs of any country in the world. “Regimented economies,” declared President Harry Truman in a speech at Baylor University (1947), were the enemy of free enterprise, and “unless we act, and act decisively,” he claimed, those regimented economies would become “the pattern of the next century.” To fend off that danger, Truman urged that “the whole world should adopt the American system.” The system of free enterprise, he went on, “can survive in America only if it becomes a world system


So, the answer to the question “why the imperialist powers want to do away with Gaddafi” has to go beyond oil, or the laughable “humanitarian concerns.” Perhaps the question can be answered best in the light of the following questions: why do these imperialist powers also want to overthrow Hugo Cavez of Venezuela, Fidel Castro (and/or his successors) of Cuba, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Rafael Correa Delgado of Ecuador,Kim Jong-il of North Korea, Bashar Al-assad of Syriaand Evo Morales of Bolivia? Or, why did they overthrow Mohammad Mossadeq of Iran, Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala, Kusno Sukarno of Indonesia, Salvador Allende of Chile, Sandinistas in Nicaragua,Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haitiand Manuel Zelaya in Honduras?

What does Gaddafi have in common with these nationalist/populist leaders? The question is of course rhetorical and the answer is obvious: like them Gaddafi is guilty of insubordination to the proverbial godfather of the world: US imperialism, and its allies. Like them, he has committed the cardinal sin of challenging the unbridled reign of global capital, of not following the economic “guidelines” of the captains of global finance, that is, of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and World Trade Organization; as well as of refusing to join US military alliances in the region. Also like other nationalist/populist leaders, he advocates social safety net (or welfare state) programs—not for giant corporations, as is the case in imperialist countries, but for the people in need.

This means that the criminal agenda of Messrs Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, and their complicit allies to overthrow or kill Mr. Gaddafi and other “insubordinate” proponents of welfare state programs abroad is essentially part of the same evil agenda of dismantling such programs at home. While the form, the context and the means of destruction maybe different, the thrust of the relentless attacks on the living standards of the Libyan, Iranian, Venezuelan or Cuban peoples are essentially the same as the equally brutal attacks on the living conditions of the poor and working people in the US, UK, France and other degenerate capitalist countries. In a subtle (but unmistakable) way they are all part of an ongoing unilateralclass warfare on a global scale—whether they are carried out by military means and bombardments, or through the apparently “non-violent” processes of judicial or legislative means does not make a substantial difference as far as the nature or the thrust of the attack on people’s lives orlivelihoods are concerned.

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The Fake Color Revolution is Back in Iran – Globalist Destabilization Efforts Under Cover of Egypt’s Real Revolution

by Scott Creighton

In every crisis, real or manufactured, there is… opportunity.

Contrary to Julian Assange’s assessment, the current wave of pro-democracy movements in the Middle East (recently called a “virus” by John McCain) was not created by the CIA honeypot called Wikileaks. Nor, as the one-time Lyndon LaRouche follower Webster Tarpley has put it, was it all a CIA destabilization plan. There are causes that track back to the United States, English banks, and Wall Street which mainly deal with accelerating food prices due to rampant speculation, a global wave of unemployment due to a planned demolition of the global economy, and the despotic dictatorial rule by U.S. and British friendly puppet regimes, so yes, you can trace the roots of these outbreaks back to the global interests the CIA serves.

But these uprisings are mainly in countries that already serve our “national interests” ie our banks and multi-national corporations and many of them are critically important to ongoing venture capital programs like Egypt (Suez Canal) and Yemen (Hunt Oil Pipeline) for starters.

So why lite those fires when the outcome is uncertain at best?

C.I.A. destabilization plans are used in countries that are not already friendly to our interests (see above) such as Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and of course… Iran.  The differences between the real revolutions and the fake ones are very important. We cannot forget.

the struggle against power “is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” Milan Kundera

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Setting the Record Straight on Venezuela and Hugo Chavez

by Eva Golinger, Global Research

With so much misinformation circulating in different media outlets around the world about Venezuela and President Hugo Chavez, it’s time to set the record straight. Venezuela is not a dictatorship and President Chavez is no dictator. Just last evening the Venezuelan head of state participated in a meeting with a group of housing activists, who not only criticized – live on television – government policies and inaction on tenant and housing issues, but also proposed laws, regulations and projects that were received with open arms by Chavez himself. And last week, the Venezuelan President vetoed a law on higher education that had been approved by the prior year’s majority pro-Chavez legislature, calling for more “open and wide” debate on the subject, to include critics and those who had protested the bill. That is not the behavior of a brutal dictator.

 As someone who has been living on and off in Venezuela for over 17 years, I can testify to the extraordinary transformation the country has undertaken during the past decade since Chavez first was elected in 1998. He has been reelected by landslide majorities twice since then.

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