Hagel Demands Fake Elections in Thailand NOW! (not return of elected government)

by Scott Creighton

The fascist neoliberal state of the “Shining City on the Hill” loves fake elections. Loves ‘em. Real elections suck. They learned that lesson in Chile and Palestine… and Egypt and Thailand and Russia…

Fake elections provide the outward appearance of “democracy” if you don’t look too close, while simultaneously providing that all too important “stability” our “national interests” demand.

Take for example the recent ‘election” in the Ukraine which was brought about after a violent coup of U.S. state department backed neo-Nazis.

Take for example the recent “election” in Egypt, brought about by an even more brutal and violent military junta, backed by the state departments as well.

Does anyone here remember the one candidate “election” held in Yemen after popular uprising force our puppet dictator out of office? U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton congratulated the people of Yemen “on today’s successful presidential election

Heck, we threw a couple fake elections over on this side of the pond, right here in our own “homeland” not that long ago. 2000? 2004? Help America Vote Act? Diebold? Supreme Court? Fake protesters in Florida? Ring any bells?

And just look at all that “freedom” those fake elections brought us.

Well today, our glorious leaders are calling for snap “elections” in Thailand in order to bring about a “return to democracy”

Now, notice, they aren’t telling the illegal junta to step down and return the country to the hands of the previous ELECTED government. Oh no. That won’t do.

What kind of ass-backwards regime change would that be?

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New Anti-Muslim Psyop Rolling Out: “Innocence of Muslims” Is the Dumbest Yet

by Scott Creighton

“Innocence of Muslims” Psyop is About Crushing Libya’s Growing Green Revolution

“Innocence of Muslims” Psyop Fixes Underway

UPDATE 3: Ahhhhhhhhh……. check this out:

Though Bacile was apologetic about the American who was killed as a result of the outrage over his film, he blamed lax embassy security and the perpetrators of the violence.

I feel the security system (at the embassies) is no good,” said Bacile. “America should do something to change it.” Fox News

I wonder if any of those “100 Jewish donors” happen to own stock in security systems. Isn’t Israel a big player in the international security systems market?

UPDATE 2: According to reports, Sam Bacile is in hiding. They claim he is hiding from those angry Muslims but I doubt that. After all, Clinton’s phony Muslim militias can’t get Visas to enter the United States.  More than likely he’s hiding from those “100 Jewish investors” he keeps talking about who gave him “$5 million dollars” to make that crappy 13 minute hack-job of a film student’s freshman project. My guess is, they hadn’t seen the laughable bullshit their 5 million dollars paid for which makes them look worse than the Muslims portrayed in the “film”

UPDATE: Neocon warmonger Charles Krauthammer comes right out with the hate-mongering line right off the bat. It’s funny, as he’s spewing his anti-Muslim rhetoric, claiming his undying hatred of al Qaeda (except when they are fighting on our side in Syria and Libya and Yugoslavia), he actually makes the claim that “the ultimate sacred principle of democracy is protecting embassies abroad.” Really? His version of “democracy” sounds a lot like imperialism. I thought it would have something to do with defending the constitution. But I guess I’m stuck in pre-9/11 thinking.


Innocence of Muslims 13 minute untitled video at the end of the article…

In Egypt and Libya, protests have broken out over the last two days. Supposedly these protests are over a movie put out by a Israeli American real estate broker, Sam Bacile, who claims he took in 5 million dollars from a 100 Jewish contributors to make the “movie” Innocence of Muslims. All that has been seen of this film is a 13 minute “trailer” (who makes a 13 minute trailer that doesn’t even include the title of the film?)

What is being presented as the film that angered two nations is hacked up and dubbed over. It looks like a film school project that Bacile found and hacked up himself to show his contributors something before they sued him for wasting their money. Either that or it was dragged out and gracelessly retooled for this purpose.

Whatever it is, any real Muslim looking at this thing would simply laugh at the stupidity and the obvious propaganda of it. Hell, they might even feel sorry for the talentless hack who made it and the wannabe actors who suffered through it. They damn sure wouldn’t riot over amateur crap like this. So, who’s over there pretending to riot and why are they really doing it?

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How propagandists function: Exhibit A

by Glenn Greenwald, Salon

Jeffrey Goldberg, in the new cover story in The Atlantic, on an Israeli attack on Iran:

Israel has twice before successfully attacked and destroyed an enemy’s nuclear program. In 1981, Israeli warplanes bombed the Iraqi reactor at Osirak, halting — forever, as it turned out — Saddam Hussein’s nuclear ambitions; and in 2007, Israeli planes destroyed a North Korean-built reactor in Syria.  An attack on Iran, then, would be unprecedented only in scope and complexity.

Good news!  Israel can successfully end a country’s nuclear program by bombing them, as proven by its 1981 attack on Iraq, which, says Goldberg, halted “forever, as it turned out — Saddam Hussein’s nuclear ambitions.”

Jeffrey Goldberg, The New Yorker, 2002, trying to convince Americans to fear Iraq:

Saddam Hussein never gave up his hope of turning Iraq into a nuclear power. After the Osirak attack, he rebuilt, redoubled his efforts, and dispersed his facilities. Those who have followed Saddam’s progress believe that no single strike today would eradicate his nuclear program.

 When it suited him back then, Goldberg made the exact opposite claim, literally, of the one he makes today.  Back then, Goldberg wouldn’t possibly claim what he claims now — that the 1981 strike permanently halted Saddam’s “nuclear ambitions” — because, back then, his goal was to scare Americans about The Threat of Saddam.  So in 2002, Goldberg warned Americans that Saddam had “redoubled” his efforts to turn Iraq into a nuclear power after the Israeli attack, i.e.that Saddam had a scarier nuclear program than ever before after the 1981 bombing raid.  But now, Goldberg has a different goal:  to convince Americans of the efficacy of bombing Iran, and thus, without batting an eye, he simply asserts the exact opposite factual premise:  that the Israelis successfully and permanently ended Saddam’s nuclear ambition back in 1981 by bombing it out of existence (and, therefore, we can do something similar now to Iran).

This is what a propagandist, by definition, does:  asserts any claim as fact in service of a concealed agenda without the slightest concern for whether it’s true. 

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Pamela Geller: ‘Hitler Inspired by Islam’

If you are like me and you like to watch “stupid” in action, take a look at Pamela Geller of Stop the Islamization of America. This is blind, abject hate; pure and simple. But what Geller is doing, is marketing a product; hate. she uses 9/11, demonizes an entire religion and she does it all, like Rudy Giuliani did, just to put money in her pockets.

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Afghan Bling! There’s gold in them thar hills!

Justin Raimondo hits the nail right on the head in his recent article about the mineral deposits “found” in Afghanistan. Yes, the recent New York Times article is propaganda but not the sort you might think.

… Afghanistan, says an internal Pentagon memo, could become “the Saudi Arabia of lithium” – a prospect that, if the Saudi kleptocracy is replicated on Afghan terrain, bodes ill for the people of that country. Given the truth of this alleged discovery – one that is by no means a new one, by the way – such an outcome certainly seems all too likely. A look [.pdf] at Afghanistan’s mining laws – coincidentally just recently formulated and passed – confirms this suspicion:

“Article 4: Ownership of Minerals

“(1) All naturally occurring Minerals and all Artificial Deposits of Minerals on surface or subsurface of the territory of Afghanistan or in its water courses (rivers and streams) are the exclusive property of the State.

“(2) Mineral operations shall be conducted in Afghanistan by the State. A Person can also carry out mining operations by obtaining a License or Authorization in accordance with the provisions of this Law.”

This is a perfect set-up for corruption. Licenses are granted by the Afghan Ministry of Mines, formerly headed up by Muhammad Ibrahim Adel, who was dumped by the Karzai regime after being accused by the US of accepting a $30 million bribe from the Chinese for a copper mining franchise. His crime, of course, was that he accepted a bribe from the wrong people: his successor won’t make the same mistake.

A crude analysis of the above-cited mining laws would characterize them as “socialist,” but this really qualifies as corporatism: government for the benefit of certain politically-connected corporations, i.e. the same sort of crony capitalism that currently characterizes the US economy. We’re exporting our system around the world…

[read the rest of Justin's article on AntiWar, here]

We will never leave Afghanistan, nor will we ever leave Iraq because the corporations that we took over those countries for are now installed and they will always need protection FROM the people.

Is the US Media Leading America into Another War?; America’s Armed Forces are “Embedded in the Media”

by Robert Bridge, Global Research

In the past, war reporters bravely followed soldiers into the jaws of war. Today, it looks like the soldiers are embedded in the media instead, simply going along for the story.

This article asks a simple question that unfortunately has no simple answer: “Where should media publications draw the line when it comes to using ‘anonymous sources’ to substantiate their news reports, especially ones that risk skewing public opinion in favor of yet another disastrous war?”

The bitter lesson that the American people thought they had learned from the War in Iraq was that it is essential to question, question and question again the information that our politicians and media organizations feed us before we jump headlong into yet another war. Never again, we shouted in practically one voice, would we allow our leaders to loll us to sleep with scare tactics as they sow the seeds for yet another costly military campaign. But that was yesterday, and the public memory is a notoriously short one. Thus, the nightmare of war is happening all over again.

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Jeremy Scahill’s True Colors Bleeding Through (or “Poo On Fire”)

by Scott Creighton

(***UPDATE*** True to my word, the pictorial I call “Ode to Liberal Fraud” is now posted at the end of this article. Years in the making (ok… about 10 minutes) and at a cost of thousands of dollars (ok… it didn’t cost anything), the final work is completed at great personal risk (ok… I got poo on my hand) … art critics, be kind… I’m so vulnerable.)

Jeremy Scahill’s role as propagandist for the “left” is becoming clearer by the day.

In a short little offering of pro-war campaign copy he cobbled together for The Nation magazine, “anti-Empire” reporter Jeremy Scahill is able to defend the use of drones, reduce the number of civilians they have killed, and help promote the falsehood about the Pakistan Taliban attacking us in New York (and therefore generate support for the Clinton/Obama desire to “surge” into Pakistan) … all in one shot, in just a few paragraphs.  Karl Rove, eat your heart out.

Now I am not saying it isn’t ham-handed and obvious propaganda, but Scahill gets the job done quickly, in few words, so he can get back to pimping his book tour or picking out his new Green Zone dwelling, where-ever that may be.

You know, I might not have been completely convinced that Scahill was a globalist’s tool until I read this little gem. But now, there is no question. And he is still a douche bag.

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From “Car Fire” To Foiled Homegrown Terrorism: MSNBC Changes Their Story on the Green SUV Once the Politicians Got Involved

by Scott Creighton    

Detonator? What detonator?

***UPDATE 4*** –  On MSNBC’s Today Show, the talking heads said there was  a “detonator” in the SUV.  They said that even though they showed the official contents of the SUV as reported by the NYPD official, and no detonator was listed…  

The guest on the show just goes on and on about all the horror that COULD have happened… but he doesn’t understand why the bomb didn’t go off… (maybe “the smoke defused it”) 

***UPDATE 3*** IT’S JUST SO FUCKING STUPID!!! I CAN”T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!  Here is the story as it was related by a CNN “reporter” on their “news” show a little while ago… follow along now… this is good…  

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Educating Jon

by Scott Creighton

Absent the naive expectation of any meaningful catharsis on the part of Jon Stewart (after all “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding itUpton Sinclair), the ambition of the following revelations rests primarily in the “hearts and minds” of his audience.  Make no mistake about it, whether by absence of conscious or by sloppy investigational practices (both equally inexcusable), Jon Stewart is peddling neoconservative propaganda disguised as “insightful liberal comedy” and the intended outcome of that propaganda, quite simply, is to create an atmosphere in Progressive America conducive to actions resulting in dire consequences to people all over the world. There will be blood.

Without my having to resort to breathless hyperbole (again), simply allow me to say that in these difficult and dangerous times, Jon Stewart’s cavalier attitude about the deliberately misleading and  inaccurate messages he gives to his audience is so remarkably hypocritical that any self-respecting liberal must either publicly call him to account for his recent behavior, or simply leave him to rot in his own cesspool of deceit. And as his Nielsen ratings drop because his progressive audience has grown tired of hearing his neocon talking points glibly regurgitated and as his network, Comedy Central (Viacom), begins to consider less prominent roles for Stewart in their organization, it is reasonable to expect an entirely new production direction to be laid out for the Daily Show (a “retooling” if you will), complete with a drastically improved vetting process by their writing staff minus the Karl Rovian talking points circa 2003. 

The “market” is a terrible and powerful thing and understanding its nature can be quite useful.

In the ‘news” business and the “fake news” business alike (aren’t both “fake” anyway?), the key to sustainable marketability and ratings points/share growth is credibility. Without it, you have nothing. Without credibility you have no “trust” and without “trust” you have declining market share (Just ask Goldman Sachs what stock value they place in “trust” as they squirm and wiggle from one congressional committee investigation to the next).  It is that declining market share which will ultimately facilitate the title of this article. It is not within this writer’s limited purview to compel one such as Jon Stewart to forgo his darker vocation, but it is well within yours.

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Jon Stewart and MEMRI TV: After years of exposing neocon propaganda, Jon Stewart is now reporting it as “news”

by Scott Creighton

The more I learn about Jon Stewart, the more detestable he becomes. After years of exposing neocon propaganda, Jon Stewart is now reporting it as “news” to his liberal audience.

In the comment section of an article I wrote about Jon Stewart having multiple Bush adminstration neocons on his show to help them remake their reputations and sell their books to make more money, a reader mentioned Jon running with a story a couple of months ago about all those “evil Hamas” children’s shows. You know the ones.  The story is that Hamas (described quickly by Jon Stewart as “the terrorist organization in Gaza”…. actually it’s a political party that won and election in 2005 or 2006) makes all these horrific cartoons to teach the kids in Gaza how to be evil and antisemitic (I guess that explains why the IDF had to kill so many of ‘em during Operation Cast Lead).

I decided to look the video up and I found it is even worse than I could have imagined.

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More Hypocricy from Jon Stewart Regarding “PsyOp Muslim” Skit and Why are All the Bush Era Neocons Selling Their Books on His Show

by Scott Creighton

This weekend we have been discussing the growing probability of the site Revolution Muslim being a front operation created to foster resentment toward the Muslim community in general. We have addressed the fact that Jon Stewart should have known better or at least done a little research before running with his “Go Fuck Yourselves!” segment targeting what he call the “”radical Muslims” who threatened the creators of South Park.  If he had done that he would have found out that the threat was more implied than anything else and that the police commissioner of New York had already stated that no crime was committed. He would have also figured out pretty easily that this group in particular has a rather suspicious background, all the “Muslims” being converts, at least one of them possibly being associated with the CIA, and one of them was actually a orthodox rabbinical student who lived for a time as a settler in the West Bank. 

With just a little research Jon Stewart would probably have come to the conclusion that a more accurate name for Revolution Muslim would be “PsyOp Muslim”.  And what’s up with all the neocon criminals from the Bush administration going on Jon’s show to yukitup and sell their books?  Shouldn’t these liars and war criminals be in jail or at least blacklisted on “progressives” shows rather than being allowed a forum to remake their images and sell their worthless-drivel, ghost-written books?

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The “Radical” Muslim Group That Threatened South Park Creators Was Founded and Run by Joseph Cohen, a Former Israeli Radical Who Used to Live in a Settlement in the West Bank

by Scott Creighton

***UPDATE*** 9:15pm EST 4-24-2010 – New article with updated information… Revolution Muslim Looks Like a CIA Operation: A New Breed of Mockingbird  


Jon Stewart, go fuck yourself. You’re a propaganda spewing puppet and you’re no better than Glenn Beck.  

2001 South Park Episode "Super Best Friends"

 South Park ran an unedited image of Muhammad in 2001 in an episode called “Super Best Friends“… and nothing happened.   

In fact, the episode had been on the South Park website for viewing at any time for the past few years (they just removed it)… and nothing happened.   

 For 4 seasons they had that image in their opening segment for every single show… and nothing happened.  

So for years on end no Muslim group, “radical” or otherwise, has threatened Matt and Trey or Comedy Central about the image of Muhammad that has been available for all to see every single day. 

All of a sudden last week a group called “Revolution Muslim” threatened violence against Comedy Central if they aired an image of Muhammad which forced Comedy Central to censor the show and now you have even liberals talking about those “radical Muslims” and their threats of violence.  Karl Rove couldn’t have done it any better.

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Come Get Me Glenn

Since, as Paul Joseph Watson points out,  Mr. Beck and Chris Mathews have both decided (and by “decided” I mean “were told”) it’s time to start demonizing 9/11 Truth Advocates in public again, I figured I would rather stand up than stand down. So both of those two guys can go to hell and I am reposting some of my more interesting articles on the subject of what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001. Enjoy.

The Hypocrisy of Rachel Maddow’s Tireless Propaganda (or) Welcome to “News Entertainment Television”

by Scott Creighton

News Entertainment Television

Rachel Maddow (a propagandist for the media arm of a major defense contractor, worldwide insurance conglomerate, and potential global warming profiteer … General Electric) has lit into Glenn Beck (a propagandist for a neocon war-monger, media mogul, and globalist billionaire … Rupert Murdoch) over the recent “Bill Nye the Science Guy’s” appearance on her show where he (a guy who’s Planet Green paycheck is dependent on the continuation of the Global Warming fear mongering that people like Maddow keep pushing) made the stunningly unscientific claim that questioning the status quo thinking on global warming is “unpatriotic”.

In an earlier article I already pointed out how ridiculously unscientific Bill Nye’s pathetic argument was and how Rachel should have provided her audience with a disclaimer about Bill Nye’s current employment at Planet Green. But I guess that would have made it too easy for her audience to understand why Bill was so desperate to come on Rachel’s show with absolutely no scientific information whatsoever. So I won’t go back over that except to say that this is the sum total of what Bill Nye (the “science guy”) brought to the table on Rachel Maddow’s propaganda piece about anthropogenic global warming.

There’s more energy in the atmosphere and this is stirring things up,” Nye said. “If you want to get serious about it, these guys claiming that the snow in Washington disproves climate change are almost unpatriotic 

… To deny what scientists or scientific evidence is showing, is inappropriate. And as I said earlier, to me, when I get wound up, it’s unpatriotic Bill Nye

That’s not really very “scientific” now is it, Rachel?  In fact, that seems kinda “Carl Rovian” if you ask me.  Since when is it “unpatriotic” to question flawed scientific results? Especially when those flawed results are being used to attempt to pass global measures of economic, social, and industrial hegemonic domination?

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Dennis Blair and the Intelligence Agencies Want “New Flexibility” to Detain U.S. Citizens

by Scott Creighton

Much is being made about the “imminent al Qaeda attack” that is supposedly going to happen between now and Aug. I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you. The statement was made in a congressional hearing yesterday by the Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair with the head of the FBI and the CIA sitting next to him. His job is to continue the fear mongering of the mythology of “al Qaeda”. He was just doing that yesterday in order to assure the congressmen that they had cover for the bloated Department of Homeland Security section of Obama’s budget which was submitted just a day before. The scary part is that he was asking for “new flexibility” in how they can detain people in the so-called “war on terror”. Now that is something to worry about.

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