Obama’s FSA Admits to Bombing UN Observer’s Mission While US Public Opinion Shifts

by Scott Creighton

Let’s make this very clear to start with, the Obama administration (or the administration of “President Peace Prize” as I like to call the left cover product Obama) is running a proxy destabilization campaign in Syria which is causing untold harm and suffering to the people of that nation. The intention is to force regime change so that the neo-liberal Obama regime can come in and force their structural reforms (privatization, deregulation, opening up their markets to global interests, privatization of the Central Bank, increased unemployment, decimation of state workers, decimation of labor unions, seizure of mineral wealth for private companies)

Their cowardly and brutal efforts have met with a bit of resistance in the civilized world with 30 nations meeting the other day to work out a better plan to stop the aggression in Syria and to save lives, something that we don’t seem to be interested in these days. They are following the lead set by nations like Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela, India, Pakistan and others who did not vote for the recent one-sided GA resolution in the UN and who have been working to block the imperialist aggression in Syria.

In spite of continued complicity from the globalist media corporations and fake left sites like Democracy Now! for instance, the general world opinion in this matter has shifted heavily in favor of the legitimate Syrian government as the people of the world reject the obvious propaganda being shoveled down their throats daily.

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Syrian Destabilization Campaign: Kronen Zeitung Photoshop Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Obama administration has cleared the way for U.S. NGOs to provide financial and technical support to the marauding terrorist groups in Syria.

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) last week sent the waiver to Brian Sayers, of the Syrian Support Group, which describes itself as “a United States-based non-profit organization committed to supporting the Free Syrian Army.”

“The OFAC decision is huge,” Sayers said. “It gets us the leeway to support the Free Syrian Army in broad terms.”

The Syrian Support Group, according to Sayers, aims to “provide direct support for the FSA, and to stand up the Free Syrian Army as the future Syrian Army,” which “requires both short term things — financial operations, logistics support, communications— but also long-term support: security sector reform, a training doctrine.” AntiWar

Apparently it’s now OK to provide weapons and cash to terrorist organizations just so long as you are an NGO funded by the same corporations that will swoop in and pick the meat off the bones of the Syrian civilization in the aftermath of the pending humanitarian shock and awe.


Remember when the BBC ran a photo taken in Iraq and claimed it was all the little kids killed in the Houla Massacre (which was actually committed by the “Free Syrian Army” by the way)? Remember “Syrian Danny” or the “Gay Girl from Damascus“? Remember those little pro-regime change psyops?

Well, thanks to a head’s up from one of my readers, we have a new bit of disinformation to add to the growing list of efforts made by the international complicit press to demonize the Assad government in Syria. A paper in Austria has taken an image from Homs and Photoshopped a family onto it and now they claim it’s from Aleppo.

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Sryian Destabilization Campaign:”massacre-marketing strategy”

by Scott Creighton

The ongoing destabilization campaign against the government and the people of Syria is escalating. The US is stepping up support while Israel rattles their sabers and Leon Panetta flies over to pay them a visit.

When the international bankers and financial elites want their neoliberal blood sacrifice, the threat of starting WWIII is not an obstacle. After all, who do you think is going to loan out the money for it in the first place?

Jonathan Rosenthal of Asia times writes about a recent development in the German government where they readily admit that armed terrorist groups are aiding US efforts to destabilize Syria by conducting dozens and dozens of terrorists attacks. One longtime war correspondent from Germany described this “massacre-marketing strategy” as being “among the most disgusting things that I have ever experienced in an armed conflict

German intelligence estimates that “around 90″ terror attacks that “can be attributed to organizations that are close to al-Qaeda or jihadist groups” were carried out in Syria between the end of December and the beginning of July, as reported by the German daily Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). This was revealed by the German government in a response to a parliamentary question…

… Writing in Bild, longtime German war correspondent Jurgen Todenhofer accused the rebels of “deliberately killing civilians and then presenting them as victims of the government“. He described this “massacre-marketing strategy” as being “among the most disgusting things that I have ever experienced in an armed conflict“. Todenhofer had recently been to Damascus, where he interviewed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for Germany’s ARD public television.” Johnathan Rosenthal, Asia Times

The “massacre-marketing strategy”? Hmmm…. I wonder how that might equate to Kandahar… Houla… Mexico… or say.. oh, I don’t know… Aurora Colorado?

Is this the beginning of the American destabilization campaign?

Did US Special Forces Murder Syrian Defense Minister Gen. Daoud Rajha?

by Scott Creighton

De Oppresso Liber “To Free the Oppressed.” 7th Special Forces Motto

Yet again, just hours before a critical UN Security Council vote on yet another Syrian resolution (this one put forward by the Brits), a terrorist attack has claimed the lives of several Syrian people as well as high ranking military personnel. Here’s the question: whose fingerprints are all over this cowardly attack?

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Syrian False Flag on the Horizon? Probably

by Scott Creighton

(Don’t expect Amy Goodman to tell you any of this. She’s a lost cause. She is bought and paid for when it comes to supporting Hillary Clinton’s roll in the “7 countries in 5 years” plan. Read Finian Cunningham’s outstanding article confirming what this website and others have been saying for years: Amy… do us and the world a favor… retire. Just yesterday Amy stated that Assad was responsible for the Houla Massacre which has been proven to have been committed by forces associated with the Free Syrian Army. Thanks Amy. Retire Now!)

Amid stories of a new massacre being carried out by the Assad regime (the details of which are changing as we speak) there are truly disturbing rumblings about a growing potential for a false flag event involving chemical weapons taking place in Syria in the near future.

“U.S. officials told The Wall Street Journal Syria is moving chemical weapons out of storage, saying they feared Damascus might use the undeclared stockpiles of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide against anti-regime rebels or civilians, possibly in an ethnic cleansing campaign.” UPI

Though I don’t like to do predictions, I have to say it doesn’t look good for the Syrian people.

Hillary Clinton agrees with me.

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The right to destabilize is singular: A farewell to Max Blumenthal and Hillary’s propagandists

by Scott Creighton

Max Blumenthal has said “enough is enough” and taken his little pen and walked away from his staff position at Al Akhbar English over what he claims is their editorial tolerance of “Assad apologists”. According to Max in an article on his website explaining his decision to leave in a huff (The right to resist is universal: A farewell to Al Akhbar and Assad’s apologists)  “the apologia for Assad and his crimes has reached unbearable levels.”

I once had a great deal of respect for Max Blumenthal. His work on the Palestinian issue has been courageous to say the least. But now I have to say farewell to Max and remove his link from my blogroll. His disingenuous and downright dishonest efforts to prop-up the progressive Assad demonetization train turns my stomach and I will never be able to post a single thing he writes without having to question the man’s integrity.

Yeah, it’s that bad. Max Blumenthal is an outright liar. No one, and I mean NO ONE with his resources and experience in the Middle East could miss the boat so badly on this topic without doing so deliberately unless he was a total and complete idiot. And Max is not an idiot. He is however, the son of Sidney Blumenthal who was a long term adviser to Bill Clinton (during the destabilization of Yugoslavia as coincidence would have it) and then a campaign adviser to Hillary Clinton who expected to serve in her State Department before Rahm Emanuel put his foot down for some reason. Max’s daddy is also reportedly a close friend of Tony Blair. Just thought I would throw that in for good measure.

Yes, Max Blumenthal is a liar. And I will now show you how I came to that conclusion. As to the why, well… you be the judge.

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BBC world news editor: Houla massacre coverage based on opposition propaganda

from WSWS

As quietly as possible, BBC world news editor Jon Williams has admitted that the coverage of last month’s Houla massacre in Syria by the world’s media and his own employers was a compendium of lies.

Datelined 16:23, June 7, Williams chose a personal blog to make a series of fairly frank statements explaining that there was no evidence whatsoever to identify either the Syrian Army or Alawite militias as the perpetrators of the May 25 massacre of 100 people.

By implication, Williams also suggests strongly that such allegations are the product of the propaganda department of the Sunni insurgents seeking to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

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U.S. provides communications aid for Syria opponents (terrorists)

(The Syrian “opposition supported by the Obama administration is chasing the Christian minority out of the areas they control.)

Raw Story

The United States on Thursday acknowledged providing communications equipment and other forms of assistance to members of the “peaceful opposition” in Syria.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the aid is part of “non-lethal” assistance to Syrians living under President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and part of a global effort to support Internet freedom.

Nuland declined to elaborate on the aid, but a source familiar with the effort said it includes things such as anonymizing software, and satellite phones with GPS capabilities “to document the location of atrocities.”

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“Humanitarian War Criminals” in High Office: Was the Houla Massacre Ordered by the Western Military Alliance?

(If we all agree that the people who commit heinous crimes like the Houla Massacre must be removed from power then prosecuted and we are coming to the understanding that it was ordered by the U.S. and her NATO brothers in crime, then what are we actually saying? Read the Army training circular TC18-01 dealing with Special Forces Unconventional Warfare tactics. We had better do something before they commit another atrocity in their efforts to force regime change. And it’s not just the dems in power right now who need to be removed either: “I’m glad that some of the nations in the Gulf, the Saudis, are providing some weapons [to the Syrian opposition]” John McCain. This kind of social depravity is taking a toll on this country in more ways than one. For ourselves and for the rest of the world, we need to force our own regime change and very soon. And we need to do it before the next election.)

by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

It has been established that the Houla massacre, which has resulted in more than one hundred deaths of men, women and children, was not undertaken by the pro-government militia Shabbiha as claimed in chorus and without evidence by the Western media.

Several authoritative reports, including a recent report of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, confirm unequivocally that “opposition” FSA terrorists were behind these atrocities. (Neue Erkenntnisse zu Getöteten von Hula: Abermals Massaker in Syrien – Politik – FAZ, June 8, 2012)

“Those killed were almost exclusively from families belonging to Houla’s Alawi and Shia minorities. Over 90% of Houla’s population are Sunnis. Several dozen members of a family were slaughtered, which had converted from Sunni to Shia Islam. Members of the Shomaliya, an Alawi family, were also killed, as was the family of a Sunni member of the Syrian parliament who is regarded as a collaborator. Immediately following the massacre, the perpetrators are supposed to have filmed their victims and then presented them as Sunni victims in videos posted on the internet.” (FAZ, op cit. Translated from German).

The FAZ report largely corroborates the report by Russian journalist Marat Musin, which includes detailed testimonies:

 “When the rebels seized the lower checkpoint in the center of town and located next to the local police department, they began to sweep all the families loyal to the authorities in neighboring houses, including the elderly, women and children.

Several families of the Al-Sayed were killed, including 20 young children and the family of Abdul Razak. The people were killed with knives and shot at point blank range.

Then they presented the murdered [corpses] to the UN and the international community as victims of bombings by the Syrian army, something that was not verified by any marks on their bodies.” (Marat Musin, THE HOULA MASSACRE: Opposition Terrorists “Killed Families Loyal to the Government”, Global Research, June 1 , 2012)

These two reports dispel the lies and fabrications of the Western media. Entire pro-government families in Houla were massacred. The terrorists were mercenaries and professional killers operating under the auspices of the self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army (FSA).

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Syria Destabilization Is Not Internal; Impeach UN Secretary General

US-NATO “Humanitarian Intervention” in Syria: Towards a Regional War?

Report: Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre

by John Rosenthal, National Review

It was, in the words of U.N. special envoy Kofi Annan, the “tipping point” in the Syria conflict: a savage massacre of over 90 people, predominantly women and children, for which the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad was immediately blamed by virtually the entirety of the Western media. Within days of the first reports of the Houla massacre, the U.S., France, Great Britain, Germany, and several other Western countries announced that they were expelling Syria’s ambassadors in protest.

But according to a new report in Germany’s leading daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the Houla massacre was in fact committed by anti-Assad Sunni militants, and the bulk of the victims were member of the Alawi and Shia minorities, which have been largely supportive of Assad. For its account of the massacre, the report cites opponents of Assad, who, however, declined to have their names appear in print out of fear of reprisals from armed opposition groups.

According to the article’s sources, the massacre occurred after rebel forces attacked three army-controlled roadblocks outside of Houla. The roadblocks had been set up to protect nearby Alawi majority villages from attacks by Sunni militias. The rebel attacks provoked a call for reinforcements by the besieged army units. Syrian army and rebel forces are reported to have engaged in battle for some 90 minutes, during which time “dozens of soldiers and rebels” were killed.

“According to eyewitness accounts,” the FAZ report continues,

the massacre occurred during this time. Those killed were almost exclusively from families belonging to Houla’s Alawi and Shia minorities. Over 90% of Houla’s population are Sunnis. Several dozen members of a family were slaughtered, which had converted from Sunni to Shia Islam. Members of the Shomaliya, an Alawi family, were also killed, as was the family of a Sunni member of the Syrian parliament who is regarded as a collaborator. Immediately following the massacre, the perpetrators are supposed to have filmed their victims and then presented them as Sunni victims in videos posted on the internet.

The FAZ report echoes eyewitness accounts collected from refugees from the Houla region by members of the Monastery of St. James in Qara, Syria. According to monastery sources cited by the Dutch Middle East expert Martin Janssen, armed rebels murdered “entire Alawi families” in the village of Taldo in the Houla region.

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Syria Finds 800-Man Death Squad Guilty Of Houla Massacre

Houla Massacre: Burhan Ghalion, Head of Syrian Transitional National Council, Calls for More Terrorism

by Scott Creighton

Despite the fact that their initial propaganda about the Houla Massacre has completely fallen apart after being exposed for the lie that it was, globalist powers in Great Britain have convinced their fellow NATO co-conspirators to expel their Syrian Envoys in what amounts to a pointless and desperate attempt to finger the Assad regime for their own terrorist destabilization efforts.

While the rest of the civilized world is calling for an end to the violence in Syria, Burhan Ghalion, head of the Syrian Transitional National Council, is calling for more terrorism till the Security Council approves and invasion.

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Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari, in response to UN resolution on al-Houla Massacre. 28 May 2012


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