Globalist Jesus Worshiped at Golden Globes While the “Other’ CIA Film Received It’s Award

by Scott Creighton

Globalist Jesus slipped out on stage at the Golden Globes yesterday and the idol worship and false praise rang out loud and clear from all those Hollywood elites who were afraid to be seen not rejoicing in his splendor. His background didn’t matter, his brutal corporate history didn’t matter, his lies and betrayal of his wife and the honor of his office didn’t matter. All that matters is the fact that he is as rich as the ancient dictators of old and the fact that his fascist fingers grip power with the help of Hollywood’s new team of acclaimed writers: the Central Intelligence Agency.

It was a despicable display of Orwellian servitude by a group of soulless, talentless hacks risen to the ranks of what is laughably called “the A-List” simply because they will bow to their new morally bankrupt neo-liberal god-king.

globalist jesus

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The Clintons: Still in Bed with Butchers

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: See update at the end of this article about how Sean Penn went on Tavis Smiley’s show to whitewash Bill Clinton’s behavior in Haiti to the American public. Sean Penn is bought and paid for. What a sellout.


monster meet monster

This is a picture of Bill Clinton smiling and shaking the hand of Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier in Titanyen….on January 12, 2012, a week ago.

Baby Doc is possibly the most sadistic and brutal dictator Washington has ever created. He is by almost any definition of the term, evil. And I don’t use that word often. In fact, I don’t think I ever have on this site. But Baby Doc fits the bill.

His secret police were called the Tonton Macoutes and they ruled by a unique blend of mixing murder, torture, and fanatical voodoo ritual which left Haitians not only afraid for their lives, but for their souls as well. Many of the leaders of the Tonton Macoutes were local voodoo priests who were said to be zombies out for nothing more than stealing the blood and the souls of their victims.  They reveled in their evil reputation and took steps to ensure it grew into legend.

“Those who spoke out against Duvalier would disappear at night, or were sometimes attacked in broad daylight. Tonton Macoutes often stoned and burned people alive. Many times the corpses were put on display, often hung in trees for everyone to see. Family members who tried to remove the bodies for proper burial often disappeared themselves, never to be seen again.”

These merciless killers murdered over 60,000 Haitians and many more were forced to flee their homes.” COHA

Described by Jean Saint-Vil, Titanyen is the site where “mass graves were dug to pack hundreds of bodies of men, women and children who were murdered by Jean-Claude Duvalier and his infamous Tonton Macoutes – over the course of 3 decades of a notoriously brutal dictatorship.” and that is where the humanitarian globalist Bill Clinton is standing with the Butcher of Haiti.

Talk about the power of left cover. Imagine the outrage if Dick Cheney were in that picture literally standing on the bodies of thousands of Haitian people shaking the hand of the man responsible for putting them there. But when globalist poster-boy Bill Clinton does it… nothing. Not a peep.

That, my friends, is the definition of “left cover” and I guess that’s what you’re buying when you get the likes of Sean Penn, Jack Black, and Matt Damon to do cutesy little PR videos for your globalist institutions and “business oriented solutions”

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Democracy, Haitian Style

by Stephen Lendman

Except for Aristide’s tenure, what passes for Haitian democracy would make a despot blush, thanks to America’s imperial grip on the hemisphere’s poorest, long-suffering people.

As a result, last November’s presidential and legislative elections might best be called a cruel joke. The entire process was rigged to exclude 15 parties, including by far the most popular, Aristide’s Fanmi Lavalas.

Moreover, the election was so tainted by brazen disenfranchisement and fraud, including ballot box stuffing and other irregularities, that legitimate independent observers would have demanded throwing out the results and starting over.

Most Haitians, however, weren’t fooled. A scant 22%, in fact, voted, a hemispheric low since record keeping began over 60 years ago.

Since no presidential candidate won a majority, a March 20 runoff followed, pitting stealth Duvalierist Michel (“Sweet Micky”) Martelly, an anti-populist former Kompa singer, against Mirlande Manigat, wife of former right-wing president, Leslie Manigat. Between them, they got about 11% support in round one, making them both illegitimate presidential choices.

Even more so for winner Martelly with fewer than 22% of Haitians voting, a new record low so embarrassing it was almost like holding a national election and no one showed up. Why bother with only US approved candidates participating, making both rounds fraudulent, illegitimate, and predictable, assuring sham democracy, continued repression, deep poverty, and exploitation for another five years.

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New Feature: Globalist SKANK Watch!

Hillary refuses to call for Mubarak’s removal and approves of his appointment of a CIA connected puppet to the position of vice president.

Hillary is on her way to Haiti to chat with presidential candidates like Baby Doc in order to ensure they keep their local plantation under control.

Wow! That’s one busy globalist skank! There’s not one blood-thirsty corrupt dictator Hillary Clinton won’t support!

Go Go Globalist Skank!

‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier returns to Haiti Just One Day Before The Corrupt Government’s Hand-Picked Candidate Loses the Election

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: At the time I am writing this update, 9:47 am Monday morning, there is not one single left-wing blog/alternative news source that I can find covering this story. Not Crooks and Liars, not Politico, not Firedoglake, not Daily Kos, not Talking Points Memo, not Think Progress, not Huffington Post, not even Salon.


The Clintons and the other globalists won’t allow the rightful President of Haiti,  Jean Bertrand Aristide, back into the country but now when they really need a strong dictator to retake control of those pesky poor people, enter Baby Doc… as if nothing ever happened.  Don’t look to the Obama administration to do anything about this… his entire staff is nothing but Clintonista retreads… neoliberal “centrist” dems… meaning right-wing fascists. This is deplorable. Almost as deplorable as Bill Clinton sitting on all that money raised to help the people of Haiti while he plots out which corporations will get free factories that they can staff with Haiti’s starving poor. This is sickening. Even Dick Cheney wouldn’t have tried to do something like this.

“good Duvalierist is prepared to kill his children (for Duvalier) and expects his children to kill their parents for him.” Luckner Cambronne, head of the Tonton Macoute while living in Miami after leaving Haiti in ’72

Baby Doc Returns to Haiti

He is happy to be back in this country, back in his home,” said Mona Beruaveau, a candidate for Senate in a Duvalierist party who spoke to the former dictator at the immigration office inside the airport terminal.” Associated Press

UPDATE – It looks like they brought him back in a rush because their hand-picked neoliberal candidate was going to lose the election they tried their best to rig.

“The head of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, was to arrive in Haiti Monday to discuss his regional group’s report that evaluated the election results, his office said.

A draft of the report leaked last week said the international monitors would suggest that Jude Celestin, the hand-picked candidate of Preval, should step aside ahead of a second round run-off.” Raw Story

“By most accounts, Mirlande Manigat, a professor who briefly served as first lady two decades ago, won the highest number of votes in the hastily arranged election. The government-controlled Provisional Electoral Council, to the surprise of many election observers, then placed Preval’s candidate, minor technocrat Jude Celestin, in the No. 2 finishing spot, which would have sent him into a runoff with Manigat that originally was scheduled for Sunday but postponed indefinitely because of the uncertainty.

… Under pressure, Preval agreed to an inspection of the vote by the Organization of American States. In a report that has not officially been made public but has been widely leaked, the OAS found that the outcome was not credible and had involved the rampant stuffing of ballot boxes (more than 200 polling stations supposedly registered 100% turnout when overall turnout barely reached 20%). The OAS determined that “it cannot support the preliminary results.”

The report recommended that Celestin be eliminated and the runoff spot given to Martelly, who bested Celestin by 0.3% of the vote, according to the OAS.”  LA Times

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One Year After Haiti Earthquake, Corporations Profit While People Suffer

by Jordan Flaherty, Dissident Voice

One year after an earthquake devastated Haiti, much of the promised relief and reconstruction aid has not reached those most in need. In fact, the nation’s tragedy has served as an opportunity to further enrich corporate interests.

The details of a recent lawsuit, as reported by Business Week, highlights the ways in which contractors – including some of the same players who profited from Hurricane Katrina-related reconstruction – have continued to use their political connections to gain profits from others’ suffering, receiving contacts worth tens of millions of dollars while the Haitian people receive pennies at best. It also demonstrates ways in which charity and development efforts have mirrored and contributed to corporate abuses.

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Haiti’s Election: a Travesty of Democracy

by Mark Weisbrot, Global Research

… Our analysis confirmed what many observers saw on the ground, including ballot box stuffing, fraud and people unable to vote because they did not appear in the registry. People in the areas hardest hit by the earthquake had much lower participation rates.

This election was the first round of an election that was supposed to proceed to a runoff election, which has now been postponed until February. The top three finishers were Manigat, Martelly and the government’s candidate, Jude Celestin. But since second and third place were separated by just 0.6 percentage points, there is no way – given the massive irregularities – to tell which two candidates would proceed to the second round.

Clearly, an election that was so severely flawed and plagued by irregularities cannot be considered legitimate. But even less excusable is the exclusion of the country’s most popular political party – the equivalent of banning the Democrats or Republicans in the United States. This “exclusion will undermine both Haitians’ right to vote and the resulting government’s ability to govern,” wrote 45 Democratic members of Congress to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on 7 October 2010. They asked her not to provide “funding for elections that do not meet these minimum, basic democratic requirements”. These pleas were ignored.

[read the rest, here]

One Year Since the Earthquake in Haiti

by Bill Van Auken, Global Research

Today marks the first anniversary of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that devastated the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti, leaving a quarter of a million of its people dead, more than 300,000 injured, and approximately a million and a half homeless.

One year after this natural disaster, the horrors facing Haiti’s population have only deepened, with a cholera epidemic claiming thousands of lives and a million left stranded in squalid tent camps.

This festering crisis underscores the social and political sources of the suffering inflicted upon Haiti’s working class and oppressed masses. That such conditions prevail virtually on the doorstep of the United States, which concentrates the greatest share of the world’s wealth, constitutes a crime of world historic proportions and an indictment of the profit system.

Those familiar with the conditions on the ground in Haiti provide an appalling account of the indifference and neglect of American and world imperialism toward the country’s people.

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Life No Better in Haiti, One Year Later

Globalization, Clinton, Haiti and Sanity – Let’s All Hop on the Moderate Bus

by Scott Creighton

The true nature of globalization is pretty easy to see these days. Hell, they hardly even attempt to hide it anymore… it takes just a little work to flesh it all out as I intend to do right now.

One little case in particular has exposed just bit of the nature of the beast and all of its multifaceted orchestrations – Haiti.

Now 8 months after the earthquake that killed an estimate 300,000 people in Haiti, people are still suffering. The promised aid has not found its way to the ground level projects that will help the Haitian people, the people we wanted to help when the money was promised.

So who is in charge of that fund of nearly 10 billion dollars of aid money? Bill Clinton, U.N. Special Envoy to Haiti and co-chair of Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC) and renowned globalist stooge of the “New Dem” party fame (“New Dems” meaning far right leaning neoliberals of the democrats who sold us out to the bankers and corporation decades ago). How did he come to be put in charge of all that money and thus, the future of Haiti? His globalist wife Hillary gave him the job.

(funny how Rod Blagojevich is impeached and put on trial for simply suggesting to an aid that he should get something out of his opportunity to appoint Obama’s replacement in the senate, yet when Hillary actually puts her husband in charge of a 9 billion dollar reconstruction fund in a country he helped destroy with his neoliberal plans in the past, not a single negative word is said about it in the press, left or right)

Now, this is how globalization works…

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Haiti: Manipulating the Electoral Process. Putting a Smiley Face on a Murderous Military Occupation

Wyclef Jean for President? Look Beyond the Hype

by Charlie Hinton, Global Research

To cut to the chase, no election in Haiti, and no candidate in those elections, will be considered legitimate by the majority of Haiti’s population, unless it includes the full and fair participation of the Fanmi Lavalas Party of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Fanmi Lavalas is unquestionably the most popular party in the country, yet the “international community,” led by the United States, France and Canada, has done everything possible to undermine Aristide and Lavalas, overthrowing him twice by military coups in 1991 and 2004 and banishing Aristide, who now lives in South Africa with his family, from the Americas.

A United Nations army, led by Brazil, still occupies Haiti six years after the coup. Their unstated mission, under the name of “peacekeeping,” is to suppress the popular movement and prevent the return to power of Aristide’s Lavalas Party. One must understand a Wyclef Jean candidacy, first of all, in this context.

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House Dems Pressured To Drop Funding For Schools, Students To Pay For Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan

(The Clinton Party (“New Dems”) taking money from the school systems and sending it to the partying war contractors of Afghanistan and the new slave owners setting up shop in Haiti (with Slick Willy))…

by Andrew Taylor, AP

After a take-it-or-leave-it vote by the Senate, House Democrats face little choice but to drop billions in aid for schools, college students and others that they had hoped could ride on legislation paying for President Barack Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan.

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Emperor Clinton and his Haitian HOPE

by Scott Creighton   

Yes, I was right againThere… I said it.   

So what is Queen Clinton’s husband going to do first in Haiti? Well, he already talked about rebuilding their agricultural sector and admitted he was “wrong” for destroying it in the first place with his IMF trade policies. But he isn’t talking about empowering Haitian farmers to grow crops themselves in order to feed their nation… no, that task will still be left to the ultra-cheap, subsidized U.S. agribusiness conglomerates and their genetically modified products.    

No. Instead of empowering the people of Haiti to rebuild the agricultural base that Clinton himself admitted he destroyed on purpose, Slick Willy is going to take a bunch of Haitian land and give it too Coca-Cola so they can use the cheap slave-wage labor to make “Haiti Hope Juice”.   American Everyman   

MADE BY 100% REAL SLAVES! Haitians get the "HOPE" and Coca Cola gets the CASH!

When that criminal, Hillary Clinton, put her own husband in charge of the billions of dollars of Haiti restoration money, I wrote that she should be impeached and arrested but not in that order. The fake progressives of this country did Bank of America’s bidding when they helped railroad Blago into impeachment for simply suggesting his wife get something out of a deal to pick the senate replacement for Obama… yet Shilary can make her own sleazy scumbag globalist of a husband the defacto Emperor of Haiti, in charge of $11,000,000,000.00 of “AID” money… and nothing… not a fucking peep from the fraud liberal left.   

Now that some news is leaking out that nothing is happening in Haiti and people are still starving and homeless, all the stories coming out in the fake left are about how the donors haven’t lived up to their pledges.  Well folks, guess who is in charge of telling the press how much of that donor money has been delivered? You guessed it… Bill “I feel your pain”  Clinton. 

Former President Bill Clinton, a U.N. special envoy for Haiti, said he plans to put pressure on governments that have been slow to deliver on their promises. 

CNN compiled the information for this report by reviewing commission figures and surveying the donors that had made pledges to determine the disposition of those pledges CNN  

But like always when it comes to anything Clinton, the truth of the matter is somewhat different and certainly more painful for everyone involved except the Clintons… now, you won’t hear that story from Sean Penn… I guess that’s because he doesn’t want to miss out on the celebrity event of the decade.. the marriage of Chelsea Clinton to the Goldman Sachs bankers. 

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Sean Penn on Democracy Now! Talks About Haiti 6 Months Later

(transcript below)

Part 1

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Clinton’s Plan for Haiti: Coca-Cola Plantations and Sara Lee Sweatshops

by Scott Creighton  

Clinton Plan for Haiti

 President Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, pulled the strings and put her husband in charge the billions of dollars set aside for the rebuilding of Haiti.  In most countries that would be considered a conflict of interest if not outright fraud. In this country, that might have even been considered illegal at some point in time, before the Great Neoliberal Imperialism that is.  Hell, didn’t Rod Blagojevich get kicked out of his office for merely SUGGESTING his wife “get something out of” his choice to fill Obama’s vacant senate seat?  Blago talked about the possibility, and he got impeached, but when a Clinton actually does it, actually puts her greedy globalist husband in charge of billions and billions of dollars, nobody says a word.  

 The Herald wrote that the commission would be co-chaired by the Haitian prime minister and “a distinguished senior international figure engaged in the recovery effort.” The Herald suggested that this figure would probably be former President Bill Clinton, a recent US envoy to Haiti and the husband of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  WSWS 

That’s the Globalist Camelot in action.  

 Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will co-chair a committee overseeing at least $3.8 billion in post-quake aid to Haiti, the ravaged country’s prime minister said. gaeatimes 

So what is Queen Clinton’s husband going to do first in Haiti? Well, he already talked about rebuilding their agricultural sector and admitted he was “wrong” for destroying it in the first place with his IMF trade policies. But he isn’t talking about empowering Haitian farmers to grow crops themselves in order to feed their nation… no, that task will still be left to the ultra-cheap, subsidized U.S. agribusiness conglomerates and their genetically modified products. 

Made by real, live slaves! Haitians get the HOPE, Coke gets the CASH!

No. Instead of empowering the people of Haiti to rebuild the agricultural base that Clinton himself admitted he destroyed on purpose, Slick Willy is going to take a bunch of Haitian land and give it too Coca-Cola so they can use the cheap slave-wage labor to make “Haiti Hope Juice”. 

Why not just put a picture of Obama and his HOPE poster right on the package?  Instead it seems they went with a colored hand picking a mango….  yeah, that’s a choice. I think I would have gone a different way, but what do I know. I haven’t killed any union organizers recently.

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