Operation Pillar of Genocide: Egyptian-brokered Cease fire Delayed Till Hillary Can Take Credit for it

by RT

Hamas officials have announced that a ceasefire agreement has been held up because Israel has not yet responded to proposals for the Egyptian-brokered truce.

Israel’s negotiation team has reportedly rejected a draft ceasefire and delayed a press conference to announce the truce indefinitely, the Times of Israel reports, citing local media.

Earlier Arabic news sources cited Hamas official Ayman Taha as saying an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was set to be declared in Gaza at 19:00 GMT, and would go into effect at 22:00 GMT. Israel said that a ceasefire deal has yet to be finalized.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has landed in Tel Aviv and is expected to meet with Netanyahu shortly.

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Operation Pillar of Genocide: Sending in Killary is Like Sending Native Americans Some More Blankets

by Scott Creighton

So far Israel is responsible for 225 Malalas (only difference is, the Palestinian kids were actually wounded).

Chew on that Hasbara.

The situation in Gaza has gotten much worse over the last 24 hours. 100 more rockets from Israel have pounded into various targets in Gaza, mostly residential areas, because as the Israeli’s say, the “militants” are hiding there.

The “militants” are actually Palestinian police or Hamas employees and they “hide” in residential districts because that’s where the houses are and like most human beings, the houses are where one puts one’s family which are also being targeted by Israeli bombs when they go after the “militants”

“By Tuesday, civilians accounted for 54 of the 113 Palestinians killed since the operation began. Some 840 people have been wounded, including 225 children, Gaza health officials said.”

“”We want to tell the world which is supporting the state of Israel, what this state is doing,” said neighbor Rushdie Nasser. “They are supporting a state that kills children … We want to send a message to the U.N. and the West: Enough of supporting the Zionists, who are killing children.””  AP

Israel’s death toll remains at the same “3″ it started with and the politically correct spin on that discrepancy is their new Iron Dome system, which you paid for by the way, which is really good at going up in the air from time to time and exploding it’s own rockets to make it LOOK like it hit an incoming homemade Homas rocket. That’s the spin at least. The reality is that Hamas resides in the world’s largest open air prison and they don’t get a whole lot of U.S. made rockets delivered to them every week like Israel does. That’s the fact.

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Clinton Declines to Testify before Congress over Amb. Steven’s Death: The Taliban Has Left the Building

by Scott Creighton

For me, the Taliban is on the inside of the building.”

former State Department security chief for Libya Oct. 10th 2012

“I take responsibility” Clinton on Benghazi psyop Oct. 15th 2012

“We are on your side” Clinton to terrorist militia member Oct. 18th 2011

Oct. 18th 2011 Killary meets with leaders of terrorist destabilization campaign in Libya

Let’s see if I have this lined up correctly:

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director David Petraeus, the two people most responsible for the disastrous “security failure” (wink wink) Sept. 11 2012 in Benghazi which supposedly took the lives of 4 U.S. citizens including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and several Libyan security guards, are not going to be bothered to testify before any form of congressional investigation into the matter.

What has become clear is the fact that this was a CIA operation from the start, that it was lied about in the aftermath, that repeated requests for increased security in the run-up to the anniversary of 9/11 were not only ignored but diligently obstructed, that the film this was supposed to be in reaction to was manufactured by an admitted FBI informant and thus was in the control of the Justice Department, that Stevens and State were in the process of shipping arms and terrorists to Syria for the same purposes they served in Libya, and as a direct result of this psyop we now have 500+ various Special Ops forces running around northern Africa looking for the “terrorists” who did this while the CIA has a free hand to use their precious drones to attack the Green Resistance in Libya. And after all of that, Killary doesn’t need to testify before congress?

Is that about the size of it?

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Killary’s Syrian “rebels” car bomb Eid al-Adha truce – 5 People are Dead

by Scott Creighton

“No” Killary says, too many people want me to continue as Secretary of State, “so I’m stayin”! 5 dead 47 wounded when a car bomb goes off in Damascus near a playground. Several children included in those numbers. Those are Killary’s Companions lighting the fuses over there don’t ya know?

yes… a nude Killary painting by Sarah Ferguson in New York… it’s real

Killary is enjoying the positive press generated by her turning 65 today even though the father of one of the dead ex-Seals (why do they always have to bring up the fact that they used to be Seals? Would no one give a shit if they were just ex-soldiers or Americans or just people?) killed in Libya during the Benghazi psyop says whomever (wink wink Killary) rejected his son’s plea for assistance before the attack is guilty of murder.

But none of that matters. Killary is a Clinton and the Clinton’s ARE the left.

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Obama’s FSA Admits to Bombing UN Observer’s Mission While US Public Opinion Shifts

by Scott Creighton

Let’s make this very clear to start with, the Obama administration (or the administration of “President Peace Prize” as I like to call the left cover product Obama) is running a proxy destabilization campaign in Syria which is causing untold harm and suffering to the people of that nation. The intention is to force regime change so that the neo-liberal Obama regime can come in and force their structural reforms (privatization, deregulation, opening up their markets to global interests, privatization of the Central Bank, increased unemployment, decimation of state workers, decimation of labor unions, seizure of mineral wealth for private companies)

Their cowardly and brutal efforts have met with a bit of resistance in the civilized world with 30 nations meeting the other day to work out a better plan to stop the aggression in Syria and to save lives, something that we don’t seem to be interested in these days. They are following the lead set by nations like Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela, India, Pakistan and others who did not vote for the recent one-sided GA resolution in the UN and who have been working to block the imperialist aggression in Syria.

In spite of continued complicity from the globalist media corporations and fake left sites like Democracy Now! for instance, the general world opinion in this matter has shifted heavily in favor of the legitimate Syrian government as the people of the world reject the obvious propaganda being shoveled down their throats daily.

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“Free Syrian Army” Killing Christians, Burning Churches

She told The Irish Times she was in Ireland “not to advocate for the (Assad) regime but for the facts”. Most news reports from Syria were “forged, with only one side emphasized”, she said. This also applied to the UN, whose reports were “one-sided and not worthy of that organization”. Information Clearinghouse

Last week they (FSA) cut the fingers (off) of a so-called collaborator (supporter of the legitimate government of Syria) and then they behead him. They cut him in piece(s) and they left him in street where even children would see him” Nun from Syria (see video)

They made the majority of the Syrian people as hostages by these armed insurrection people. They come and they take place in the civilian areas. Why?… What really scandalizes us is why the Western world seems to be encouraging this sectarian violence just to topple the regime.” Nun from Syria (see video)

A few days ago, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama’s Sec. of State, made a pledge along with Turkey to provide even more military and intelligence assistance to the destabilization death squads in Syria.

Our intelligence services, our military have very important responsibilities and roles to play so we are going to be setting up a working group to do exactly that,” Hillary Clinton


Syrian False Flag on the Horizon? Probably

by Scott Creighton

(Don’t expect Amy Goodman to tell you any of this. She’s a lost cause. She is bought and paid for when it comes to supporting Hillary Clinton’s roll in the “7 countries in 5 years” plan. Read Finian Cunningham’s outstanding article confirming what this website and others have been saying for years: Amy… do us and the world a favor… retire. Just yesterday Amy stated that Assad was responsible for the Houla Massacre which has been proven to have been committed by forces associated with the Free Syrian Army. Thanks Amy. Retire Now!)

Amid stories of a new massacre being carried out by the Assad regime (the details of which are changing as we speak) there are truly disturbing rumblings about a growing potential for a false flag event involving chemical weapons taking place in Syria in the near future.

“U.S. officials told The Wall Street Journal Syria is moving chemical weapons out of storage, saying they feared Damascus might use the undeclared stockpiles of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide against anti-regime rebels or civilians, possibly in an ethnic cleansing campaign.” UPI

Though I don’t like to do predictions, I have to say it doesn’t look good for the Syrian people.

Hillary Clinton agrees with me.

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Syrian Destabilization Campaign Updates

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Can you say “remote piloted aircraft?”. Wasn’t there something in the Northwoods plan about using a remotely piloted aircraft to frame Cuba and start a war or force regime change? The pilots of the Phantom jet have vanished leaving behind just boots and helmets.


Kofi Annan’s requested that Iran take part in the multinational talks on Syria but then the mega-imperialist nations America, Britain, and France have threw a hissy fit and Iran will not be allowed to participate. Oh wait… it was just Hillary Clinton who threw the hissy fit.

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The right to destabilize is singular: A farewell to Max Blumenthal and Hillary’s propagandists

by Scott Creighton

Max Blumenthal has said “enough is enough” and taken his little pen and walked away from his staff position at Al Akhbar English over what he claims is their editorial tolerance of “Assad apologists”. According to Max in an article on his website explaining his decision to leave in a huff (The right to resist is universal: A farewell to Al Akhbar and Assad’s apologists)  “the apologia for Assad and his crimes has reached unbearable levels.”

I once had a great deal of respect for Max Blumenthal. His work on the Palestinian issue has been courageous to say the least. But now I have to say farewell to Max and remove his link from my blogroll. His disingenuous and downright dishonest efforts to prop-up the progressive Assad demonetization train turns my stomach and I will never be able to post a single thing he writes without having to question the man’s integrity.

Yeah, it’s that bad. Max Blumenthal is an outright liar. No one, and I mean NO ONE with his resources and experience in the Middle East could miss the boat so badly on this topic without doing so deliberately unless he was a total and complete idiot. And Max is not an idiot. He is however, the son of Sidney Blumenthal who was a long term adviser to Bill Clinton (during the destabilization of Yugoslavia as coincidence would have it) and then a campaign adviser to Hillary Clinton who expected to serve in her State Department before Rahm Emanuel put his foot down for some reason. Max’s daddy is also reportedly a close friend of Tony Blair. Just thought I would throw that in for good measure.

Yes, Max Blumenthal is a liar. And I will now show you how I came to that conclusion. As to the why, well… you be the judge.

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State Department Admits Clinton Lied About Russia Suppying Syria with Attack Helicopters

Associated Press

The US state department has acknowledged that Russian helicopters it claimed had been sent recently to the Syrian regime were, in fact, refurbished ones already owned by Damascus.

Secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, claimed on Tuesday that “the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria“.

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Houla Massacre: Burhan Ghalion, Head of Syrian Transitional National Council, Calls for More Terrorism

by Scott Creighton

Despite the fact that their initial propaganda about the Houla Massacre has completely fallen apart after being exposed for the lie that it was, globalist powers in Great Britain have convinced their fellow NATO co-conspirators to expel their Syrian Envoys in what amounts to a pointless and desperate attempt to finger the Assad regime for their own terrorist destabilization efforts.

While the rest of the civilized world is calling for an end to the violence in Syria, Burhan Ghalion, head of the Syrian Transitional National Council, is calling for more terrorism till the Security Council approves and invasion.

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Hillary Clinton’s Support for International Terrorism

by Scott Creighton

In 2003 during the run-up to the Iraq invasion and occupation (a.k.a. Shock and Awe and Full Spectrum Dominance) when the Bush administration wasn’t busy creating cartoonish drawings of fictitious cave complexes or prepping Colin Powell to lie to the Security Council, they tried to justify their attack with documents like this one titled “Saddam Hussein’s Support for International Terrorism.

Allow me to pick out a key phrase:

Iraq shelters terrorist groups including the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), which has used terrorist violence against Iran and in the 1970s was responsible for killing several U.S. military personnel and U.S. civilians.” White House archives

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Sec. of State Clinton: “Oh God, How We Love Our Terrorists!”

by Scott Creighton

(Ok… she didn’t really say that… but the president of Iran didn’t really say he wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the map either so all’s fair I suppose)

“peace? yeah right” Sec. Clinton celebrates with some terrorists she hired to destabilize Libya. Clinton fans yawn…

Praise and praise again! Hugs and kisses and big piles of money to all our terrorist friends out there for doing our bidding and making the world safe for the oligarchs and their puppets in the post-democracy Free-Market dark ages! Oh praise Jesus for the kinds of people that will inflict terror and suffering on thousands and millions of random innocents with absolutely no remorse … for a paycheck!! For without them my globalist friends, where would we be?

Financial Terrorists like MF Global, Countrywide, and Goldman Sachs and traditional terrorists like al Qaeda, the Contras, and the MeK are to be praised and even worshiped in D.C. these days as psychotic Hillary Clinton rules with an iron fist and a giggling heart.

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Obama Administration Undermines Syrian Peace Process While Planning Military Action

by Scott Creighton

As the already wisp-thin line between the Obama administration and the Clinton regime fades to nothing, their brutal destabilization campaign in Syria racks up more dead and wounded civilians, police officers, and military personnel. As the body count rises, the Obama administration and various chicken-hawk war-mongers in congress are announcing the failure of the Kofi Annan Peace Plan while planning military further action.

Well, of course it failed. We are making sure it fails.

The Clintons and the Saudis are making sure it fails before the upcoming May 7th Syrian Parliamentary elections by committing acts of terrorism then blaming the Syrian government for trying to protect their people and their nation.

The last thing the Obama/Clinton regime want is for the Syrian population to “vote the wrong way” like the people of Palestine did in 2006, like the people of Chile did in 1970, and like the people of the United States did in 2000 and 2004. So they got just over a week to fix that.

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Obama Takes a Page from Reagan – Free Syrian Army are Now His Contras

by Scott Creighton

Out of control warmonger Hillary Clinton is stepping up her efforts to force regime change in yet another country despite the horrific results of her previous “victory” in Libya.  The silence from the antiwar fauxgressives is deafening.

In spite of the fact that Assad has agreed to a new peace plan with the so-called “rebels” in Syria, with a smile on her face reminiscent of the crazed glee she showed after Gadhafi was brutally murdered in Libya, Hillary Clinton answered questions dutifully read by an ABC “reporter” after her Orwellian named “Friends of Syria” conference yesterday.

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