President Peace Prize Kills Even More Civilians… “but only a few” Says Proven Phony SOHR

by Scott Creighton

“In the name of ISIS I say “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Syria”” President Peace Prize

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Syrian regime change front operation run by some guy in London with the pen name Rami Abdel Rahman. No, that’s not his real name. In fact, there are several operatives writing for the SOHR under that name in an effort to affect regime change in Syria. They’ve been doing it for a while and they admit they are doing it.

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Obama Bombing Syrian Oil Refineries, LNG Plants, Grain Silos and Children… State Sponsored Terrorism

by Scott Creighton

“3-84. At the core of IW are insurgency and COIN. The purpose of insurgency is to overthrow and replace an established government or societal structure. Terrorism and CT are activities conducted as part of IW and are frequently subactivities of insurgency and COIN . However, terrorism may also stand alone when its purpose is to coerce or intimidate governments or societies without overthrowing themArmy Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare

Barack Obama is a terrorist.

As is the case in most of our unconventional warfare destabilization campaigns, the one taking place in Syria right now is targeting civilian and industrial infrastructure in an attempt to decimate the cohesiveness of the Syrian society, making it painful in so many ways for the indigenous population to continue their support of their elected government. Obama justifies this with the fictitious ISIS™ Crisis.

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The ISIS Crisis Reaches Stupid Overload

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: President Progressive™(read as: neoliberal ultra-right centrists) UNION BUSTERS:  former high ranking staffers, not satisfied with their contribution to Obama’s left cover CHANGE to a pure fascist state in America, have taken on various roles after leaving office battling unions on behalf of Big Business. Nothing says “fake liberal” like busting up teacher’s unions for Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey.


The ISIS Crisis lives on.

President Peace Prize has shown all his fake progressive followers his determined protector side. Taking his break from his vacation with the super rich, he spoke in magnificent hyperbole as he read his teleprompters bravely:

“Today the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group ISIL. James was taken from us in an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world.” President Peace Prize

Palestinian children missing legs and siblings from yesterday’s WMD attacks launched by the most “moral army in the world” are probably sitting around wondering “how can we help Obama stamp out ISIS for killing that one guy? DAMN YOU ISIS!” they proclaim as their one legged mother digs a shallow grave for the remains of her husband… “DAMN YOU ISIS!!”

These kids and their parents are so worried about ISIS killing another guy who looks like some missing journalist, they are busy collecting scrap metal to trade in for cash to send to Obama so he can afford to send more Special Ops troops to Iraq to train the death squads. Oh, how wonderful and generous are the children.

I heard over in Donetsk while the neo-Nazis were shelling the city, all those pro-Russians took up a collection to send Obama a card saying

“Gee… we are so appalled by that beheading video, we really hope you focus all of your attention on them and not the Ukrainian military that shot that plane out of the sky and are currently turning our town into another Kosovo slaughterfest. Please President Peace Prize, avenge that globalist sycophantic reporter for all of us bleeding over here and weeping for his family!!!”

Yes, the ENTIRE world is appalled by that one well timed video featuring a BRITISH MI6 AGENT in a mask beheading some guy that looked vaguely familiar to James What’shisface.

“Well timed” you say?

Well, yes… it was just last week when the Pentagon had to admit their USAID (read as CIA) assets reported that those 40,000 trapped Christian Satanists on that mountain actually turned out to be one or two thousand and they weren’t really trapped there so much as they live there all year round. And suddenly, there was no reason for Obama to commit troops back in Iraq to save all those precious assets acquired by Big Business after the invasion of 2003.

But fear not! ISIS is dumb. Really, really dumb in a “here’s all the justification you need to come blow us up” kinda way.

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List of 81 Palestinians Slaughtered by Israel in Latest Attack on Gaza Thus Far – 20 Are Children

by Scott Creighton

“Among those killed, at least 20 were aged 16 or younger.”

The following is a list of Palestinian victims in Gaza who have paid with their lives for the alleged murder of three young men in the illegally occupied West Bank. They had nothing to do with it. Yesterday morning at this time the death toll stood at 41. That was after two days of indiscriminate attacks on the people of Gaza. That means the brave Israelis have stepped up their slaughter. The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the number at 78 several hours ago. There have been no Israeli casualties from all those homemade bottle rockets “raining” down on Israel.

(Image from Aletho News and  No Tax Dollars to Israel )

The website, Victims of Gaza, will continue to update the tragic toll as the Israeli attacks on the civilians of Gaza continues. And so will I.

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Susan Rice Admits Obama Admin Providing “lethal” Aid to “Vetted” Terrorists in Syria

by Scott Creighton

“The United States has been the single largest contributor of humanitarian assistance, providing over 1.7 billion dollars. That’s why the United States has ramped up its support for the moderate vetted opposition, providing lethal and nonlethal support where we can to support both the civilian opposition and the military opposition.” Susan Rice CNN

Less than a week after an election in Syria showed the vast majority of Syrians wanted Bashar Assad to remain their president, Obama’s US National Security Advisor Susan Rice took time out to go on CNN and let the world know that yes, we have been providing military lethal aid to the destabilization forces we unleashed in Syria.

US officials have refused to say whether Rice was announcing a new US policy. They have also declined to comment on the details of the support to the militants. This comes as earlier reports said the US is ready to begin training missions for the insurgents. Press TV

For anyone paying attention, this latest admission is hardly news. But for them to come right out and admit they are arming and training these terrorists is.

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Obama in talks with “rebel” leader on escalating Syrian war

by Bill Van Auken, WSWS

The Obama administration has entered into direct talks with the leader of the political front for Syria’s Western-backed “rebels” on arming them with US surface-to-air missiles, amid fresh confirmation that these forces are dominated by Al Qaeda-linked militias.

Ahmad al-Jarba, the chief of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, met Thursday at the State Department with Secretary of State John Kerry. He is scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama at the White House in the coming days. Meetings are also scheduled at the Pentagon and with members of the US Congress.

The visit is part of a shift toward renewed US escalation of its proxy war in Syria, fueled in no small part by the ongoing confrontation over Ukraine with Russia, a key ally of the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

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CIA Front, USAID, Gearing Up in Ukraine – Suharto II?

by Scott Creighton

USAID has a history of working with the CIA as a front operation to help them spread that special kind of “democracy” (read as IMF inspired brutal repression) in nations where we have installed brutal dictators in support of our neoliberal economic agenda.

” In South Vietnam, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provided cover for CIA operatives so widely that the two became almost synonymous.” Washington Post

As the bodies of labor union reps and dissidents are piling up on the stairwells of Odessa and the streets of eastern Ukraine, today it is reported that USAID needs another couple million to support pro-Western “media outlets” in the run-up to the sham election to be held in the troubled state.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has promised to beef up financial aid for Ukraine’s pro-Western media outlets amid a mounting dispute between the West and Russia. Press TV

Two weeks ago it was reported that the agency created a Twitter-like program (ZunZuneo) in Cuba with the express purpose of fostering dissent and creating unrest in the nation with the hopes of setting up yet another regime change color revolution. Turns out their efforts were not limited to Cuba.

“In a number of countries, including Venezuela and Bolivia, USAID is acting more as an agency involved in covert action, like the CIA, than as an aid or development agency.” Marc Weisbrot

It should be noted that USAID’s efforts aren’t limited to White Hat psyops.

“Guatemala: By 1970, USAID trained over 30,000 Guatemalan police to suppress local leftists, according to William Blum’s book “Killing Hope.” Just over a decade later, Guatemalan death squads under US-backed dictator Rios Montt unleashed a genocide on the Mayan peasants.” Pando Daily

— The Vietnam War: USAID trained police and ran civilian jails. USAID also participated in the “soft” side of the Phoenix Program — funding the failed “Land to the Tillers” program granting peasants small plots of land, a program that has a poor track record, but serves some important foreign policy/propaganda purpose every time it’s rolled out because it remains one of the most enduring boondoggles in the USAID kit. Pando Daily

“[I]n the early 1960s agents from the State Department, Green Berets, CIA, and USAID organized two paramilitary groups that would become the backbone of that country’s death squad system.”  Greg Grandin

They were even involved in Russia during the neoliberal Yeltsin disaster.

USAID funded Chubais through public-private organizations and a Harvard program that was so patently corrupt, Harvard and its program directors including economist Andrei Shleifer were sued by the US Department of Justice for “conspiring to defraud” the US government (not to mention Russians). USAID also paid public relations giant Burson-Marsteller to sell the disastrous voucher program to the Russian public, in a mass media advertising blitz that promoted Chubais’ political party on the eve of parliamentary elections. It was this USAID funded privatization, and the USAID-backed Russia “democrats,” which soured Russians on market capitalism and democracy (renamed “dermokratsia” or “shitocracy” in Russian). Pando Daily

This USAID effort in Ukraine is nothing new. They’ve been at this trick for years and years going back to a time when President Peace Prize was a toddler at his mother’s side in Indonesia working for another IMF/World Bank creation; one of the most brutal dictators in human history, Suharto (an argument can be made also for our “darling dictator” of Rwanda, Paul Kagame).

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