Sec. Kerry Praises Brutal Junta Dictatorship in Egypt

by Scott Creighton

The pretense is over.

The U.S. backed illegal military coup in Egypt which overthrew the democratically elected government is now codified by the Obama administration as a legitimate government worthy of Sec. John Kerry’s praise.

Thousands have died at the hands of the rekindled Mubarak era death squads and many more disappeared into the old Mubarak style secret police detention systems brought back by al-Sisi when he took power after being given the go-ahead by Kerry and other high ranking Obama administration officials.

The constitution which was purposefully written by the Morsi government to prohibit IMF austerity reforms and safeguard worker’s rights in Egypt, is gone. Torn up. Being rewritten by technocrats with neoliberalism and free market reforms at the forefront of their concerns.

Morsi was about to sign up with the BRICS nations, creating what he called the E-BRICS alignment. All of that is over with now.

al-Sisi has cracked down on the tunnels leading into Gaza which the Palestinians have come to depend on for providing the bare necessities of life in the largest open air prison in the world.

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Hosni Mubarak to be Set Free Same Day New Constitution Announced?

by Scott Creighton

hmmm.. al Sisi’s unusually brutality has been escalating the horrors for a week straight… across the world everyone is calling for a “political solution”… and Mubarak to be released from prison on the same day the new technocrat written constitution lifts the ban on his political party… hmmmmm

Most of the news sources out there talking about this latest development in the post-coup dictatorship of al Sisi are stating the news as fact; that Hosni Mubarak, our puppet dictator in Egypt for 30 years, is to be set free this week, possibly as early as Weds.

I’m not so sure about this story. Seems like a different game is afoot.

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Junta Backed Down from Threats of Violence: “seditious and unpatriotic” to Ask About Morsi

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Supporters of the illegal coup have started attacking protesters in the two locations they have been staging their peaceful demonstrations. Press TV has a report with some video footage.


After making several announcements on Sunday, warning of a final police crackdown on the pro-Morsi protesters, it seems the illegal junta in Egypt decided there were just too many protesters in the streets on Monday so they let the protests continue without disruption.

“Amid apparent division over whether and how to break up two protest camps full of supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt‘s leaders have not yet carried out what rights advocates fear will be a violent crackdown.” CS Monitor

“Supporters of toppled President Mohammed Morsi increased the pressure on Egypt’s interim leadership by defiantly flooding into two protest camps Monday, prompting police to postpone moving against the 6-week-old sit-ins because they feared a “massacre.” AP

As I wrote yesterday, al Sisi’s threats on Sunday prompted a massive turnout at the two protest sites, bringing Egyptians from all political factions out in the thousands to stand beside the protesters who have been camped out in those locations since the illegal coup took place on July 3, 2013.

Though this is a major victory for the pro-democracy protesters, it may be short-lived with al Sisi issuing new threats.

Also, ominous statements from a source close to the Egyptian military seem to suggest that merely wondering aloud about the condition and location of Morsi is treason.

Yesterday’s victory by the protesters may be very short lived.

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Is Morsi Already Dead? The Judiciary Extends his “Detention”

by Scott Creighton

Immediately upon the capture of Moammar Gadhafi, the most recent successful regime change operation from the Obama White House, Hillary Clinton gave the order to her destabilization terrorists to kill the man in order to ensure he never returns to power and to make an example of him to stubborn regimes across the world. This was done brutally and publicly.

Today, the Mubarak backing judiciary which suspended parliament back in Nov. when they were trying to finish the constitution, has decided to extend the detention of the elected president of Egypt for another 15 days.

As I said before, it’s more likely than not that Obama’s new puppet regime in Egypt has already murdered Morsi in order to make damn sure he is never reinstated.

The fact that ObamaGod wants Robert Ford to become our next ambassador to the country certainly doesn’t bode well for Egyptians or Morsi himself.

Ford’s specialty is helping dictatorial regimes set up death squads (Iraq) or running terrorist mercs in countries we need to have destabilized (Syria). He’s a disciple of one John Negroponte, the father of the Salvadorian Option and one of the most brutal and ruthless neo-liberal crusaders this country has ever produced.

So the question is: is Morsi already dead and the junta preparing for serious turmoil once the Egyptian people find out he was martyred?

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In Spite of Threats of Violence from the Junta, The Resistance in Egypt Grows

by Scott Creighton



“We reiterate our insistence on our demands, which is the return of full the legitimate president with his full powers, the constitution that the people approved, the Shura council; and an end to the coup d’etat,”

“We remind our sons and brothers from the great Egyptian army and the men of the ministry of interior not to attack their peaceful brothers or besiege them or shed their blood.”

National Alliance to Support Legitimacy

zSince yesterday, the press has been ominously warning about a pending military crackdown on protesters in Egypt who simply want their elected government and popularly approved constitution back. They want their country back in spite of all that’s happened since Western powers staged a military coup on behalf of multinational corporations and international banking i.e. the IMF.

The warnings went out yesterday and the people of Egypt started showing up by the thousands. Apparently killing protesters in Egypt isn’t such a good idea after all. You would have thought the neo-liberal forces would have figured that out two and a half years ago when they lost their last puppet dictator.

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Sisi is Bibi’s Bitch? Sisi Closes Gaza Border, Allows IDF to Kill Egyptians

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:  After confirming the Israeli strikes, the resulting bad PR has forced a military spokesman to back off that statement, saying instead there were “explosions” in the area without identifying the cause.


Let’s see… closing borders with Gaza and now allowing Israel to kill Egyptians on Egyptian soil… al Sisi is a real “Nasser” ain’t he?

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“Pallywood Training Video” – Obvious Effort from al Sisi Supporters to Invalidate Future Victims of Junta Violence

by Scott Creighton

Anyone who falls for this obvious propaganda is an idiot or a liar and I will tell you right now, there are several idiots and liars out there in the so-called “alternative” media.

You have to be a real special kind of stupid to fall for this. I mean, short bus, protective headgear, Pamela Geller loving  stupid.

The short video (below) supposedly shows Muslim Brotherhood members faking a protest in a street somewhere with signs written in English so we all know they are Morsi supporters of course. Then, they all “strike a pose” at the same time, freezing in place, so the video guy can move around filming them all “acting” like victims of al Sisi and the special police thugs he brought back from the old Mubarak days.

The fact that this ridiculous propaganda has come out after al Sisi has already murdered over 300 protesters and wounded another 1,000 and it is clearly an attempt to absolve him and his junta of these crimes by invalidating the legitimacy of the victims is apparently lost of some of my colleagues out there.

The fact that the video comes out right before al Sisi is about to use the military AGAIN to crack down on the protesters this weekend is also too much for them to grasp apparently.

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Egypt Junta Updates – 8/8/2013 – More State Violence Expected Soon

Egypt urges protesters to leave camps  –  “We ask them now again, once again, to quickly leave to their homes and their jobs. The government’s patience to bear this is nearly expired,”

60 militants killed in Sinai: Egypt army – “He also said that an additional 64 militants were injured and over 100 arrested in the Sinai campaign between July 5 and August 4.”

Will Sisi run for president? Many in Egypt wonder – “ He is a savvy operator, people who have worked with him say, a career military officer who methodically campaigned a year ago to become Egypt’s defense minister under its first democratically elected president.”

Egypt to say foreign efforts failed –  “The announcement is also expected to declare that Muslim Brotherhood protests against the army’s overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi were not-peaceful”

Egypt leadership says diplomacy phase is over  –  “”The Egyptian state … holds the Muslim Brotherhood fully responsible for the failure of those efforts [by foreign envoys] and what may be the consequences of this failure.”

In Egypt General al-Sisi is at a loss – but a massacre on Eid would bring too much infamy  –  “Abdul Fatah al-Sisi may be a very jolly general indeed – after all, he created this wondrous administration with himself as deputy prime minister – but sending in his goons against hundreds of thousands of Muslim worshippers on the eve of the feast marking the final day of Ramadan is not likely to commend itself to Egyptians, let alone to the Americans who supply the military with $1.5bn a year.

Of course, this may be a little naive. Armed, as he thinks he is, with the ‘people’s’ mandate, perhaps General al-Sisi thinks he can get away with corpses in the streets this week

Egypt Claims Assassination Plot Against Coup Leader

(Looks like the Egyptian junta leaders, in conjunction with U.S. warmongers who are in Egypt talking with them right now, are planning to take advantage of whatever is shaping up in Yemen with these preemptive attacks on “al Qaeda” about to be carried out by the Obama administration. al Sisi and his junta are claiming that Hamas is behind a plot to kill him and various junta leaders. Hamas? From Gaza?

You may recall Mr. Tarpley ranting about al Sisi being the “new Nasser” in Egypt and effectively giving his seal of approval to the illegal and immoral coup that overthrew the elected government of Egypt. Now we see al Sisi starting to target the government of Gaza on behalf of their Israeli bosses. Thanks Mr. Tarpley. We see who you’re working for now, don’t we?

Something is going to happen by the end of the week I’m almost sure of it. It will be a typical false flag designed to generate some wiggle room for Obama administration policies across the board both internationally and domestically I’m afraid.

You can probably expect a push further into Africa to take out a couple troublesome leaders and governments and certainly an all out attack on the uprising in Yemen. Egypt will jump on board doing what dictatorships do to meddling civilians and my guess is, all these deliberately staged horrific attacks on various people in Syria by “al Qaeda” will lead the U.S. to announce they are going after them in Syria while of course they are going to be fighting Syrians, not their “al Qaeda” mercs.”)

from AntiWar

Pro-junta newspaper El-Watan is reporting that Egypt’s military has uncovered a plot to assassinate coup leader Gen. Abdelfattah El-Sisi, with the attack said to be planned in the Sinai Peninsula by an Islamist faction.

According to the report, the attackers included members of Hamas, and has a stockpile of smuggled Libyan weapons, and intended to assassinate Sisi and other junta leaders on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, later this week.

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Morsi, the Constitution and the E-BRICS Plan

by Scott Creighton

So much disinformation out there, I thought I would put together a little real stuff for those of you who are keeping track.

You will notice the cold war is starting back up… Russia is being demonized on the right with Edward Snowden and on the left due to their supposed “war on the gays”.

But the truth is, Russia is standing in the way of our latest “humanitarian intervention” regime change plan in Syria and they don’t pull many punches when talking about the poisonous influence of Western styled neo-liberalism (having suffered under it first hand during the Yeltsin days)

China is in the same boat for a number of reasons, Snowden being the most recent.

Brazil of course has it’s own color revolution brewing while India is getting a reputation along with the other BRICS nations as being “difficult” for the MNCs (multinational corporations i.e. “our national interests”) to make a fast buck. They tend to frown on regulations don’t ya know.

“If corporations from the developed world are faltering in the higher growth emerging and the much hyped BRIC economies, that’s because of the increased risk of corruption in these markets. In India and China, for instance, payments to government to renew contracts and for licences and permits are not alien.

Government interference and the resultant opaqueness breed a culture of corruption. In lands where bribe-paying is considered normal behaviour, MNCs that are keen to grab a piece of lucrative pies have little choice but to do in such Romes of international business as the Roman industrialists do.” Economic Times of India

When they say all wars are banker’s wars, they’re not kidding. International finance has been behind every war that I know of, they’ve either started them or provoked them or invented them in a studio someplace and what we see happening today reflects that truism.

With the global economy on the decline due to the designed collapse of Western economies in order to facilitate a neo-liberalization of those nations, it’s quite understandable that 1. the BRICS nations would attract the attention of developing economies and 2. our glorious leader would do everything in his power to see to it that the BRICS doesn’t end up replacing the IMF and World Bank as the primary lender of choice across the globe.

To that end, after Morsi went forward with the anti-neo-liberal constitution and continued to put off signing a deal with the IMF for so long, it was only a matter of time before he had to go.

And on top of all of that, he was talking to the BRICS nations about what he called “E-BRICS”… and THAT ladies and gentlemen was all she wrote:

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Kerry Says Egypt’s Military Was ‘Restoring Democracy’ in Ousting Morsi


(Only in America does a bloody coup + secret police squads (SSI) equal “democracy”)

QUESTION: Thank you very much for giving us time. My first question is about your commitment with democracy. The U.S. believes in democracy, U.S. is a champion of democracy all over the world. But why U.S. is not taking a clear position on military intervention against the democratically elected government of President Morsy in Egypt?

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, it’s a very appropriate and important question, and I want to answer it very directly. The military was asked to intervene by millions and millions of people (actually, they were asked to intervene by John Kerry and Susan Rice), all of whom were afraid of a descendance into chaos, into violence. And the military did not take over, to the best of our judgment so – so far. To run the country, there’s a civilian government. In effect, they were restoring democracy. And the fact is –

QUESTION: By killing people on the roads?

SECRETARY KERRY: Oh, no. That’s not restoring democracy… (source)

from the New York Times

Secretary of State John Kerry offered an unexpected lift to Egypt’s military leaders on Thursday, saying they had been “restoring democracy” when they deposed the country’s first freely elected president, Mohamed Morsi, on July 3 after mass demonstrations against his rule.

“The military was asked to intervene by millions and millions of people” who feared the country would descend into chaos, Mr. Kerry said during a visit to Pakistan, a country that has seen four military coups since the 1950s. In Egypt, Mr. Kerry said, “The military did not take over, to the best of our judgment — so far.”

His comments echoed those of Egypt’s defense minister, Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, who has said that he repeatedly warned Mr. Morsi to change course and that he was carrying out the people’s will by deposing him. Mr. Kerry’s blunt comments represented the strongest endorsement yet by the United States of the military intervention, which the Obama administration has refused to call a coup

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AGM-114F Hellfire Rocket Hits Egyptian Security Headquarters in Northern Sinai (photos of missile fragments)

by Scott Creighton

Who attacked the Egyptian Security Headquarters in Northern Sinai? “Jihadists”? The Americans? The Israelis? It was “northern” Sinai, wasn’t it? Did it actually happen or did the Egyptian interior ministry simply scatter some parts of one of their own missiles on the ground and scream “JIHADISTS!”?

It is being reported by Egypt’s new interior ministry that “Jihadists” used a U.S.-made ballistic missile to attack the Egyptian Security Headquarters in Northern Sinai. Curiously, back in January of this year, the interior ministry intercepted a shipment of U.S. made ballistic missiles heading to Gaza, they claimed.

This latest attack is being used as the pretext to justify another brutal crackdown by the junta’s special police and the military in the region.

“Jihadists attacked the Egyptian security headquarters in northern Sinai ostensibly using an American-made ballistic missile, Egypt’s interior ministry said early Monday morning.” Times of Israel

Though many outlets are talking about the attack, few are posting the images that the interior ministry posted on their Facebook account which supposedly show fragments of the missile itself. Even fewer still are giving out the name of the missile itself. But I am doing both.

The AGM-114F Hellfire air-to-ground missiles (specifications on that page match the reported length of the missiles as well  as the identifying plate on it’s side as you will see in the image below) can’t be launched by ragtag “Jihadists” on the ground. They are a laser guided system and are usually launched by Israeli or U.S. drones or by Israeli or U.S. attack helicopters.

You know who else has Hellfires?  The Egyptian military, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and of course, the Brits.

The plot thickens, huh?

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Mubarak Era Secret Police (Death Squads) Are Officially Back in Business

(The Shah had the SAVOK, Papa Doc had the TonTon Macute, and Mubarak had the SSI. Now al Sisi, decribed by Webster Tarpley as the “new Nasser”, has the SSI as well.)

In a report in 2002, the United Nations Committee against Torture expressed “particular concern at the widespread evidence of torture and ill-treatment in administrative premises under the control of the State Security Investigation Department, the infliction of which is reported to be facilitated by the lack of any mandatory inspection by an independent body of such premises.”[8] Human Rights Watch reported that “Egyptian authorities have a longstanding and well-documented record of engaging in arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detention, and torture and other ill-treatment of detainees,” and that the SSI has in particular committed acts of torture and denied detainees fundamental human rights.[9] A US diplomatic cable reported that police brutality and torture are “routine and pervasive”. The cable also reported that the security services functioned as “instruments of power that serve and protect the regime”.[10]

Both Egyptian and international human rights groups, as well as the United Nations Committee Against Torture, have documented widespread use of torture by the SSI, with Human Rights Watch singling out the SSI in what it called a “pervasive culture of impunity” with regard to torture.[11]     Wiki

from the London Guardian

Egypt‘s interim government was accused of attempting to return the country to the Mubarak era on Monday, after the country’s interior ministry announced the resurrection of several controversial police units that were nominally shut down following the country’s 2011 uprising and the interim prime minister was given the power to place the country in a state of emergency.

Egypt’s state security investigations service, Mabahith Amn ad-Dawla, a wing of the police force under President Mubarak, and a symbol of police oppression, was supposedly closed in March 2011 – along with several units within it that investigated Islamist groups and opposition activists. The new national security service (NSS) was established in its place.

But following Saturday’s massacre of at least 83 Islamists, interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim announced the reinstatement of the units, and referred to the NSS by its old name. He added that experienced police officers sidelined in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution would be brought back into the fold.

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Webster Tarpley Ranting His Support of Brutal Bloody Coup in Egypt

by Scott Creighton

Webster Tarpley is not a leftist. He is a liar and a fraud. Fom all his pretense about stopping “genocidal austerity” and the IMF, he is in service to both and this latest pro-al Sisi rant of his on his Saturday radio show proves it. He is openly cheer-leading for the brutal attack on the people of Egypt in support of the IMF deal Morsi refused to sign and by ignoring the main reason of this Obama regime change operation, the anti-neo-liberal constitution of Egypt, Webster Tarpley shows his true colors.

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Egypt News Updates Via ADS (videos and photos)

links compiled on After Downing Street (or whatever it’s called these days) by Bartolo



VIDEO: Police gunmen firing at the protesters – YouTube


VIDEO: Plain clothes officer firing a machine gun – YouTube


Egypt: Many Pro-Morsi Protesters Shot in Head or Chest, Police was Shooting to Kill – Human Rights Watch

Eyewitness: People were dropping like flies – NZ Herald News

PHOTOS: Pics of uniform &  plain clothed police officers shooting –

VIDEO: Cairo Massacre: The hospital field in Rabaa square – YouTube

PHOTOS: Extensive set of pics on the aftermath of the clashes – Mosa’ab Elshamy

Mosa’ab Elshamy eyewitnessed the killing by the police – Facebook


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