The Newest and Most Dangerous Violent Extremist Group of ALL TIME! The TARD™ Menace

by Scott Creighton

It is with extreme sadness that I have to admit, after all these years of exposing and debunking various dubious bullshite “extremist” groups that have been created in order to manufacture consent for one operation or another in service to the Global War of Terror and the banks who fund it.. I have found this latest threat is more than credible… it’s hyper-credible… it’s incredulous… and it’s all around us just waiting to strike.

We are all doomed and therefore must sacrifice any number of freedoms on the altar of security in order to preserve our way of life that currently sucks and is getting suckier because after all, USA™…USA™…USA™

When asked why the White House called an emergency press conference this morning, State Department™ Spokesman Jen Psaki said :

“ISIS™? No, this meeting isn’t about ISIS™ . ISIS™  is so August™. This is September™. Try to keep up. We’re here to talk about TARD™ , the most ruthless, vicious, evil, monstrous, impolite, unfriendly, antisocial social media expert terrorist group to ever have occupied a green screen sound stage! Duh.”

Psaki said we need to build an international coalition to put an end to  TARD™ (not to be confused with the Coalition of the Willing used as cover to create the impression of international legitimacy the Bush administration could not get at the start of the invasion of Iraq back in 2003) she called it a Coalition of the Willing TARDS™ because, as she said:

TARD™  is EVERYWHERE.  TARD™  is NOWHERE. Therefore, we must be prepared to allow ObamaGod the flexibility to bomb EVERYTHING and EVERYONE without asking congress or the people. It’s the TARD™ way!”

Like Colin Powell did at the UN Security Council, Psaki knocked it out of the park. Who in their RIGHT mind can argue with that kind of logic I ask you?

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James “limited-hangout baby” Bamford Does His Thing with Edward Snowden

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Steve Watson of the Prison Planet Watson Di$info Twins, has written an uncritical review of Mr. “Limited Hangout Baby” Bamford’s propaganda. Go figure. Remember, you can always tell a psyop by the company it keeps.


Unlike before with The Puzzle Palace, this time the NSA cooperated with Bamford. Alarmed by Hollywood films like Enemy of the State that portrayed his agency as a ruthless cadre of assassins, the director of the NSA, Lt. Gen Michael V. Hayden, wanted the American public to have a more accurate picture of how the NSA functioned. In order to encourage better communication between the NSA and the press, Hayden granted Bamford unprecedented access to Crypto City (the NSA campus in Ft. Meade, MD), senior NSA officials, and thousands of NSA documents while he researched Body of Secrets. The NSA even hosted a book signing for Bamford on the grounds of Crypto City. It lasted more than four hours as hundreds of NSA employees lined up to have their copies of Body of Secrets autographed. (Ibid., Bamford’s profile from Random House)

James “limited-hangout baby” Bamford is a fraud as is the manufactured hero Edward Snowden.

It was only a matter of time before the NSA’s first manufactured whistle-blower was assigned the task of passing the proverbial torch to “Snowden” which is exactly what he has done in a new Wired magazine interview and accompanying Conde Nast promotional video.

I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word, in that I lived and worked undercover, overseas — pretending to work in a job that I’m not — and even being assigned a name that was not mine... What they are trying to do is that they are trying to use one position to distract from the totality of my experience, which is: I’ve worked for the Central Intelligence Agencyundercover, overseas, I’ve worked for the National Security Agency – undercover, overseas, and I’ve worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency as a lecturer at the joint counter-intelligence training,” “Edward Snowden” from RT

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US Sent Latin Youth Undercover in Anti-Cuba Ploy

(I wonder if those 6 (not 100) AIDS conference attendees who were on Flight MH17 were linked to USAID. I wonder…)

from the AP via ABC News

Fernando Murillo was typical of the young Latin Americans deployed to Cuba by a U.S. agency to work undercover. He had little training in the dangers of clandestine operations — or how to evade one of the world’s most sophisticated counter-intelligence services.

Their assignment was to recruit young Cubans to anti-government activism, which they did under the guise of civic programs, including an HIV prevention workshop. Murillo was instructed to check in every 48 hours and was provided with a set of security codes. “I have a headache,” for instance, meant the Costa Rican thought the Cubans were watching him and the mission should be suspended.

Over at least two years, the U.S. Agency for International Development — best known for overseeing billions of dollars in U.S. humanitarian aid — sent nearly a dozen neophytes from Venezuela, Costa Rica and Peru to gin up opposition in Cuba. The danger was apparent to USAID, if not to the young operatives: A USAID contractor, American Alan Gross, had just been hauled away to a Cuban jail for smuggling in sensitive technology. He remains there still.

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Beyond the scope of reason – The Witch-king of Angmar Asked to Resign for Spying on the Elites

by Scott Creighton

CIA Director John Brennan is in the pretend hot-seat over a newly released CIA Inspector General’s Office report “accidentally” leaked to McClatchy which claims the CIA hacked into Senate intelligence committee computers back in 2009 when they were pretending to “investigate” torture and detention practices of the agency.

It does make for a nice juicy distraction from reports of Obama spoon-feeding Israel more WMDs while they reload, doesn’t it? Not to mention Israel’s breaking of the 72 hour ceasefire agreement in less than 72 minutes.

The ridiculousness of the parameters of the carefully controlled debate are worth mentioning briefly only because they are so absurd.

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CIA Captured in Syria Working with ISIS? ISIS Now Has Material for Dirty Bomb?

by Scott Creighton

It has been reported by Dr. Mehmet Yuva of Aydinlik Daily that several “U.S. intelligence officials” have been captured along with ” Barzani’s peshmarga, officers from Arab states from the Gulf and ISIS militants ” in northern Syria by Syrian Army’s Elite Aerial Forces.

This story coincides with another report out of Iraq that states ISIS has gotten their hands on a large amount of uranium, enough to make “weapons of mass destruction”

Is there an ISIS WMD false flag right around the corner? Will the smoking gun actually take the form of a mushroom cloud (or at least a dirty one) this time around?

“I think there will be another attack and the next time I think it’s likely to be far deadlier than the last one.” Dick Cheney, June 24th

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The ISIS Crisis: A regime change in the works? ISIS as the agent provocateur?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A “wiki” Twitter feed, supposedly of an ISIS member, is “blowing the whistle” on the partnership between the fascist Wahhabist ISIS troupe and the socialist Baath Party of Iraq. (see update at end of article)


“I think it’s imperative that the government of Iraq, currently led by Maliki, be much more inclusive, much more willing to share power, involve all the different segments of Iraq. And I believe strongly that, if Maliki is not the kind of leader who can do that, then the Iraqi people need to think seriously about the kind of leader they need to try to unite Iraqis against what is a terrible, imminent threat from these most extreme terrorists.” Hillary Clinton

Al-Maliki “can’t be the mediator. He is the problem... He thinks he has the support of the majority of the people, which is simply not true. And he thinks that those who are against him are against him on a purely sectarian basis, which is also not true. They are against him because he failed.”” Saad Jawad, London School of Economics’ Middle East Centre

The Maliki government, candidly, has got to go if you want any reconciliation,” U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Sen. John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, also reportedly pushed the president to “make very clear to Maliki that his time is up.” IBT

The Iraqi people will have to decide the makeup of the next coalition government and who is the prime minister. Whether it’s the current prime minister or another leader, we will aggressively attempt to impress upon that leader the absolute necessity of rejecting sectarian governance.” White House spokesman, Jay Carney

You’ll notice that the only Iraqi in the group understands (or at least admits) that this isn’t about sectarian struggles between Maliki and the Sunnis.

Maliki has been running this country, our client state of Iraq, like this since he came to office. We are supposed to believe that suddenly the Obama administration and congress are just getting wind of his brutality and oppression? Get real.

Another Arab official adds a bit of flavor to the stew:

“We believe that Maliki’s sectarianism and exclusion of Sunnis has led to the insurgency we are seeing,” said a senior Arab official. “He unfortunately managed to unite ISIS with the former Baathists and Saddam supporters.” Wall Street Journal

For those of you who don’t know, the Baathists are a secular SOCIALIST movement opposed to Western colonialism in Arab states. Their motto is “Unity, Liberty, Socialism

Riddle me this: why is it that ISIS, a far far right anti-socialist tribe of Wahhabist jihadis, are suddenly over in Iraq helping the socialists fight against the neoliberal Western puppet regime of Nouri al-Maliki? Supposedly ISIS is in Syria fighting AGAINST Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, General Secretary of the Ba’ath Party and Regional Secretary of the party’s branch in Syria?

They are fighting on our side in one country against the Baathists and right next door, they are lined up along side the Baathists, fighting our puppet regime. Does that strike anyone else as being rather odd? Or just plain silly?

Or maybe they are just providing cover for a pretend lefty president to start bombing leftists in our client state in which our puppet has lost control?

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The ISIS Crisis: Iraq: Fighting Terrorism or Political Opposition?

On June 10, 2014 the U.S. Department of State issued a press statement in which it expressed its “deepest concern” about the events that have transpired in Mosul/ Iraq and affirmed its full support for a strong, coordinated response including the provision of “all appropriate assistance … to help ensure that these efforts succeed”. It does not need much imagination to understand the language and the message. Support provided by the US in confronting “urgent threats” of alleged acts of terrorism unavoidably involves coercive force, including the provision of all kinds of arms, munitions and war material. Will this world never learn?

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