Glenn Greenwald Reviews the CIA’s Latest Movie Zero Dark Thirty – Can You Say “Limited Hangout”?

by Scott Creighton

Glenn Greenwald has a new article up about this horrendous piece of globalist propaganda called Zero Dark Thirty. It’s supposedly the “true story” of how the great ObamaGod got the “ebil” bin Laden via an assassination raid into Pakistan last year.

Glenn accurately points out that the film is complete propaganda. He can’t help but notice that. It was after all based on “intelligence” spoon fed to the government shill Kathryn Bigelow after she was granted an Oscar award for her other recent propaganda piece, the Hurt Locker.

“It was discovered that CIA and White House officials had met with its filmmakers and passed non-public information to them – at exactly the same time that DOJ officials were in federal court resisting transparency requests from media outlets and activist groups on the ground that it was all classified.” Glenn Greenwald

It’s clear that Operation Mockingbird hasn’t simply been revived, brought back from the dead in the wake of 9/11, it’s become the sole source of new material in Hollywood (they simply refused to make Cloud Atlas and snubbed Avatar by giving the academy award to Hurt Locker instead). The only thing Hollywood will fund these days is propaganda, pure and simple.

But Glenn misses the point (as he sometimes does when it comes to important fundamental stuff like this) by focusing his entire criticism of the film on the fact that it justifies torture to the exclusion of even the well-known facts surrounding the “official story” of the bin Laden raid.

and now for the rest of the story…

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by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

While the President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama “celebrates” the first anniversary of the alleged death of bin Laden, the substantive issue as to WHO WAS OSAMA BIN LADEN remains unheralded.  (Remarks by President Obama in Address to the Nation from Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, see video at foot of article)

Through lies and fabrications –which he intends to use in his election campaign– president Obama`s carefully scripted speech upholds a world of total fantasy, in which “bad guys” are lurking and “plotting acts of terror”. Meanwhile, Islamic “jihadists” are said to be threatening Western civilization.

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The Official Final Chapter of bin Laden Myth is Aptly Named After a Myth

by Scott Creighton

A myth for a myth

Aren’t they clever? They named the final chapter of the bin Laden myth after a Roman mythological figure. That should earn more than a few insider’s snickers down at the old CFR building.

One month has passed since the last bin Laden distraction card was played and they have finally got the story ironed out enough to smooth over all the little wrinkles and declare this last version, or the next to the last version, as the “official” version of what happened and who better to put forward that new, almost complete, official version, than the Council on Foreign Relations.

It’s a stunning example of what I like to call Propaganda Multitasking. Light on facts, heavy on revision, and always keeping an eye on the next prize, Pakistan.

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Osama Bin Laden’s Death?-News Analysis-05-04-2011

Part 1

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Take a Look – Same Guy?

Fake Bin Laden Home Video

by Scott Creighton

You gotta be kidding me. “That’s bin Laden’s ear! I would know it anywhere!”

CNN is breathlessly reporting a new video of bin Laden “as we have never seen him before. Watching al Jazeera and stroking his beard”

Apparently the White House arranged a viewing for some of their most sycophantic “reporters” and they showed them this laughable bit of Insta-PR.  Notice that the “reporter” mentions that the White House choose not to play the audio part of the video for them…

What follows is a video of a guy shot from behind and to the left, not even in full profile, who never turns toward the camera, is wearing a blanket across his body so you can’t see anything but the back side of his head and a little of the left side of his face.

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After Living like a Refugee for 6 Years, bin Laden Probably Shot Himself

by Scott Creighton

Osama bin Laden, the man who defeated the most extensive security grid humanity has ever known and was able to defy the laws of physics not once, but THREE TIMES on Sept. 11th 2001, a man who was able to hide from the reach of all of the world’s intelligence agencies combined for nearly 10 years, lived for 6 years in a house without so much as a toaster oven and seemed to be incapable of growing a simple tomato plant in his self sufficient “garden”… and may have shit in a bucket in the middle of the hallway.

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New Bin Laden Photos Released: They Seem to Contradict Each Other

What? You want more proof than this? What are you, a “conspiracy theorist”?

bin Laden death photo (the un-photoshopped one)

However, rumor has it that bin Laden may not have been in Pakistan at all. Just a rumor though

whatcha guys watchin?

Propagandist PR Flunkies Rub Their Stink on Seals

by Scott Creighton

As the hastily constructed bin Laden distraction falls apart at the seams, suddenly there’s a new threat to scare the public with, rail attack schemes, which supposedly puts Amtrak employees on a heightened “state of vigilance,”.

This is just another distraction.

Seems like all these propagandists can do is create more and more distractions when their little “plots and plans” start to unravel in their sweaty little hands and the control they so desperately seek starts to slip through their pudgy little sausage fingers.

Something interesting is taking place with the “official story” which we should probably take note of.

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Bin Laden Distraction UPDATES

by Scott Creighton

While the country focuses on the bullshit bin Laden story, the neoliberalization of America and the Global Free Market Wars continue unhindered.

The Obama administration is working on 3 new Free Trade deals which they hope to get signed this year while jobless claims just hit an 8 month high. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is pressuring congress to show the same bipartisan cooperation in passing the pending austerity measures that they showed in “getting Osama bin Laden”, whatever that means.

Officials in Pakistan are now claiming there was no fire fight what-so-ever in the raid that took 5 lives supposedly including that of bin Laden. Witnesses claim his daughters saw bin Laden executed. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has definitively stated that there will be no more disclosures about what happened.

Hillary Clinton has claimed that in the now infamous situation room photo, she was covering her mouth to prevent one of her “spring coughs” rather than trying to make the staged photo seem more dramatic. Apparently the first story that they watched the operation in “real time” is falling apart just like most of the rest of the bullshit story. Clinton says she “can’t remember” what they were watching in that room.

But remember, if you don’t take these guys at their word and you question the official story of what happened, you’re an “extremist

In that vein, Hillary Clinton has also come out and made it clear that killing bin Laden will not affect the “Global Free Market Wars” in any way and that we must now “redouble” our efforts to combat terrorism all “around the world”.

Let us not forget that the battle to stop al-Qaida and its affiliates does not end with one death,” she said. “We have to renew our resolve and redouble our efforts, not only in Afghanistan and Pakistan but around the world.”  MSNBC

I am sure the “news” organization that reported on that quote was quite pleased since it is partially owned by the single biggest defense contractor in the world.

No Photo For You! Obama Finally Puts his Foot Down About Something

by Scott Creighton

As the story goes, Barack Obama is not going to allow the release of the postmortem photos of Osama bin Laden; according to the official story, he doesn’t want to piss off anyone (as if all those drone strikes and dead civilians doesn’t piss them off even more)

Sen. Scott Brown came out this morning on Fox News claiming that he had personally seen the photos and us “conspiracy theorists” should just give it a rest. This afternoon, his office had to retract those statements. Turns out someone showed him the fake bin Laden photo and now he doesn’t want to say who showed it to him.

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The bin Laden Story Just Keeps Changing and Skeptics of this Bullshit Story are Now Called “Extremists”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The ridiculous propaganda just goes on and on (see the end of the article)

UPDATE 2: Skeptics of the ever changing bullshit story are now being called “extremists” by the White House (see the end of the article)

UPDATE 3: What would we do without all those accurate artist’s renderings? (see the end of the article… for a laugh)

Well, it’s been a couple of days since the Obama administration played their Osama card as a distraction from the killing of 3 of Gadhafi’s grandchildren in Libya and the story just keeps changing. Kinda reminds you of how the official story of 9/11 kept changing, doesn’t it?

Hell, even the Cuban media understands that this is just a distraction.

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Cuban TV: Bin Laden’s death meant to distract from Libya bombings

from Monsters and Critics

Cuban state media said Monday that the death of al- Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is meant to ‘distract attention’ from the international military intervention in Libya.

‘It catches the eye that the death of the world’s most-wanted terrorist should be announced at a time when NATO is indiscriminately bombing Libya and when one of its air raids on Tripoli caused the death of a son of the Libyan leader, Colonel (Moamer) Gaddafi, and of three of his grandchildren,’ Cuba’s midday news said.

Calling bin Laden a ‘former CIA aide,’ an apparent reference to his fight with the US-aided Afghan rebels against the Soviet occupation in the 1980s, the Cuban broadcaster called the US attack on bin Laden ‘a way to distract the world’s media attention.’

[read the rest, here]

White House Spokesman Says bin Laden “shot through the left eye”

by Scott Creighton

Wasn’t he “shot through the left eye” in that fake photo years ago? I believe he was.

This morning I had to suffer through a few minutes of Starbucks’ Zionist propaganda show Morning Joe. They had a woman on who was announced as a spokesperson for the White House and she claimed that bin Laden had “been shot through the left eye”.  She made that point SEVERAL times on the show.  An NBC news reporter also made the claim based she said on a “US official”

Today 7:39 AM Bin Laden ‘Shot In Left Eye’

BreakingNews @ BreakingNews : NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie: Bin Laden shot in left eye; buried at sea around 2am ET – US official

Meanwhile, Chuck Todd reports that the White House is discussing whether or not they will release photos of the dead bin Laden. No decision has been made as of yet.

Turns out there is a clearly faked photo that surfaced years ago showing what was supposed to be a dead Osama bin Laden and guess what? He had been “shot through the left eye”

Now either that is the single biggest coincidence since Donald Rumsfeld announced the missing 2.3 trillion dollars on Sept. 10th 2001, or someone thought they could get away with using that same photo again.

(H/T to Prison Planet for photo)

"shot through the left eye" says White House spokesperson on Morning Joe

Bin Laden “Buried at Sea” – Talk About Going Overboard, This Sets a New Standard

by Scott Creighton

It’s just so fucking stupid.

” the officials would not name the type of helicopter, or the military units involved, or say how many U.S. personnel participated”  MSNBC

At least now they can’t claim he’s living in Iran.

The story being reported now is that they buried bin Laden at sea “according to Islamic law“. What part of the law of the people of the desert deems it customary to bury people at sea?

Do they really think the American people are that stupid?

It's just so fucking stupid, I can't take it anymore

The body of bin Laden has been dumped over the side of a ship never again to be retrieved, never again to be examined, never again to be questioned except by us “conspiracy theorists” who would dare to investigate the facts surrounding the national mythology of 9/11.

The story will be that they had to do that rather than risk angering Muslims because according to Islamic tradition, the body of a dead person must be laid to rest within a day after they die.

That is ridiculous coming from a nation that is currently locking up carpenters and sheep herders at Gitmo and Bagram for doing nothing more than wearing a cheap Casio watch.

That is ridiculous coming from a nation who “shocked and awed” over a million Muslims to death at the start of a war based on nothing more than lies and innuendo.

That is ridiculous coming from a nation where a white-trash piece of shit pastor holds a “trial” and burns a Koran for a little bit of publicity.

In short, that’s just fucking ridiculous.

All across the media spectrum perky, retarded repeaters are sitting on sensible couches spewing their mistaken talking points and trying to sound irreverent. It is offensively stupid.

You want to read something that isn’t stupid?  Read this…

Renowned Jewish-American scholar Noam Chomsky says US invasion of Afghanistan was illegal since to date there is no evidence that al-Qaeda has carried out the 9/11 attacks.

“The explicit and declared motive of the [Afghanistan] war was to compel the Taliban to turn over to the United States, the people who they accused of having been involved in World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist acts. The Taliban…they requested evidence…and the Bush administration refused to provide any,” the 81-year-old senior academic made the remarks on Press TV’s program a Simple Question.

We later discovered one of the reasons why they did not bring evidence: they did not have any.”

The political analyst also said that nonexistence of such evidence was confirmed by FBI eight months later. Press TV

Yes, the FBI confirmed they had no evidence that bin Laden attacked us on 9/11. And yes, the Taliban offered to hand over bin Laden if President Bush were to hand over the evidence or at least let them see it. Bush never replied. Bin Laden himself stated in one of the last confirmed messages he released, that he had nothing to do with 9/11. And yes, Colin Powell promised to hand over a “white paper” which would prove bin Laden’s guilt… but no such white paper was ever produced.

And yet, here we are.

The PR firms contracted by the State Department are out in force trying to make it look like Americans are celebrating this great “victory”. They used their social media tools to gather themselves together in fake flash mobs but if you look real close they all look like the 20 something marketing flunkies working for the internet marketing companies that they really are.

Apparently the marketing company that was contracted to come up with a catchy slogan for all this has turned out a winner: Obama Got Osama (story complete with picture of the one black person in the flash mob crowd holding an American flag)

Just like the fake rebels in Libya, they’re only fooling themselves.

these staged celebrations. they are only fooling themselves

The most important suspect in the past 10 years has been killed so that there will never be a trial, never be a real investigation.

Like Dr. Ivins and Lee Harvey Oswald, the story is sealed shut before it ever sees the light of day. All we are left with is the official conspiracy theory and whatever clever spin the MSM can come up with.

The most important earthly remains of the past 10 years have been dumped over the side of a ship for no apparent reason, long before independent investigators could confirm it’s identity.

This story will dominate the news cycles while NATO and her member states plan the illegal ground invasion of Libya, while the Libyan people bury the bodies of Gadhafi’s son and grandchildren.

I guess it’s better for the country, better for “national security” if they get Americans to see Obama as the killer of bin Laden rather than the killer of 3 grandchildren. At least that’s how they see it.

It’s just so damn stupid I don’t think I can take it anymore.


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