“Innocence of Muslims” Psyop is About Crushing Libya’s Growing Green Revolution

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE 2: Washington Post reports “Gadhafi loyalists did it” aka the Green Revolution… that didn’t take long, did it?

UPDATE: (H/T Jan) An Egyptian Muslim noticed something “odd” about all of this and posted a comment on a Reddit thread dealing with this psyop. I post his entire comment below after the original article. It’s worth reading (thanks Jan)


Since Chris Stevens was supposedly murdered yesterday  by some angry Muslims in Benghazi (how exactly does someone die of smoke inhalation in a car with windows? How do 4 people die that way at the same time without at least one of them thinking about rolling down a window?), President Obama has unleashed the anti-terrorism fast response team of U.S. Marines to the area to put “boots on the ground” and protect our interests in the newly formed, post regime change Libya.

I’ve been working on this story since late last night when I posted one of the first alternative news articles about the pathetic cobbled together film school video at the heart of all this called “Innocence of Muslims”. It’s been a long night.

After careful consideration I have determined that this entire, ham-handed and rushed psyop seems to have been scripted in order to create a narrative to justify President Obama putting boots on the ground in Libya to crush a real revolution that is taking place and has been growing since the United States orchestrated the fake revolution in that country last year.

Several key aspects of this situation are not being discussed at all in the MSM and I think the people have a right to know. Is this another Gulf of Tonkin event? Let’s see.

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Trial of 28 Bahraini medics underway

from Press TV

America Loves Dictators, Thugs, and Tyrants This one is Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain

A mass trial is underway for 28 doctors and nurses charged as part of a broad crackdown on peaceful anti-government protesters in Bahrain.

The medical personnel are accused of joining the protests and spreading false information, by speaking to foreign media, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

On June 22, a special security court in Bahrain sentenced eight prominent activists and opposition leaders to life in prison on charges of “plotting to overthrow the government” during demonstrations in the Persian Gulf island earlier this year.

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US-backed Bahrain regime stages military trial of doctors and nurses

by Bill Van Auken, WSWS

The US-backed dictatorship of the al-Khalifa dynasty in Bahrain proceeded this week with the military trial of 47 doctors and nurses rounded up during mass protests last March.

This judicial travesty, which is emblematic of the ferocious repression unleashed by the regime of King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa against the demonstrations that swept the country last February and March, has elicited no word of protest from Washington.

While the Obama administration has daily demanded “regime-change” in Libya and questioned the “legitimacy” of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, it last week welcomed a Bahraini crown prince to the White House and praised the regime for its commitment to “reform” and “dialogue.”

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Bahrain: Wounded Protesters Beaten, Detained

from Human Rights Watch

Bahraini authorities are systematically targeting demonstrators and bystanders wounded in anti-government protests for harassment and mistreatment, and in some cases denying them critical care, Human Rights Watch said today.

Since the Bahraini Defense Force (BDF) took over the country’s largest public medical facility on March 16, 2011, security and military forces have sought out and threatened, beaten and detained patients injured by teargas, rubber bullets, birdshot pellets, and live ammunition. These patients also have been removed from hospitals or forcibly transferred to other medical facilities, often against medical advice. Human Rights Watch has been documenting these cases.

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Naked Aggression: ‘Libya assault planned months ahead’

(H/T Empire Strikes Black)

Look Over There! Look Over There! Nothing to See Here… Look OVER THERE!!!

by Scott Creighton

While most of the MSM focuses entirely on Japan or the drifting fallout, winds of CHANGE are blowing through the Obama administration who are definitely taking advantage of the distraction. The president has chosen this particular moment in time to take up the question of gun control in the wake of the shooting in Arizona which took place more than 2 months ago. Hillary Clinton has once again been pushing for the establishment of a no-fly zone and military intervention in Libya in a G-8 Summit meeting in Paris but several other leaders don’t seem to want to help her and her CIA linked MI-6 “diplomats” overthrow the Gadhafi regime.  You will never see a better equipped and more violent group of “pro-democracy demonstrators” in the entire Middle Eastern uprising.  The Obama administration played down the violence against the protesters in Egypt and Tunisia and even called for the corrupt regimes there to remain while “modifications” to their rule were slowly worked out.  Those protesters had no heavy truck-mounted weapons, no MI-6 “advisers”, and no offer from Israeli security companies to fund “separation forces”.

Isn’t it funny how the “progressive” Obama regime is in the same camp on this one that John McCain and “Fightin” Joe LIEberman are in calling for an all out invasion of Libya to remove Gadhafi? Of course, Obama’s been in the same camp as those two neocon fraudsters for years.

Yet while the Obama administration works hard to unseat Gadhafi because his forces are fighting back against the heavily armed insurgents in Libya, the peaceful protesters in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain are being slaughtered without so much as a peep coming from our Peace Prize “winning” president.

In Yemen the pro-western dictator of 30 years, President Saleh, is using poison gas and live rounds on his unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators to keep his hold on power. Hunt oil has a big pipeline deal in Yemen and lots of natural gas to steal from those poor people. The poisoned gas he is using is reported to have come from the U.S. and Britain.  But not a word from Obama the peace-maker.

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Bahrain’s army deliberately kills peaceful protesters with live rounds and sets off major reactions

by Scott Creighton

I’ve looked at this several times. You know I was one of the first (and only) to expose the faked Neda death scene. This looks legit.

US Backs Crackdown in Bahrain

“Bahrain is a country where the United States has an enormous military presence, so without a doubt the Bahraini regime cannot kill and slaughter its own people without knowing that they’ll be supported and backed by Americans,” said Dr. Mohammad Marandi, a professor at Tehran University, in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

“The United States does not want change in any part of the Middle East; they’ve basically tied their foreign policy to Israel and all of these corrupt and despotic regimes…they’ve remained in power for decades due to the support of the United States,” he added. voltairnet

Possibly because of this incident, the dictator of Bahrain (I’m sorry… “crowned prince”)  has ordered military off the streets. The PR guys couldn’t stand for another viral video of peaceful protesters being slaughtered, so the “crowned prince” ordered his troops to stand down. However, the police are still cracking down.

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