Jon “Troll” Holley Still Milking that James Holmes Cash Cow for his Billionaire Boss Philip Anschutz

by Scott Creighton (first appeared as a comment, but I like this troll so much, I thought I would make a headline out of it)

(for those of you who don’t know…)

Jon here is Jon Holley who just happens to be a personal troll of mine who likes to show up whenever I mention James Holmes and try to convince people here of his guilt and by extension, the innocence of his boss. If it just so happens Jon makes a little money selling his “ground breaking” book at the same time, so be it, right? After all, according to Jon:

“Jon has an extensive amount of experience in the knowledge based economy from data mining to reporting unique content”

Yes, Jon is in the “knowledge based economy”, writing for Tulsa media outlets like the Tulsa where he holds the prestigious title of “Television Examiner

ooooo. Jon can watch TV.

Aside from watching television, Jon seems very committed to the act of trying to make sure that no one considers anything about the Aurora Massacre that steps too far out of the “James Holmes did it by himself” range.

Perhaps that’s because Jon’s boss is Philip Anschutz.

“ is a division of Clarity Media Group, of The Anschutz Corporation which is primarily owned by Philip Anschutz.”

Philip, as it turns out, isn’t just the guy who signs Jon’s paycheck, he also happens to be the guy who donated 100 million bucks to the Anschutz Medical School where James Holmes was attending college. The same place where all that “evidence” against him was “found”

And then there is this:

“Regal Entertainment Group, the largest movie theater chain in the world, with approximately 7,000 screens. Anschutz owns more than half of the company, which is a collection of former bankrupt chains.”

That’s right, the location of the shooting involving the patsy cultivated at Anschutz’ medical school, just HAPPENED to take place at Mr. Anschutz’ biggest business rival. What a coincidence.

Of course, one has too ask why would someone like Anschutz be involved in an activity like this one? Just check out the history.

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The Vegas Shooting – the “New World Order and Shit” and Other Dangerous Ideas

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see several updates at the end of this article


Years ago I wrote that when they decide to make that big leap from the slightly open society we have now to the totalitarian closed one we are destined for, one of the things they need to do is round up the dissidents in a very public manner so that not only are they out of the way, but so they will serve as an example of what happens to you when you think the wrong things.

You can see examples of this taking place right now in Egypt, Thailand and Ukraine. History is rife with examples. Look no farther than Indonesia when we installed Suharto or Chile after we installed Pinochet.

The most recent mass casualty event in the on-going American Gladio op took place in Vegas a few days ago. Two police officers and a woman shopping at WalMart tragically lost their lives. Was this simply a case of two bottom feeders going off? Was it part of a destabilization campaign designed to remake the country into something else? Was Cass Sunstein right about his “dangerous ideas” and the need to wipe them all off the interwebs or is someone helping him make his point as the new CISPA is about to be rolled out?

Let’s see.

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Piers Morgan Lays Out the Point of the American Gladio Campaign in his Last Show

by Scott Creighton

“Why didn’t you guys give up your rights after that autistic kid with no motive killed all those other kids? It worked in Britain” pout pout pout

Piers Morgan is gone from CNN. They dumped him due to bad ratings and his own embarrassing behavior as if his leaving will actually buy that ridiculous network any boost in their own lagging credibility.

On the way out the door during his final show, Piers decided to give one parting shout-out to the gun-grabbing agenda favored by America’s masters of universe like billionaire Bloomberg. In so doing, Mr. Morgan made the agenda of the failed American Gladio campaign crystal clear.

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Scott Creighton on the Monica Perez Show (links to interviews)

by Scott Creighton

Hi folks. I had the opportunity to do a couple interviews on the Monica Perez show yesterday and it was very enjoyable. We covered a lot of ground during the two interviews; Malaysian Airline Flight 370, Sandy Hook, Aurora, the Boston Bombing, American Gladio and a whole slew of other things. Monica posts comments here as austogirl. She always leaves interesting links which certainly add to the conversations.

Monica reminds me of Naomi Wolf for some reason. She’s very good at interviewing guests, making them feel right at home and at ease while still getting to the tough questions at the heart of the matter. So go check out the interviews. Have a listen while you surf the “interwebs”. Here are the links to the audio tracks.

Willy Loman Says the Saga of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Isn’t Over

Austrogirl Meets Willy Loman! 

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Monica Perez

Monica Perez

The Monica Perez Show is a call-in radio show about current events, politics, economics and life in general from a libertarian perspective. The show is broadcast every Saturday 3-6pm ET on News/Talk WSB 750AM and 95.5FM. You can also listen live online streaming and on your mobile device with the app iheartradio

The Very Odd Story of “Thomas Brinkley” and How He Met His End

by Scott Creighton (H/T Observer)

It’s not everyday that a reader of this website and frequent commenter gets shot and killed by police under what can only be described as highly unusual circumstances. Be that as it may, it has happened and I am compelled to give you whatever insight I can offer as the story unfolds.

“Thomas Brinkley” or Michael Cravey, was shot and killed by police in Florida yesterday. He had made a name for himself in the alternative community by basically latching onto other people’s research and claiming it as his own. Then he would toss the old turd in the punchbowl and do his best to make legitimate questions and evidence look ridiculous.

After his popularity had dropped to next to nothing, his influence completely gone, he supposedly goes on a one victim stabbing spree for no reason and ends up getting shot by police some 3 hours later as he was apparently going shopping at a local store.

Is “Thomas Brinkley” going to become the poster child for shutting down dissident “conspiracy theory” websites like mine for having “radicalized” him to the brink of madness? Is that to be Micheal’s final contribution to the dissident community?

A little background info in the interests of full disclosure:

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Aurora Massacre: Kangaroo Court Redefines “Show Trial”

by Scott Creighton

Homeland Security Prosecution: We have found a witch radicalize homegrown extremist, may we burn him?

Judge Carlos A. Samour: How do you know he’s a witch radicalized homegrown extremist?

Homeland Security Prosecution: He LOOKS like one

James: I’m not a witch radicalized homegrown extremist!

Judge Carlos A. Samour: But you are dressed as one.

James: They dressed me up like this.

Homeland Security Prosecution: Ah, no we didn’t. Ok, we did the hair. And the beard. And the thing on his head. And the Hannibal Lecter thing…. but he did turn me into a newt!

Judge Carlos A. Samour: What?

Homeland Security Prosecution: BURN HIM ANYWAY!

real deal

be honest…. Does this make my butt look guilty?

The James Holmes saga is probably one of the most ridiculous pretend prosecutions I’ve ever seen.

The court have already ruled that they can use “truth serum” on the guy as they promise to bring in something like 60 million “witnesses” to say they saw a guy in a gas mask shooting people … and yet there’s not one single clear image of James Holmes in the Century 16 theater that night from the numbers of security cameras at that location.

In a real court of justice, there’s a reason they don’t bring the accused into court dressed up like Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. It tends  to prejudice the jury in favor of prosecution, thus preventing a fair trial.

But apparently that’s not important in Colorado. Their courts must be interested in something other than justice.

They tried to have little James Holmes manacled and wrapped up like the Butcher of Seville for the upcoming trial but that didn’t fly so the judge decided they would put a restraining harness on James under his cheap suit and literally chain him to a bolted ring on the floor like he was a mad dog.

This is supposed to be a compromise.

Need I remind anyone that the police department who arrested Holmes, found him drugged and out cold in his car behind the theater, and they would have suffered MAJOR losses to police personnel had James not warned them about booby traps set up in his apartment?

Need I remind anyone of the second gas mask found at the end of the building where Holmes could not have been, dropped there by someone who had been reported by witnesses as the gunman as he fled the scene?

Nah, just chain him to the floor like a rabid bear and the prosecution can have Homeland Security standing by with riot guns and armor “just in case” the bailiffs can’t handle a 145 pound kid.

And I know.. we’ll call it “justice”

Fuck it… they’re trying their damnedest to convict this guy in the court of public opinion, they should just bring him into the courtroom in this get-up.

Forget subtle, go for broke. This is America, no one’s paying attention. And if they are, we’ll call ‘em “truthers” and that will shut them up.

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Mohawk Psyop: More Info on Kurt Myers “a good worker who got along well with colleagues”

by Scott Creighton

There is a little more information about Kurt Myers:

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Neil Heslin Was Not Heckled

by Scott Creighton

Meet Neil Heslin. He’s the father of one of the victims from the Sandy Hook shooting. Neil went to speak before the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Ct. today and reports across the complicit media are that he got “heckled” by some “gun nut” who simply answered his question when he gave his testimony with a picture of his dead kid sitting next to him in a chair for added emphasis.

But Neil was not heckled at all. He asked a question, looked around the room as he did it, and one of the 2nd amendment advocates simply answered him.

You will notice that gun grabbing advocate media sites like the Huffington Post tell you part of the story and show you only PART of the video, but the whole story, the whole video, you can see right here. This is what the Huffpuff said about the incident:

“I still can’t see why any civilian, anybody in this room in fact, needs weapons of that sort. You’re not going to use them for hunting, even for home protection,” Heslin said.

Pro-gun activists responded by calling out: “Second Amendment!”

Undeterred, Heslin continued. “There are a lot of things that should be changed to prevent what happened.” Huffington Post

Yeah, the HuffPuff did include that “things should be changed” line. They got that much right.

But here is the rest of the story:

Neil Heslin: “You know.. I wish.. I ask if there is anybody in this room that can give me one good reason or challenge this question Why anybody in this room needs to have an ass… one of these assault style weapons or military style weapons with high capacity clips?”

Then he looks around and nobody says anything because he is giving testimony to the committee, so Neil adds as if he has proved his point…

Neil Heslin: “Not one person can answer that question.”

And then they answered the question. Had he not been looking around at them and trying to make a point by their silence, they wouldn’t have. But, since he did, they did.

That’s not heckling.

Here’s the video.

Also keep in mind that Neil Heslin has been Jonny on the Spot when it comes to new gun control since the day of the shooting when he did an interview with Piers Morgan, and curiously enough, displayed the same, fake, affected performance he did today while posing next to a portrait of his late son.


Sandy Hook Shooting: Hocus… pocus… and PRESTO!… A motive!!!

by Scott Creighton

A rant. Yes, it’s a rant about the stupidity of the official story of Sandy Hook and how it has gone so far off the rails they have to bring in SCIENCE to try to explain the unexplainable while the OBVIOUS ANSWERS to the MANY QUESTIONS go unexplored because they are “conspiracy theories”

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American Gladio: Globalist Shills and DHS Director Praised At Prison Planet for SSRI Disinfo

by Scott Creighton

American Gladio: No. It’s Not “Big Pharma” Folks

Recently I wrote about how Alex Jones and Mike Rivero were pushing a LIHOPesque Cass Sunstein “cognitive infiltration’ meme with regard to the ongoing American Gladio project in Sandy Hook, Webster New York, Clackamas Town Center and Aurora Co.

The gist of my argument was that while pushing the notion that Holmes and Lanza and the others were on SSRIs , they are actually telling their readers that these patsies committed the mass casualty events that they are credited with rather than being patsies set up to take the fall.

Needless to say I got some negative feedback from several angles.

Today, proudly displayed on Jones’ Prison Planet, is an article which sings the praises of “two knowledgeable and highly credentialed public figures” because they mentioned these SSRIs in relation to Sandy Hook and the Aurora Massacre only a day or two after the events themselves.

As this article shows, it’s two globalist shills that turn out to be the source of AJ and Mike’s Cass Sunstein disinfo which claims “Big Pharma did it!” (which means “the patsies did it!”)

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Aurora Masscre: Review of Judge Sylvester’s Ruling – An Insult to Justice and Those Who Seek It

by Scott Creighton (H/T Polaris)

My review of Judge William Sylvester’s final decision in the preliminary hearing of James Holmes.

The preliminary hearing that took place last week in the James Holmes case was nothing more than a show trial. As I have stated, the evidence presented against Holmes was prejudicial, circumstantial and possibly even fabricated. Having read Judge Sylvester’s final ruling on the preliminary hearing and his decision to proceed with the trial of James Holmes in the matter of the Aurora Massacre, I am move convinced of this than ever.

“The prosecution is accorded considerable latitude in presenting it’s evidence at the preliminary hearing. When determining the sufficiency of the evidence, the trial court should view the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution… “it is not for the trial judge at the preliminary hearing to accept the defendant’s versions of the facts over the legitimate inferences which can be drawn from the people’s evidence… evidence which would be incompetent at the time of trial, may well be the bulk of the evidence at the preliminary hearing” Chief Judge William Blair Sylvester, page 5

The fact that a certain amount of leniency is afforded to the prosecution during preliminary hearings is not remarkable in this case. But when you consider it in light of the larger picture, the fact that this case will never go to trial and the extreme level of secrecy which has been imposed on the case and the evidence itself, what you come to realize is the fact that this case has just been tried in the court of public opinion in an official forum, based on evidence that the court itself admits would never hold up in a real trial.

That is a “show trial’ by definition.

What follows is my review of the judge’s insulting 62 page ruling in this hearing.

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Aurora Massacre: Holmes to Be Loughnered – The Show Trial is Done

by Scott Creighton

James Holmes’ show trial is done. All the “evidence”, the blurry videos of someone in the lobby, the LIFE magazine type “backyard” photos recovered from his SECOND Iphone have been flashed before the courtroom audience while they maintained a strict rule of no photography or video equipment. The heart wrenching testimony of cops taking victims to the hospital which has nothing to do with James’ guilt or innocence… the cops claiming that Holmes brought (and used) TWO different gas masks to the scene for some unknown reason and then they themselves moved one all the way to the corner of the building for some unknown reason…

The judge has announced they will delay his plea arraignment til mid-March giving Holmes’ attorney’s time to get him assessed for competency to stand trial. Same exact thing happened in the “trial” of Jared Loughner and they kept him forcibly drugged til he eventually plead guilty. There was never a trial.

The mainstream prestitutes are already starting to spin the notion that the trial itself will be an “emotional ordeal” for the victims, thus setting the stage for the plea deal being looked upon as a good thing for them. It’s as obvious as it is a cliche at this point.

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Oscar Unchained: Dark Thirty Approaches

by Scott Creighton

All across the country the debate is raging: gun “nuts” verses the rational, reasonable pragmatics who wish to enact gun “control” on our society in response to all the senseless violence of the past 6 months. The “liberal” left and the “moderate” right are coming together as they have in the past on issues like extending the FISA warrentless wiretapping, the Global Free Market Wars, the TARP banker bailouts plan, NDAA 2012, constant warmongering sanctions on the people of Iran, keeping Gitmo open and torture. The pragmatic center which houses the likes of Brennan and Panetta and Clinton and the Bush clan are teaming up with the Hollywood elites to push for gun “control” in order to make us a safer society. Now is the time they say to take action to end this senseless violence in America.

But while they do that, and I mean right in the middle of this push, out comes today’s Oscar nominees and what films do you think lead the pack in the category of Best Film? “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Argo” and “Django Unchained”

Two films of admitted CIA propaganda justifying horrific violence and one of gratuitous desensitizing gun violence taken too an unprecedented and even comedic level.

This is the best of the year that Hollywood has to offer a country that is sick of undeclared wars, random drone strikes killing children and mass shootings in theaters, malls and elementary schools?

All this while an early Oscar favorite, a film that received a 10 minute standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival, garnered not one single Oscar nomination. Not one. It’s message, perhaps it’s warning, was simple and completely ignored:

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others past and present. And by each crime and every kindness we birth our future”

What are we becoming?

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Aurora Massacre: Officials Admit Major Contamination Of Theater Shooting Crime Scene

by Scott Creighton (H/T HistoricalRecords)

According to these Tweets from someone at the court proceedings, not only did the cops assign possession of TWO of the gas masks to Holmes, but the also seem to have “fixed” the little problem I pointed out long ago about one of them being found all the way at the end of the building: the cops accidentally picked it up and carried it over there and then dropped it. I guess aside from there being someone else who was shooting the place up (as you might think due to the early reports of another shooter fleeing the scene) that is the only possible solution to the problem.

They could have said God miracled it over there or maybe someone with the “evil gene”put it there to confuse everyone like God leaving dino fossils laying around to test our faith. But, this is their story and they’re sticking with it.


American Gladio: Iphone Images of Holmes Don’t Jive with Witnesses and Photos

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: James Holmes’ Adult Friend Finder page was created on the same day the image on his cell phone was allegedly taken as well. July 5th 2012 just two weeks prior to the Aurora shooting. The image that is supposed to be Holmes wearing a black cap with some kind of black contacts also appears on his AFF profile dated July 5th. (following thanks to a Reddit page set up the day of the shooting)

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