Worst Performance of a Featured Actor in a Crisis Production Goes to…

… this guy (found this over at Jpaulson’s website What They Don’t Tell You):



Of course, we all know the award for the Worst Performance in a Leading Role in a Crisis Production went to this guy (and he REALLY deserved it):

American Gladio: The Santa Barbara Shooting – Motive Video is Worst Acting EVER! (EVER)

You can’t be allowed to “hold a viewpoint that terrorizes… people”

by Scott Creighton

Oct. 18th 2011 Killary meets with leaders of terrorist destabilization campaign in Libya

Last night, Hillary Clinton and her PR specialists held an infomercial in the guise of a town hall style Q&A session on CNN in which she answered scripted questions from “average citizens” about the issues of the day. The interview came not 24 hours after news of the capture of the “Benghazi suspect” hit the headlines and only about a week after her book, Hard Choices, hit the shelves.

During last night’s infomercial, when asked by a school teacher (of course) about stricter gun control laws, here is what Hillary said (video):

“I’m well aware that this is a hot political subject. And again, I will speak out no matter what role I find myself in But I believe that we need a more thoughtful conversation. We cannot let a minority of people – and it’s, that’s what it is, it is a minority of people – hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people,”

“We’re going to have to do a better job protecting the vast majority of our citizens, including our children, from that very, very, very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence and now with automatic weapons can wreak so much more violence than they ever could have before,” Hillary Clinton

Disturbing on so many levels, it’s hard to figure out where to begin with Killary’s statement.

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Jon “Troll” Holley Still Milking that James Holmes Cash Cow for his Billionaire Boss Philip Anschutz

by Scott Creighton (first appeared as a comment, but I like this troll so much, I thought I would make a headline out of it)

(for those of you who don’t know…)

Jon here is Jon Holley who just happens to be a personal troll of mine who likes to show up whenever I mention James Holmes and try to convince people here of his guilt and by extension, the innocence of his boss. If it just so happens Jon makes a little money selling his “ground breaking” book at the same time, so be it, right? After all, according to Jon:

“Jon has an extensive amount of experience in the knowledge based economy from data mining to reporting unique content”

Yes, Jon is in the “knowledge based economy”, writing for Tulsa media outlets like the Tulsa Examiner.com where he holds the prestigious title of “Television Examiner

ooooo. Jon can watch TV.

Aside from watching television, Jon seems very committed to the act of trying to make sure that no one considers anything about the Aurora Massacre that steps too far out of the “James Holmes did it by himself” range.

Perhaps that’s because Jon’s boss is Philip Anschutz.

“Examiner.com is a division of Clarity Media Group, of The Anschutz Corporation which is primarily owned by Philip Anschutz.”

Philip, as it turns out, isn’t just the guy who signs Jon’s paycheck, he also happens to be the guy who donated 100 million bucks to the Anschutz Medical School where James Holmes was attending college. The same place where all that “evidence” against him was “found”

And then there is this:

“Regal Entertainment Group, the largest movie theater chain in the world, with approximately 7,000 screens. Anschutz owns more than half of the company, which is a collection of former bankrupt chains.”

That’s right, the location of the shooting involving the patsy cultivated at Anschutz’ medical school, just HAPPENED to take place at Mr. Anschutz’ biggest business rival. What a coincidence.

Of course, one has too ask why would someone like Anschutz be involved in an activity like this one? Just check out the history.

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Oregon High School Shooting

by Scott Creighton

So, what now? Will this latest instance of gun violence compel Congress to act? CNN

The mass casualty events are coming fast and furious at this point. Yes, I deliberately used that terminology as a reminder of how this administration shipped illegal weapons into Mexico to help destabilize that country by arming Big Banking’s favorite drug cartel. Just thought I would put this in perspective.

Here’s a little info on this latest American Gladio mass casualty event:

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The Vegas Shooting – the “New World Order and Shit” and Other Dangerous Ideas

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see several updates at the end of this article


Years ago I wrote that when they decide to make that big leap from the slightly open society we have now to the totalitarian closed one we are destined for, one of the things they need to do is round up the dissidents in a very public manner so that not only are they out of the way, but so they will serve as an example of what happens to you when you think the wrong things.

You can see examples of this taking place right now in Egypt, Thailand and Ukraine. History is rife with examples. Look no farther than Indonesia when we installed Suharto or Chile after we installed Pinochet.

The most recent mass casualty event in the on-going American Gladio op took place in Vegas a few days ago. Two police officers and a woman shopping at WalMart tragically lost their lives. Was this simply a case of two bottom feeders going off? Was it part of a destabilization campaign designed to remake the country into something else? Was Cass Sunstein right about his “dangerous ideas” and the need to wipe them all off the interwebs or is someone helping him make his point as the new CISPA is about to be rolled out?

Let’s see.

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Santa Barbara Shooting – Victim on Bike Was NOT Second Person Seen in the Car by Witnesses

by Scott Creighton

(Just a quick note)

Some people have been suggesting that the two witnesses who saw a second person in the car with the alleged assailant might have been one of the victims who was riding a bicycle and struck by the black BMW ending up crashing through the windshield and remaining in the vehicle when the police arrived at the scene. I wondered that myself so I took a look at the available evidence. Turns  out, that isn’t what happened.

Both of the witnesses saw the car occupied by two assailants prior to the bike rider being struck by the BMW and going through the windshield. That unintended consequence of striking the biker is what caused the BMW to crash and may have prevented more shootings and deaths.

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Santa Barbara Shooting – YouTube Refuses to Disclose Date Rodger Posted Phony “Motive” Video

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: While this article details the Washington Post’s attempt to absolve YouTube of any responsibility for this mass casualty event, another over at HuffPuff is working hard to do the same for both the Rodger family of TV stars and directors as well as the local law enforcement agencies. Nope, no one is too blame except that really bad actor, Elliot Rodger, and of course, the second amendment and anyone who stands up for it.

UPDATE: The three stabbing victims have been identified. They weren’t the studly types or “brutes” that Elliot railed about in his phony video. They were nerds who were even smaller than him.

Isla Vista stabbing victims from left to right: 20-year-old Weihan "James" Wang of Fremont, 19-year-old George Chen of San Jose, 20-year-old

So why would Elliot kill nerds if his whole motivation was his supposed anger toward the “brutes” that get all the ladies? His “manifesto” said he was going to “lure people into his home” to kill them. Those “brutes” he hated so much. But these guys, two of them at least, lived there and they certainly weren’t the frat-boy types. So why kill them?


A report from the Washington Post today tries to explain YouTube’s pulling of Elliot Rodger’s phony “motive” video as some kind of service to it’s community but what they actually do, quite by accident, is show how that company allowed the video to stay up just long enough to serve it’s intended purpose (providing the motive for the Santa Barbara mass casualty event) while trying to conceal the fact that they left it up for at least 4 days, if not more.

A YouTube spokeswoman, Samantha Smith, declined to say when Rodger’s videos were posted, or when they came to the company’s attention. Videos are routinely flagged by YouTube’s users; the company reviews videos that have raised concerns and removes them if they violate its community guidelines.

Among other things, the guidelines prohibit videos displaying “predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment [and] intimidation . . . and inciting others to commit violent acts. . . . Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube.” Washington Post

YouTube, owned by globalist entity Google, refuses to release any information as too how long they allowed that video to remain on their service in spite of the fact that it clearly laid out Elliot’s plans to attack sorority girls and others in a passionless fit of pretend “retribution” rage.

Apparently the intrepid reporter from the Post didn’t feel the need to pressure the spokesperson for the company on that trivial little matter since of course a question of accountability may follow and profit margins may suffer as a result.

However, I proved beyond any doubt that the video had been posted at least 4 days prior to the event. More than enough time for the multinational to have flagged the content, removed the video and informed the appropriate authorities as to this video blogger’s malicious intent.

So who exactly is responsible for Richard’s death Mr. Martinez? The second amendment to the constitution… or Google Inc.? You might want to think about that or have your lawyers and your accountant do it for you.

And who knows, the life you save may just be one of those you professed to be thinking of so much when you screeched “When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say “stop this madness. We don’t have to live like this”? Too many have died. We should say to ourselves “not one more”.. thank you… that’s it”. Because on that point sir, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

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Santa Barbara Shooting – Witnesses Saw Two People in Black BMW… down the memory hole

by Scott Creighton

Hat tips to David Sheridan and Prom Queen for pointing out the reports of two separate witnesses seeing two people in the black BMW during the drive-by attacks.

Also interesting to note: the police had three separate cantacts with Elliot Rodger prior to this attack. The most recent being April 30th (just before he started posting his “me so horny’ videos)

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said on Saturday that police had conducted a ‘welfare check’ on 22-year-old Rodger on April 30. Daily Mail

And… the official story is that he posted his “Retribution” video just one day prior to the attacks, but as I have shown in an earlier report, that simply isn’t true. It was up at least 4 days prior.

The day before the shooting, Rodger shared a video on YouTube which detailed plans for a ‘day of retribution.’ Daily Mail

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Santa Barbara Shooting – The Strange Story of Sleazeball Peter Rodger

by Scott Creighton

(just a quick note)

p rodgerWhile doing a little research into Elliot Rodger and the Santa Barbara shooting (and stabbing) incident, I have come across some interesting information involving Peter Rodger, Elliot’s father, who, it turns out, is a complete sleazeball.

From what I found out, Peter did work on the block-buster Hunger Games, but in a very limited capacity: he created a propaganda film for the film. He also seems to like taking pictures of butts. Seems to be all he sells on his website. His father was renowned photojournalist George Rodger, noted for his photos of the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen in 1945.

So this is what Peter did with the leg-up his daddy left him? Pictures of asses and product?

Like I said, sleazeball.

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Santa Barbara Shooting – Phony “Motive Video” Up for at Least 4 Days Prior to Shooting

by Scott Creighton

Jan10 posted a comment on one of the previous articles I wrote regarding the Santa Barbara shooting incident which included a link to a photo of the crashed car Elliot Rodger was supposed to have been driving the night of his rampage (May 23rd)

That image prompted me to take a look at the Reddit pages dedicated to this event. What I found was interesting to say the least.

Apparently, Mr. Rodger’s “motive video” (the horrible acting job he did) was up on YouTube for at least 4 days prior to the shooting and it had been published on Reddit which garnered it a hell of a lot of attention. And no one did nothing?

You try posting a video on YouTube promising to kill sorority girls at your local campus and see how long it takes YouTube to yank the video and guys in tactical gear to show up at your front door.

I’m guessing it won’t be 4 days (but I’m not all that interested it trying it ;) )

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Santa Barbara Shooting – Victim’s Father Blames NRA and pro-Second Amendment Politicians

by Scott Creighton

Richard Martinez came forward yesterday to place the blame for this incident squarely on the shoulders of those who are responsible: the NRA and politicians who support the second amendment to the U.S. constitution.

In his dramatic reading Mr. Martinez blamed everyone for his son Chris’ death… everyone but the shooter, his parents for not recognizing their troubled son’s distress, the school he attended who should have seen this coming, Youtube for not flagging his “motive video”… he blamed the NRA and essentially the second amendment (and anyone who supports it, including this blogger) for his dead son still lying on a coroner’s slab somewhere in California.

Interesting fact: as many of Elliot’s victims died of stab wounds as did gunshot wounds and many of the injured were struck by his car. BAN KNIVES AND BEAMERS!!!!!!

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American Gladio: The Santa Barbara Shooting – Motive Video is Worst Acting EVER!

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:The video, which is almost seven minutes long, appears scripted.” Yeah.. no shit.


The Supreme Bad Actor Elliot Rodger.

It’s been a little while since the last “crazed lone gunman” mass casualty event and apparently someone thought we needed a little reminder.

Enter the son of a director and obviously a talentless WWE-style actor, Elliot Rodger and his “I hate the girls cus they don’t like me” motive.

In case you weren’t paying attention, the biggest set back for the previous American Gladio ops was the glaring fact that the patsies they picked didn’t have a motive. Try going into any trial as a prosecutor without a potential motive for your suspect to convey to your jury.  Nine times out of ten, they won’t even issue a warrant without one because the jurors need to make sense of the crime before rendering a verdict.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in the court of public opinion and in the world of mass media propaganda.

James Holmes didn’t have a motive. Not a problem for most. The shock and awe of the first of the Gladio ops was enough to excuse the absence.

Adam Lanza had no motive. Not an issue for some due to the age of the victims.

Aaron Alexis, John Zawahri, Thomas Brinkley, William Spengler, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Jacob Tyler Roberts, Chris Dorner, Paul Anthony Ciancia… not one single motive that would hold up in court between the lot of them.

Not one. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

However, speaking solely for the conspiracy theorists out here (people who don’t accept what they are told by the government at face value anymore.. a number growing by the day), the painfully obvious lack of motivating factors in these Gladio events is starting to cause a little undue attention and discomfort to those who by trade design them.

So, in order to rectify their product’s glaring deficiency, we have a lovely little bit of WWE “acting” offered up just one day before the grand event itself for you all to see and to silence that troubling question: so why did he do it?

Apparently he hates women cus he’s got a little dick.

(video after the break)

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Piers Morgan Lays Out the Point of the American Gladio Campaign in his Last Show

by Scott Creighton

“Why didn’t you guys give up your rights after that autistic kid with no motive killed all those other kids? It worked in Britain” pout pout pout

Piers Morgan is gone from CNN. They dumped him due to bad ratings and his own embarrassing behavior as if his leaving will actually buy that ridiculous network any boost in their own lagging credibility.

On the way out the door during his final show, Piers decided to give one parting shout-out to the gun-grabbing agenda favored by America’s masters of universe like billionaire Bloomberg. In so doing, Mr. Morgan made the agenda of the failed American Gladio campaign crystal clear.

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Scott Creighton on the Monica Perez Show (links to interviews)

by Scott Creighton

Hi folks. I had the opportunity to do a couple interviews on the Monica Perez show yesterday and it was very enjoyable. We covered a lot of ground during the two interviews; Malaysian Airline Flight 370, Sandy Hook, Aurora, the Boston Bombing, American Gladio and a whole slew of other things. Monica posts comments here as austogirl. She always leaves interesting links which certainly add to the conversations.

Monica reminds me of Naomi Wolf for some reason. She’s very good at interviewing guests, making them feel right at home and at ease while still getting to the tough questions at the heart of the matter. So go check out the interviews. Have a listen while you surf the “interwebs”. Here are the links to the audio tracks.

Willy Loman Says the Saga of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Isn’t Over

Austrogirl Meets Willy Loman! 

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Monica Perez

Monica Perez

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There’s Something Very Wrong with the Official Story About the Boston Bombings

by Russ Baker, from AlterNet (yes… this is up on AlterNet)

… The identification of the alleged Boston bombers, now a virtually unchallenged “fact,” is based largely on a single event: the supposed carjacking of a young man whose identity is still masked from public scrutiny. The public’s understanding of what took place is based on this anonymous person’s oft-cited claims to have witnessed a dual confession from Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who boasted of having committed both the bombing and a later murder of an MIT police officer.

According to the widely accepted story of the horrific events of April 15-19, 2013, three days after the Marathon bombing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus police officer was shot and within minutes, a young man in a Mercedes SUV was carjacked, across the river in the Brighton section of Boston. Police and media accounts have Tamerlan Tsarnaev abducting a young Chinese national (known publicly only by the pseudonymous first name “Danny”). In these accounts, Tsarnaev tells Danny that he was responsible for both the Boston bombing and the MIT shooting.

… But a 10-month investigation by WhoWhatWhy has found major inconsistencies in Danny’s story — inconsistencies that call into question whether the authorities now prosecuting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for murder are leveling with the American people.

[read the rest here]


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