Piers Morgan Lays Out the Point of the American Gladio Campaign in his Last Show

by Scott Creighton

“Why didn’t you guys give up your rights after that autistic kid with no motive killed all those other kids? It worked in Britain” pout pout pout

Piers Morgan is gone from CNN. They dumped him due to bad ratings and his own embarrassing behavior as if his leaving will actually buy that ridiculous network any boost in their own lagging credibility.

On the way out the door during his final show, Piers decided to give one parting shout-out to the gun-grabbing agenda favored by America’s masters of universe like billionaire Bloomberg. In so doing, Mr. Morgan made the agenda of the failed American Gladio campaign crystal clear.

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Scott Creighton on the Monica Perez Show (links to interviews)

by Scott Creighton

Hi folks. I had the opportunity to do a couple interviews on the Monica Perez show yesterday and it was very enjoyable. We covered a lot of ground during the two interviews; Malaysian Airline Flight 370, Sandy Hook, Aurora, the Boston Bombing, American Gladio and a whole slew of other things. Monica posts comments here as austogirl. She always leaves interesting links which certainly add to the conversations.

Monica reminds me of Naomi Wolf for some reason. She’s very good at interviewing guests, making them feel right at home and at ease while still getting to the tough questions at the heart of the matter. So go check out the interviews. Have a listen while you surf the “interwebs”. Here are the links to the audio tracks.

Willy Loman Says the Saga of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Isn’t Over

Austrogirl Meets Willy Loman! 

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Monica Perez

Monica Perez

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There’s Something Very Wrong with the Official Story About the Boston Bombings

by Russ Baker, from AlterNet (yes… this is up on AlterNet)

… The identification of the alleged Boston bombers, now a virtually unchallenged “fact,” is based largely on a single event: the supposed carjacking of a young man whose identity is still masked from public scrutiny. The public’s understanding of what took place is based on this anonymous person’s oft-cited claims to have witnessed a dual confession from Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who boasted of having committed both the bombing and a later murder of an MIT police officer.

According to the widely accepted story of the horrific events of April 15-19, 2013, three days after the Marathon bombing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus police officer was shot and within minutes, a young man in a Mercedes SUV was carjacked, across the river in the Brighton section of Boston. Police and media accounts have Tamerlan Tsarnaev abducting a young Chinese national (known publicly only by the pseudonymous first name “Danny”). In these accounts, Tsarnaev tells Danny that he was responsible for both the Boston bombing and the MIT shooting.

… But a 10-month investigation by WhoWhatWhy has found major inconsistencies in Danny’s story — inconsistencies that call into question whether the authorities now prosecuting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for murder are leveling with the American people.

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The Very Odd Story of “Thomas Brinkley” and How He Met His End

by Scott Creighton (H/T Observer)

It’s not everyday that a reader of this website and frequent commenter gets shot and killed by police under what can only be described as highly unusual circumstances. Be that as it may, it has happened and I am compelled to give you whatever insight I can offer as the story unfolds.

“Thomas Brinkley” or Michael Cravey, was shot and killed by police in Florida yesterday. He had made a name for himself in the alternative community by basically latching onto other people’s research and claiming it as his own. Then he would toss the old turd in the punchbowl and do his best to make legitimate questions and evidence look ridiculous.

After his popularity had dropped to next to nothing, his influence completely gone, he supposedly goes on a one victim stabbing spree for no reason and ends up getting shot by police some 3 hours later as he was apparently going shopping at a local store.

Is “Thomas Brinkley” going to become the poster child for shutting down dissident “conspiracy theory” websites like mine for having “radicalized” him to the brink of madness? Is that to be Micheal’s final contribution to the dissident community?

A little background info in the interests of full disclosure:

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Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Hoax

by Scott Creighton

(H/T David)

Let me start off by saying this guy (a school safety and security expert and consultant who just so happens to have been contracted in the recent past by the Justice Department… hmmm…. ) answered “I want to raise a lot of money” when asked directly what his next step was and what he wanted to do. He’s made a point to say it twice so far in the interview. I’m 23 minutes into it at this point.

For those of you in the know, sounds a bit like Mike Gravel and the Truth movement to me (for those of you who don’t know: Mike pretended to be all about helping the Truth movement so he could “raise a lot of money” and then he ran off with it)

That said…

David sent me an email the other day which was a link to an American Free Press interview of one Wolfgang W. Halbig conducted by David Gahary.

Mr. Halbig has been filing FOIA requests with regards to the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school back in Dec. of 2012. Specifically, he’s been focusing on the police and rescue team responses and how they differed substantially from standard operating procedures which because of his background, he would certainly be well aware of.

He brings up some very good issues in the interview such as:

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The Odd Story of the Kansas Airport Terror Plot: Another FBI Patsy Entrapment Scheme or Something Worse?

by Scott Creighton

So the FBI has foiled yet another “radicalized homegrown extremist” terrorist plot apparently of their own making.

Many are out there saying the FBI set-up Terry Lee Loewen, a 58-year-old avionics technician who lives in Wichita, with a plot where he supposedly planned to drive a vehicle full of explosives into a terminal at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Regional Airport and set it off sitting next to a commercial airliner yesterday morning. He is supposed to have done this in support of al Qaeda and their fight against “the serpent”, that’s us.

This is a reasonably easy argument to make considering they, meaning the FBI, cultivated this guy (according to their own official story mind you) brought him to the point where he would bomb something, provided direction and a computer and a bomb and truck for him to take to the airport and set off.

In that sense it’s not even entrapment. They just brought the guy along on their terrorist act.

But I wonder about Loewen’s involvement in this act. Seems the evidence they provide themselves paints a rather different story about what happened and when you take it in context of what is happening in the country today, it seems obvious that something else might be unfolding. A new kind of FBI patsy terrorist scheme.

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Sandy Hook Massacre: State Attorney’s Report on Sandy Hook Shooting is Released

by Scott Creighton

The state attorney’s report on the Sandy Hook shooting has been released and as we have stated here many times, there ends up being no motive behind the shooting of 20 kids and 6 adults and we the people are supposed to just accept that. I guess we should seeing as how so many of these hi-profile cases in the past year and a half also had no motive that anyone is aware of.

James Holmes also had no motive.

William Spengler, the man accused of the Webster, New York ambush, also had no motive.

Richard Shoop had no motive for the Paramus Mall shooting last month.

Paul Anthony Ciancia, the man accused of shooting up the L.A. airport, is said to have hated the “NWO” and was therefore a “conspiracy theorist”. Is that motive?

Aaron Alexis, the supposed Navy Yard shooter, had no motive to speak of, at least not one that I have heard about or the police have reported.

How about Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? Anyone hear about a motive from them?

Kurt R. Myers of the Mohawk psyop. No motive.

Chris Dorner, no motive (other than the “angry black man” cliche)

The lack of motive and the fact that they are keeping the evidence a secret should raise more than a few eyebrows in this country. But of course, the Secret Service is allowed to gun down single mothers in the street and no one says a word (in fact congress gives the shooters a 4 minute standing ovation in congress for doing it)

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Capitol Police Labor Committee Demands REAL Investigation Into Navy Yard Shooting CERT Stand-Down Order

by Scott Creighton (H/T austrogirl )

In light of the bullshit that has come to be known as the Fact Review Team “investigation” into the Navy Yard shooting CERT squad stand-down order, the Capitol Police Labor Committee is demanding a full congressional inquiry into the events of that day.

The Capitol Police Labor Committee, which represents hundreds of officers, has called for closed hearings conducted by the House of Representatives administration committee, “in an effort to determine the truth“.” BBC News

They want to know why the best trained and equipped tactical unit in DC, created to deal with just such a situation, was sent away from an ongoing active shooter scenario now that the official in-house investigation has turned out to be a pack of lies.

Unfortunately, turning to congress for the truth is kinda like trying to put out a forest fire with your pee… pointless.

But perhaps their efforts in and of themselves will help shed some light on this latest American Gladio mass casualty event.

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Paramus Mall Shooting: Video Shows Patrons Laughing and Walking to Exits (not running) – Witness Claims 4 Men With Shooter

by Scott Creighton

“…at this time we have deci_ _ _, uh we have determined that it is not an active shooting incident.”

“Bergen SWAT shows up an hour after the first shots are reported and start putting on their gear told me the “active shooter” wasn’t really very active and had gone home.”

“Clarice Forbes, of Paterson, who also works at Talbots, said the man walked by the store while shooting a rifle into air...

… Alaa Hegazi, a contractor working in the mall, said the shooter told him, “I don’t want to shoot anyone here, just let me go.other quotes from witnesses, not related to the video below

one witness said… he wasn’t sure this wasn’t a hoax… he stayed in place (food court?) until the police ORDERED him to evacuate” video below

This is a remarkable video. Someone filmed this on their cell phone. You see patrons of the Paramus mall where they shooting took place last night slowly walking to the exits while some you can hear laughing in the background. Not at all the Hindenberg moment the newscaster tries to make it out to be while showing the video.

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Lawmakers debate gun control after Los Angeles airport shooting

from NY Daily News

Washington didn’t waste any time reigniting the months-long debate over gun control following Friday’s tragic shooting.

Two days after a gunman opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport, killing one TSA agent and injuring five others, lawmakers took to the airwaves Sunday to claim that the incident could have been avoided with more — and less — guns.

On one hand, Texas Republican Rep. Mike McCaul suggested that Friday’s bloodbath could have been prevented if TSA officers were allowed to carry guns…

… But gun-control advocates said the terrifying incident highlighted the need for an assault weapons ban in the U.S.

[read the rest, here]

Paramus Mall Shooting: Richard Shoop,Aspiring ACTOR – “I don’t want to shoot anyone here, just let me go.”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Witness claims Shoop was with 4 other guys who were armed and was only interested in shooting the security cameras mounted near the ceiling. Sounds to me like those guys whacked Richard and left him behind to take the fall.

UPDATE: Bergen County OEM deputy administrator on News12 “...at this time we have deci_ _ _, uh we have determined that it is not an active shooting incident.”

UPDATE: Now they are saying his body was found “behind a construction storage area behind the mall


“Bergen SWAT shows up an hour after the first shots are reported and start putting on their gear told me the “active shooter” wasn’t really very active and had gone home.”

…. and 6 hours later, the 20 year old actor is dead in the basement….

Was this a drill someone took live after the fact? They thought the shooter had left and didn’t find his body for 5 hours after the mall closed. Did someone take an unannounced active shooter drill in a mall in Jersey live by planting the dead body of the guy playing the “shooter” role in the basement?

Late last night another active shooter incident took place, this time in a Paramus New Jersey mall.  It occurred around closing time so the lock-down didn’t effect business too badly. Some guy, Richard Shoop, an aspiring actor, ran around in the mall wearing a motorcycle helmet so no one could see his face and people reported hearing multiple gunshots during the rampage in which no one was hurt. Hours later they found in the utility area of the mall, deep in the basement somewhere, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Odd thing is, only one bullet casing was found. Would that be the one that killed the “shooter”?

Curiously, it’s reported that Richard Shoop confronted a customer in the mall and just walked away from her while another witness said he heard him say he didn’t want to shoot anyone.

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LAX Shooting: Photo of Wounded Suspect and Other Discrepancies

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:  (H/T Kenny’s Sideshow) This guy says the shooter was dressed like a TSA agent in all blue and says he saw that guys shooting back down the escalator. See any blue on Ciancia in that picture below? He also says the shooter was bigger than he is. Again, take a look at the photo below. There is no way that is the same person this witness described emptying one gun and pulling out another on the escalator.



UPDATE:  LAX shooting suspect Paul Anthony Ciancia was dropped off at the airport by “a friend” who law enforcement agencies have already cleared as having nothing to do with the shooting. According to the official story which is still developing, “the friend” dropped off the despondent Ciancia at the airport, with no ticket to go anywhere, with a bag full of guns and ammo… and had “no idea” he was going to go on a rampage.

“Authorities do not believe the friend knew that Paul Ciancia, the man charged in the attack, planned to open fire inside LAX’s Terminal 3 just moments later, killing one Transportation Security Administration officer and wounding three other people, including two more TSA workers, said the official, who is not authorized to speak publicly about the investigation and requested anonymity.

Ciancia was dropped off in a black Hyundai and was not a ticketed passenger. He was able to respond to investigators’ questions at the scene Friday, the official told the AP exclusively.” AP


Last week Vice President Biden started his big “War on Mental Illness” campaign here in America. Biden bragged that this new agenda of theirs will help determine the “biomarkers” for mental illness. Clearly we can hear Billionaire Bloomberg’s calls for a nationwide “mental hygiene” act in the background:

“Recent deadly mass shootings, including at the Washington Navy Yard and a Colorado movie theater, have been perpetrated by men who were apparently not being adequately treated for serious mental illnesses.

Those tragedies have renewed public attention to the mental health system and areas where Kennedy’s hopes for the treatment and care of those with mental illness were never realized.” Huffington Post

Right on cue, we have the LAX shooting. And when I say “right on cue” I mean it.

Three weeks ago the law enforcement involved in this active shooter scene staged the EXACT same drill at the same location. When the police chief mentioned that fact, a couple guys standing behind him seemed to be a bit exasperated at him for doing so.

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Navy Yard Shooting: Victim Photo Posted by PR Guy Working for Gun Grabbing Congressman

by Scott Creighton (H/T Kenny)

UPDATE:Obama Gives Impassioned Plea For Gun Control At Navy Yard    “

UPDATE:Obama Urges Supporters To Help Push Stalled Gun Legislation   “

UPDATE: Obama and his wife will be doing a special memorial service for the victims of the Navy Yard shooting today (Sunday). It’s a closed service. Looks like he is going to revamp his gun-grabbing initiative.

“As long as there are those who fight to make it as easy as possible for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun, then we’ve got to work as hard as possible for the sake of our children,” Obama

Isn’t Obama fighting alongside John McCain to make it easier for al Qaeda to get their hands on guns in Syria right now?

Wasn’t it Obama who continued Fast and Furious shipping illegal weapons across the border to Mexico to arm drug cartels?

Just sayin…


Images reportedly of a victim of the Navy Yard shooting posted by a spin doctor who works for a gun control supporting congressman, turned up almost immediately on every MSM outlet during the Navy Yard mass casualty event.

According to the new story from BuzzFeed, cops moved a victim, who was reportedly suffering from a gunshot wound to the head, from the scene at the Navy Yard and dumped him on the side of the road 5 blocks away. His feet were literally in the gutter.

But that’s not the entire story…. apparently they dumped him right in front of a staffer for that fore mentioned gun control supporting congressman, who snapped the pics and got them to his spin doctor boss who got them on Twitter just in time for them to be splattered across the airwaves during the show.

And oh yeah, victim died on route to the hospital after lying around in the gutter waiting for his close-up.

And oh yeah, the gun-grabbing congressman is a member of the Homeland Security Committee and a big supporter of the Fusion Centers and the domestic intelligence/military complex.

Here’s the story. I don’t make up the news, I just report it.

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Let’s Dispel Some of the WRH Bullshit on the Capitol Police Stand-down Order, Shall We?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: See quote at the end of this article. CNN confirms stand-down order via different source (still unnamed though)

UPDATE: Have you also noticed there are no photos from the scene? No blood on the sidewalks, no victims lying on the ground. No victims with wounds talking to first responders?

There was one that was circulated widely, a pic of someone lying on a street corner. But it turns out that was BS. Here’s a collection from the Washington Post. Here is the Google search for images from the Navy Yard shooting. Not a single picture of a single victim.

UPDATE: Added a bit of an edit to the end of this to wrap it up better.


Some questions about the stand-down order given to the Capitol Police during the Navy Yard mass casualty event have surfaced. One question is legitimate and deals with how much exposure this story is getting (none) and it’s source. The other is a ham-handed hack-job of disinformation offered up by Mike Rivero at What Really Happened (WRH) dealing with the Capitol Police’s jurisdiction or lack there-of.

Let’s set the record straight.

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Navy Yard Shooting: The SSRIs Line of Reasoning Is Cass Sunstein Type Disinformation

by Scott Creighton

As the American Gladio operation rolls along, you notice more and more “alternative” sites talking about the SSRIs that all of these suspects (read as “patsies”) were allegedly taking. According to this line of reasoning, the patsies all performed their monstrous feats of finality because of these anti-depressant drugs, thus eliminating things like “motive” or “logic” or “reason”

Well, there is a motive if you happen to care about such things, it’s just not one owned by any of the patsies. It’s called a strategy of tension by some, I call it American Gladio. In the case of Aaron Alexis, there were two: distraction from the U.N. chemical weapons report (which is gone off the MSM radar as a result) and the continuation of the gun-grabbing agenda pushed by the Obama administration and billionaires like Mayor Bloomberg. Pretty strong motives if you ask me.

What was Lanza’s? None. What was Holmes’? None. What was Alexis’? None. What was the Webster New York shooter’s motive? None.

Enter the magical SSRI story. Problem solved. Thank you Mike Rivero.

In case you haven’t noticed, the SSRI meme is very useful for the actual perpetrators of the mass casualty events. The alternative independent community had been raising some serious questions about these events as they unfolded, but now they mostly seem ready to accept ANY patsy just so long as someone somewhere can point to a history of mental health issues and surely this latest one was picked for just such a reason.

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