Flight 370: Di$info Jone$ Parroting Israeli Propaganda Helping Set Up Next 9/11

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The new sanctions that everyone is saying will kick off WWIII? It’s 11 people. Obama has sanctioned 11 people. Russian officials laugh out loud.

Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed off President Obama’s sanction against him today  asking “Comrade @BarackObama” if “some prankster” came up with the list.

The Obama administration hit 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials with sanctions today as punishment for Russia’s support of Crimea’s referendum. Among them: aides to President Vladimir Putin, a top government official, senior lawmakers, Crimean officials, the ousted president of Ukraine, and a Ukrainian politician and businessman allegedly tied to violence against protesters in Kiev.

UPDATE: It’s sickening. CNN is now resorting to the “the plane was hiding under/over/behind/beside another plane” theory. I mentioned that crackpot shit in this article when it first came out this morning. Now the Jake Tapper show is doing an entire segment on it. They actually had a graphic of Flight 777 flying in the wake of another jumbo jet about 100 behind it. They weren’t even one plane length behind the other jet. It’s that ridiculous.

UPDATE: As I was writing this, the Obama administration announced sanctions against Russian OFFICIALS… but not PUTIN himself or his business interests. Not Gasprom, not the LNG pipelines supplying Europe… not big business working in Russia… not McDonalds selling tons of burgers to Russian kids… not the GAP selling jeans in Russia… just a few Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs…

“The administration officials said Putin wasn’t sanctioned despite his support of the Crimean referendum because the U.S. doesn’t usually begin with heads of state.”

So much for WWIII, huh? Didn’t even sanction Putin himself. Now, can we please get back to trying to deny them their next Pearl Harbor type event? Please? That would be nice.


“We don’t know when the Acars system was switched off,” Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, the chief executive of Malaysia Airlines

What happened in the Ukraine was a travesty. It was a 5 billion dollar regime change operation (look it up) that had to take shape on short notice because the elected officials rejected the IMF’s loans and the austerity adjustments that go along with them and accepted a no-strings-attached counter-offer from a BRICS nation. This is EXACTLY what happened in Egypt when the Obama administration removed their elected government from office when they refused an IMF “loan” and set out to create what Morsi called the “E-BRICS” organization (you don’t believe me, look it up). If put to a vote, a real vote (Crimea used a paper ballot system and international observers report it was fair and open. Immediately after our bloody neo-Nazi coup in the Ukraine, the FIRST thing Team ObamaGod decided to do after re-writing the constitution and signing up for that IMF “loan” was reform the election system meaning electronic voting machines… look it up) the people of the Ukraine would also vote to stay out of the E.U. which is why our regime change backers in the country refused to let it go to a referendum. Instead they chose fire bombs, clubs and snipers to affect their “CHANGE”

As bad as that is, what’s happening in Malaysia is much, much worse. And for the most part, the alternative news community on the web is COMPLETELY ignoring it.

Take a look at Di$info Jone$’ 19 minute video titled “Alex Jones on Possible Hijacking of Malaysian Airliner

He spends about 30 seconds backing up the mythology that the plane was hijacked and then the remainder of the time he spends fear-mongering over Russia and the U.S. going to war over Crimea.

Does no one remember his famous New Year’s Eve Russia coming over the North Pole broadcast? That was Putin as well, by the way. I guess his ignorant fan base isn’t old enough.

Throughout his most recent WWIII fear-mongering for profit rant, Di$info Jone$ simply accepts the CNN/Fox News/MSNBC/ U.S. intelligence agency’s story that Flight 370 has been hijacked and that it apparently flew for an additional 6 hours or so undetected by any radar system completely thwarting the laws of physics. Having supported that bit of critical mythology, Mr. Jone$ then rants about how Flight 370 is a ‘distraction” from the real story… WWIII.

Not surprisingly, Di$info Jone$ is merely parroting Israeli propaganda on the subject of Flight 370. I pointed out the other day that they were doing so very early on, passing on the disinformation that Flight 370 had been hijacked and was probably (according to Mike Adams and Prison Planet) sitting on a tarmac somewhere in Iran.

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Fear Mongering and Race Baiting is the Order of the Day at Di$info’s Site

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Someone posted a video claiming they were already rioting in Miami, but it turns out, it was a bunch of white people in Vancuver  rioting after a hockey game. Mountains were in the background. Yes, the mountains of Miami.

Get ready for the propaganda folks.

UPDATE: The Truth of the matter: “small demonstrations” of “a few dozen people” or so in a “handful of cities” resulting in “no arrests”. I guess Di$info’s “RACE WAR!!!” predictions ala Eric Cartman didn’t pan out.



but don’t worry everybody, Di$info has some spin for this new development as well…



Over at Di$info’s site, the fear mongering is off the chain in the wake of last night’s verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. “BE AFRAID OF ANGRY BLACK PEOPLE!” is the overall message they are pumping out to their mainly white, neoliberal “libertarian” audience. It’s almost as if they are continuing the work of the Obama administration’s Justice Department started by those assets who went down to Sanford over a year ago to stir up racial tension and organize protests. Go figure, huh?

All those riots Pri$on Planet was predicting? All the carnage they are reporting involving that ONE police car? Here’s the real story…

In San Francisco, a march began at 8 p.m. local time (11 p.m. ET) at 24th and Mission Streets, NBCBayArea.com reported.  About 200 people marched down Mission Street, many carrying yellow signs including “the whole system is racist” and “the people say guilty.”

The group dispersed peacefully a little after 10 p.m. local time (1 a.m. ET) with no arrests police said.

Another protest was held in downtown Oakland Saturday night at 14th and Broadway, NBCBayArea.com reported.  Police in riot gear surrounded a crowd, which by the early hours of Sunday numbered fewer than 100, it reported.

Raw video of the protest taken from a helicopter at about 11:30 p.m. local time (1.30 a.m ET) shows a peaceful protest.

Local media reports said some Oakland marchers vandalized a police squad car and police formed a line to block the protesters’ path, according to The Associated Press. NBC News

Does anybody care to remember what Di$info did on the eve of Y2K? “Russian balistic missiles flying over the North Pole” ring any bells?

With “alternative” news like this, who needs the MSM?

The following is taken from their front page, unedited:

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Di$info Jone$ Backs Globalist Banker Color Revolution In Egypt: Video of Kid Calling Morsi Government a “Fascist Theocracy”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I guess Egypt got their new Pinochet after all

Does it sound like Di$info is starting to push the old “Islamofascism” line made famous by the neocons so long ago? Could be…. imagine that… Di$info Jone$ dusting off old discredited neocon propaganda for his followers to digest. Go figure.

Meanwhile the real fascists looking to implement a new IMF loan package just killed 42 peaceful demonstrators in Cairo.

Di$info Jone$ is at it again, this time his website is backing the banker backed color revolution in Egypt. They got some video of one of the Mubarak oligarch’s kid telling the camera with a smile on his face that the Morsi government is a “fascist theocracy” like at 1 years old, he would know what that means.

Ironically, the Salafist Islamists in Egypt were the ones being used in the color revolution to destabilize the country and provide the pretext for the military coup and junta which have already exposed themselves as fascist by the choices they have made regarding who will rule the country.  The Salafists have since withdrawn their support for the junta after the massacre last night but they still say they want to be a part of writing the new constitution because the one written by the elected government and approved by the people wasn’t Islamist enough.

A fascist theocracy is now being put in place, but that’s just fine for the oligarch parents of the kid in the video and apparently that’s just fine for Di$info Jone$ as well.

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Di$info Jone$ Does his JACKASS Routine… Again… Featured on BBC

by Scott Creighton

Screeching Di$info Jone$ can be seen on the BBC, opposite “serious” news analysts, screaming while shaking his jowls and his little fists.

He makes sure to squeal out his web address over-top of the show’s host as he tried to wrap up the segment. Also note the “serious” analyst from the Times put forward the 2 possibilities as to why Di$info is still around – 1. his “conspiracy theories” are wrong or 2. Di$info is part of the program… (he and the show’s host take the “rational” opinion of possibility #1… of course)

Yet, “anyone who watches the entire sorry performance below will surely go with number two.”

When you wish to discredit anything just call up Di$info Jone$. His chubby little temper tantrums can be rented by the week, month or like any good hooker, by the hour if need be. He’s the Billy Mays of marginalization. If the money’s right, he’ll shill for any cause and by association, destroy it.

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Prison Planet Goes “Full Retard” in Support of Woolwich Psyop – “There are real, radicalized extremist Muslims out there”

“Not all terrorism needs to be staged by the government. There are real, radicalized extremist Muslims out there… David Cameron and foreign secretary William Hague, for over a year now have been aggressively pushing to arm EXTREMIST JIHADIST TERRORISTS (his emphasis) in Syria who are driven by exactly the same ideology and motivation as the WOOLWICH TERRORISTS (his emphasis)Paul Joseph Watson for Prison Planet

Psyop Paul goes on to suggest that the same “radicalized Muslims” are attacking Syria failing to mention these guys aren’t really Muslims, they’re contractors, paid for a service and if they weren’t paid, they wouldn’t be there.


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Chavez ‘demonization will grow in US’ even after death

(like I do, Pepe fears a CIA / State Department backed coup in Venezuela after the monied interests in the United States fail to forge a rigged election in 30 days. He speaks of how the neoliberal press (which includes Natural News and Prison Planet) will continue to demonize Chevez and the idea of social democracies)

Interview with Pepe Escobar on Russia Today

American President Barak Obama says the death of Venezuela’s iconic leader Hugo Chavez opens ‘a new chapter in the country’s history’. This means Chavez will continue to be demonized in the US, believes investigative journalist Pepe Escobar.

The charismatic leader suffered a number of health complications after returning from his latest round of treatment in Cuba.

The real cause of his death is still to be discovered says Pepe Escobar, an investigative journalist and Asia Times Correspondent covering Latin America, who doesn’t exclude the possibility of an American hand.

He fears a coup after the presidential election next month.

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Fuck Alex Jones, the Fascist Fat Pig of a Hasbara Megaphony

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Fuck Mike Adams as well. They might as well be working for the neo-con American Enterprise Institute.. hell, since they hire Stratfor agents and promote all the same agendas as the globalists they pretend to hate, they probably are.

“Hugo Chavez is dead, leaving one less control freak tyrant desecrating our planet, but one more empty seat of corruption and power to be filled. Chavez died of cancer, we are told, but the cancer of his left-leaning philosophies continues to disease our world, even rearing its head in the United States of America where government policies increasingly mirror those of Chavez.” Mike the fascist shill Adams

People like Alex Jones and Mike Adams are far-right wing zealots just like their brothers the globalists. They are just a different brand of the same poison. Tarpley was right on that one.


Alex Jones’ fascist roots are showing.. again. Yes, libertarians, it’s really neoliberal fascism. Get used to it.

In the wake of the passing of Hugo Chavez, fascist Jones comes out with the statement, “It’s official…another Communist strongman is dead.” he goes on to quote a literal Nazi who according to Jones wasn’t convicted at Nuremberg, there’s a ringing testimony, claiming that it’s comforting “when the devil puts his arms around you”. Jones says “just because Chavez is nice to you, just because Fidel is nice to you…”

Chavez and Fidel Castro as “the devil”? Fuck Alex Jones and his Stratfor employees. Fuck him and his love for all things Israel. Fuck his fake “truther” message and his Cracked Out With Charlie Sheen segments. Fuck him and his phony rants on national television making real activist look crazy by association. Fuck him and his Walmart pyramid scheme Tangy Tangerine deals. Fuck him and his conniving deceitful ways. And fuck him for selling out the truth all this time.

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Christopher Dorner: It Doesn’t Add Up

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As with all the other American Gladio cases, this one also seems to be missing some key VIDEO evidence. When Cal State Fullerton assistant women’s basketball coach Monica Quan, 28, and her fiance University of Southern California public safety officer Keith Lawrence, 27, were killed on Feb. 3rd, they were sitting in his car on the top floor of a secured parking deck. You had to have a key card to get in and it is apparently covered by security cameras. Meaning there has to be a video of the assailant gaining access to the deck, walking or driving to the top floor and maybe even shooting the young couple. There is no way he avoided all the cameras.

“Engen said the couple recently moved into the condominium complex. The parking structure requires a key-code for entry and there are security cameras throughout the complex, a resident told the Los Angeles Times (http://lat.ms/WKhI9I).” AP

So where is the footage?

UPDATE: Add to this list of problems with the official story of the California Shooting rampage the fact that yesterday legislators in the state announced their new gun confiscation plan…

“Lawmakers also want to make some prohibitions apply to current gun owners, not just to people who buy weapons in the future.” CBS News

All these states seem to have their own little crisis right before a difficult bill gets announced like 9/11 and the Amerithrax attacks and the Patriot Act.


Is this simply the latest stage in the ongoing American Gladio campaign of destabilization leading to disarming the general population of the United States? Alex Disinfo Jones says it looks like he did it because he’s an evil leftist (“it does not smell like a staged event”). I’m not so sure. There has been a dramatic loss of traction in the ongoing effort to force a new series of gun laws in the country in the wake of the Sandy Hook and Webster shootings with even House Democrats vowing to vote against the unconstitutional measures. January was supposed to see this legislation rushed through congress, but there has been a hold-up and suddenly we see TWO events, back to back, with even the unsigned “manifesto” of the current shooter claiming his effort is part of a “unconventional warfare” campaign.

ABC “News” is already running with a professional looking psychologist claiming based on his reading of the “manifesto’ attributed to Christopher Dorner, that Dorner has no intention of “coming home”, that he intends to die after his little run. That would put a neat little bow on this case as well, wrapping it up nicely so there is no trial at the end of the day as is the case in most of the other “American Gladio” cases.

There are more than a couple of things about this case that bother me and that is aside from the very convenient timing of it all in terms of ginning up support for passing stricter gun control legislation and turning popular opinion in that direction.

Let’s take a look at the facts.

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Alex Jones Proves Again That He Is A Creation Of The Corporate Media

by Lee Rogers, Black Listed News

By now many people have probably heard about or have seen the on air confrontation between CNN talk show host Piers Morgan and radio host Alex Jones.  The discussion between Morgan and Jones if you even want to call it that largely consisted of Jones behaving like a loud mouthed monkey as they debated the different sides of the gun control issue.  This bizarre incident like other media spectacles that Jones has been involved in seems to be nothing more than another staged event to further the personality cult of Alex “Jim” Jones and to boost Morgan’s pitiful television ratings.  Unfortunately, there are many people who still believe that Jones is an honest man promoting freedom and fighting corruption when past history clearly shows us that this is not the case.

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Understanding Conspiracies Makes you “Mentally Ill” Says the Left and the Right. Thanks Alex Jones

by Scott Creighton

At the exact same time they are pushing a new set of laws to basically set up an arbitrary declaration system of who is or is not “mentally ill” and thus presenting a threat to themselves and others, Alex Jones is making it very easy for those on the so-called “left” and the “right” to paint all of us as mentally ill.

The determining factors will be in the hands of the state or the federal government depending on how much of the New York state bill is implemented by congress.  Those people determined to be “mentally ill” will be denied new gun permits and even have their previously owned weapons removed by force of law. They will also be subject to MANDATORY outpatient treatment meaning being forcibly prescribed SSRIs or worse.

Remember Brandon J. Raub? Remember all those articles a while back claiming that people who subscribed to “conspiracy theories” were mentally ill? And here we have Jones giving them all the ammo they need on national television to make those claims fresh in the minds of the public.

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American Gladio: Globalist Shills and DHS Director Praised At Prison Planet for SSRI Disinfo

by Scott Creighton

American Gladio: No. It’s Not “Big Pharma” Folks

Recently I wrote about how Alex Jones and Mike Rivero were pushing a LIHOPesque Cass Sunstein “cognitive infiltration’ meme with regard to the ongoing American Gladio project in Sandy Hook, Webster New York, Clackamas Town Center and Aurora Co.

The gist of my argument was that while pushing the notion that Holmes and Lanza and the others were on SSRIs , they are actually telling their readers that these patsies committed the mass casualty events that they are credited with rather than being patsies set up to take the fall.

Needless to say I got some negative feedback from several angles.

Today, proudly displayed on Jones’ Prison Planet, is an article which sings the praises of “two knowledgeable and highly credentialed public figures” because they mentioned these SSRIs in relation to Sandy Hook and the Aurora Massacre only a day or two after the events themselves.

As this article shows, it’s two globalist shills that turn out to be the source of AJ and Mike’s Cass Sunstein disinfo which claims “Big Pharma did it!” (which means “the patsies did it!”)

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American Gladio: Disinfo Jones Does Mayor Bloomberg’s Bidding on Piers Morgan Show

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Turns out, Piers had a couple family members of victims from the Aurora shooting on right before disinfo Jones came on and followed behind the interview with none other that Alan Dershowitz who was then able to say: “You see him speaking and you say to yourself, ‘I don’t want that man to have a gun.’” Also turns out Jones knew Alan Dershowitz was going to come on the show after him.

Jones “spouts dangerous nonsense.”

“Shocking: You reward a lunatic on TV for pulling a stunt,”

Piers Morgan’s pro-gun guest goes absolutely nuts at him.”

If you have a nutjob as a guest, you can’t be surprised when they act like a nutjob,” CNN

And there it is in a nutshell. AJ gives a totalitarian cheerleader like Dershowitz the chance to come out and make a statement like that. That about sums it all up, doesn’t it?

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American Gladio: Narrative Fixing in Overdrive

by Scott Creighton

evidence introduced in the prelim will not be released by the court to media or public…no videos for us Rob McCallum

What are the odds that on night of the opening day of the James Holmes show trial we also get Alex Jones on Piers Morgan’s show making a complete ass of himself (and all of us by extension) and blaming SSRIs (or “suicide mass murder pills” as AJ called them) for the spate of mass casualty events in the country? For those of you who don’t understand that, what he’s basically saying is that Holmes, Lanza and Spengler committed these mass casualty events. It’s the LIHOP version of the American Gladio campaign which misses the point entirely. Nothing new for disinfo Jones.

“Folks. I have as much instinct as a cow.” Alex Jones

Yesterday in Colorado, the court system decided to take the extremely unusual step of holding a semi-public hearing to determine if there was enough evidence to put James Egan Holmes on trial for the Aurora massacre. Typically that’s done by holding a grand jury and presenting evidence to them but in this case, it’s being done as a hearing complete with emotional testimony from first responders (actually had two cops reportedly “weeping” on the stand which is highly prejudicial and unprofessional) which has nothing to do with providing proof that Holmes did anything, and reportedly (finally) the missing security camera footage from “dozens” of cameras. On Nov. 8th of last year I wrote about the video security footage that had been inadvertently revealed in the transcripts of another court case (lawsuit against Century 16)

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Alex Jones Does Damage Control Segment with his Stratfor/NSA Intern Molly Maroney

by Scott Creighton

This is just too f*cking stupid.

So, the “internets” are ablaze with current and former Alex Jones fans all a dither about the fact that someone figured out that one of AJ’s employees, Molly Maroney, is a former Stratfor/CIA/NSA employee. Uh… technically speaking  and considering that Planet InfoWars and all of AJ’s sites are simply fishing fronts for the NSA, ALL of AJ’s employees actually work indirectly for the NSA folks. Hate to be the one to tell you.. buuuuut… it’s true.

Anyway, AJ, feeling the heat, decided to rush out to a building somewhere with his Stratfor intern in tow and do what he does best, argue with inanimate objects on the side of the street in his phony “stand up for America” voice. Too funny. I half expect him to start promising people he can make it rain when he does that.

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Corporatist Shills at Prison Planet Deride Keystone Pipeline Rejection in Support of Big Government Eminent Domain Seizures of Private Property

by Scott Creighton

The “libertarians” over at Prison Planet didn’t lift a finger to help kill off the “Big Guberment” SOPA Bill that seems to have been shelved at least for now no thanks to the “Info Warriors”.

In yet another pro-corporatist move it seems they are a bit peeved that Obama has decided to take another look at the Keystone Pipeline project which would have taken their blessed private property away from land owners via eminent domain and handed it over to a CANADIAN mega corporation so they could pump oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

So much for the respect of private property and limited government.

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