More Afghans Killed: Karzai Blasts US “This is unacceptable. It cannot be tolerated,”

by Robert Dreyfuss, Information Clearinghouse

Leon Panetta, the over-his-head U.S. secretary of defense, is in Afghanistan today after a day on which the greatest number of civilians were killed so far in 2012. But Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, isn’t there. He’s in Beijing, meeting with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an all-Asian bloc  led by China and Russia. The SCO, not surprisingly, is expressing a greater interest in building ties with Afghanistan as the U.S. begins in long, drawn-out drawdown to 2014. And Panetta, it seems is trying to interest India, a rival to China, is taking a greater interest in Afghanistan too. It’s the Afghan Endgame.
First, the civilian dead.

Karzai is charging that a NATO airstrike killed 18 Afghan civilians, including woman and children, as part of a U.S.-led ground operation in Logar province. Reports AP: “Villagers displayed 18 bodies at the provincial capital on Wednesday, including five women, seven children and six men.” Added AP:

“This is unacceptable. It cannot be tolerated,” President Hamid Karzai said in a statement condemning the strike in Logar. He criticized NATO for not being able to provide an explanation for the vans piled with bodies of women and children that villagers displayed to reporters.

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Clinton Admits We Created al Qaeda But Lies About Why and When

by Scott Creighton

Even when she tells the truth, Hillary Clinton is still lying.

It’s now almost commonplace to hear people make connections between the type of destabilization campaign being run in Syria to that of Libya and Yugoslavia in the comparatively past. For the most part, these analogies are extremely accurate: pro-western powers equip and use trained terrorists to destabilize what they consider to be unfriendly nations while publicly blaming the governments of the targeted nations for responding to the foreign led terrorist insurgencies. Their goal is always the same: regime change.

Unfortunately most of those making the connections fail to understand that there are far more examples of this illegal and immoral imperial foreign policy from which to draw upon.What follows are just a few examples of how this type of program has been used throughout our history to reclaim a fallen puppet nation by using terrorism and wanton violence directed at economic infrastructure and innocent civilians… absent are the various military coups we have imposed on other nations to achieve the same corporatist (fascist) goals…

While Clinton’s admission is clearly a sign that dissident “conspiracy theorists” are having an impact on the global discussion of our foreign policy, the important aspect of her statement seems lost in translation: she is still lying about the reason we created a terrorist group in Afghanistan. It had nothing to do with a “Soviet invasion” as she claimed… they weren’t there at the time, they were asked by the Afghani government to come in and help defend them from our terrorists who were actively destabilizing the country.

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by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

While the President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama “celebrates” the first anniversary of the alleged death of bin Laden, the substantive issue as to WHO WAS OSAMA BIN LADEN remains unheralded.  (Remarks by President Obama in Address to the Nation from Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, see video at foot of article)

Through lies and fabrications –which he intends to use in his election campaign– president Obama`s carefully scripted speech upholds a world of total fantasy, in which “bad guys” are lurking and “plotting acts of terror”. Meanwhile, Islamic “jihadists” are said to be threatening Western civilization.

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Russia Just Says No to NATO Smack

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Go here to read how Hillary Clinton was recently praising the good work of NATO over the past 63 years and her plans to strengthen NATO’s abilities to wage these kinds of destabilization campaigns and drug trafficking operations.


It’s being reported that Russia is finally putting their foot down to NATO’s use of their territory to transport Afghan heroin to Europe and other countries. Apparently they are pissed off about how much smack is flooding into their country killing their young people. Who can blame them right?

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Kandahar Massacre: “One entered the room while the others were standing outside holding the lights.”

by Scott Creighton

They attacked during the night. They knocked on the door. My elderly mother came out she was shot in the door” man who lost 11 family members

A reporter, an extremely brave and dedicated one at that, traveled to Kandahar and then to the villages where the massacres took place. At first she was prevented from going to the villages by the Afghan military (in the pockets of Nato) due to Taliban attacks and all of these landmines which they claimed the Taliban set in the villages for some reason. The next day the same Afghan military police come to get her at her hotel in the city and they take her to the villages where the massacres took place. There was apparently no Taliban shooting at them and surprise surprise… no landmines as they walked through the villages. But also important to note, that day, the day after she was prevented from going to the villages, there were also no villagers there for her to interview. Seems like they may have trucked them out prior to the reporter arriving on the scene.

She was then prevented from speaking to several children who were witnesses and victims of the crimes. The U.S. military has them in custody the hospital, taking “care” of them. President Karsai apparently intervened and the reporter was allowed to talk to them.

One entered the room while the others were standing outside holding the lights.” wounded child from Kandahar

That child watched her parents die and was shot in the leg.

Kandahar Massacre: “This is not what it appears to be”

by Scott Creighton

Yes folks, the Trayvon Martin case is being used as a distraction. One of the news items (just one of several) that it is seemingly being used to distract us from is that of the Kandahar Massacre, which has been extensively covered here at American Everyman.

You can find the list of the first 16 victims of the Kandahar Massacre, here.

The corporatist MSM is now reluctantly reporting on the growing evidence that shows more than one soldier committed the murders in Afghanistan’s Panjwai District in Kandahar Province on March 11. But that is just the beginning of the latest developments since my hiatus from writing these past few days. Let’s get caught up, shall we?

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Kandahar Massacre: One Step In Three to Provoke Renewed Violence in Afhganistan

by Scott Creighton

There have been three recent events which seem to suggest someone out there doesn’t want the peace talks with the Taliban to succeed. The Taliban has now pulled out of those talks which have been going on for about a year. Are these events accidents? Are they part of a larger destabilization plan designed to keep our forces in Afghanistan as long as possible?

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Kandahar Massacre: Developing Story – Helicopters, Burned Evidence, and Multiple Soldiers Being Reported

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Obama supporting fauxgressive online rag Huffington Post edits a picture of one of the victims then plays the “crazed lone gunman” card. Photos at the end of this article.

—— original ———

Why would a crazed “lone gunman” bring an accelerant along with him to destroy the evidence of his crimes then rush back to the base and confess?

Leave it to the American government to come up with another “lone gunman” scapegoat.

Disturbing information is trickling out about the recent massacre in Kandahar, the midnight raid into two nearby villages that took the lives of 16 civilians including 9 children and 3 women.

But the official Kandahar Massacre “lone gunman” story is as full of holes as JFK’s limo was.

Official “lone gunman” Pentagon story:

The alleged “lone gunman” is a regular Army Staff Sargent father of two assigned to  either Green Berets or Navy SEALs engaged in a so-called “village stability operation”. He’s part of what they call a “hearts and minds” campaign. I guess he kinda misunderstood the phrase. He was supposed to win “hearts and minds” not collect them like trophies and hang them on his wall.

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Afghanistan Burning: Obama’s “Just War” is Doomed As the Coalition of the Willing Says No More

by Scott Creighton

Barack Obama’s “just war” in Afghanistan may be grinding to a bloody halt. Protesters all across the occupied country are throwing themselves into the gears of our imperialist machinery outraged over NATO forces throwing Korans and other religious material into a burn pit at Bagram Air Base.

The outrage ignited massive anti-occupation protests across the country and those protests sparked the slaughter of over 30 protesters by NATO forces. Notice I wrote “protesters” and not “combatants” or “belligerents” as the Peace Prize administration likes to refer to them these days.

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Afghan Police: NATO Bombs Kill at Least 5 Guards

(While the country keeps celebrating the propaganda about bin Laden, NATO keeps killing more innocent people in Afghanistan)

from the AP on New York Times

A NATOairstrike killed at least five private security guards Tuesday who were apparently involved in guarding a supply convoy for international troops, Afghan police said.

NATO confirmed that an airstrike was called in by forces in Ghazni province in eastern Afghanistan, but it its initial reports suggested the strike was on insurgents.

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Fox News Promotes Arming the “Terrorists” While McCain Suggests Gadhafi is Worse than al Qaeda

(In America, post 9/11, you can be arrested and detained indefinitely for contributing money to a charity that is supposed to have ties, albeit 6th degree of separation ties, to terrorist organizations… yet now that it is coming out and is undeniable that the “rebels’ in Libya are made up of CIA backed and funded fighters known as al Qaeda, politicians can’t get on board fast enough to spend your tax money aiding the terrorists. Literally aiding al Qaeda.   John McCain went so far as to say that Gadhafi was worse than al Qaeda. “Al Qaeda” and the resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan have been blowing up US troops for 9 years now, not to mention a little false flag action McCain and his ilk loudly attributes to them each and every election cycle.  What exactly has Gadhafi done that’s worse than that?  Thus is the fraudulent nature of the Global Free Market Wars.)

from Fox News

As the Obama administration openly considers arming Libyan rebels to repel forces led by Col, Muammar al-Qaddafi, reports that “flickers” of al Qaeda may be present among the fighters has raised fears extremists could take advantage of an unwieldy situation to gain power in a new Libya.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conceded Tuesday that the administration is not fully aware of exactly who is running the armed rebellion. She announced the Obama administration has appointed an envoy to the interim national council that comprises the ragtag rebel army.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., also shrugged off suggestions that al Qaeda may have a role to play in the rebellion.

“I am a little bit aggravated by this hype that somehow Al Qaeda is going to take over this organization. There is no evidence. I just spoke to admiral on the phone, our NATO commander, and he says he has seen some efforts and indications, but there is no evidence that they are going to take over and hijack,” McCain said on PBS Tuesday night.

And in addition to that, you know, you have got to go a long way to be worse than Qaddafi,” McCain added.

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The Kill Team – Civilian Terror By Design

The following are excepts taken from the Rolling Stone article about the “Kill Team” that was operating in Afghanistan written by Mark Boal.  You want to talk about staged killings and utter disregard for civilian life, you don’t have to talk about Gadhafi… “None of us in the platoon – the platoon leader, the platoon sergeant – no one gives a fuck about these people,” Morlock

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President Peace Prize “Expressed Regret” for Killing 9 More Children in Afghanistan

by Scott Creighton

In the Pech valley area of Kunar province the villagers are gathering and protesting… the chant “Death to America” seems to be their favorite this day.  They are angry about the recent increasing numbers of attacks on their civilians, especially the latest one in which two U.S. helicopter gunships hovered over a small group of children collecting firewood, rose up and fired missiles at them. The missile misses, so they killed the children, one by one, with their gatling guns. They simply mowed them down. The oldest was 12.

“One survivor of the attack, an 11-year-old boy, is reported as saying the helicopters hovered over the boys, rose up, fired rockets and then shot the boys one after the other using their canons.”  ABC News

How is it that two helicopter gunship pilots could hover over a group of children for a while and not be able to identify them as children?  If they thought that they were armed insurgents, would these pilots have hovered over them, motionless in the air making themselves a rather easy target for armed insurgents?  And once they started firing and the kids didn’t shoot back, don’t you think that would have been a clue that their targets were not fighters?

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Even Lost Wars Make Corporations Rich

by Chris Hedges, Truthdig

… The moratorium on anti-war protests in 2004 was designed to help elect the Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry. It was a foolish and humiliating concession. Kerry snapped to salute like a windup doll when he was nominated. He talked endlessly about victory in Iraq. He assured the country that he would not have withdrawn from Fallujah. And by the time George W. Bush was elected for another term the anti-war movement had lost its momentum. The effort to return Congress to Democratic control in 2006 and end the war in Iraq became another sad lesson in incredulity. The Democratic Party, once in the majority, funded and expanded the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Barack Obama in 2008 proved to be yet another advertising gimmick for the corporate and military elite. All our efforts to work within the political process to stop these wars have been abject and miserable failures. And while we wasted our time, tens of thousands of Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani civilians, as well as U.S. soldiers and Marines, were traumatized, maimed and killed. 

Either you are against war or you are not. Either you use your bodies to defy the war makers and weapons manufacturers until the wars end or you do not. Either you have the dignity and strength of character to denounce those who ridicule or ignore your core moral beliefs—including Obama—or you do not. Either you stand for something or you do not. And because so many in the anti-war movement proved to be weak and naive in 2004, 2006 and 2008 we will have to start over. This time we must build an anti-war movement that will hold fast. We must defy the entire system. We must acknowledge that it is not our job to help Democrats win elections. The Democratic Party has amply proved, by its failure to stand up for working men and women, its slavishness to Wall Street and its refusal to end these wars, that it cannot be trusted. We must trust only ourselves. And we must disrupt the system. The next chance, in case you missed the last one, to protest these wars will come Saturday, March 19, the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Street demonstrations are scheduled in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. You can find details on

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A Brief Example of How the Wikileaks Propaganda Works

by Scott Creighton

With Wikileaks, we see what we want to see, like everyone else

On Oct. 24, 2010, Tom Burghardt wrote an article for Global Research, an anti-globalization website, titled “The WikiLeaks Release: U.S. Complicity and Cover-Up of Iraq Torture Exposed“.  In this article, Tom clearly states that Wikileaks’ Iraq War Logs shows the criminality of U.S. forces in Iraq. In reality what these “leaks” actually amount to is a criminal’s efforts to plead out to a lesser charge.

We know U.S. forces tortured Iraqi detainees. But that isn’t the case, according to Wikileaks… and now, according to Tom Burghardt.

Three “leaks” are cited in Tom’s article, which has been reposted on today’s Global Research page (just so we don’t forget, I suppose, that the United States really doesn’t torture). We will take each one separately.

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