Proven Liar Says Obama Firing Military Leaders Who Won’t Kill U.S. Citizens? Take a Closer Look

by Scott Creighton

Word is out that President Obama is firing military leaders who refuse to give the order to shoot U.S. citizens. Places like InfoWars (get it?), IntelHub, and Before It’s News are already out on top of this one.

It’s called a campaign of tension. The point it too create unrest and FEAR. Terrorism by another name. One aspect is the ground attack like the American Gladio campaign. The complimentary assault is called the Information Wars, propaganda designed to keep us fearful and turning against one another.

Come on folks, it’s all based on the say-so of “Dr.” Jim Garrow, a guy who is

  1. an admitted child trafficker
  2. proven liar on multiple fronts
  3. professional shyster running a couple unregistered “not-for-profit” rackets

… and his information comes from an “undisclosed’ former U.S. military leader/ “hero” (Patreaus? Ollie North? John McCain?)

It’s bullshit folks. Don’t get sucked into it.

Garrow runs a “not-for-profit” which takes Chinese girls and hands them over to other people across the world, for a donation of course. One or two people over the years have done some investigation into his little organization (Pink Pagoda) and they can’t seem to find anyone who claims to know of his operation in China. Garrow says he has to keep it secret but other agencies, above board agencies, have been running similar programs in the country for years without problems.

Seems like Garrow is basically practicing a form of human trafficking for profit and even he admits that.

“If I save a baby, and give it to you, when I hand it to you, I’ve now just breached the Geneva Convention,” Garrow says. “I’m now involved in a criminal activity called trafficking in human flesh. That’s exactly what happens if I pass a baby from me to you, even though I’m saving the life of a baby”…

… “Any hinting of child trafficking is something I want to end. And (Garrow’s) program is clearly child trafficking, although he sees it as saving,” Stuy says.” Pound Puppies

Garrow also claims to have a doctoral degree in theology yet the school he “earned” the degree from isn’t accredited and doesn’t seem to wish to answer questions about his course work. He claims when pressed that they gave him an honorary degree based on his work trafficking Chinese babies and pretending to be a humanitarian.

Garrow also claims to have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize the same year Obama “won” the award.

The nominees are kept secret for 50 years so he apparently claims that a Chinese guy told him he had been nominated but when asked to divulge his name, Garrow says he has too keep that a secret.

Read this:

Pink Pagoda is not a registered charity. Garrow calls it a philanthropic organization, and says he doesn’t take money from people for the work.

“We’ve had to send cheques back to people,” he says.

Garrow says the Pink Pagoda website had a PayPal button on it because the organization planned to sell materials. He says he had to shut it down because people “snuck donations in.”

But 2009 and 2010 statements on the Pink Pagoda website and its Facebook wall suggest people were encouraged to donate.

“Each of these initiatives require funds to back the efforts,” the website states. “Should you choose the opportunity to donate to Pink Pagoda, please use our PayPal donation button.”

A Jan. 19, post on the Pink Pagoda group’s Facebook wall tells members a “dispute with PayPal is cutting our ability to receive funds from supporters.”

A followup post by Garrow continues:

“They don’t seem to understand the concept of “philanthropy”. We have told them time and again that we are a business not a charity that does philanthropic things. Duh!” source

Look people, the guy is a liar and a snake oil salesman and god only knows what he is doing with all those kids he sells.

The Examiner put this crap story up without so much as a single question as to the source, his lies in the past, his swindles, his Chinese business interests, or his “secret source” of this bullshit, just like his secret source of his Peace Prize nomination.

I understand what is happening in this country and I have been writing about it for years now without “secret sources”

Let me tell you this: any goddamned president doesn’t NEED to ASK his generals if they will support targeting of American citizens. They ALREADY KNOW for god’s sake.

The idea that he has to sit them down and ask them point blank is sophomoric and stupid at best and probably pure disinfo like “ray beams from space” and “nanothermite”

It’s called a strategy of tension for a reason folks.

Think about it. Always ALWAYS consider the source. If the source turns out to be a lying shill, chances are it’s bullshit.

UPDATE: This is the way it seems to work. Garrow has a deal set up with “orphanages” in China. These “orphanages’ have been caught paying cash to various thugs who bring them kidnapped little girls who are then sold to Garrow for “donations”. Garrow then takes the girls out of the country and of course, since he is running an adoption service, he is mandated from disclosing what he does with the girls.

Think about what a proven liar does with a system like this. He claims to have “saved” 34,000 little girls and he lives very well in Canada due to his “business interests” in China which is also a big secret.

Get it?

UPDATE: Paul Watson over at “Stratfor Wars” is claiming this guy is a wonderful source of info. That should tell you all you need to know about this claim. He also used a 1995 survey given to troops to prove Obama is going to open fire on you. Funny, you would think someone over there might do a bit of research on “Dr.” Garrow before raving about how credible he is or they might realize that most of the soldiers surveyed in 1995 aren’t even in the military at this point. But, thus is the quality of the work over there.

Garrow was nominated three years ago for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize and is the founder of The Pink Pagoda Girls, an organization dedicated to rescuing baby girls from “gendercide” in China. Garrow has been personally involved in “helping rescue more than 36,000 Chinese baby girls from death.” Strafor Wars


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19 Responses

  1. The tension ‘part’ worked…. for me…. :)

    • Hi Scott,

      Why don’t you have God capitalized in your article? Just curious.

      Best, Mike

      • I was just in a rush. I don’t have much access to a computer these days. Will fix tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up. Just for the record, if that is what you are asking, I don’t adhere to any religious belief system, but that has nothing to do with the typo. “God” is a proper noun in that usage, so it should have been “G”. thanks again. will fix

  2. Well this reminds me of when I was commenting on a blog that was run by Larisa Alexandrovna (a well-known sort-of “left-leaning” journalist). She claimed that Putin had the habit of having unfriendly journalists assassinated, and I disagreed. In so many words, she said I was a jerk. Must of thought I thought Putin to be a nice fellow. She’s from Ukraine and seems to hate Russia and Putin in particular.

    From my reading books about this stuff, I gather that when the “leader” of any nation, or some member of the Inner Conspiracy wants to liquidate someone, they hire a “specialist.” This would be a “private” assassin who was very well trained in special ops in some distant country. Seems that they nearly always kill very wealthy — but not super rich, or well-connected in the Inner Conspiracy — individuals or groups. Somebody is killing journalists in Russia, but probably not the upper government rulers, since journalists are never wealthy enough to do much damage when they go rogue. They can just simply be fired. But try telling this to Larisa Alexandrovna. “They” are always offing certain citizens — the Inner Conspiracy is also the corporate mafia of course — so we don’t ever have wealthy folks going rogue and disrupting the soup lines.

    Regarding the murderous “litmus test” consider that military officer candidates are more like politicians than like soldiers, so they would lie on applications pretty readily anyhow.

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  4. Personally i would stay objective. Though the source is horrible, do not under estimate the president obama and the power he wields while he’s sitting in that chair. Can he fire someone for not obeying a direct order? Yes. We all took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America as well as its People. Also we are to obey all orders given to us from the President of the United States. Which makes it a hypocritic oath when and if a Marine or Soldier is ordered to fire upon his fellow American citizens. I don’t trust any politicians, what i do trust is the Constitution and though i am no longer an Active Duty Marine i WILL continue to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America as well as its People.

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  6. the chinese are killing these girls and minor (as well as real) criminals and harvesting their organs for a ton of cash, it may not make sense to you when you consider they are such an up and coming economic power but, they invented “death from a thousand cuts” that should tell you something. And if someone ,even someone who doesn’t like your guy wants to help those kids, you should throw him a party. He SHOULD be paid for it! i’m all for that kind of trafficking. The guy may have an ax to grind, i’ll grant you, but i don’t believe you are acquainted with the man and should not throw out accusations like “know liar” maybe that title belongs to your organization.

  7. proven liar? when? where? you mean he could not complete certain projects or realize certain goals because of 450+ filibusters by the new john birch society?

  8. Garrow made mention $130 million in the Bank of China was stripped from him by the Chinese government. He is a wanted man in China. How many widows and elderly Christians has he conned? Every sucker should have made their check or pay-pal donation sent to the Chinese Communist Party instead of Pink Pagoda. Think of the paperwork it would have saved. I am starting to think Garrow hasn’t saved one girl in China and it is all fraud.

  9. I take exception to the analogy of classifying nano thermite as fantasy.
    I’ve had Harrit and Jones’ scientific peer reviewed nano thermite (thermate) paper translated into Chinese using members of the Chinese Science Academy. It was a two year effort using academics in Physics, Chemistry, Chinese, and English to accomplish the task. I assure you there is no fantasy to nano thermite being in the 911 dust. It shouldn’t be there, but it’s an undisputed scientific fact, it is there. The paper has been in the scientific domain for about 5 years now, and not one scientific peer review article has been printed to contest the claims made my Harrit, Jones, et. al. When looking at the detractors of the study, it is always an ad hominem attack. The paper has been published in a well recognized “open science journal.” Despite the editor resigning after government goons put the heavy on her, the paper has not been retracted and stands today. When asking the Chinese scientists about the “it’s paint” claim, they just shake their head no, and laugh.

    • “peer reviewed” huh? reviewed by one guy who was named and thanked in the paper and another who was the head of BYU’s chemistry department? The same BYU that paid for the study? A “well recognized open science journal”? Sure, it’s well recognized as a vanity press. Two editors quit over that paper. They said it’s publishing was “political” if I’m not mistaken. The “science” in it is crap and you know it. Even Jones and the other contributors to the “nanothermite” paper say they can’t tell if the stuff they found can even be used as a high explosive and since publishing it, Jones himself has stated quite clearly that it couldn’t and if used at all, it was probably used as a trigger for high explosives, which he and Roberts and the others still refuse to test for.. though they recommend someone test for it in their paper. No one has bothered to challenge it because in serious scientific circles it is immediately recognized as junk science… a paper designed to confuse and confound a befuddled group without real education in such matters and desperate to find a legitimate looking study to latch onto. Serious scientists know exactly what that disinformation study was and debunkers know exactly what it was meant to do… so no… none of them have bothered to expose it for the fraud it is, simply because it serves their interests.

      but of course, we “truthers” are to dumb to see that, aren’t we?

      take a hike.

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  11. […] the population, Dr. Jim Garrow: Obama Born in Kenya ;  —->; Garrow claims of civil war refuted: accused of being a liar and trafficking children ; Garrow called a pedophile and a liar.: Garrow called a “Hoax”, Duped! Hysterical […]

  12. […] the population, Dr. Jim Garrow: Obama Born in Kenya ;  —->; Garrow claims of civil war refuted: accused of being a liar and trafficking children ; Garrow called a pedophile and a liar.: Garrow called a “Hoax”, Duped! Hysterical […]

  13. […] the population, Dr. Jim Garrow: Obama Born in Kenya ;  —->; Garrow claims of civil war refuted: accused of being a liar and trafficking children ; Garrow called a pedophile and a liar.: Garrow called a “Hoax”, Duped! Hysterical […]

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