138 to 9 … Palestine is now a non-member observer state at the United Nations!!!

by Scott Creighton


First thing Susan Rice does after the vote is to condemn it…

She refers to this vote in New York as a “provocative action

Nima Shirazi ‏@WideAsleepNima

If there’s ever a time for an organized walk-out in the UNGA, it’s during this shameful nonsense from Susan Rice.

UPDATE: Live broadcast of UN debate.

President of the General Assembly -

They are voting now…

138 YES     9 NO   41 Abstain

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Despite President Peace Prize’s Best Efforts, Palestine Will Win Statehood Recognition Vote

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Live broadcast of UN debate.

President of the General Assembly -

They are voting now…

138 YES     9 NO   41 Abstain

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Big Trouble Brewing in Syria? Obama Meets to Discuss More Action and the Lights Go Out the Next Day

by Scott Creighton

This is just a quick note to mention a few troubling developments in Syria.

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Glenn Greenwald On The Next 4 Years With Obama

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change interviews Glenn Greenwald. Good interview. Very straight forward answers from Greenwald.


Benghazi Psyop: “CIA at fault for bad information” is the Official Line

by Scott Creighton

As predicted, the new “official narrative” for the bad information (read as “lies”) told to the American public by the Obama administration in the aftermath of the poorly scripted Benghazi psyop is that it’s all the CIA’s fault and thus it’s a good thing Gen BetrayUs is gone already, isn’t it?

Imagine that: the ass-kissing little chickenshit took a dive for yet another warmongering POTUS.

Read the Michael Hastings article on Petraeus The Sins Of General David Petraeus

Fall of the House of Saud?

by Scott Creighton

“There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart” E.A Poe

There are persistent rumors circulating that Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has slipped into a coma during a hospital visit for back surgery in Riyadh and he is now listed as clinically dead. If true, this is, to say the very least, a monumental development with far reach ramifications.

When you couple this report with the recent demise of several Saudi crowned princes and kings, one has to wonder if someone hasn’t been readying the field for a pending ascension to the crown of arguably the most important piece on the globalists Grand Chessboard.

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Jason Ditz of AntiWar is at it Again – Supporting State Department Destabilization Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Egypt’s “new Pharaoh.” or Hillary’s Vengeful Scorn?

The MSM is reporting on the “massive uprising” taking place in Egypt in response to President Mohamed Morsi’s recent decrees. The problem is, the protests aren’t any more “massive” than the ones staged by the U.S. state department in Iran a few years ago or those in Russia last year. There’s a reason for that: the state department and Israel are angry at Morsi for mediating a quick ceasefire in Gaza and suddenly we have a handful of professional protesters in Tahrir pretending they are the same people who beat Mubarak.

In fact, elected President Morsi is moving to protect the remaining elected parliament that hasn’t been disbanded by the judiciary, attempting to protect the process of writing the new constitution which is being threatened by the judiciary, and planning to set up new trials for Mubarak and his high ranking aides. The judiciary is well understood to be packed with loyal Mubarak holdovers willing to do whatever they can to keep the status quo online in Egypt.

Jason Ditz is over at AntiWar doing his part to sell the state department sideshow to his readers calling it the start of the “next revolution”.

I’m sure Hillary and the IDF appreciate his efforts but you shouldn’t. Here’s what Hasbara Ditz get’s wrong or leaves out of the story entirely. It’s a substantial amount of information but rather hard to accidentally miss…

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Western-backed Terrorists in Syria Slaughter Christians in Bombing

by Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer

Al Qaeda terrorists, backed, armed, funded, and diplomatically recognized by the West, have detonated 2 car bombs in Christian-Druze quarters in Damascus, killing dozens.

November 28, 2012 (LD) – Twin car bombs carried out by the Western-backed so-called “rebels” have killed dozens of civilians in a Christian-Druze neighborhood in Damascus, highlighting the sectarian extremism, not “democratic” aspirations, as well as the level of depravity, driving opponents of the Syrian government. Immediately after the explosions, and as casualty figures began trickling in, Associated Press (AP) attempted to spin and downplay the act of terrorism, claiming in its report, “Twin car bombs kill 20 in Syria, hospitals say,” that:

“Syrian hospital officials say twin car bombs have killed at least 20 people in a Damascus suburb that is mostly loyal to President Bashar Assad.”

Excusing egregious acts of terrorism aimed at Syria’s civilian population by claiming those targeted were “mostly loyal to President Bashar Assad” has been a favorite tactic of AP, BBC, CNN, Fox News, and others. In reality, the vast majority of Syrians, from Christians to Druze, from Shia’a Muslims to moderate Sunnis, are targets of the sectarian extremist, Saudi-Wahhabi indoctrinated terrorists the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia have been funding, arming, importing from across the region, and arraying against the people of Syria since at least 2007.

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Apologist for Neoliberal Globalism Says Workers Who Died in Bangladesh Fire “Wanted and Needed” Those Jobs

(Yes, they “needed” those jobs because they didn’t “want” to starve in the slave-labor free-trade zone market economy our businesses and politicians set up in Bangladesh. Not surprisingly many Walmart products are made at the factory.)

from Raw Story

A Fox Business host said Monday that the 112 Bangladesh workers killed in a factory fire over the weekend were actually thankful just to have jobs, regardless of their working conditions.

“It is tragic,” contributor Charles Payne said, appearing on “Your World” with host Neil Cavuto. “I don’t think something like this will happen again. Don’t think that the people in Bangladesh who perished didn’t want or need those jobs, as well.”

In the wake of the deadly blaze, one of three recent factory fires in Bangladesh, authorities cited lax safety conditions, non-working fire extinguishers and a distinct lack of emergency exits, which could have saved dozens of lives. Workers also claimed that when fire alarms began to sound in the factory, managers for the factory’s owner, Tazreen Fashions Ltd., told everyone there was no emergency and that the employees should get back to work.

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New Anti-Syrian Cluster Bomb Propaganda Same as the Old Anti-Syrian Cluster Bomb Propaganda in Syria and Libya and Sudan (props are the same as well)

by Scott Creighton

There is a new version of the old line of propaganda being run up the flag pole about the out of control government of Syria using cluster bombs to kill 10 Syrian kids in a park. The story is being reported by various globalist entities like CNN, CSM and the Guardian based on what they call an “unverifiable video” and testimony from FSA terrorists. As obvious as this propaganda is, the MSM is running with it despite some rather stunning facts: 1. the Obama administration blocked the global ban on cluster bombs exactly one year ago today because we still manufacture and sell them 2. the bombs and bomblets themselves are relics from the 70s and 80s when the Soviet Union was fighting our contractor, Osama bin Laden, in Afghanistan and 3. the so-called “evidence” of the November bombing just HAPPENS to look exactly like the “evidence” they showed of an alleged October 2012 cluster bomb attack.

Libya? Gadhafi used old Soviet “cluster bombs”

Sudan? al-Bashir used old Soviet “cluster bombs

Syria? Assad used old Soviet “cluster bombs”

(Is there a pattern here or am I just a “conspiracy theorist”?)

Given the fact that so many people across the world were mortified by Israel’s recent murder of dozens of Palestinian children in Gaza, it would appear that some of the pro-war PR professionals, being the brain surgeons they are, decided to spin up their own little pee-wee holocaust to motivate the left against the Assad government.

It’s pretty obvious given all of these facts, but apparently not to the “professional jihadists” writing for the MSM these days. I guess that’s what I am here for.

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Palestine: Oppression Will not Work

Panetta Anounces More Drones and Black Bag Ops “Outside Declared Combat Zones” as Reaction to Benghazi Psyop

by Scott Creighton

Leon Panetta has announced that they will be stepping up drone strikes and black bag operations in Africa and everywhere else including “outside declared combat zones’ due to the “terrorist attack’ on the CIA consulate in Benghazi this past Sept. 11th

Panetta’s declaration is one that Cheney would certainly have been proud of. He is stating that “we” will be running unconventional warfare black ops against all kinds of targets even outside declared combat zones meaning that our Special Forces Ops will be hitting “leftist” targets, people who organize labor or resistance to our imperial project in their nations. We will simply be kicking in their doors at 3 am and dragging them out to never be seen or heard from again.

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Tulsa Police Set Up ‘Insurance Checkpoint,’ Issue $250 Tickets & Tow Cars En Masse

(The definition of fascism is when the government works for the corporations at the expense of the people. Just asked my mother. She has had insurance since she was 18. She’s 72 now. That’s 54 years. Filed one small claim 32 years ago. She pays $700 a year now, it has been more in the past. That’s $37,800 the insurance company has been paid for doing absolutely nothing. Better make sure you buy insurance because these checkpoints will be all over the place soon enough and probably done via the cameras in a couple years. I have had insurance most of my life (none when I lived in New York. No car) and my rates have been MUCH higher than hers. I have never filed a claim on my insurance. Most people haven’t. And these insurance companies just get bigger and bigger every year)

from Information Liberation

Oklahoma motorists are guilty until proven innocent. Police in Tulsa set up a checkpoint to catch motorists who were driving without insurance, or even simply driving without proof of insurance. Those caught driving without insurance had their cars towed, while those without proof of insurance got fined a whopping $250 for not having their papers in order. Unfortunately, scams like these are popping up everywhere these days as police are desperate for cash and local governments are reluctant to raise taxes with the economy in the trash (incidentally, the economy is in the trash because of the very same government).

Via Newson6.com:

Oklahoma is cracking down on uninsured drivers by testing a new method in Tulsa.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office set up an insurance checkpoint in west Tulsa overnight Saturday.

Deputies were there until 3 a.m. making sure drivers had proof of insurance.

Violators received $250 ticket, and those with zero insurance had their cars towed.

Leaked video showing free syrian army blowing up a mosque to accuse the syrian army of doing it

Is a Carbon Tax a Done Deal for the US? Ask Exxon

(So Big Oil are the ones behind man-made global warming deniers? Think again.)

By Marin Katusa, Testosterone Pit

We know President Obama is going to tax the rich, but I bet many didn’t think he would weasel in the carbon tax as quickly as he is going to now. A Romney win would have been bullish for coal producers in the US – but Romney lost, and now so has coal, at least in the near term. The biggest winner from Obama? Natural gas.

Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM) is now supporting Obama in bringing a carbon tax to the US. Why would Exxon – and other big energy companies – join forces to bring on the carbon tax? The answer is simple: profits.

Exxon has made significant purchases, buying unconventional North American gas companies. For example, it recently bought Canadian firm Celtic Exploration for over C$2.5 billion. Let’s not forget that a couple of years back, Exxon bought out XTO Energy for over US$30 billion.

How much pull does Exxon have in Washington, DC? Exxon has one of the largest lobbying groups on Capitol Hill. And how ironic: Exxon is also one of the largest holdings for all of the US Congress members. Exxon has always had clout in Washington and always will. Exxon is one of the former Rockefeller oil companies… one that has now positioned itself as one of the dominant unconventional North American companies.

How does a carbon tax benefit Exxon? Natural gas and coal race neck-and-neck when it comes to electricity generation in the United States. By increasing the cost to produce coal, natural gas becomes more attractive for utilities. This means a better bottom line for Exxon… and a fatter paycheck for its executives.

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