#TackleEbola – Sports Celebrities Jump on the Bandwagon

by Scott Creighton

I just saw a PSA for #TackleEbola, it’s the NFL/other industrialized sporting industry’s campaign to “raise awareness” of Ebola… the virus that has thus far supposedly spread to TWO nurses from Texas.

They have a nifty website where they want you to “Learn. Donate. Participate” in their efforts to stop the Ebola Crisis of Two.

Well, that settles it. When sports celebrities get involved, you know it’s real. Damn real. ಠ_ಠ

Here’s what they want you to do:

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WH Spokesman: Ron Klain got Ebola Czar Job Because He’s a Technocrat. He Knows Nothing About Ebola

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday I wrote about Obama’s new Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, being nothing more than a sleazy neoliberal DLC corporatist/centrist Washington insider revolving door lobbyist who knows nothing about emergency preparedness or medicine or Ebola.

Apparently others have picked up on this fact, though few if any take the time to explain Ron’s neoliberal/corporatist/centrist/globalist/free-market leanings. I guess you wouldn’t expect the free-marketeers to delve into that aspect of his background too deeply, would ya?

Turns out someone at CNN thought it was odd that this guy was Obama’s choice as well and asked the White House spokesman about it and the answer was about what you would expect.

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New “minimally invasive” Ebola Test Being Readied for TSA and Everywhere Else for that Matter

by Scott Creighton

A blood sacrifice is a small price too pay for security, right? It’s the new normal.

Flying the friendly skies in Cowardly America – wait in line, wait some more, take off your shoes, take off your belt, take off your jewelry, take off your watch, take off your wedding ring because some insipid little Napoleonic moron with a badge says so (you wouldn’t let this guy park your car at a restaurant and you damn sure know that), put the contents of your pockets into a plastic tub including your wallet with everything that makes you “you” inside it, allow some high-school drop-out to browse through your computer for a little while after groping your wife and scroll through the images on your phone, offer-up your children to some creepy looking mall-cop wannabe for a genital massage while his buddy is scrolling through their pictures, walk through a scanner which probably gives you cancer and certainly produces masturbation material for said wannabe while he sits smoking ICE in his “pay by the week” hovel drinking Redbull and thinking back about touching your children in places you would have their uncle arrested for touching… and now… give ‘em some of your DNA.

Yes. Your DNA.

And suck it up and say absolutely nothing about it out-loud because of “freeDUMB” and “LIEberty” and the “turrururrurrists” and now Ebola… right?

(They did let that nurse on the flight right? Yeah, the CDC OKed her for the flight before deciding they needed to make a national security case out of it. Hmmm… just think about that for a second. Mull it over. Let it stew for a minute. You’ll get it eventually.)

I mean, after all, who wouldn’t give up a little freedom, self-respect, privacy, masculinity, IQ points and plain common sense for a bit more security? Everyone’s doing it. We all gotta make sacrifices. So just sit there, take it and shut up.

Oops. You missed your flight because the mall-cop wannabes had to take 15 minute break which only starts after they hit the candy machine in the break room.

Get back in line. Do it all again. That’s flying the friendly skies in Cowardly America.

According to a report out from the International Business Times, the Department of Energy is looking for just the right “public private partnership” (that’s called fascism folks, look it up) to develop their new Ebola field test which is somewhat less accurate than the very inaccurate  polymerase chain reaction (PCR) which is being used today.

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Obama’s Ebola Czar is a Sleazy Lawyer Lobbyist Weasel – Knows NOTHING About Medicine, Disaster Response or Ebola

by Scott Creighton

It’s fitting that Obama’s newly appointed “Ebola Czar” knows nothing about Ebola or medicine since the Ebola Psyop also has nothing to do with Ebola either.

President Barack Obama is naming Ron Klain, a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and a trusted adviser at the Obama White House, as the point man on the U.S. government’s response to the Ebola crisis.

Obama has been under pressure to name an Ebola “czar” to oversee health security in the U.S. and actions to help stem the outbreak in West Africa. AP

Ron Klain is a Jewish political insider having worked with the Clintons way back when and John Kerry and Al Gore in their fake runs for office. He was most recently through the revolving door working as Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff during the first Obama presidency. He’s about the same age as Biden’s son Hunter. I wonder if they had a few late night binge sessions together.

Now he’s been tapped to be Obama’s Ebola “Czar” charged with overseeing “health security” in the country because two nurses may or may not have contracted Ebola from some African guy we imported for just such an occasion.

What that means at this point is anyone’s guess. I know the TSA is currently zapping barefoot passengers with a touchless thermometer because two people out of 340 million had a low-grade temperature… so I guess the sky is the limit with this guy.

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Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Kicked Out of Navy for Cocaine Use

from NBC News

Vice President Joe Biden’s son was booted from the Navy Reserve earlier because he tested positive for drugs, it was revealed on Thursday.

A U.S. official told NBC News that Hunter Biden was kicked out of the Reserve earlier this year after he failed a drug test.

The official said Biden failed the test in 2013, but he was not kicked out until Feb. 14 of this year. Senior U.S. officials told NBC News that Biden, 44, tested positive for cocaine. The Wall Street Journal first reported the incident…

… Hunter Biden, who is married with three kids, issued a statement Thursday evening through his lawyer, saying: “It was the honor of my life to serve in the US Navy, and I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge. I respect the Navy’s decision. With the love and support of my family, I’m moving forward.”

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov UN General Assembly Sept. 27th, 2014 (video of FULL SPEECH)


partial text of speech after the break and here is a link to the UN’s website with text of full speech (PDF)

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With American Help Iraq’s Cycle of Violence Spirals

(Also read…President Obama Backing/Creating Shi’a Deaths in Iraq – Amnesty Int. Report: Absolute Impunity: Militia Rule in Iraq  )

by Matthew Hoh, Huffington Post

Amnesty International published a report yesterday on Iraqi Government and Shia militia war crimes against Sunni populations in Iraq. This important piece of documentation helps to illustrate the cycle of violence that has been devastating the people of Iraq for 11 years and why US military intervention, on behalf of the Shia government and against the Sunni population, is not working, will not work, and will only prolong the suffering of millions of Iraqis.

Over the last several years, since the US military withdrew in late 2011*, the Shia government in Baghdad has persecuted the Sunni minority population relentlessly. Persecution against Sunnis has included killings, disappearances, mass arrests, indefinite detainment without charges or trial, torture, and exclusion from national, provincial and local political, security and revenue structures.

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