“Take Your Ebola Ass and Go Home” Shouts Zionist Racist Before She is Forced to Go Home

by Scott Creighton

Another fine example of Zionist humanitarianism here in the states.

At BlockTheBoatLA a little group of pro-Zionist counter protesters set up camp across the street from some human rights protesters who were there to promote the boycotting of Israeli goods being off-loaded from a ship out of Israel. They had the usual things to say, talking about Muhammad molesting little boys and other gems of ridiculous propaganda (“there never was a Palestine” and “Palestine doesn’t exist”) that you would expect and this particular group was armed with a few new slurs.

One of the pro-Israeli protesters asked an African American writer if she “liked Obama” I guess because she’s black. Then another offered up these little nuggets of love:

“Get the f*ck* out of the way, d*ke.” “Maybe I don’t want any Ebola.” “Take your Ebola ass and get out.” “I am racist. Step the f*ck out; step the f*ck out!” “How many black people have committed crimes, b*tch?” Mondoweiss

Is it any wonder that world opinion regarding Israel is turning at such an accelerated rate?

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Prediction: The Ebola Crisis to Hit Burkina Faso Very Soon – Cuba to Send Doctors, Obama to Send Special Forces

by Scott Creighton

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”  Thomas Jefferson (slave owner)

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People are only going to put up with being treated like shit for so long…

Yes, I am making a prediction and I never make predictions but this one isn’t that hard too see coming: Gomer Pile could see the writing on the wall here.

In the next few weeks there will be reports of a new Ebola outbreak in a little African nation called Burkina Faso.

Am I psychic? Does God speak to me in dreams? Should I build an arc or sacrifice a chicken?

Uh… no.

This is my vision:

a hundred thousand of the millions protesting in Ouaggadougou, Burkina Faso against legislation that would keep their current neoliberal dictator in place in perpetuity.

And this is my vision:

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in Africa and it’s been ruled by a fascist dictator on behalf of the French and other Western nations for the past 27 years. These people have had enough.


And ultimately,this is my vision:

“The United States has a base in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, since 2007. The base acts as a hub of a U.S spying network in the region, with spy planes departing form the base to fly over Mali, Mauritania and the Sahara, where they search for fighters from al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.” Washington Post May 21, 2014

Yes, the CIA has a base of operations in the very city in Burkina Faso where these hundreds of thousands of protesters are engaged in a direct fight to rid themselves of our “national interests” and their brutal dictator. That’s right… it’s a drone base used by the CIA to drop bombs on dissidents across the whole of Africa.

How important do you think that is to Capitalism’s Invisible Army?

Do you see Ebola on the horizon now? You will after reading this because the World Health Organization just recently listed the nation as one which is in danger of an outbreak very soon. Go figure.

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Hate Cuba? Congrats. You’re a Zionist

(The United States and Israel are the only two nations on the planet that refused to rebuke the illegal embargo of Cuba at the UN recently. What is the global popularity of the United States these days? How about Israel? So who exactly is the shining city on the hill?)

For Moment, the World Embraces the Cuba Model – and Slaps the Empire

by Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

Revolutionary Cuba has always been a miracle and gift to all humankind. This week, the nations of the world – with two savage exceptions – instructed their emissaries at the UN General Assembly to tell the world’s self-designated “indispensable” country to end its 54-year-long trade embargo against Cuba. The virtually unanimous global rebuke to the American superpower, in combination with the extraordinary breadth and depth of acclamation accorded Havana, tells us that it is Cuba, not the U.S., that is the truly “exceptional” nation on the planet.

It was the 23rd time that the United Nations has rejected the embargo. The outcome was identical to last year’s tally, with only the United States and Israel voting against the non-binding resolution. Although the list of American allies on the Cuban embargo issue could not possibly get any smaller – Israel, after all, can only exist if joined at the U.S. hip – this year’s political environment was even less deferential to the reigning military colossus. In recognition of its singular commitment to the fight against Ebola in Africa, Cuba soared, once again – the hero nation.

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Fox News Host Openly Calls for MORE Regime Change Terrorism Worldwide a.k.a. American Jihad

by Scott Creighton

An international mercenary force of terrorists for good

Dr. Keith Ablow, a self described forensic psychiatrist who spends more time on TV and selling his testimony in court than he does treating celebrity patients, wants us to back CIA and Special Forces regime change ops (unconventional and irregular warfare) all across the world to bring our system (currently a fascist corptocracy) to every nation on the planet. He calls it an “American Jihad”. The rest of the world calls it “state sponsored terrorism” in pursuit of the ultimate goal, a fascist global New World Order.

We would unabashedly fund pro-democracy movements around the world, partly with government funding and partly with donations from American citizens. Through these donations we would seek to double the budgets of the CIA and our Special Forces, seek to fund an international mercenary force for good and provide our veterans unparalleled health care. Keith Ablow

Just turn the spooks and the Spec Ops guys loose to spread terror and destabilization campaigns to anyone who foolhardily resists American corporate domination. You think for a minute they are going to have to outsource the coming American death-squads with silver-spooner goons like this guy getting face-time on Fox?

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WTO Says U.S. Consumers Don’t Need to Know Where Meat Comes From

from EcoWatch

This week, the World Trade Organization (WTO) finally issued a decision in the challenge made by Mexico and Canada to the U.S.’s country-of-origin (COOL) labeling rules for meat. And environmental and food safety groups are hopping mad, as WTO upheld the contention made by those countries, supported by multi0national meat packers, that the rules unfairly impede global trade.

“The meatpacking lobby has lost the COOL debate from the court of public opinion to the Court of Appeals to the halls of Congress so they are taking their complaint to the faceless unelected bureaucrats in Geneva,” said Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch. “When the meat cannot get its way here in America, it is trying to use the WTO to overturn the will of the American people.”

The current U.S. rules, which went into effect in 2013, require that meat sold in groceries be labeled to show separately where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered. The WTO’s ruling agrees that those regulations unfairly discriminate against imported meat to give an unfair edge to domestic products. In the ongoing dispute, then-Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack suggested last November that WTO should resolve the dispute and that the U.S. would abide by what the WTO decided.

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And Now a Look at the State of Privatized Space Exploration – The Antares Rocket of the Orbital Sciences Corporation

by Scott Creighton

Following NASA’s decision to suspend its space shuttle program indefinitely in 2011, the US space agency now relies on Russia or the private sector to hitch a ride into space. This week, that strategy blew up in their face. RT

Oh yeah. Nothing could possibly be more efficient than the privatization of all things “guberment” so they can be run like a business with corporate efficiency.  Here’s a video of one such fine example.

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Revival of Fascism in Ukraine Must Be Discussed in UN: Russian Foreign Ministry

UPDATE: New book sheds further light on US government protection of ex-Nazis

from Ria Novosti

Moscow believes that the issue of the revival of fascism in Ukraine should be discussed in the United Nations, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told reporters Wednesday.

“Of course, what is going on in Ukraine in regard to the revival of fascism seriously bothers us. In this context, we believe that these issues should be reviewed in the UN. As far as we are concerned, we constantly center our attention on this during our speeches, trying to show the international community the danger in these trends that have now appeared in Ukraine,” Gatilov said.

Since the beginning of the armed conflict in the country, Ukraine has witnessed the growth of Nazi ideology and the spread of fascism.

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