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I went off a little last night and I shouldn’t have. For that I apologize.

Things are difficult here just as they are everywhere else but that has nothing to do with the readership of this site. It was my choice to do this and I can’t expect anyone else to underwrite that decision of mine.

If you can help, please do. If not now, catch me next time. We’re all in this together folks. I’ll try to remember that in the future.


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Hey All… I might be gone for a while

by Scott Creighton

Turns out Bright House might be worse than the crappy service I got from Verizon.

Seems they want to curb bandwidth in the poorer sections of town where I live while promoting new, broader band service for various devices in more affluent sections of Tampa. So, Once again, my service here has been made to suffer. And honestly, I’m sick of it and just told them so.

So it looks like I’ll be without phone, internet or cable for a little while. Maybe they will fix it, maybe they wont. they have a certain time frame I gave them considering I went through all of this yesterday and the day before.

If they fix it fine, if they don’t, it might take me a couple days to get back online from another location or service.  Either way, I’m not done here.

Frankly, I have never experienced any service as bad as Brighthouse’s service. Never. In anything.

so. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you don’t hear from me or get an email response in the next day or so.  One way or another, I will get it worked out. Thanks…

The FBI’s New Statement on the Sony Hack is Bunk – Here’s the REAL STORY

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Obama administration stands behind FBI’s flawed conclusion:

“As the FBI made clear, we are confident the North Korean government is responsible for this destructive attack. We stand by this conclusion.” NSC spokesman Mark Stroh


The FBI has released an official statement claiming they are now convinced the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was behind the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and the terrorist threats that accompanied those intrusions which subsequently led to several theater chains here in the states refusing to show The Interview in their facilities. The official statement of the FBI contradicts a previous official position of theirs that said they could find no evidence to link the DPRK to this incident.

There is no attribution to North Korea at this point,” Joe Demarest, assistant director with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s cyber division, Dec. 9th, 2014

It also uses flimsy circular logic to imply a connection that is, once again, not based on any evidence the FBI provides in the new official statement.

However, this statement and conclusions therein are being reported on in a most uncritical manner by MSM outlets as well as disinformation sites like Prison Planet. That should be your first clue.

And here’s another: Obama has claimed it was a “mistake” for Sony to pull the film, while knowing full well it was the 5 large U.S. based theater chains that pulled it, not Sony. He has also promised an attack of some sort against the DPRK in retaliation for this supposed state sponsored hacking of Sony.

If you ask me, this is starting to smell a lot like a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Perhaps more specifically to the region, this is starting to sound a lot like the Cheonan crisis from the early days of the Obama administration(See “The Sinking of the Cheonan” heading on the left). It’s as if his administration is trying to take a second bite at the apple.  Since I did what I could to help douse those flames of war back in 2010, I feel compelled to shed a little light on this matter as well.

Here is the real story of the Sony hack false flag and what it’s going to be used for.

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Welcome to Egypt, MO. Prosecutor Sisi will be with you shortly

by Scott Creighton

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch of the infamously flawed Darren Wilson grand jury fiasco has finally spoken out about what we have already established: several of the witnesses lied under oath when they testified in favor of Officer Wilson’s versions of events surrounding his killing of Michael Brown. According to the prosecutor, they were not credible and at least one (Witness 40) not only lied and changed her story multiple times, but was outwardly and openly racist both in the courtroom, in her testimony to the FBI and in multiple online comments for years prior to her “testimony”

She also set up a fund and raised money supposedly to help “other cops” who were “wrongly accused” like Darren Wilson was, according to her and the money raised has still not ever been accounted for. Prosecutor still put her before the grand jury.

So what is Prosecutor Robert McCulloch going to do in light of all of this evidence that has come forth?


He’s not going to prosecute the fake witnesses for lying and he’s not going to reconvene the grand jury to hear the Wilson case again.

In short… they lied, he got off for murder.. and you can go f@ck yourself if you expect any better from the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office.

That’s the official verdict from the “justice” department in Ferguson.

Welcome to Egypt, MO. Prosecutor al-Sisi will be with you shortly.

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A Tale of Two Replies

by Scott Creighton

You ever think to yourself that it just doesn’t matter what we say to our “elected” officials? That they’re just pretending to pay attention to us little people while they drop to their knees to service whatever billionaire or multimillionaire who’s in vogue (or in the room) at the time?

Yeah, conservatives learned that lesson with “W”. They ended up hating the guy.

And “progressives” (the ones with half a brain) are currently learning that lesson with “O”

Funny ain’t it? How every four years they pit us against each other to the point where we’re snarling and scowling at our brothers and in 3 short years, every time, we end up in the same place our adversaries were at the start.

Recently I added my name to a petition in hopes (I know, I know. Hope in one hand…) that by some stroke of luck, such a thing would help influence a pending legislative nightmare. By that I mean the government funding bill which was absolutely mind-bogglingly reactionary in almost every sense of the word. I wrote about it a couple times while it was being “debated” and it ended up being passed by our Vichy congress-critters.

The petition website also generated 4 letters in the signatory’s name to be signed and sent via email to his/her representatives in the House and Senate as well as one to the White House. I expected a standard form response at best but what I got was even worse.

So all I am going to do is post a copy of the letter itself and two responses I received. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions but just to give you a head’s up… one rep who voted against the bill wrote a lengthy explanation why she couldn’t vote for it. The other who also ended up voting against it, wrote a lengthy explanation as too why he was voting for another bill altogether that had nothing to do with the letter I wrote him. He only voted against it because he supposedly opposes the funding for illegal immigration policies and has a presidential campaign to run in the future (probably also the reason he preferred to respond to a different topic than the one I brought up in the letter)

The letters were sent to my three representatives in congress as well as the president. At this time, only two have replied and one didn’t even bother to read what the letter was about. We all know that Jamie Dimon teamed up with Obama to work behind the scenes to get the legislation passed with the Big Banking friendly riders. And Sen. Nelson voted for it. I have yet to hear from those two.

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The Washington Backed Propaganda Piece, The Interview, Sucks Out Loud

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Hey lookie! Another comedian/propagandist, Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz  Jon Stewart has chimed in on the subject and guess what side he takes? That’s right, Israel’s

So Kim Jong Un gets to decide what movies we make?!


Turns out the “North Korean” hackers did Seth Rogen a HUGE favor… now his crappy movie wont get universally PANNED and BOMB pathetically at the box office. Why is it that every time “the terrorists” win, they actually lose?

I wonder if Seth and James Franco are any good with computers.

HEY KIDS! If you have limited talent and neither the skill nor the discipline required to develop your craft, then the Hollywood annex of the District of Columbia might just be what you’re looking for!

Filled with boring “skipped a generation” legacy babies (did someone mention Angelina Jolie?) and various rejects from film schools and community theaters from across the country, the propaganda houses are flush with TARP cash and ready to underwrite any half-baked, half-assed jackass just so long as he has “the right message”… and no self-respect.

Vichy France was like that once. Ukraine is today. And so is Hollywood!

Yippee! “And the morally meek shall inherit the earth”

Let’s face it, people with vision and a gift more often than not are finding they can’t work on truly relevant, cutting edge projects here in the states. And they damn sure can’t get them funded or distributed (see Snowpiercer and Cloud Atlas as examples) The big studios in Hollywood are partnered up with Big Business and Big Banking and they don’t like Big Ideas undermining their efforts to remake the conscience of the average US film-goer (and by “remake” I mean “lock it in a closet until it withers and dies of attrition”)

And speaking of the talent challenged suck-ups to D.C., here’s a little review of Seth Rogen’s “The Interview” from Scott Foundas, Chief Film Critic of Vanity:

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Fed Delays Volcker Rule, Giving Wall Street Another Holiday Gift

by Zach Carter, Huffington Post

Christmas came early for Wall Street this year. The Federal Reserve on Thursday granted banks an extra year to comply with a key provision of the Volcker Rule, a move that gives financial lobbyists more time to kill the new regulation before it goes into effect.

The Volcker Rule is a key element of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law that bans banks from engaging in proprietary trading — speculative deals that are designed only to benefit the bank itself, rather than its clients. Thursday’s move by the Fed gives banks an additional year to unwind investments in private equity firms, hedge funds and specialty securities projects. The central bank also said it plans to extend the deadline by another 12 months next year, which would give Wall Street a two-year reprieve through the 2016 presidential election.

The Fed’s delay comes less than a week after Congress granted Wall Street a reprieve from another reform that had been mandated by the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law. The measure, known as the swaps push-out rule had eliminated federal subsidies for trading in risky derivatives — the complex contracts at the heart of the 2008 banking meltdown. Bank watchdogs say the Volcker Rule delay adds insult to injury.

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State Department and a RAND Corp. Chicken-hawk Played Roles in Crafting “The Interview”: Daily Beast

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: White House spokesman confirms administration officials consulted over film “months” prior to the hack.

Administration officials were consulted about the film prior to its release, at the request of the company that was producing it,” Earnest said during his daily briefing. “Input was shared.”


In an earlier article about this ridiculous film, I wrote that the character Seth Rogen and James Franco played in it were basically CIA Mockingbirds. Turns out, that’s what they are in real life as well.

The Daily Beast has unearthed several emails that reveal at least two U.S. government officials screened a rough cut of the Kim Jong-Un assassination comedy The Interview in late June and gave the film—including a final scene that sees the dictator’s head explode—their blessing.

The claim that the State Department played an active role in the decision to include the film’s gruesome death scene is likely to cause fury in Pyongyang. Emails between the Sony Entertainment CEO and a security consultant even appear to suggest the U.S. government may support the notion that The Interview would be useful propaganda against the North Korean regime. Daily Beast

Well look at that. The State Department was just fine and dandy with Zionist Rogen using his forum to agitate against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. And it wasn’t just the State Department the film crew used during the process of making this “propaganda”. They also brought in warmongering neocons as well.

A series of leaked emails reveal that Sony enlisted the services of Bruce Bennett, a senior defense analyst at the RAND Corporation who specializes in North Korea, to consult with them on The Interview. After he saw the film, including the gruesome ending where a giant missile hits Kim Jong-Un’s helicopter in slow-mo as Katy Perry’s “Firework” plays, and Kim’s head catches on fire and explodes, Bennett gave his assessment of it in a June 25 email to Lynton, just five days after North Korea’s initial threat. Daily Beast

“I also thought a bunch more about the ending. I have to admit that the only resolution I can see to the North Korean nuclear and other threats is for the North Korean regime to eventually go away. In fact, when I have briefed my book on ‘preparing for the possibility of a North Korean collapse’ [Sept 2013], I have been clear that the assassination of Kim Jong-Un is the most likely path to a collapse of the North Korean government. Thus while toning down the ending may reduce the North Korean response, I believe that a story that talks about the removal of the Kim family regime and the creation of a new government by the North Korean people (well, at least the elites) will start some real thinking in South Korea and, I believe, in the North once the DVD leaks into the North (which it almost certainly will). So from a personal perspective, I would personally prefer to leave the ending alone. Bruce Bennett

So there you have it. Not only did they decide to keep the graphic ending in there in spite of what Sony asked them to do (change it) but they wrote it that way and insisted on keeping it in there because they were TRYING to incite hostilities in the DPRK.

And all that going on while in contact with the State Department and RAND Corp. makes Seth Rogen and his crew nothing more than cheap Mockingbirds.


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